2009-07-23 Alexander PolakovStage 5/5: Change mount_msdos to use libkiconv
2009-07-23 Alexander PolakovStage 4/5: Import libkiconv from FreeBSD.
2009-07-23 Alexander PolakovStage 3/5: Add msdosfs_iconv.
2009-07-23 Alexander PolakovStage 2/5: Change msdosfs to use libiconv in case.
2009-07-23 Alexander PolakovUncomment iconv_vfs_refcount.
2009-07-23 Alexander PolakovStage 1/5: Update libiconv to support multibyte encodings.
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: don't block when trying to aquire a queue file dma
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: don't block on lock/opening the mbox file, backoff...
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: accept -q without argument. report argument errors.
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: add comments for ESMTP support
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: treat seek errors as permanent errors
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: more loudly note that we should query for MX records
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: fix various bugs in local mbox delivery
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: fix mail bouncing
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: always log error exits
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: drop CVS ids
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: rewrite file management
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: correct logic for setting the locked flag
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: restructure logging
2009-07-21 Simon Schubertdma: note that the data file provides the id
2009-07-21 Simon 'corecode... dma: rework queue handling
2009-07-21 Simon 'corecode... dma: Move comment.
2009-07-21 Simon 'corecode... dma: Re-arrange argument consistency checks.
2009-07-21 Simon 'corecode... dma: better tag handling
2009-07-21 Matthew DillonEXT2FS: support variable inode size.
2009-07-20 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tz{code,data}2009k from...
2009-07-18 Peter AvalosUpdate gzip.
2009-07-18 Matthew DillonNFS - Increase default read-ahead from 4 to 6
2009-07-18 Matthew DillonNFS - Implement async write BIO, greatly increase sockb...
2009-07-18 Matthew DillonThe limit specified in kern.ipc.maxsockbuf only applies...
2009-07-18 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-07-18 Matthew DillonNFS - Fix panic on umount/reboot
2009-07-18 Thomas Nikolajsennfsclient: nfsiod isn't used anymore
2009-07-18 Thomas Nikolajsenrc.d/nfsclient: Put newline after last action
2009-07-18 Thomas Nikolajsenrc.d/random: Fix typos
2009-07-18 Stathis KamperisImport complex arithmetic functions from {Net,Free...
2009-07-18 Matthew DillonNFS - Stability pass / recent work.
2009-07-18 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-07-18 Matthew DillonNFS - Rewrite the RTT code and the request flags &...
2009-07-18 Matthew Dillontsleep_interlock() - Fix bug in cpu_lwp_exit().
2009-07-17 Sepherosa ZiehauAPIC ABI: Support 32 IDT vectors
2009-07-17 Sepherosa ZiehauRemove unused macro
2009-07-17 Matthew DillonNFS - Fix unmounting blockages, fix tick interval,...
2009-07-17 Matthew DillonNFS - implement async state machine for nfs_readrpc_bio()
2009-07-17 Matthew DillonNFS - refactor nfs_request() and add state machine...
2009-07-17 Matthew DillonNFS - Cleanup pass -factor out strict temporaries from...
2009-07-17 Matthew DillonNFS - Fix refactor bugs.
2009-07-16 Matthew DillonNFS - Marathon - completely refactor the nfsm_* macros.
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertrelease engineering: record 2.3.2 in subvers
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertstdio.h: declare snprintf also for XSI 5
2009-07-16 Matthew DillonNFS - create nfsm_subs.c, clean up externs
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: add required headers if they are not present
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: use ANSI string continuations
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: pass over the code and improve error handling
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: clean up network code
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: treat encrypted connections as secure
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: properly close and free SSL connection state
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: log mail queueing more thoroughly
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: note that we will have to clean up SSL state
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: unconditionally use openssl
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: implement alternate identity for mailq
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: correctly initialize error before delivering mail
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: adjust syslog logging levels
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: always send EHLO after tls setup
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: prevent races from sharing fd between children
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: restructure set_username
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: constify bounce reason and avoid strdup
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: ignore a whole slew of sendmail options
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: better logic for guessing username
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: add the MAILNAME and MAILNAMEFILE config options
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: add FULLBOUNCE config option
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: provide proper bounce error message
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: lock temp files on creation
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: various code hardening
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: note that the -q option requires an unused argument
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: fix two typos and a word order problem
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: also list locked queue files
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: bounce message instantly on permanent remote deliv...
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: treat a QUIT error as merely a warning
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: properly log last remote status message
2009-07-16 Simon Schubertdma: several fixes to make dma build on non-BSD OS's
2009-07-16 Michael Neumannhammer expand: add manpage
2009-07-16 Michael Neumannhammer expand: Use default values for boot/mem area
2009-07-16 Michael Neumannhammer expand: Refactor code
2009-07-16 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-07-16 Matthew DillonNFS - install nfsmount on nfs_mountq, for timeout handling.
2009-07-16 Matthew DillonNFS - Remove old nfsiod, start adding new kernel thread...
2009-07-16 Matthew DillonNFS - Minor compile fix
2009-07-16 Matthew Dillontsleep_interlock - Fix bug with TDF_TSLEEPQ
2009-07-16 Matthew DillonNFS - move nfs_reqq from global to per-nfsmount.
2009-07-16 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-07-16 Matthew DillonNFS - Use mutex API, begin refactoring the state machine.
2009-07-16 Matthew DillonMPSAFE - mutex - better exclusive lock sequencer, bug...
2009-07-15 Sascha WildnerFix LINT build.
2009-07-15 Matthew DillonMPSAFE - mutexes
2009-07-15 Matthew DillonMPSAFE - mutex enhancements.
2009-07-15 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-07-15 Matthew DillonMPSAFE - Add a set of general blocking/spinnable mutex...
2009-07-15 Matthew DillonMPSAFE - Add a set of general blocking/spinnable mutex...
2009-07-15 Matthew DillonAdjust atomic_cmpset_int/long - Faster version, fix...