carp: add carp_group_demote_adj()
[dragonfly.git] / lib /
2010-08-06 Sascha WildnerAdd some more *at() system calls.
2010-08-05 Sascha WildnerFix some typos in various places.
2010-08-01 Sascha Wildnerchroot.2: Add some words about chroot_kernel().
2010-07-31 Sascha WildnerAdd a renameat(2) system call.
2010-07-26 Samuel J. Greearman - Fix poll HISTORY, implementation has changed
2010-07-19 Samuel J. GreearMerge branch 'selwakeup'
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnerrpcbind.3: Fix two more errors in the SYNOPSIS which...
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnerudev.3: Add final newline and remove extra space.
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnerdevattr.3: Add final newline.
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnerrpcbind.3: Fix function declaration in the SYNOPSIS.
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnerprop_*.[39]: Fix include path.
2010-07-17 Alex Hornunglibdevattr - Visibility change, stop memory waste
2010-07-14 Sascha WildnerAdd support for $CCVER="clangsvn"
2010-07-13 Sascha Wildnerudev_enumerate.3: Improve macro declaration a bit.
2010-07-13 Sascha Wildnerudev_enumerate.3: Some cleanup.
2010-07-13 Sascha Wildnerudev_{device,monitor}.3: Add final newline.
2010-07-13 Samuel J. GreearMerge branch 'master' into selwakeup
2010-07-12 Samuel J. GreearMerge branch 'master' into kq_devices
2010-07-11 Alex Hornunglibdevattr & udevd - add man pages
2010-07-10 Alex Hornunglibdevattr - install include
2010-07-10 Alex Hornungudevd - bring into sbin, add rc script
2010-07-09 Matthew DillonMerge remote branch 'crater/master' into kq_devices
2010-07-08 Alex Hornunglibmd - add sha512, fix warnings in tests
2010-07-08 Alex Hornunglibc - correct pthread_once stub
2010-07-07 Samuel J. GreearMerge branch 'master' into kq_devices
2010-07-03 Sascha WildnerAdd a few __printflike() and __scanflike() to various...
2010-06-30 Samuel J. Greearkernel - KQueue: Create EVFILT_EXCEPT for exceptional...
2010-06-30 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Add OOB support to kqueue
2010-06-25 Sascha Wildnerlibc/citrus: Add missing function type.
2010-06-16 Sascha Wildnerioprio_get.2: Remove < and > from an .In.
2010-06-13 Alex Hornunglibdevattr - Fix buildworld
2010-06-13 Alex Hornungudevd & libdevattr - Bind into build system
2010-06-13 Alex HornungBring in udev & libdevattr
2010-06-12 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr: make prototype-less function static
2010-06-12 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr: abort() on impossible case
2010-06-12 Sascha WildnerFix typos in the licenses: withough -> without
2010-06-10 Venkatesh Srinivaslibc: Add assembler versions of fls, flsl, and ffsl...
2010-06-10 Sascha WildnerMove some FreeBSD CVS IDs to the comments.
2010-06-07 Sascha Wildnerpthread.3: Fix library name.
2010-06-06 Jan Lentferlibldns: Import alternative DNS Library into base
2010-06-04 Sascha Wildnerlibprop: Comment out MLINK of prop_dictionary_mutable...
2010-06-04 Sascha Wildnerprop_dictionary.3: Comment out non-existant function.
2010-06-03 Sascha WildnerPerform some mdoc cleanup on various manpages which...
2010-06-02 Sascha WildnerRename ionice(1) to ioprio(1) and add a short manual...
2010-06-02 Alex Hornungproplib - port to dragonfly
2010-05-29 Sascha Wildnerlib/csu: Fix 'make clean'.
2010-05-28 Sascha WildnerAdjust some comments/manpages regarding where profiling...
2010-05-28 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: support for completion event statistics
2010-05-28 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr: correct copy length
2010-05-27 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr: add support for data objects
2010-05-26 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr: alternative hash syntax and more fixes
2010-05-26 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr: add support for string literals
2010-05-26 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr: oops, stay withing the bounds of the hash...
2010-05-21 Sascha Wildnermalloc.3: Sort of sync with NetBSD (for the examples...
2010-05-19 Sascha Wildneruuid_{name,addr}_lookup(3): Fix free() order.
2010-05-12 Sascha WildnerAdd a manual page for the ioprio_get() and ioprio_set...
2010-05-08 Sascha Wildnerpthread* manual pages: <pthread_np.h> needs <pthread.h>.
2010-05-08 Sascha WildnerBring in a extattr(2) manual page (from FreeBSD, with...
2010-05-06 Jan LentferBIND: entirely purge BIND and related stuff from base
2010-04-24 Sascha Wildnerpthread.3: Add missing section.
2010-04-24 Sascha Wildnerevtr: is not supposed to be installed...
2010-04-24 Sascha Wildnermanpages: Fix some mdoc issues and remove trailing...
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopoulosevtr: hook into the x86_64 build
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr: portability fixes
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr: get rid of unused yyunput() definition
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr.h: cleanup evtr.h a bit
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopoulosevtr: initial implementation of a DSL
2010-04-14 Matthew DillonMerge remote branch 'rpaulo/net80211-update'
2010-04-14 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2010-04-14 Antonio Huete Jimenezlibc - Return ENOSYS in both mlockall() / munlockall()
2010-04-13 Matthew DillonMerge remote branch 'crater/master' into net80211-update
2010-04-13 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-04-12 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2010-04-12 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'net80211-update' of git://leaf.dragonflyb...
2010-04-10 Sascha WildnerAdd -Wold-style-definition to WARNS >= 3 and fix the...
2010-04-10 Sascha WildnerConstify ncp_error()'s fmt argument.
2010-04-10 Sascha Wildnermalloc.3: Remove some phkmalloc specific info in the...
2010-04-08 Sascha Wildnerpthread.3: Update the IMPLEMENTATION NOTES to the curre...
2010-04-07 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-03-29 Thomas NikolajsenMerge commit 'crater/master'
2010-03-29 Thomas Nikolajsenswapcache.8/chflags.[12]: adjust markup & add flags...
2010-03-29 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-03-28 Sascha WildnerSort sections in various manual pages.
2010-03-27 Sascha Wildnermsgrcv.3: No need for .Tn or .Ns here.
2010-03-23 Matthew DillonMerge remote branch 'crater/master' into vkernel64
2010-03-23 Stathis Kamperisconj.3: Mention conjl.
2010-03-22 Stathis Kamperislibm: Hook cprojl.c into build.
2010-03-18 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'net80211-update' of git://leaf.dragonflyb...
2010-03-18 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-03-16 Matthew Dillonlibdevstat - Add compute_stats_read() and compute_stats...
2010-03-06 Sascha Wildnermq_receive.2: Add missing space.
2010-03-05 Matthew DillonMerge remote branch 'crater/master' into net80211-update
2010-03-05 Michael NeumannMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-03-04 Sascha WildnerSort the SEE ALSO sections in some manual pages.
2010-03-02 Sascha Wildnerlibc/stdtime: Sync localtime.c with tzcode2010c from...
2010-03-02 Sascha Wildnerlibc/locale: Use _getprogname().
2010-03-02 Sascha Wildnerlibc/citrus: Forward declare some structs to fix some...
2010-02-28 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2010-02-23 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-02-23 Matthew Dillonlibexpat - Fix buildworld