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1OPIE Software Distribution, Release 2.4 Bug Reporting Form
2======================================= ==================
4 Before submitting a bug report, please check the README file and make
5sure that your "bug" is not a known problem.
7 Please make a copy of this file and then edit it with your favorite
8text editor (NOT a word processor; the end result needs to be reasonable ASCII
9text) to include the answers to the following questions:
111. Your name and electronic mail address, in case we need more information.
12 If you can provide multiple addresses, please do so in case we
13 are unable to reply to the first one.
152. Your exact operating system vendor, name, and version number. If available,
16 please provide the output of "uname -a" and/or the version of your C
17 runtime library. Please be more specific than "UNIX".
193. The exact hardware the system was installed upon.
214. Which compiler and C runtime you used and its version number.
22 For instance, some systems have been known to have the GNU libc
23 installed as well as its native one, or to have a "BSD
24 compatibility" environment.
265. What version of OPIE you are using (the output of opiepasswd -v) and,
27 if you used the Autoconf install, a copy of the config.h, config.log,
28 and Makefile that Autoconf created.
306. A clear description of what you did and what bug then appeared.
31 If your system has the script(1) command, please run a session
32 under that to demonstrate the bug. Window-system cut-and-paste
33 also works well. Sometimes, the exact output is critical to
34 finding the bug.
36If you can provide any of the following things, it will greatly assist
37us in fixing the problem and improve the chances that we'll get back to you:
397. A diagnosis of what is causing the problem.
418. A test case that can repeatably demonstrate the problem.
439. A fix for the problem.
45 Bug reports should be sent by Internet electronic mail to
46<>. This mail is run through an automated sorter that helps
47get the bug report into the hands of someone who can help you. In order to
48make that program work, we ask that you:
50 * Send this is normal RFC822 plain text or MIME text/plain.
52 * DO NOT send this or any other file as an "attachment" from
53 your mailer.
55 * DO NOT send a copy of your bug report to ANYONE other than
56 <>. This includes listing more than one recipient
57 or sending it as a carbon-copy ("Cc:") to someone else.
59 * DO NOT send a copy of your bug report directly to the
60 authors or to any mailing lists. This really makes the
61 authors angry, and will be interpreted as a request to not
62 provide you with any help.
64 * DO NOT re-send bug reports because you didn't receive a
65 response. We attempt to respond to ALL properly submitted
66 bug reports. If we can't send mail back to you or you
67 didn't bother to follow the directions for submitting a
68 bug report, you won't receive a response.
70 While OPIE is NOT a supported program, we generally try to respond
71to all properly submitted bug reports as soon as we can. If your bug report
72is properly submitted so our machine sorter can process it, this usually
73takes one working day. If our machine sorter can't process your bug report,
74it usually takes a week or two.
79%%% portions-copyright-cmetz-96
80Portions of this software are Copyright 1996-1999 by Craig Metz, All Rights
81Reserved. The Inner Net License Version 2 applies to these portions of
82the software.
83You should have received a copy of the license with this software. If
84you didn't get a copy, you may request one from <>.