2009-11-08 Alexander PolakovRemove extra debug messages, whitespace changes. newacpi
2009-11-08 Alexander PolakovACPI: comment-out not-yet-ready code.
2009-11-08 Alexander PolakovACPI: Add missing ACPI_SERIAL_INIT()'s.
2009-11-08 Alexander PolakovSync acpiconf with FreeBSD 7.2.
2009-11-08 Alexander PolakovAlways do PCI_REROUTE_INTERRUPT.
2009-11-08 Alexander Polakovacpi_cmbat: sync with FreeBSD 7.2
2009-11-08 Alexander PolakovExpand the support for PCI-e memory mapped configuratio...
2009-11-01 Alexander PolakovUse lockmgr locks for ACPI_SERIAL_*
2009-10-26 Alexander PolakovACPI: revert acpi_ec to default FreeBSD values.
2009-10-26 Alexander PolakovACPI: disable acpi_pci_* by default
2009-10-26 Alexander PolakovACPI: bring back acpi_enabled()
2009-10-16 Alexander PolakovFaking ACPI interrupt routing.
2009-10-16 Alexander PolakovUnhide debug message while trying to make it work.
2009-10-16 Alexander PolakovRevert "IO APIC: Assign pins dedicated to PCI in the...
2009-10-16 Alexander PolakovAdd APIC code into nexus.
2009-10-16 Alexander PolakovRemove APIC case, moving into nexus.
2009-10-16 Alexander PolakovThis is not right.
2009-10-16 Alexander PolakovACPI: use APIC model if APIC_IO enabled.
2009-10-16 Alexander PolakovMake everything compile with the latest BUS_CONFIG_INTR...
2009-10-16 Alexander PolakovBUS_CONFIG_INTR takes 2 devices now: parent and child
2009-10-15 Alexander Polakovatkbd: fix resume from ACPI S3
2009-10-14 Alexander PolakovRevert acpi_ec for now.
2009-10-14 Alexander Polakovacpi_isab: sync with FreeBSD 8
2009-10-14 Alexander PolakovBring in acpi_pci_* from FreeBSD 7.2
2009-10-14 Alexander PolakovAdd ACPI_ENABLE_PCI option.
2009-10-14 Alexander Polakovacpi_thinkpad: fix warning
2009-10-14 Alexander PolakovUse crit_enter()/crit_exit() in OsdInterrupt
2009-10-14 Alexander Polakovacpi_pci_*, acpi_hpet: fix building
2009-10-14 Alexander Polakovacpi_cpu: make it work with newer acpi
2009-10-14 Alexander Polakovacpi_thermal: sync with FreeBSD 8
2009-10-14 Alexander PolakovSync core acpi with FreeBSD 7.2
2009-10-14 Alexander Polakovacpi_thinkpad: bring back sensors framework
2009-10-12 Alexander PolakovAdd acpi_sony module for Sony laptops.
2009-10-12 Alexander PolakovAdd acpi_panasonic module for Panasonic laptops.
2009-10-12 Alexander PolakovAdd acpi_hp module for HP laptops.
2009-10-12 Alexander PolakovAdd acpi_fujitsu module for Fujitsu laptops.
2009-10-12 Alexander Polakovacpi_thinkpad: sync with FreeBSD
2009-10-12 Alexander Polakovacpi_toshiba: sync with FreeBSD
2009-10-12 Alexander Polakovresource manager: add optional resource id.
2009-10-12 Alexander Polakovacpi_battery: sync with FreeBSD
2009-10-12 Alexander Polakovacpi_ec: sync with FreeBSD
2009-10-12 Alexander Polakovacpi_acad: sync with FreeBSD
2009-10-12 Alexander Polakovacpi_button: sync with FreeBSD
2009-10-12 Alexander Polakovacpi_lid: sync with FreeBSD
2009-10-12 Alexander Polakovacpi_asus: hide unused functions.
