MFC r1.3 r1.13 r1.8 (HEAD):
[dragonfly.git] / usr.bin /
2008-09-14 Sascha WildnerMFC r1.3:
2008-08-27 Matthias SchmidtAdd missing -s to usage string.
2008-07-19 Matthias SchmidtAdjust path for the upcoming 2.0 release
2008-07-18 Thomas NikolajsenMFC:
2008-07-17 Thomas NikolajsenMFC: following 4 commits:
2008-07-13 Matthew DillonUse a 64 bit quantity to collect file size data instead of
2008-07-12 Michael NeumannFix an venerable bug: if we're reducing a rule that...
2008-07-12 Peter AvalosUpdate build structure for libarchive-2.5.5.
2008-07-12 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
2008-07-11 Thomas NikolajsenUpdate netstat help:
2008-07-10 Sascha Wildnerstyle: compare return value of getopt() against -1...
2008-07-09 Sascha WildnerAdd HAMMER to the list of file systems to be searched...
2008-07-09 Thomas NikolajsenAdd PF_MPLSOPS, route flag `m', to netstat.8.
2008-07-07 Nuno AntunesIntroduce experimental MPLS over ethernet support....
2008-06-30 Hasso TepperMerge from vendor branch GCC:
2008-06-28 Matthew DillonFix hopefully all possible deadlocks that can occur...
2008-06-26 Matthew DillonMerge from vendor branch NETGRAPH:
2008-06-24 Matthew DillonHAMMER Utilities: Sync to 58B
2008-06-24 Thomas NikolajsenAdd nohistory flag.
2008-06-23 Sascha Wildners/Fx/Dx/
2008-06-21 Sascha WildnerSilence -Wold-style-definition.
2008-06-21 Sascha WildnerSilence -Wold-style-definition.
2008-06-21 Sascha WildnerFix -Wold-style-definition warnings in the scanner...
2008-06-21 Sascha WildnerAnsify
2008-06-16 Peter AvalosUpdate build structure for libarchive update.
2008-06-16 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
2008-06-05 Sascha Wildner* Fix some cases where NULL was used but 0 was meant...
2008-06-03 Sascha Wildnermdoc cleanup
2008-06-01 Matthew DillonHAMMER Utilities: New utility 'undo'.
2008-05-31 Sascha Wildnermdoc cleanup
2008-05-27 Matthew DillonImplement a new utility called vknet. This utility...
2008-05-25 Sascha WildnerMake c89 work by using 'cc' as execv()'s argv[0] to...
2008-05-19 Simon SchubertDon't #include <sys/select.h> from sys/types.h, to...
2008-05-17 Peter AvalosMove patches for tnftp into contrib/ and remove -I...
2008-05-17 Peter AvalosQuiet gcc4. -I- isn't required any more.
2008-05-17 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
2008-05-17 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch TNFTP:
2008-05-17 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LESS:
2008-05-14 Hasso TepperRemove fortran from base.
2008-05-09 Sascha WildnerUse .Dv for signal names.
2008-05-04 Sascha WildnerAdjust to our current directory layout on pkgbox.
2008-05-03 Matthew DillonPrint the path even if we do not understand the filesys...
2008-05-02 Sascha WildnerSweep over our manual pages and remove .Pp before a...
2008-05-01 Sascha WildnerAdd .It
2008-05-01 Sascha WildnerMove .Pp outside of .Bl
2008-05-01 Sascha WildnerTurn off yy_flex_realloc() related warnings (such as...
2008-04-29 Sascha WildnerUse 'MS-DOS' and not 'MS DOS' or 'MSDOS'.
2008-04-20 Sascha WildnerAnother round of typo fixes (mostly in messages).
2008-04-16 Sascha WildnerRemove extra whitespace after parenthesis.
2008-04-11 Sascha WildnerStart sentence on a new line (and remove trailing space).
2008-04-10 Hasso TepperSync Citrus iconv support with NetBSD.
2008-04-08 Sascha WildnerSync with FreeBSD:
2008-04-06 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
2008-04-05 Sascha WildnerAnsify a bit.
2008-04-05 Sascha WildnerFix typo in comment.
2008-04-05 Sascha WildnerSync with FreeBSD (adds -n, -s and -x).
2008-03-27 Simon SchubertFix layout.
2008-03-20 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch BZIP:
2008-03-12 Dave HayesMerge from vendor branch BSDINSTALLER:
2008-03-09 Sascha WildnerMove new sentence on a new line.
2008-03-09 Sascha WildnerForgot one.
2008-03-08 Sascha WildnerClean up prototypes and staticize.
2008-03-07 Sepherosa ZiehauParallelize ifnet.if_addrhead accessing by duplicating...
2008-03-05 Simon SchubertResurrect code mistakenly #ifdef'd out before.
2008-03-01 Nuno AntunesMake the -O option (show *only* kernel threads) imply...
2008-02-19 Thomas NikolajsenDo a better job formatting vmstat -i output:
2008-02-17 Matthias SchmidtAdd a new option -s. With this option pkg_search(1...
2008-02-17 Simon SchubertDump entries can have the same timestamp, so accept...
2008-02-12 Simon SchubertDon't require the tsc frequency to be available.
2008-02-11 Sascha WildnerFix WARNS6: mark s as unused.
2008-02-11 Sascha WildnerFix WARNS6: values_len is size_t, thus n must be unsigned.
2008-02-10 Matthias Schmidto Convert search string to lowercase to allow case...
2008-02-09 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch TNFTP:
2008-02-09 Matthias SchmidtAdd space to correctly align Office and Office phone.
2008-02-08 Hasso TepperMobe btpin(1), rfcomm_sppd(1) and sdpquery(1) where...
2008-02-08 Sascha WildnerRemove empty line.
2008-02-07 Sascha WildnerFix Picasso's birthday.
2008-02-05 Matthias SchmidtAlso fix a double free.
2008-02-05 Matthias SchmidtFix memory leaks.
2008-02-03 Simon SchubertWork around a `label defined but not used' warning...
2008-01-31 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch GDB:
2008-01-30 Hasso TepperMerge from vendor branch LIBEVENT:
2008-01-26 Sascha WildnerIn SEE ALSO, mark references to pkgsrc manual pages...
2008-01-19 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch FILE:
2008-01-15 Matthias SchmidtMerge from vendor branch TCSH:
2008-01-15 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch GDB:
2008-01-14 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch GDB:
2008-01-07 Simon SchubertDon't segfault when printing unknown signals.
2008-01-05 Simon SchubertDefine _KERNEL_STRUCTURES when obtaining the list of...
2008-01-05 Matthias SchmidtCommit pkg_radd(1) on behalf of corecode@. pkg_radd...
2008-01-03 Sascha WildnerDon't use leading 0 in .Dd and begin sentence on a...
2008-01-03 Matthias SchmidtMajor update to pkg_search(1)
2008-01-01 Sascha WildnerUse .Bx 386 for 386BSD.
2008-01-01 Matthias SchmidtUpdate kdump(1) to print more human readable information.
2007-12-29 Hasso TepperDon't show in netstat(1) output without the -a switch...
2007-12-28 Sascha WildnerUse the correct version.
2007-12-27 Matthias Schmidto Change my personal copyright to the DragonFly copyright
2007-12-27 Nicolas TheryFix off-by-one bug causing core dump when encountering...
2007-12-23 Sascha WildnerRemove duplicate option.
2007-12-22 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE: