ulps: Fix long lines
[mathlib.git] / etc /
2011-02-02 stathisetc/testrand2: Cleanup a bit
2011-02-02 stathisetc/realgen: Cosmetic
2010-08-17 Stathis Kamperisproffenv: Cleanup, plus add new functions
2010-08-08 Stathis Kamperisetc/Makefile: Fix typo
2010-08-08 stathisetc/Makefile: Cleanup a bit, plus unbreak
2010-08-08 stathisetc/Makefile: Fix for profmath
2010-08-08 stathisetc/Makefile: Add some paths
2010-08-08 stathisetc/TODO: Update
2010-08-05 Stathis Kamperisetc/Makefile: Put *.csv files in csv/
2010-08-04 Stathis Kamperisetc/profmath: Add support for complex valued functions
2010-08-03 stathisetc/Makefile: Add complxgen to all target
2010-08-03 stathisMinor tidbits here and there
2010-08-03 stathisFix some sparse errors
2010-07-25 stathisetc/profmath: Unbreak
2010-07-17 stathisUpdate etc/TODO
2010-07-14 Stathis KamperisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://leaf.dragonflybsd.org...
2010-07-11 stathisgoodgen: Fix embarassing bug, that caused goodgen+mpfr_...
2010-07-11 Stathis KamperisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://leaf.dragonflybsd.org...
2010-07-11 Stathis KamperisMove gsoc.asc to report/
2010-07-11 Stathis KamperisMove opensolaris.ulps.asc to report/
2010-07-11 stathisInitial import of opensolaris.ulps.asc
2010-07-10 stathiscsv2plot.sh: Mention logscale on axis labels
2010-07-09 Stathis Kamperisgsoc.asc: Mention mpfr_tgamma()
2010-07-09 stathisetc/Makefile: Cleanup a bit
2010-07-08 Stathis Kamperisgsoc.asc: Minor tweaks
2010-07-08 Stathis Kamperistestrand: Unbreak build
2010-07-08 Stathis Kamperisgsoc.asc: Mention profmath
2010-07-08 Stathis KamperisStart tracking gsoc.asc
2010-07-07 stathisetc/Makefile: Don't spam cwd with *png
2010-07-07 stathisetc/Makefile: Add gen-csv, gen-graphs targets.WIP.
2010-07-07 stathiscsv2plot.sh: Minor tweaks
2010-07-07 Stathis Kamperisprofmath: Cleanup a bit
2010-07-07 Stathis KamperisInitial import of csv2plot.sh
2010-07-07 Stathis Kamperisprofmath: Stabilize output format
2010-07-07 Stathis Kamperisprofmath: Off-by-1 error while printing stats
2010-07-07 stathisprofmath: Minor tweaks.
2010-07-07 stathisprofmath: Cleanup. Make more robust.
2010-07-07 Stathis Kamperisprofmath: Whitespace cleanup
2010-07-07 Stathis KamperisInitial import of profmath
2010-07-06 Stathis Kamperisetc/testrand2: Meh
2010-07-05 Stathis KamperisInitial import of testrand2
2010-07-05 Stathis Kamperisetc/goodgen: Allow only normal results
2010-07-03 Stathis Kamperisgoodgen: Fix a bunch of typos
2010-07-03 Stathis KamperisMakefile/etc: Add more deps to all target
2010-07-03 Stathis Kamperisgoodgen: Pass the right fp type
2010-07-03 Stathis Kamperisgoodgen: Cleanup
2010-07-02 Stathis Kamperisgoodgen: Add example invocation
2010-07-02 Stathis Kamperisgoodgen: Meh
2010-07-02 Stathis Kamperisgoodgen: Temporary dbg hacks
2010-07-02 stathisgoodgen: Add some temporary debugging facilities
2010-07-02 stathisgoodgen: Introduce delta. Remove dead code.
2010-07-02 Stathis KamperisRevert "goodgen: strtold() can accept infinities. Remov...
2010-07-02 Stathis Kamperisgoodgen: strtold() can accept infinities. Remove dead...
2010-07-02 stathisgoodgen: Add support for fp ranges
2010-07-02 stathisgoodgen: Done with cleanup
2010-07-02 stathisgoodgen: More cleanup
2010-07-02 stathisgoodgen: More tweaks
2010-07-02 stathisgoodgen: Cleanup more mess. Sigh.
2010-07-02 stathisgoodgen: Try to cleanup the mess a bit
2010-07-02 stathisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://beket@leaf.dragonflybsd...
2010-07-01 Stathis Kamperisgoodgen: Suffix L in long double constants
2010-06-29 Stathis Kamperisproffenv: Add feholdexcept()
2010-06-28 Stathis KamperisMove all shell scripts from etc/ to scripts/
2010-06-28 Stathis KamperisMove upload* scripts to etc/
2010-06-28 Stathis Kamperisgoodgen: _d() -> _ld() where due
2010-06-28 stathisgoodgen: Constify
2010-06-28 stathisgoodgen: Cosmetic
2010-06-28 stathisgoodgen: Cleanup
2010-06-28 stathisetc/Makefile: unbreak for goodgen, plus some hackery
2010-06-28 stathisAdd go.thirdstage.sh script
2010-06-28 stathisTODO: Update some stuff
2010-06-28 stathisMove TODO file in etc/
2010-06-28 stathisMove some files to etc/
2010-06-28 Stathis Kamperisgoodgen: Unbreak, plus 1step towards Cvalid output
2010-06-26 Stathis KamperisAdd self test
2010-06-22 Stathis Kamperisetc: Unbreak builds
2010-06-15 stathisetc/Makefile: Add dep for goodgen
2010-06-15 stathisgoodgen: Add some comments, plus enhance usage()
2010-06-15 stathisgoodgen: getdomfunc -> getfuncbyname
2010-06-14 stathisgoodgen: Use a const for GMP_RNDN
2010-06-14 stathisgoodgen: Add some comments
2010-06-14 stathisgoodgen: Fix typo
2010-06-14 stathisgoodgen: Add support for long double
2010-06-14 stathisgoodgen: First step towards pluggable math functions
2010-06-14 stathisetc/proffenv: Add comment
2010-06-14 stathisetc/Makefile: Hook goodgen
2010-06-13 stathisReally really WIP of a good x,f(x) generator
2010-06-13 stathistestrand: Allow full range
2010-06-13 stathistestrand: Align wrt to sign
2010-06-13 stathistestrand: Reverse if-condition
2010-06-13 stathisInitial import of testrand
2010-06-10 stathisproffenv: Major cleanup
2010-06-10 stathisprofsetenv -> proffenv
2010-06-10 stathisprofsetenv: Name renaming ;)
2010-06-10 stathisprofsetenv: feclearexcept() FE_ALL_EXCEPT
2010-06-10 stathisprofsetenv: More stuff
2010-06-10 stathisprofsetenv: More cases, plus cleanup
2010-06-10 stathisInitial import of profsetenv
2010-06-08 stathisx86_dumpfenv: Print MXCSR
2010-06-08 stathisx86_dumpfenv: unused[] -> others[]