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80.66: whenever
11 - need to supply a backward compatability path for syslog & friends
12 - need to make pam_system_log() thread safe.
13 - need to make logging fix available to non-Linux PAM libraries
14 - need to change modules to make use of new logging API.
15 - document PAM_INCOMPLETE changes
16 - document pam_system_log() changes
17 - verify that the PAM_INCOMPLETE interface is sensible. Can we
18 catch errors? should we permit item changing etc between
19 pam_authenticate re-invocations?
20 - verify that the PAM_INCOMPLETE interface works
21 - add PAM_INCOMPLETE support to modules
22 - verify that
23 - work on RFC.
250.65: Sun Apr 5 22:29:09 PDT 1998 <>
27* added event driven programming extensions to libpam
28 - added PAM_INCOMPLETE handling to libpam/pam_dispatch.c
29 - added PAM_CONV_AGAIN which is a new conversation response that
30 should be mapped to PAM_INCOMPLETE by the module.
31 - ensured that the pam_get_user() function can resume
32 - changes to pam_strerror to accommodate above return codes
33 - clean up _pam_former_state at pam_end()
34 - ensured that former state is correctly initialized
35 - added resumption tests to pam_authenticate(), pam_chauthtok()
36 - added PAM_FAIL_DELAY item for pausing on failure
38* improved _pam_macros.h so that macros can be used as single commands
39 (Andrey)
41* reimplemented logging to avoid bad interactions with libc. Added
42 new functions, pam_[,v]system_log() to libpam's API. A programmer
43 can check for this function's availablility by checking if
44 HAVE_PAM_SYSTEM_LOG is #defined.
46* removed the reduce conflict from pam_conv1 creation -- I can sleep
47 again now. :^]
49* made building of static and dynamic libpam separate. This is
50 towards making it possible to build both under Solaris (for Derrick)
52* made USE_CRACKLIB a condition in unix module (Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton)
54* automated (quiet) config installation (Andrey)
560.64: Thu Feb 19 23:30:24 PST 1998 Andrew Morgan <>
58* miscellaneous patches for building under Solaris (Derrick J Brashear)
60* removed STATIC support from a number of module Makefiles. Notably,
61 these modules are those that use libpwdb and caused difficulties
62 satisfying the build process. (Please submit patches to fix this...;)
64* reomved the union for binary packet conversations from
65 (_pam_types.h). This is now completely implemented in libpam_client.
67* Andrey's patch for working environment variable handling in
68 sh_secret module.
70* made the libpam_misc conversation function a bit more flexible with
71 respect to binary conversations.
73* added top level define (DEBUG_REL) for compiling in the form of
74 a debugging release. I use this on a Red Hat 4.2 system with little
75 chance of crashing the system as a whole. (Andrey has another
76 implementation of this -- with a spec file to match..)
780.63: Wed Jan 28 22:55:30 PST 1998 Andrew Morgan <>
80* added libpam_client "convention" library. This makes explicit the
81 use of PAM_BINARY_PROMPT. It is a first cut, so don't take it too
82 seriously yet. Comments/suggestions for improvements are very
83 welcome. Note, this library does not compile by default. It will
84 be enabled when it is judged stable. The library comes with two
85 module/agent pairs and can be used with ssh using a patch available
86 from my pre-release directory [where you got this file.]
88* backward compatibility patch for libpam/pam_handlers.c (PAM_IGNORE
89 was working with neither "requistie" nor "required") and a DEBUG'ing
90 compile time bug with pam_dispatch.c (Savochkin Andrey Vladimirovich)
92* minor Makefile change from (Savochkin Andrey Vladimirovich)
94* added pam_afsauth, pam_afspass, pam_restrict, and pam_syslog hooks
95 (Derrick J Brashear)
97* pam_access use of uname(2) problematic (security problem
98 highlighted by Olaf Kirch).
100* pam_listfile went a bit crazy reading group membersips (problem
101 highlighted by Olaf Kirch and patched independently by Cristian
102 Gafton and Savochkin Andrey Vladimirovich)
104* compatibility hooks for solaris and hpux (Derrick J Brashear)
106* 64 bit Linux/alpha bug fixed in pam_rhosts (Andrew D. Isaacson)
1080.62: Wed Jan 14 14:10:55 PST 1998 Andrew Morgan <>
110* Derrick J Brashear's patches: adds the HP stuff missed in the first
111 patch; adds SunOS support; adds support for the Solaris native ld
112 instead of requiring gnu ld.
114* last line of .rhosts file need not contain a newline. (Bug reported by
115 Thompson Freeman.)
1170.61: Thu Jan 8 22:57:44 PST 1998 Andrew Morgan <>
119* complete rewrite of the "control flag" logic. Formerly, we were
120 limited to four flags: requisite, required, sufficient, optional.
121 We can now use these keywords _and_ a great deal more besides.
122 The extra logic was inspired by Vipin Samar, a preliminary patch was
123 written by Andy Berkheimer, but I "had some ideas of my own" and
124 that's what I've actually included. The basic idea is to allow the
125 admin to custom build a control flag with a series of token=value
126 pairs inside square brackets. Eg., '[default=die success=ok]' which
127 is pretty close to a synonym for 'requisite'. I'll try to document it
128 better in the sys-admin guide but I'm pretty sure it is a change for
129 the better.... If what is in the sys-admin guide is not good enough
130 for you, just take a look at the source for libpam ;^)
1320.59: Thu Jan 8 22:27:22 PST 1998 Andrew Morgan <>
134* better handling of empty lines in .rhosts file. (Formerly, we asked
135 the nameserver about them!) Fix from Hugh Daschbach.
