ulps: Fix long lines
[mathlib.git] / ulps /
2012-07-26 stathisulps: Fix long lines master
2012-07-26 stathisulps: Add a 'ban' option to exclude problematic functions
2012-07-26 stathisulps: Align for the eyes
2012-07-26 stathisulps: Reduce NITERATION to 1000
2012-07-26 stathisulps: Allow to operate on real or complex only
2012-07-26 stathisulps: Fix a wrong #ifdef
2011-03-10 stathisulps: Take us to mpc 0.9
2011-01-21 stathisulps: Fix indentation
2010-08-11 Stathis Kamperisulps: Fix stale comment
2010-08-11 Stathis Kamperisulps/Makefile: Fix dist target
2010-08-11 stathisulps/Makefile: Cleanup -- unbreak for netbsd
2010-08-08 stathisulps: Cleanup
2010-08-08 stathisulps: Fix dom_cdiv()
2010-08-08 stathisulps: Add support for basic complex arithmetic
2010-08-08 stathisulps: Add cproj(), plus cleanup
2010-08-07 stathisulps: Add round()
2010-08-07 stathisulps: Add j0, j1
2010-08-07 stathisulps: Add fmod()
2010-08-07 stathisulps: Add trunc()
2010-08-05 Stathis Kamperisulps/gen: Fix typo in function name
2010-08-04 Stathis Kamperisetc/profmath: Add support for complex valued functions
2010-08-03 stathisFix some sparse errors
2010-08-01 Stathis Kamperisulps: Cosmetic
2010-08-01 stathisulps: unbreak
2010-08-01 stathisulps: Add more complex functions
2010-08-01 stathisulps: getfunctionulp() ->getfunctionulp_real()
2010-08-01 stathisulps/main: Fix indentation
2010-08-01 stathisULPS: More cleanup please
2010-08-01 stathisULPS: Unbreak
2010-08-01 stathisULPs: Massive cleanup
2010-08-01 stathisulps/gen: Augment printfunctions()
2010-07-31 stathisULPS: Unbreak for dom_ctan
2010-07-31 stathisULPS: Add ctan
2010-07-31 stathisULPS: Add conj
2010-07-31 stathisULPS: Cleanup plus debug. Still halts.
2010-07-31 stathisULPS: Cleanup plus add debug
2010-07-31 stathisulps: More cleanup
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: Cleanup. More to follow.
2010-07-31 Stathis Kamperisulps: Cleanup
2010-07-31 Stathis Kamperisulps: Cleanup
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: Minor cleanup
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: Minor tweaks
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: ulp.c -> ulp_real.c
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: Add more complex functions
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: Meh
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: Save WIP. Looks good
2010-07-31 Stathis Kamperissubr_mpc: Implenet mpc_get_ld()
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: Save WIP. Looks kind good.
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: Save WIP
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: It compiles fine
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: Save WIP
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: Save WIP
2010-07-31 Stathis KamperisULPS: Save WIP
2010-07-31 Stathis Kamperisulps: WIP
2010-07-31 Stathis Kamperisulps: Save temporary WIP
2010-07-25 stathisulps/gen.c: Add a comment
2010-07-24 stathisulps: Looks good
2010-07-24 stathisulps: meh
2010-07-24 stathisulps: Major cleanup-refactoring. Looks good.
2010-07-24 stathisulps: Change output format. WIP.
2010-07-24 Stathis KamperisMakefile: Cosmetic
2010-07-24 Stathis Kamperisulps/Makefile: Cleanup a bit
2010-07-24 Stathis KamperisULPs: Cleanup. Starting to look good
2010-07-23 stathisUlps: Save temporary work
2010-07-23 stathisUlps: meh
2010-07-23 stathisulps: meh
2010-07-22 stathisWhitespace cleanup
2010-07-22 stathisULPs: Cleanup+unbreak. WIP.
2010-07-22 stathisULPS: WIP
2010-07-22 stathisULPS: WIP
2010-07-21 stathisulps: WIP
2010-07-20 stathisulps: First step towards long double probes
2010-07-11 Stathis KamperisMerge branch 'master' of ssh://leaf.dragonflybsd.org...
2010-07-10 stathisulps: Add remainder()
2010-07-09 Stathis Kamperisulp: Whitespace cleanup
2010-07-09 Stathis Kamperisulps/main: Fix typo
2010-07-09 Stathis Kamperisulps: Cleanup a bit
2010-07-02 Stathis Kamperisulps: Add erfc()
2010-07-02 Stathis Kamperisulp: Fix typo
2010-07-02 Stathis Kamperisulp: Minor cleanup
2010-07-02 Stathis Kamperisulps/gen: Add printfunctions()
2010-07-02 Stathis Kamperisulps: Add tanh()
2010-07-02 stathisulps/gen: Add an assert()
2010-07-02 stathisgoodgen: Try to cleanup the mess a bit
2010-06-30 Stathis Kamperisulps/configure.ac: Add tan()
2010-06-30 Stathis Kamperisulps/gen: Add tan
2010-06-25 Stathis Kamperisulps/Makefile: Use
2010-06-25 Stathis Kamperisulps/Makefile: ooops, use
2010-06-25 Stathis Kamperisulps/Makefile: Final cleanup
2010-06-25 Stathis Kamperisulps/Makefile: Cleanup
2010-06-25 Stathis Kamperisulps/main: Remove bogus feature test macro
2010-06-24 Stathis Kamperisulp: Makefile: Meh
2010-06-24 Stathis Kamperisulps: Add dist target
2010-06-24 Stathis Kamperisulps: Cleanup build procedure
2010-06-24 Stathis Kamperisulps: Makefile: Check for config.h
2010-06-24 Stathis KamperisRevert "ulps: Makefile is regenerated by configure...
2010-06-24 Stathis Kamperisulp: Get rid of automake
2010-06-24 stathisulps: configure.ac: Remove bogus comment
2010-06-24 stathisulps: Don't track configure, it is autogenerated
2010-06-24 stathisulps: Get rid of auto generated files