Initial import of t_shmat.
[pcca-tests.git] / mqueue.h /
2010-02-11 Stathis KamperisAdd <calls> nodes in every tfile.xml
2010-02-11 Stathis KamperisMove tfile2xml.rb to etc/
2010-02-06 stathisMove protgen.rb to top-level.
2010-02-06 stathisprotgen.rb: Dont include stdio.h by default
2010-02-06 stathisprototypes: Lots of things.
2010-02-06 stathisprotgen.rb: Make it backwards compatible with 1.8
2010-02-06 stathisMerge branch 'master' of git://gitweb.dragonflybsd...
2010-02-06 Stathis Kamperisprotgen.rb: Add _XOPEN_SOURCE definition.
2010-02-06 Stathis KamperisInitial import of mqueue.h/prototypes.list
2010-02-06 Stathis KamperisInitial impor of prototype test generator.
2010-01-25 stathisSecret stuff: Move test.rb from mqueue.h/ to top level...
2010-01-25 stathisSecret stuff: Remove bogus test.xml
2010-01-25 stathisSecret stuff: Add tfile.xml on every header/.
2010-01-25 stathisSecret stuff
2010-01-25 stathistest.{rb, xml}: Add support for tunable iterations.
2010-01-25 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_parent_child_multmsg: Convert into test...
2010-01-25 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_send_dos: Tweak comments.
2010-01-24 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_open: Minor cleanup.
2010-01-23 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_send_dos: Fix typo in comment.
2010-01-23 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_open: Fix typo in comment.
2010-01-23 beketmqueue.h/t_mq_open: Fix typo in MQNAME.
2010-01-23 beketmqueue.h/t_mq_send_dos: Hook into tfile/Makefile.
2010-01-23 beketmqueue.h/t_mq_send_dos: Cleanup.
2010-01-23 beketmqueue.h/t_mq_open: Major cleanup, plus one more new...
2010-01-23 Stathis KamperisStub import of t_mq_send_dos.
2010-01-22 stathismqueue.h/Makefile: Line up slashes.
2010-01-22 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_send3: Cosmetic changes.
2010-01-22 stathisMerge branch 'master' of git://gitweb.dragonflybsd...
2010-01-21 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/t_mq_send3: Cleanup.
2010-01-21 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/Makefile: Fix typo in dep.
2010-01-21 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/t_mq_send3: Add license.
2010-01-21 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/t_mq_send3: Refactor to not use signals at...
2010-01-18 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_send3: Cleanup.
2010-01-18 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_send: Create the queue exclusively.
2010-01-18 stathisInitial import of t_mq_send3.
2010-01-18 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_setattr: Fix some warnings.
2010-01-18 Stathis Kamperisunistd.h/t_mq_send3: Minor cleanup.
2010-01-16 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/t_mq_setattr: Cleanup and enhance.
2010-01-15 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_notify_invsigno.c: Fix a typo.
2010-01-15 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_notify_invsigno.c: Cleanup.
2010-01-15 stathisInitial import of t_mq_notify_invsigno.
2010-01-15 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_send2: Minor cleanup -- no functional...
2010-01-15 stathisInitial import of t_mq_send2.
2010-01-15 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/t_mq_open_umask: Parent prints passed, not...
2010-01-14 stathismqueue.h/Makefile: Add t_mq_timedsend2 in run target.
2010-01-14 beketmqueue.h/t_mq_timedsend2: Unbreak, plus minor cleanup.
2010-01-14 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_timedsend2.c: Minor cleanup.
2010-01-14 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_timedsend2.c: Bring back test.
2010-01-14 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_timedsend2.c: Remove binary file.
2010-01-14 stathismqueue.h/Makefile: Fix typo.
2010-01-14 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_timedsend2: chmod -x it.
2010-01-14 stathisInitial import of t_mq_timedsend2 test case.
2010-01-13 Stathis Kamperistest.rb: Add some comments
2010-01-12 stathistest.{rb, xml}: Huhu
2010-01-11 stathistest.rb: Properly flush buffers.
2010-01-10 Stathis KamperisMoar secrecy
2010-01-10 Stathis KamperisMoar secrecy
2010-01-10 Stathis KamperisSecret project
2009-11-30 stathismqueue.h/TODO: S_TYPEISMQ() is now implemented.
2009-11-05 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/t_mq_send: Get proper value for MQ_PRIO_MAX.
2009-10-18 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/README.freebsd: Mention kernel linkage.
2009-10-18 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h: Add README.freebsd file.
2009-10-04 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/tfile: Remove non-existent test.
2009-10-04 Stathis Kamperist_mq_select.c: Add some assertions.
2009-10-04 beketmqueue.h/Makefile: Remove stale target.
2009-10-04 stathismqueue.h/tfile: t_mq_timeout -> t_mq_timedsend_timeout.
2009-10-04 stathismqueue.h: t_mq_timeout -> t_mq_timedsend_timeout.
2009-10-04 stathismqueue.h: Add t_mq_timedreceive_timeout test.
2009-10-04 stathist_mq_timeout: Add license, remove whitespace.
2009-10-04 stathist_mq_stress: t_mq_openclose -> t_mq_open_close.
2009-10-04 stathismqueue.h/t_mq_openclose: Rename to t_mq_open_close.
2009-10-04 stathist_mq_openclose: -1 -> (mqd_t)-1
2009-10-04 stathist_mq_timedsend: Proper error handling when child fails.
2009-10-04 stathist_mq_timedsend: Add one more assertion.
2009-10-04 stathist_mq_timedsend: Cleanup.
2009-10-04 Add some tests, plus increase iterations.
2009-10-03 stathist_mq_open_umask: Grammar in comment.
2009-10-03 stathist_mq_open_umask: Fix octal constant, plus comment tweaks.
2009-10-03 stathist_mq_open_umask: Add a paranoid assertion.
2009-10-03 stathist_mq_open_umask: return from child.
2009-10-03 Stathis Kamperist_mq_open_umask: Add missing argument in mq_open().
2009-10-02 stathist_mq_open_umask: Add license, plus whitespace cleanup.
2009-10-02 stathist_mq_open_umask: Cosmetic stuff.
2009-10-02 stathismqueue.h: Add test case re file creation mask.
2009-09-30 Stathis Kamperist_mq_timeout: print passed upon success.
2009-09-28 stathist_mq_timeout: Don't printf(), just assert().
2009-09-28 stathisAdd t_mq_timeout test case.
2009-09-19 stathisMerge branch 'master' of git://gitweb.dragonflybsd...
2009-09-19 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/TODO: Some issues were fixed.
2009-08-19 Stathis Kamperist_mq_notify_simple: Rephrase comments.
2009-08-19 Stathis Kamperist_mq_notify_simple: Make it compile in DragonFly.
2009-08-19 Stathis Kamperist_mq_notify: Comments, plus one more assertion.
2009-08-13 Stathis KamperisRemove -Wextra option.
2009-08-10 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/etc: Add licenses.
2009-08-10 Stathis Kamperist_mq_close: Add license.
2009-08-10 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/etc: Add licenses.
2009-08-10 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h: Add licenses.
2009-08-09 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/Makefile: Sort targets alphabetically.
2009-08-09 Stathis Kamperismqueue.h/tfile: Add t_mq_ambig test case.
2009-08-09 Stathis Kamperist_mq_notify_siple: Add license.