137* _broke_some_binary_compatibility_ with previous versions to become
138 compliant with X/Open's XSSO spec. Specifically, this has been
139 by changing the prototype for pam_strerror().
141* altered the convention for the conversation mechanism to agree
142 with that of Sun. (number of responses 'now=' number of messages
143 with help from Cristian for finding a bug.. Cristian also found a
144 nasty speradic segfault bug -- Thanks!)
146* added NIS+ support to pam_unix_*
148* fixed a "regular file checking" problem with the ~/.rhosts sanity
149 check. Added "privategroup" option to permit group write permission
150 on the ~/.rhosts file in the case that the group owner has the same
151 name as the authenticating user. :*) "promiscuous" and "suppress"
152 were not usable!
154* added glibc compatibility to pam_rhosts_auth (protected __USE_MISC
155 with #ifndef since my libc already defines it!).
157* Security fix from Savochkin Andrey Vladimirovich with suggested
158 modification from Olaf Seibert.
160* preC contains mostly code clean-ups and a number of changes to
161 _pam_macros.
1630.58: whenever
165* pam_getenvlist() has a more robust definition (XSSO) than was previously
166 thought. It would seem that we no longer need pam_misc_copy_env()
167 which was there to provide the robustness that pam_getenvlist()
168 lacked before...
170 Accordingly, I have REMOVED the prototype from libpam_misc. (The
171 function, however, will remain in the library as a wrapper for
172 legacy apps, but will likely be removed from libpam_misc-1.0.) PLEASE
175* Alexy Nogin reported garbage output from pam_env in the case of
176 a non-existent environment variable.
178* 'fixed' pwdb compilation for pam_wheel. Not very cleanly
179 done.. Mmmm. Should really clean up the entire source tree...
181* added prototypes for mapping functions
183 <**WARNING**>
185 various constants have had there names changed. Numerical values have
186 been retained but be aware some source old modules/applications will
187 need to be fixed before recompilation.
189 </**WARNING**>
191* appended documentation to README for pam_rhosts module (Nicolai
192 Langfeldt).
194* verified X/Open compatibility of header files - note, where we differ
195 it is at the level of compilation warnings and the use of 'const char *'
196 instead of 'char *'. Previously, Sun(X/open) have revised their spec
197 to be more 'const'-ervative in the light of comments from Linux-PAM
198 development.
200* Ooops! PAM_AUTHTOKEN_REQD should have been PAM_NEW_AUTHTOK_REQD.
202 changed: pam_pwdb(pam_unix_acct) (also bug fix for
203 _shadow_acct_mgmt_exp() return value), pam_stress,
204 libpam/pam_dispatch, blank, xsh.
206* New: PAM_AUTHTOK_EXPIRED - password has expired.
208* Ooops! PAM_CRED_ESTABLISH (etc.) should have been PAM_ESTABLISH_CRED
209 etc... (changed - this may break some people's modules - PLEASE TAKE
210 NOTE!)
211 changed: pam_group, pam_mail, blank, xsh; module and appl
212 docs, pam_setcred manual page.
214* renamed internal _pam_handle structure to be pam_handle as per XSSO.
216* added PAM_RADIO_TYPE (for multiple choice input method). Also
217 added PAM_BINARY_{MSG,PROMPT} (for interaction out of sight of user
218 - this could be used for RSA type authentication but is currently
219 just there for experimental purposes). The _BINARY_ types are now
220 usable with hooks in the libpam_misc conversation function. Still
221 have to add PAM_RADIO_TYPE.
223* added pam_access module (Alexei Nogin)
225* added documentation for pam_lastlog. Also modified the module to
226 not (by default) print "welcome to your new account" when it cannot
227 find a utmp entry for the user (you can turn this on with the
228 "never" argument).
230* small correction to the pam_fail_delay manual page. Either the appl or
231 the modules header file will prototype this function.
233* added "bigcrypt" (DEC's C2) algorithm(0) to pam_pwdb. (Andy Phillips)
235* *BSD tweaking for various #include's etc. (pam_lastlog, pam_rhosts,
236 pam_wheel, libpam/pam_handlers). (Michael Smith)
238* added configuration directory $SCONFIGED for module specific
239 configuration files.
241* added two new "linked" man pages (pam.conf(8) and pam.d(8))
243* included a reasonable default for /etc/pam.conf (which can be
244 translated to /etc/pam.d/* files with the pam_conv1 binary)
246* fixed the names of the new configuration files in
247 conf/pam_conv1/pam_conv.y
249* fixed make check.
251* pam_lastlog fixed to handle UID in virgin part of /var/log/lastlog
252 (bug report from Ronald Wahl).
254* grammar fix in pam_cracklib
256* segfault avoided in pam_pwdb (getting user). Updating of passwords
257 that are directed to a "new" database are more robust now (bug noted
258 by Michael K. Johnson). Added "unix" module argument for migrating
259 passwords from another database to /etc/passwd. (documentation
260 updated). Removed "bad username []" warning for empty passwords -
261 on again if you supply the 'debug' module argument.
263* ctrl-D respected in conversation function (libpam_misc)
265* Removed -DPAM_FAIL_DELAY_ON from top-level Makefile. Nothing in
266 the distribution uses it. I guess this change happened a while
267 back, basically I'm trying to make the module parts of the
268 distribution "source compatible" with the RFC definition of PAM.
