descriptionftigeot's DragonFly repo
ownerFrancois Tigeot
last changeThu, 14 Aug 2014 07:47:14 +0000 (09:47 +0200)
2014-08-14 Sascha Wildnerbsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD. master
2014-08-14 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Fix display corruption issues on Haswell
2014-08-13 Sepherosa Ziehautools/kq_connect_client: Add option to create UDP socke...
2014-08-13 Sepherosa Ziehautools/udpecho: Add option to disable echo; just sink
2014-08-12 Matthew Dillonkernel - PF SMP work - fix RDR rules
2014-08-12 François Tigeotdrm: Add Linux kmap functions
2014-08-12 François Tigeotdrm/i915: i915_emit_box() from Linux 3.8.13
2014-08-11 François Tigeotagp: Add more Haswell PCI IDs
2014-08-11 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Enable Haswell support
2014-08-11 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Sync i915_gem_evict.c with Linux 3.8.13
2014-08-10 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix PF SMP issues
2014-08-10 François Tigeotagp/drm: Remove intel_gtt_get_bridge_device()
2014-08-10 François Tigeotagp/drm: Rename agp_i810.h to intel-gtt.h
2014-08-10 Sepherosa Ziehautools/netrate: Use FIONBIO to make the socket nonblocking
2014-08-10 Sepherosa Ziehautcp: Fix upper half (socket code) and so_port switching...
2014-08-10 Sepherosa Ziehaumsgport: Add message put done receipt support
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