2010-09-29 manuUpdate to 10100929, with important fixes in write and... master
2010-09-29 schmonzUpdated www/ikiwiki to 3.20100926
2010-09-29 schmonzUpdate to 3.20100926. From the changelog:
2010-09-28 joergAdd the necessary glue to hook Ruby into the multi...
2010-09-28 wiz+# wants to link -llzh before it's finished...
2010-09-28 tnnfix local patch; void function cannot return vaule.
2010-09-28 wiz+ anjuta-2.32.0 [GNOME 2.32], brasero-2.32.0, bzr-2...
2010-09-28 wizMention libgnome-keyring package (hi drochner!).
2010-09-28 wizReset maintainer.
2010-09-28 wizAdd workaround to make this compile with native X,...
2010-09-28 tacaDon't hardcode "ruby18-" but use "${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-".
2010-09-28 obacheFixes build failure on MIPS arch, PR#43894.
2010-09-28 dsaintyUpdated devel/pkg-config to 0.25nb1
2010-09-28 dsaintypatch-ab is upstream now (PKG_CONFIG_LOG support)....
2010-09-28 obacheLICENSE=modified-bsd
2010-09-28 tacaNo need to allow lower rubygems dependency any more...
2010-09-27 wiz+ at-spi-1.32.0, atk-1.32.0, evolution-mapi-0.32.0...
2010-09-27 minskimNote PKGREVISION bump of tex-hyperref.
2010-09-27 minskimUpdate dependencies of tex-hyperref.
2010-09-27 taca* Fix build problem on NetBSD current, terminfo case.
2010-09-27 obacheNo need a patch for configure, so no need to autoconf.
2010-09-27 obacheAlso need to buildlink with gettext-lib and zlib.
2010-09-27 adamUpdated textproc/py-sphinx to 1.0.1nb1
2010-09-27 adamPLIST fix
2010-09-27 obachereplace obsolated '-r' option for nasm with '-v' in...
2010-09-27 obacheUsing pkg-config in configure script.
2010-09-26 tronFix build under NetBSD-current by avoiding a conflict...
2010-09-26 wiz+ digikam-1.4.0 [needs kdegraphics>=4.5.0], libgee...
2010-09-26 wiz+ davical-, dbus-1.4.0, x264-devel-20100925.
2010-09-26 wizAdd mips64 for OpenBSD, from jmc@openbsd.
2010-09-26 gdtExpress dependency on py-expat.
2010-09-26 tacaNote update of lang/ruby19-base package to 1.9.2pl0nb1.
2010-09-26 tacaFix PLIST. It contained wrong name RUBY_GEM_HOME which...
2010-09-26 wiz+ ImageMagick-, calibre-0.7.20, gbrainy-1.52...
2010-09-26 tacaFix gemspec syntax to fix build problem with ruby19.
2010-09-26 obacheexactly set --mode and --tag for libtool.
2010-09-26 obache* convert bison dependency from BUILD_DEPENDS to USE_TOOLS.
2010-09-26 obacheOops, not user-destdir support.
2010-09-26 obache* use SUBST for replace prefix
2010-09-26 obachefixes destdir installation.
2010-09-26 obache* set LICENSE=gnu-gpl-v2
2010-09-26 obacheUpdated graphics/rabbit to 0.9.0
2010-09-26 obacheUpdate rabbit to 0.9.0.
2010-09-25 wizGenerate html docs in build phase (instead of install...
2010-09-25 obache* remove USE_LIBTOOLS, this package not using libtool.
2010-09-25 tronNote update of the "wireshark" package to version 1...
2010-09-25 tronUpdate "wireshark" package to version 1.4.0. Change...
2010-09-25 obacheUpdated x11/lablgtk to 2.14.2nb1
2010-09-25 obache* get glade option back, Error is not happend now.
2010-09-25 wizFix build with ruby-1.9, based on a suggestion by taca@.
2010-09-25 wizFix destdir install.
2010-09-25 wizThis stopped using perl to build -- remove remaining...
2010-09-25 tronNote update of the "tex-hyperref" package to version...
2010-09-25 tronAccept versions newer than 2009nb1 of the "tex-ltxmisc...
2010-09-25 obacheupdate timestamp to avoid unwanted invoke of glib-genma...
2010-09-25 obachereplace 8 spaces with a tab for recent gmake update.
2010-09-25 tacaNote update of www/contao29-translations package to...
2010-09-25 tacaUpdate www/contao29-translations package to 20100924...
2010-09-25 agcNote the start of the freeze for new functionality...
2010-09-25 obache+ clutter-1.4.0
2010-09-25 taca+mailman-2.1.14, open-vm-tools-2010.09.19.301124, xcmsd...
2010-09-24 tacaNote update of mail/mailman package to 2.1.12nb2.
2010-09-24 tacaAdd patches to fix XSS (CVE-2010-3089).
2010-09-24 minskimNote PKGREVISION bump of web2c.
2010-09-24 minskimResolve conflicts between web2c and tex-latex-bin-doc.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate tex-collection-basic to 2010.
2010-09-24 minskimNote PKGREVISION bump of tex-xdvi.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate tex-xdvi to r18835.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate DISTFILES of tex-metafont for TeX Live 2010...
2010-09-24 minskimNote update of tex-luatex{,-doc}.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate tex-luatex{,-doc} to 0.60.1.
2010-09-24 minskimNote update of tex-hyph-utf8{,-doc}.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate tex-hyph-utf8{,-doc} to 2010.
2010-09-24 pettaiUpdated mail/roundcube to 0.4
2010-09-24 minskimNote update of tex-dvipdfmx{,-doc}.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate tex-dvipdfmx{,-doc} to 2010.
2010-09-24 minskimNote PKGREVISION bump of tex-dvipdfm.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate tex-dvipdfm{,-doc} to r19724.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate DISTFILES of tex-apalike{,-doc} for TeX Live...
2010-09-24 spznote update of isc-dhcp4 (and siblings)
2010-09-24 spzupdating the isc-dhcp packages to 4.1.1-P1
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate DISTFILES for tex-amsfonts{,-doc} for TeX Live...
2010-09-24 minskimNote udpate of tex-amscls{,-doc}.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate tex-amscls{,-doc} to 2010.
2010-09-24 gdtUpdated filesystems/tahoe-lafs to 1.8.0
2010-09-24 gdtUpdate to 1.8.0.
2010-09-24 gdtUpdated security/py-cryptopp to 0.5.25
2010-09-24 gdtUpdate to 0.5.25. Add patch to not install odd extrav...
2010-09-24 chsimported this in the wrong place, oops.
2010-09-24 chsrestore qt3 to modules list, suse 10.0 still needs it.
2010-09-24 chsfix modules list.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate DISTFILES of tex-ukrhyph{,-doc} for TeX Live...
2010-09-24 minskimNote update of tex-carlisle{,-doc}.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate tex-carlisle{,-doc} to 2010.
2010-09-24 minskimSync tex-printlen with tex-printlen-doc.
2010-09-24 minskimAdd tex-printlen-doc.
2010-09-24 minskimMerge from vendor branch TNF:
2010-09-24 minskimImport tex-printlen-doc-1.1a as print/tex-printlen... TNF
2010-09-24 minskimNote PKGREVISION bump of tex-placeins-doc.
2010-09-24 minskimUpdate tex-placeins{,-doc} to r19848.