269 This implementation of PAM is a superset of that definition. I have
270 added the following symbols to the Linux-PAM header files:
272 PAM_DATA_SILENT (see _pam_types.h)
273 HAVE_PAM_FAIL_DELAY (see _pam_types.h)
274 PAM_DATA_REPLACE (see _pam_modules.h)
276 Any module (or application) that wants to utilize these features,
277 should check (#ifdef) for these tokens before using the associated
278 functionality. (Credit to Michael K. Johnson for pointing out my
279 earlier omission: not documenting this change :*)
281* first stab at making modules more independent of full library
282 source. Modules converted:
283 pam_deny
284 pam_permit
285 pam_lastlog
286 pam_pwdb
288* pam_env.c: #include <errno.h> added to ease GNU libc use. (Michael
289 K. Johnson)
291* pam_unix_passwd fixes to shadow aging code (Eliot Frank)
293* added README for pam_tally
2950.57: Fri Apr 4 23:00:45 PST 1997 Andrew Morgan <>
297* added "nodelay" argument to pam_pwdb. This can be used to turn off
298 the call to pam_fail_delay that takes effect when the user fails to
299 authenticate themself.
301* added "suppress" argument to pam_rhosts_auth module. This will stop
302 printing the "rlogin failure message" when the user does not have a
303 .rhosts file.
305* Extra fixes for FAKEROOT in Makefiles (Savochkin Andrey
306 Vladimirovich)
308* pam_tally added to tree courtesy of Tim Baverstock
310* pam_rhosts_auth was failing to read NFS mounted .rhosts
311 files. (Fixed by Peter Allgeyer). Refixed and further enhanced
312 (netgroups) by Nicolai Langfeldt. [Credit also to G.Wilford for some
313 changes that were not actually included..]
315* optional (#ifdef PAM_READ_BOTH_CONFS) support for parsing of pam.d/
316 AND pam.conf files (Elliot Lee).
318* Added (and signed) Cristian's PGP key. (I've never met him, but I am
319 convinced the key belongs to the guy that is making the PAM rpms and
320 also producing libpwdb. Please note, I will not be signing anyone
321 else's key without a personal introduction..)
323* fixed erroneous syslog warning in pam_listfile (Savochkin Andrey
324 Vladimirovich, whole file reformatted by Cristian)
326* modified pam_securetty to return PAM_IGNORE in the case that the user's
327 name is not known to the system (was previously, PAM_USER_UNKNOWN). The
328 Rationale is that pam_securetty's sole purpose is to prevent superuser
329 login anywhere other than at the console. It is not its concern that the
330 user is unknown - only that they are _not_ root. Returning
331 PAM_IGNORE, however, insures that the pam_securetty can never be used to
332 "authenticate" a non-existent user. (Cristian Gafton with bug report from
333 Roger Hu)
335* Modified pam_nologin to display the no-login message when the user
336 is not known. The return value in this case is still PAM_USER_UNKNOWN.
337 (Bug report from Cristian Gafton)
339* Added NEED_LCKPWD for pam_unix/ This is used to define the locking
340 functions and should only be turned on if you don't have them in
341 your libc.
343* tidied up pam_lastlog and pam_pwdb: removed function that was never used.
345* Note for package maintainers: I have added $(FAKEROOT) to the list of
346 environment variables. This should help greatly when you build PAM
347 in a subdirectory. I've gone through the tree and tried to make
348 everything compatible with it.
350* added pam_env (courtesy of Dave Kinchlea)
352* removed pam_passwd+ from the tree. It has not been maintained in a
353 long time and running a shell script was basically insecure. I've
354 indicated where you can pick up the source if you want it.
356* #define HAVE_PAM_FAIL_DELAY . Applications can conditionally compile
357 with this if they want to see if the facility is available. It is
358 now always available. (corresponding compilation cleanups..)
360* _pam_sanitize() added to pam_misc. It purges the PAM_AUTHTOK and
361 PAM_OLDAUTHTOK items. (calls replaced in pam_auth and pam_password)
363* pam_rhosts now knows about the '+' entry. Since I think this is a
364 dangerous thing, I have required that the sysadmin supply the
365 "promiscuous" flag for it in the corresponding configuration file
366 before it will work.
368* FULL_LINUX_PAM_SOURCE_TREE exported from the top level make file.
369 If you want to build a module, you can test for this to determine if
370 it should take its directions from above or supply default locations
371 for installation. Etc.
3730.56: Sat Feb 15 12:21:01 PST 1997 <>
375* pam_handlers.c can now interpret the pam.d/ service config tree:
376 - if /etc/pam.d/ exists /etc/pam.conf is IGNORED
377 (otherwise /etc/pam.conf is treated as before)
378 - given /etc/pam.d/
379 . config files are named (in lower case) by service-name
380 . config files have same syntax as /etc/pam.conf except
381 that the "service-name" field is not present. (there
382 are thus three manditory fields (and arguments are
383 optional):
385 module-type control-flag module-path optional-args...
387 )
389* included conf/pam_conv1 for converting pam.conf to a pam.d/ version
390 1.0 directory tree. This program reads a pam.conf file on the
391 standard input stream and creates ./pam.d/ (in the local directory)
392 and fills it with ./pam.d/"service-name" files.
394 *> Note: It will fail if ./pam.d/ already exists.
397 cannot retain comments from the old conf file, so take care to do this
398 by hand. Also, please email me with the fix that makes the
399 shift/reduce conflict go away...
