2009-12-12 Michael NeumannHAMMER - Fix reblocking operation of volume removal
2009-12-12 Matthew DillonHAMMER VFS - Fix incorrect hammer_cursor_removed_node...
2009-12-12 Michael NeumannHAMMER - Fix panic when removing volume
2009-12-12 Sascha WildnerRemove inclusion of <sys/cdefs.h> from kernel .c files.
2009-12-12 Michael NeumannHAMMER - Stabilize volume removal
2009-12-12 Michael NeumannFix typo
2009-12-12 Michael NeumannHAMMER - Fix umount flushing issue for volume-add/del
2009-12-11 Sascha WildnerAdd hotplugd options to the default rc.conf and rc...
2009-12-11 Michael NeumannHAMMER - Implement experimental volume removal
2009-12-11 Aggelos EconomopoulosKill T/TCP
2009-12-10 Jan Lentfertop - bring in "pid" sort order from freebsd module...
2009-12-10 Jan LentferMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-12-10 Jan Lentfermake.conf and make.conf.5: Remove obsolete TOP_TABLE_SI...
2009-12-10 Sascha Wildnerhotplug.4 & hotplugd.8: Some mdoc cleanup.
2009-12-09 Michael NeumannRename "hammer expand" to "hammer volume-add"
2009-12-09 Sascha WildnerFix argument order for netmsg_init().
2009-12-09 Sascha WildnerActually hook hotplug.4 into the build.
2009-12-08 Jan Lentfertop - enable full command line display.
2009-12-08 Sascha WildnerFix LINT kernel build.
2009-12-07 Thomas Nikolajsenhammer: update Version 4 description
2009-12-07 Matthew DillonHAMMER VFS - Fix WIP
2009-12-07 Michael NeumannHAMMER Utility - Allow expanding root filesystems again
2009-12-07 Michael NeumannHAMMER - Implement multi-volume root mounts
2009-12-07 Alex Hornungdump - Unbreak VKERNELs
2009-12-07 Sascha Wildnertop(1): Remove top.x from CLEANFILES, since it's not...
2009-12-07 Matthew DillonHAMMER Utility - Refuse to expand the root filesystem
2009-12-07 Matthew DillonHAMMER Utility - Add -p <ssh-port> option
2009-12-07 Sascha Wildnerloader.8: Bump .Dd and fix a manlint warning.
2009-12-07 Sascha WildnerClean up BIND upgrade.
2009-12-06 Alex Hornunglibkvm - Update for new dumps & minidumps
2009-12-06 Alex Hornungsavecore - Update savecore to work with new dumps/minidumps
2009-12-06 Alex Hornungdump - Make use of the new dumping
2009-12-06 Alex Hornungdump - Bring in FreeBSD's dumping (new dumps & minidumps)
2009-12-06 Alex Hornungpmap - Change pmap_map syntaxis
2009-12-06 Jan Lentferlentferj - commit test.
2009-12-06 Sascha Wildnernetwork - Fix SMP build
2009-12-06 Matthew Dillonnetwork - Fix UP build
2009-12-05 Matthew Dillonnetwork - Move socket from netmsg ext to netmsg header...
2009-12-05 Sascha Wildnerdevelopment.7: Add style(9) xref and a pointer to drago...
2009-12-05 Sascha WildnerMove tools/tools/editing/dragonfly.el to share/misc.
2009-12-05 Sascha WildnerAdd a profile for indent(1) which matches our style...
2009-12-05 Sascha WildnerClean up some Makefiles (let the user decide which...
2009-12-05 Aggelos EconomopoulosMerge commit 'lentferj/top_update'
2009-12-05 Jan Lentfertop - correctly prototype compare_* functions. Remove...
2009-12-05 Matthew DillonHAMMER VFS - Change default from version 3 to version 4
2009-12-05 Jan Lentfertop - style cleanup and removal of unnecessary code
2009-12-04 Alexander PolakovImport hotplugd(8) from OpenBSD.
2009-12-04 Alexander PolakovImport hotplug(4) pseudo-device.
2009-12-04 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix recursive lockmgr lock panic when creating...
2009-12-04 Aggelos EconomopoulosMerge commit 'lentferj/top_update'
2009-12-04 Jan Lentfertop - Import DragonFly specific patches for 3.8beta1.