2009-10-12 Alexander PolakovACPI: update acpi_asus
2009-10-12 Alexander Polakovsys/sbuf.h: add sbuf_new_auto macro
2009-10-12 Alexander PolakovACPI: add ACPI_SERIAL_* functions.
2009-10-11 Sascha WildnerFreeBSD-supfile: Add 'projects'.
2009-10-11 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Do not link libgcc when building with clang.
2009-10-11 Sascha Wildnerlibexec/customcc: Ensure the -isysroot argument is...
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperislibrt: Use WARNS in Makefile instead of tweaking CFLAGS.
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperislibrt: Remove extraneous \ in Makefile target.
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Hook into the build system.
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: kdump: Ad-hoc translation for mq_open().
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Add librt (realtime library).
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: kern_descrip.c: Make badfo*() functions non...
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: vfs_subr: Add vaccess() method consumed by...
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Add system calls.
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Port POSIX message queues from NetBSD.
2009-10-11 Peter AvalosFix paren usage in <sys/mutex.h>.
2009-10-10 Matthew Dillonkernel - Improve code documentation for vnode->v_token
2009-10-10 Matthew DillonNFS - Fix numerous issues with NFS root mounts, primari...
2009-10-10 Matthew DillonNFS - Change NFS root mount default from udp to tcp
2009-10-09 Sascha WildnerAdd a watchdog(4) manual page (from OpenBSD).
2009-10-09 Sascha Wildnerrogue(6): Fix broken aliasing for -O2 or higher.
2009-10-09 YONETANI TomokazuUnbreak building vkernel by not linking against -lthrea...
2009-10-09 Alex Hornungscsi_sg - cmd is now ap->a_cmd
2009-10-08 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix TCP MSS calculation
2009-10-08 Matthew Dillonkernel - Major performance changes to VM page management.
2009-10-07 Simon Schubertthread libs: also remove the static libraries from...
2009-10-07 Simon Schubertthread libs: migrate the libpthread.* symlinks on upgrade
2009-10-07 Simon Schubertgetopt.1: getopt is deprecated, add a reference to...
2009-10-07 Simon Schubertthread libs: move libc_r and libthread_xu to /usr/lib...
2009-10-07 Simon SchubertMakefile.inc1: make sure that mtree is run for quickworld
2009-10-07 Sascha Wildnerwatchdogd.8: Minor cleanup.
2009-10-07 Simon Schubertmove struct timespec into its own header
2009-10-06 Thomas Nikolajsenrc.d/{initrandom,random}: Remove unneeded output
2009-10-06 Sascha Wildnerlibexec/customcc: Set up the include paths a bit better.
2009-10-06 Sascha WildnerMake padlock(4) compileable into the kernel and add...
2009-10-06 Sascha WildnerAdd a glxsb(4) manual page.
2009-10-05 Sascha WildnerAdd final newline.
2009-10-05 YONETANI Tomokazuamd64 - mpt(4) should use {,u}int32_t for S32/U32
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildnermd.4: Remove an unnecessary .Pp
2009-10-04 Stathis Kamperissyscalls.master: Fix typo in comment.
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildnerbsd-family-tree: Update for DragonFly 2.4.
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildnerinclude/Makefile: Revert part of the previous commit...
2009-10-04 Simon Schubertetc: no need to upgrade dma configs
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildner<crypto/rijndael.h> is now taken from sys/crypto/rijndael/.
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildneripsec/esp: Move #include to silence 2 warnings.
2009-10-04 Sascha Wildnerubsec(4): Silence some 'unused variable' warnings.
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungconfig - Add new SOEKRIS config, add options to LINT
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungwatchdogd - Adapt to our needs
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungwatchdogd - Import from OpenBSD
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungpc32 files/options - Update glxsb, geode
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungglxsb/nsclpcsio - cleanup
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungglxsb - Make it work for us
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungglxsb - Initial import from FreeBSD
2009-10-04 Alex Hornungkern_shutdown - Add led and wdog magic
2009-10-04 Alex Hornunggeode/cs5536 - Add support for wdog/gpio/timers/identfi...