401* Added default module path to libpam for modules (see pam_handlers.c)
402 it makes use of Makfile defined symbol: DEFAULT_MODULE_PATH which is
403 inhereted from the defs/* variable $(SECUREDIR). Removed module
404 paths from the sample pam.conf file as they are no longer needed.
406* pam_pwdb can now verify read protected passwords when it is not run
407 by root. This is via a helper binary that is setuid root.
409* pam_permit now prompts for a username if it is not already determined
411* pam_rhosts now honors "debug" and no longer hardwire's "root" as the
412 superuser's name.
414* pam_securetty now honors the "debug" flag
416* trouble parsing extra spaces fixed in pam_time and pam_group
418* added Michael K. Johnson's PGP key to the pgp.keys.asc list
420* pam_end->env not being free()'d: fixed
422* manuals relocated to section 3
424* fixed bug in pam_mail.c, and enhanced to recognize '~' as a prefix
425 to indicate the $HOME of the user (courtesy David
426 Kinchlea). *Changed* from a "session" module to an "auth"
427 module. It cannot be used to authenticate a user, but it can be used
428 in setting credentials.
430* fixed a stupid bug in pam_warn.. Only PAM_SERVICE was being read :*(
432* pam_radius rewritten to exclusively make use of libpwdb. (minor fix
433 to Makefile for cleaning up - AGM)
435* pam_limits extended to limit the total number of logins on a system
436 at any given time.
438* libpam and libpam_misc use $(MAJOR_REL) and $(MINOR_REL) to set their
439 version numbers [defined in top level makefile]
441* bugfix in sed command in defs/redhat.defs (AGM's fault)
443* The following was related to a possibility of buffer overruns in
444 the syslogging code: removed fixed length array from syslogging
445 function in the following modules [capitalized the log identifier
446 so the sysadmin can "know" these are fixed on the local system],
448 pam_ftp, pam_stress, pam_rootok, pam_securetty,
449 pam_listfile, pam_shells, pam_warn, pam_lastlog
450 and
451 pam_unix_passwd (where it was definitely _not_ exploitable)
4530.55: Sat Jan 4 14:43:02 PST 1997, Andrew Morgan <>
455* added "requisite" control_flag to /etc/pam.conf syntax. [See
456 Sys. Admin. Guide for explanation] changes to pam_handlers.c
458* completely new handling of garbled pam.conf lines. The modus
459 operandi now is to assume that any errors in the line are minor.
460 Errors of this sort should *most definitely* lead to the module
461 failing, however, just ignoring the line (as was the case
462 previously) can lead to gaping security holes(! Not foreseen by the
463 RFC). The "motivation" for the RFC's comments about ignoring garbled
464 lines is present in spirit in the new code: basically a garbled line
465 is treated like an instance of the module.
466 changes to pam_handlers.c and pam_dispatch.c .
468* patched libpam, to (a) call _pam_init_handlers from pam_start() and
469 (b) to log a text error if there are no modules defined for a given
470 service when a call to a module is requested. [pam_start() and
471 pam_dispatch() were changed].
473* patched pam_securetty to deal with "/dev/" prefix on PAM_TTY item.
475* reorganized the modules/Makefile to include *ALL* modules. It is now
476 the responsibility of the modules themselves to test whether they can
477 be compiled locally or not.
479* modified pam_group to add to the getgroups() list rather than overwrite
480 it. [In the case of "HAVE_LIBPWDB" we use the pwdb_..() calls to
481 translate the group names.]. Module now pays attention to
482 PAM_CRED_.. flag(!)
484* identified and removed bugs in field reading code of pam_time and
485 (thus) pam_group.
487* Cristian's patches to pam_listfile module, corresponding change to
488 documentation.
490* I've discovered &ero; for sgml!
491 Added pam_time documentation to the admin guide.
493* added manual pages: pam.8, pam_start.2(=pam_end.2),
494 pam_authenticate.2, pam_setcred.2, pam_strerror.2,
495 pam_open_session.2(=pam_close_session.2) and pam_chauthtok.2 .
497* added new modules:
499 - pam_mail (tells the user if they have any new mail
500 and sets their MAIL env variable)
501 - pam_lastlog (reports on the last time this user called
502 this module)
504* new module hooks provided.
506* added a timeout feature to the conversation function in
507 libpam_misc. Documented it in the application developers' guide.
509* fixed bug in pam_misc_paste_env() function..
511* slight modifications to wheel and rhosts writeup.
513* more security issues added to module and application guides.
516Things present but not mentioned in previous release (sorry)
518* pam_pwdb module now resets the "last_change" entry before updating a
519 password.
522Sat Nov 30 19:30:20 PST 1996, Andrew Morgan <>
524* added environment handling to libpam. involved change to _pam_types.h
525 also added supplementary functions to libpam_misc
527* added pam_radius - Cristian
529* slight speed up for pam_rhosts
531* significantly enhanced sys-admin documentation (8 p -> 41 p in
532 PostScript). Added to other documentation too. Mostly the changes
533 in the other docs concern the new PAM-environment support, there is
534 also some coverage of libpam_misc in the App. Developers' guide.
536* Cristian's patches to pam_limits and pam_pwdb. Fixing bugs. (MORE added)
538* adopted Cristian's _pam_macros.h file to help with common macros and
539 debugging stuff, gone through tree tidying up debugging lines to use
540 this [not complete].
542 - for consistency replaced DROP() with _pam_drop()
544* commented memory debugging in top level makefile
546* added the following modules
548 - pam_warn log information to syslog(3) about service application
549 - pam_ftp if user is 'ftp' then set PAM_RUSER/PAM_RHOST with password
550 (comment about nologin added to last release's notes)
552* modified the pam_listfile module. It now declares a meaningful static
553 structure name.