2009-12-03 Matthew DillonHAMMER VFS - Fix bug in statvfs() polachok/small
2009-12-03 Matthew Dillonsysperf /call-loop test - Ensure the nop() call is...
2009-12-03 Matthew Dillonvkernel test - Add a NFS root / boot feature to the...
2009-12-03 Matthew Dillonhammer utility - minor adjustment to snaprm
2009-12-03 Sascha Wildneradventure(6): Fix saving games on x86_64.
2009-12-03 Sascha Wildnercxm_extract_fw(8): Fix indent.
2009-12-03 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-12-03 Matthew Dilloncpdup - Multiple additions, fixes, and one removal
2009-12-03 Sascha Wildnercxm_extract_fw.8: Small mdoc correction.
2009-12-03 Aggelos EconomopoulosMerge commit 'lentferj/bind_vendor2'
2009-12-03 Jan Lentferbind - Changed bind dependend Makefiles to fit to new...
2009-12-03 Jan LentferMerge branch 'vendor/BIND' into bind_vendor2
2009-12-03 Jan Lentferbind - Removed version tag from contrib directory and...
2009-12-02 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-12-01 Aggelos EconomopoulosUnbreak ptrace on x86_64
2009-12-01 Sascha WildnerRegenerate the pciconf(8) database
2009-11-28 Jan Lentfertop - Import 3.8beta1 sources into new vendor/TOP branch. avalon/vendor/TOP chlamydia/vendor/TOP
2009-11-28 Jan Lentfertop - Remove contrib/top from base in perparation of...
2009-11-28 Stathis Kamperislibm: Fix typos in Makefile comments.
2009-11-28 Stathis Kamperislibm: Import nearbyint{,f}() functions from FreeBSD.
2009-11-28 Matthew Dilloncpdup - Fix the sense of a uid check when files are...
2009-11-27 Sascha Wildnersyscons(4): Use 100x37 when the VESA800X600 flag is...
2009-11-27 Sascha Wildnervga(4): Remove VGA_SLOW_IOACCESS option.
2009-11-27 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://swildner@crater.dragonfl...
2009-11-27 Sascha Wildnernpx(4): Silence a warning in the SMP build.
2009-11-27 Michael NeumannMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-11-27 Michael NeumannSync man page with code
2009-11-27 Jan LentferMerge branch 'vendor/BIND' into bind_vendor2
2009-11-27 Jan Lentferbind - Upgraded vendor branch to 9.5.2-P1
2009-11-27 Jan Lentferbind - Applied DragonFly specific patches for 9.5.2
2009-11-27 Jan LentferMerge branch 'vendor/BIND' into bind_vendor2
2009-11-27 Jan LentferImport bind 9.5.2 vendor sources.
2009-11-27 Jan LentferDeleted wrongly imported bind sources from base.
2009-11-26 Alexander PolakovDetect FPU by checking CPUID features.
2009-11-26 Alex Hornungboot - Improve lsdev (2)
2009-11-26 YONETANI TomokazuRevert "AMD64 - add missing assignments to fix garbled...
2009-11-25 Antonio Huete... Test
2009-11-25 YONETANI TomokazuAMD64 - add missing assignments to fix garbled backtrace.
2009-11-25 Michael NeumannMerge branch 'master' of git://git.dragonflybsd.org...
2009-11-24 Michael Neumannhammer expand: Refactor a bit
2009-11-24 Michael Neumannhammer expand: Fix "umount flushing...giving up!" problem.
2009-11-24 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2009-11-24 Matthew Dilloncpdup - Add -F<ssh-opt>, add code to remove need for...
2009-11-24 Michael Neumannhammer expand: Move free bigblock accounting out of...
2009-11-22 Stathis KamperisAllow null mounts to accept -o update
2009-11-21 Jan Lentferbind - restore lost resolv.h and revive weak entry...
2009-11-21 Simon Schubertmorse: use cos envelope and 8ms ramp time
2009-11-21 Sascha WildnerRevert part of 34cbd93da4f67eb751b2b0cfaf0f268ac441c9ce.
2009-11-19 Sascha Wildnermandoc(1): Update to 1.9.14.