555Sun Nov 10 13:26:39 PST 1996, Andrew Morgan <>
559 -------> <-------
563A brief summary of what has changed:
565* many modules have been modified to accomodate fixing the pam_get_user()
566 change. Please take note if you have a module in this distribution.
568* pam_unix is now the pam_unix that Red Hat has been using and which
569 should be fairly well debugged.
571 - I've added some #ifdef's to make it compile for me, and also
572 updated it with respect to the libpam-0.53, so have a look at the
573 .../modules/pam_unix/Makefile to enable cracklib and shadow features
575 ** BECAUSE OF THIS, I cannot guarantee this code works as it **
576 ** did for Red Hat. Please test and report any problems. **
578* the pam_unix of .52 (renamed to pam_pwdb) has been enhanced and made
579 more flexible with by implementing it with respect to the new
580 "Password Database Library" see
584 modules included in this release that require this library to
585 function are the following:
587 - pam_pwdb (ne pam_unix-0.52 + some enhancements)
588 - pam_wheel
589 - pam_limits
590 - pam_nologin
592* Added some optional code for memory debugging. In order to support
593 this you have to enable MEMORY_DEBUG in the top level makefile and
594 also #define MEMORY_DEBUG in your applications when they are compiled.
595 The extra code resides in libpam (compiled if MEMORY_DEBUG is defined)
596 and the macros for malloc etc. are to be found at the end of
597 _pam_types.h
599* used above code to locate two memory leaks in pam_unix module and two
600 in libpam (pam_handlers.h)
602* pam_get_user() now sets the PAM_USER item. After reading the Sun
603 manual page again, it was clear that it should do this. Various
604 modules have been assuming this and now I have modified most of them
605 to account for this change. Additionally, pam_get_user() is now
606 located in the module include file; modules are supposed to be the
607 ones that use it(!) [Note, this is explicitly contrary to the Sun
608 manual page, but in the spirit of the Linux distribution to date.]
610* replaced -D"LINUX" with -D"LINUX_PAM" as this is more explicit and less
611 likely to be confused with -D"linux".
612 Also, modified the libpam #include files to behave more like the Sun
613 ones #ifndef LINUX_PAM.
615* removed <bf/ .. / from documentation titles. This was not giving
616 politically correct html..
618----- My vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv was a long time ago ;*] -----
620Wed Sep 4 23:57:19 PDT 1996 (Andrew Morgan <>
6220. Before I begin, Linux-PAM has a new primary distribution site (kindly
623donated by Power Net Inc., Los Angeles)
627 -------> <-------
6311. I'm hoping to make the next release a bug-fix release... So please find
632 all the bugs(! ;^)
6342. here are the changes for .52:
636* minor changes to module documentation [Incidently, it is now
637 available on-line from the WWW page above]. More changes to follow in
638 the next two releases. PLEASE EMAIL me or the list if there is
639 anything that isn't clear!
641* completely changed the unix module. Now a single module for all four
642 management groups (this meant that I could define all functions as
643 static that were not part of the pam_sm_... scheme. AGM)
645 - Shadow support added
646PASSWD - Elliot's account management included, and enhanced by Cristian Gafton.
647 - MD5 password support added by Cristian Gafton.
648 - maxtries for authentication now enforced.
649 - Password changing function in pam_unix now works!
650 Although obviously, I'm not going to *guarantee* it ;^) .
651 - stole Marek's locking code from the Red Hat unix module.
652 [ If you like you can #ifdef it in or out ... ]
654 You can configure the module more from its Makefile in
655 0.52/modules/pam_unix/
657 If you are nervous that it will destroy your /etc/passwd or shadow
658 files then EDIT the 0.52/modules/pam_unix/pam_unix_pass.-c file.
659 Here is the warning comment from this file...
662/* <WARNING>
663 *
664 * Uncomment the following #define if you are paranoid, and do not
665 * want to risk losing your /etc/passwd or shadow files.
666 * It works for me (AGM) but there are no guarantees.
667 *
668 * </WARNING>
669 */
670/* #define TMP__FILE */
673 *** If anyone has any trouble, please *say*. Your problem will be
674 fixed in the next release. Also please feel free to scour the
675 code for race conditions etc...
677[* The above change requires that you purge your /usr/lib/security
678 directory of the old modules: they will NOT be deleted
679 with a 'make remove'.]
681* the prototype for the cleanup function supplied to pam_set_data used
682 to return "int". According to Sun it should be "void". CHANGED.
684* added some definitions for the 'error_status' mask values that are
685 passed to the cleanup function associated with each
686 module-data-item. These numbers were needed to keep up with changing
687 a data item (see for example the code in pam_unix/support.-c that
688 manages the maximum number of retries so far). Will see what Sun says
689 (current indications are positive); this may be undone before 1.0 is
690 released. Here are the definitions (from pam_modules.h).
692#define PAM_DATA_SILENT 0x40000000 /* used to suppress messages... */
693#define PAM_DATA_REPLACE 0x20000000 /* used when replacing a data item */
695* Changed the .../conf/pam.conf file. It now points to the new
696 pam_unix module for 'su' and 'passwd' [can get these as SimpleApps --
697 I use them for testing. A more extensive selection of applications is
698 available from Red Hat...]
700* corrected a bug in pam_dispatch. Basically, the problem was that if
701 all the modules were "sufficient" then the return value for this
702 function was never set. The net effect was that _pam_dispatch_aux
703 returned success when all the sufficient modules failed. :^( I think
704 this is the correct fix to a problem that the Red Hat folks had
705 found...
707sopwith* Removed advisory locking from libpam (thanks for the POSIX patch
708 goes to Josh Wilmes's, my apologies for not using it in the
709 end.). Advisory locking did not seem sufficiently secure for libpam.
710 Thanks to Werner Almesberger for identifying the corresponding "denial
711 of service attack". :*(
713* related to fix, have introduced a lock file /var/lock/subsys/PAM
714 that can be used to indicate the system should pay attention to
715 advisory locking on /etc/pam.conf file. To implement this you need to
716 define PAM_LOCKING though. (see .52/libpam)
718* modified pam_fail_delay() function. Couldn't find the "not working"
719 problem indicated by Michael, but modified it to do pseudo-random
720 delays based on the values indicated by pam_fail_delay() -- the
721 function "that may eventually go away"... Although Sun is warming to
722 the idea.
724* new modules include:
726 pam_shells - authentication for users with a shell listed in
727 /etc/shells. Erik Troan <>
729 pam_listfile - authentication based on the contents of files.
730 Set to be more general than the above in the
731 future. UNTESTED. Elliot Lee <>
732 [Note, this module compiles with a non-trivial
733 warning: AGM]
735Thu Aug 8 22:32:15 PDT 1996 (Andrew Morgan <>)
737* modified makefiles to take more of their installation instructions
738 from the top level makefile. Desired for integration into the Debian
739 distribution, and generally a good idea.
741* fixed memory arithmetic in pam_handlers
742 -- still need to track down why failure to load modules can lead to
743 authentication succeding..
745* added tags for new modules (smartcards from Alex -- just a promise
746 at this stage) and a new module from Elliot Lee; pam_securetty
748* I have not had time to smooth out the wrinkles with it, but Alex's
749 pam_unix modifications are provided in pam_unix-alex (in the modules
750 directory) they will not be compiled by 'make all' and I can't even
751 say if they do compile... I will try to look at them for .52 but, in
752 the mean time please feel free to study/fix/discuss what is there.
754* pam_rhosts module. Removed code for manually setting the ruser
755 etc. This was not very secure.
757* [remade .ps docs to be in letter format -- my printer complains
758 about a4]
760Sunday July, 7 12:45:00 PST 1996 (Andrew Morgan <>)
762* No longer accompanying the Linux-PAM release with apps installed.
763 [Will provide what was here in a separate package.. (soon)
764lib Also see for some more (in .rpm form...)]
766* renamed libmisc to libpam_misc. It is currently configured to only compile
767 the static library. For some strange reason (perhaps someone can
768 investigate) my Linux 2.0.0 kernel with RedHat 3.0.3 system
769 segfaults when I compile it to be a dynamic library. The segfault
770 seems to be inside the call to the ** dl_XXX ** function...!?
772 There is a simple flag in the libpam_misc/Makefile to turn on dynamic
773 compiles.
775* Added a little unofficial code for delay support in libpam (will probably
776 disappear later..) There is some documentation for it in the pam_modules
777 doc now. That will obviously go too.
779* rewritten pam_time to use *logic* to specify the stringing together of
780 users/times/terminals etc.. (what was there before was superficially
781 logical but basically un-predictable!)
783* added pam_group. Its syntax is almost identical to pam_time but it
784 has another field added; a list of groups to make the user a member
785 of if they pass the previous tests. It seems to not co-exist too well
786 with the groups in the /etc/group but I hope to have that fixed by
787 the next release...
789* minor re-formatting of pam_modules documentation
791* removed ...// since it wasn't being used and didn't look like it
792 would be!
794GCCSunday 23 22:35:00 PST 1996 (Andrew Morgan <>)
796* The major change is the addition of a new module: pam_time for
797 restricting access on terminals at given times for indicated users
798 it comes with its own configuration file /etc/security/time.conf
799 and the sample file simply restricts 'you' from satisfying the blank
800 application if they try to use blank from any tty*
802* Small changes include
803- altered pam.conf to demonstrate above new module (try typing username: you)
804- very minor changes to the docs (pam_appl and pam_modules)
806Saturday June 2 01:40:00 PST 1996 (Andrew Morgan <>)
808*** PLEASE READ THE README, it has changed ***
810* NOTE, 'su' exhibits a "system error", when static linking is
811 used. This is because the pam_unix_... module currently only has
812 partial static linking support. This is likely to change on Monday
813 June 3, when Alex makes his latest version availible. I will include
814 the updated module in next release.
816changes for .42:
818* modified the way in which libpam/pam_modules.h defines prototypes for
819 the pam_sm_ functions. Now the module must declare which functions it
820 is to provide *before* the #include <security/pam_modules.h> line.
821 (for contrasting examples, see the pam_deny and pam_rootok modules)
822 This removed the ugly hack of defining functions that are never called
823 to overcome warnings... This seems much tidier.
824insterted* updated the TODO list. (changed mailing list address)
825* updated README in .../modules to reflect modifications to static
826 compliation protocol
827* modified the pam_modules documentation to describe this.
828* corrected last argument of pam_get_item( ... ) in
829 pam_appl/modules.sgml, to "const void **".
830* altered GNU GPL's in the documentation, and various other parts of
831 the distribution. *Please check* that any code you are responsible for
832 is corrected.
833* Added ./Copyright (please check that it is acceptable)
834* updated ./README to make current and indicate the new mailing list
835 address
836* have completely rewritten pam_filter. It now runs modular filter
837 executables (stored in /usr/sbin/pam_filter/) This should make it
838 trivial for others to write their own filters.. If you want yours
839 included in the distribution please email the list/me.
840* changes to libpam; there was a silly bug with multiple arguments on a
841 pam.conf line that was broken with a '\<LF>'.
842* 'su' rearranged code (to make better use of PAM)
843 *Also* now uses POSIX signals--this should help the Alpha port.
844* 'passwd' now uses getlogin() to determine who's passwords to change.
846Sunday May 26 9:00:00 PST 1996 (Andrew Morgan <>)
848* fixed module makefiles to create needed dynamic/static subdirectories
850Saturday May 25 20:30:27.8 PST 1996 (Andrew Morgan <>)
852* LOTS has changed regarding how the modules/libpam are built.
853* Michael's mostly complete changes for static support--see below
854 (Andrew got a little carried away and automated the static linking
855 of modules---bugs are likely mine ;( )
856* Thanks mostly to Michael, libpam now compiles without a single warning :^]
857* made static modules/library optional.
858CFLAGS* added 'make sterile' to top level makefile. This does extraclean and remove
859* added Michael and Joseph to documentation credits (and a subsection for
860 future documentation of static module support in pam_modules.sgml)
861* libpam; many changes to makefiles and also automated the inclusion of
862 static module objects in pam_static.c
863* modified modules for automated static/dynamic support. Added static &
864 dynamic subdirectories, as instructed by Michael
865* removed an annoying syslog message from pam_filter: "parent exited.."
866* updated todo list (anyone know anything about svgalib/X? we probably should
867 have some support for these...)
869Friday May 24 16:30:15 EDT 1996 (Michael K. Johnson <>)
871* Added first (incomplete) cut at static support.
872 This includes:
873 . changes in libpam, including a new file, pam_static.c
874 . changes to modules including exporting struct of function pointers
875 . static and dynamic linking can be combined
876 . right now, the only working combinations are just dynamic
877 linking and dynamic with static modules linked
878 into That's on the list of things to fix...
879 . modules are built differently depending on whether they
880 are static or dynamic. Therefore, there are two directories
881 under each module directory, one for static, and one for
882 dynamic modules.
883* Fixed random brokenness in the Makefiles. [ foo -nt bar ] is
884 rather redundant in a makefile, for instance. Also, passing
885 on the command line is broken because it cannot be
886 overridden in any way (even adding important parts) in lower-level
887 makefiles.
888* Unfortunately, fixing some of the brokenness meant that I used
889 GNU-specific stuff. However, I *think* that there was GNU-specific
890 stuff already. And I think that we should just use the GNU
891 extensions, because any platform that GNU make doesn't port to
892 easily will be hard to port to anyway. It also won't be likely
893passwd to handle autoconf, which was Ted's suggestion for getting
894 around limitations in standard make...
895 For now, I suggest that we just use some simple GNU-specific
896 extensions.
898Monday May 20 22:00:00 PST 1996 (Andrew Morgan <>)
900* added some text to pam_modules.sgml
901* corrected Marek's name in all documentation
902* made pam_stress conform to chauthtok conventions -- ie can now request
903 old password before proceeding.
904* included Alex's latest unix module
905* included Al's + password strength checking module
906* included pam_rootok module
907* fixed too many bugs in libpam.. all subtly related to the argument lists
908 or use of syslog. Added more debugging lines here too.
909* fixed the pam.conf file
910* deleted pam_test module. It is pretty old and basically superceeded
911 by pam_stress
913Friday May 9 1:00:00 PST 1996 (Andrew Morgan <>)
915* updated documentaion, added Al Longyear to credits and corrected the
916 spelling of Jeff's name(!). Most changes to pam.sgml (even added a figure!)
917* new module pam_rhosts_auth (from Al Longyear)
918* new apps rlogind and ftpd (a patch) from Al.
919* modified 'passwd' to not call pam_authenticate (note, none of the
920 modules respect this convention yet!)
921* fixed bug in libpam that caused trouble if the last line of a
922 pam.conf file ends with a module name and no newline character
923* also made more compatable with documentation, in that bad lines in
924 pam.conf are now ignored rather than causing libpam to return an
925 error to the app.
926* libpam now overwrites the AUTHTOKs when returning from
927 pam_authenticate and pam_chauthtok calls (as per Sun/RFC too)
928* libpam is now installed as in a way that ldconfig can
929 handle!
932Wednesday May 1 22:00:00 PST 1996 (Andrew Morgan <>)
934* removed .../test directory, use .../examples from now on.
935* added .../apps directory for fully functional applications
936 - the apps directory contains directories that actually contain the apps.
937 the idea is to make application compilation conditional on the presence
938 of the directory. Note, there are entries in the Makefile for
939 'login' and 'ftpd' that are ready for installation... Email me if
940 you want to reserve a directory name for an application you are
941 working on...
942* similar changes to .../modules makefile [entries for pam_skey and
943 pam_kerberos created---awaiting the directories.] Email me if you
944 want to register another module...
945* minor changes to docs.. Not really worth reprinting them quite yet!
946 [save the trees]
947* added misc_conv to libmisc. it is a generic conversation function
948 for text based applications. [would be nice to see someone create
949 an Xlib and/or svgalib version]
950* fixed ctrl-z/c bug with pam_filter module [try xsh with the default
951 pam.conf file]
952* added 'required' argument to 'pam_stress' module.
953* added a TODO list... other suggestions to the list please.
955Saturday April 7 00:00:00 PST 1996 ( Andrew Morgan <> )
957* Alex and Marek please note I have altered _pam_auth_unix a little, to
958 make it get the passwords with the "proper method" (and also fixed it
959 to not have as many compiler warnings)
960* updated the conf/pam.conf file
961* added new example application examples/xsh.c (like blank but invokes
962 /bin/sh)
963* Marc's patches for examples/blank.c (and AGM's too)
964* fixed stacking of modules in libpam/pam_handlers.c
965* fixed RESETing in libpam/pam_item.c
966* added new module modules/pam_filter/ to demonstrate the possibility
967 of inserting an arbitrary filter between the terminal and the
968 application that could do customized logging etc... (see use of
969 bin/xsh as defined in conf/pam.conf)
972Saturday March 16 19:00:00 PST 1996 ( Andrew Morgan <> )
974These notes are for 0.3 I don't think I've left anything important
975out, but I will use emacs 'C-x v a' next time! (Thanks Jeff)
977 * not much has changed with the functionality of the Linux-PAM lib
978 .../libpam
979 - pam_password calls module twice with different arguments
980 - added const to some of the function arguments
981 - added PAM_MAX_MES_ to <security/_pam_types.h>
982 - was a lot over zealous about purging old passwords...
983 I have removed much of this from source to make it
984 more compatible with SUN.
985 - moved some PAM_... tokens to pam_modules.h from _pam_types.h
986 (no-one should notice)
988 * added three modules: pam_permit pam_deny pam_stress
989 no prizes for guessing what the first two do. The third is
990 a reasonably complete (functional) module. Is intended for testing
991 applications with.
993 * fixed a few pieces of examples/blank.c so that it works (with
994 pam_stress)
996 * ammended the documentation. Looking better, but suggestions/comments
997 very welcome!
999Sunday March 10 10:50:00 PST 1996 ( Andrew Morgan <> )
1001These notes are for Linux-PAM release 0.21. They cover what's changed
1002since I relased 0.2.
1004 * am now using RCS
1005 * substantially changed ./README
1006 * fixed bug reading \\\n in pam.conf file
1007 * small changes to documentation
1008 * added `blank' application to ./examples (could be viewed as
1009 a `Linux-PAM aware' application template.)
1010 * oops. now including pam_passwd.o and pam_session.o in
1011 * compute md5 checksums for all the source when making a release
1012 - added `make check' and `make RCScheck' to compute md5 checksums
1013 * create a second tar file with all the RCS files in.
1014 * removed the .html and .txt docs, supplying sgml sources instead.
1015 - see README for info on where to get .ps files
1017Thursday March 6 0:44:?? PST 1996 ( Andrew Morgan <> )
1019These notes are for Linux-PAM release 0.2. They cover what's changed
1020since Marc Ewing relased 0.1.
1022**** Please note. All of the directories in this release have been modified
1023**** slightly to conform to the new pamlib. A couple of new directories have
1024**** been added. As well as some documentation. If some of your code
1025**** was in the previous release. Feel free to update it, but please
1026**** try to conform to the new headers and Makefiles.
1028* Andrew Morgan ( is making this release
1029 availible, Marc has been busy...!
1031* Marc's pam-0.1/lib has been (quietly) enhanced and integrated into
1032 Alex Yurie's collected tree of library and module code
1033 (linux-pam.prop.1.tar.gz). Most of the changes are to do with error
1034 checking. Some more robustness in the reading of the pam.conf file
1035 and the addition of the pam_get_user() function.
1037* The pam_*.h files have been reorganized to logically enforce the
1038 separation of modules from applications. [Don't panic! Apart from
1039 changing references of the form
1041 #include "pam_appl.h"
1043 to
1045 #include <security/pam_appl.h>
1047 The reorganization should be backwardly compatable (ie. a module
1048 written for SUN will be as compatable as it was before with the
1049 previous version ;)~ ]
1051 (All of the source in this tree now conforms to this scheme...)
1053 The new reorganization means that modules can be compiled with a
1054 single header, <security/pam_modules.h>, and applications with
1055 <security/pam_appl.h>.
1057* I have tried to remove all the compiler warnings from the updated
1058 "pamlib/*.c" files. On my system, (with a slightly modified <dlfcn.h>
1059 email me if it interests you..) there are only two warnings that
1060 remain: they are that ansi does not permit void --> fn ptr
1061 assignment. K&Rv2 doesn't mention this....? As a matter of principle,
1062 if anyone knows how to get rid of that warning... please
1063 tell. Thanks! "-pedantic"
1065* you can "make all" as a plain user, but
1067* to "make install" you must be root. The include files are placed in
1068 /usr/include/security. The library is installed in /usr/lib
1069 and the modules in /usr/lib/security. The two test binaries
1070 are installed in the Linux-PAM-0.2/bin directory and a chance is given to
1071 replace your /etc/pam.conf file with the one in Linux-PAM-0.2/conf.
1073* I have included some documentation (pretty preliminary at the
1074moment) which I have been working on in .../doc .
1076I have had a little trouble with the modules, but atleast there are no
1077segfaults! Please try it out and discuss your results... I actually
1078hope it all works for you. But, Email any bugs/suggestions to the
1079Linux-PAM list: .....
1083Andrew Morgan
1087Sat Feb 17 17:30:24 EST 1996 (Alexander O. Yuriev
1089 * conf directory created with example of pam_conf
1090 * stable code from pam_unix is added to modules/pam_unix
1091 * test/test.c now requests username and password and attempts
1092 to perform authentication