uipc: Fix lockless unp_conn accessing and uipc_detach() race.
[dragonfly.git] / lib /
2015-08-26 Sascha Wildnerregex.3: Add LIBRARY section.
2015-08-24 Sascha WildnerSort SEE ALSO in various manual pages.
2015-08-24 Sascha Wildnerlibusbhid: Add missing MLINK for hid_get_report_id().
2015-08-24 Sascha Wildnermbintowcr.3: Further mdoc cleanup.
2015-08-24 Sascha Wildnermbintowcr.3: Mention missing functions.
2015-08-23 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Add missing futimens(2) manual page link.
2015-08-22 Sascha Wildnermbintowcr.3: Remove unneeded .Pp
2015-08-20 Sascha Wildnerlgamma.3: There is no lgammal_r() function in libm.
2015-08-20 Sascha Wildnerlibc/regex: Fix up the regex upgrade.
2015-08-20 Sascha Wildnerlogb.3: There is no scalbl() function in libm.
2015-08-20 Sascha Wildnermbintowcr.3: Add missing types.
2015-08-20 Sascha Wildnerprocctl.2: Clean up a bit.
2015-08-16 Matthew Dillonlocale - Add two new API functions
2015-08-16 John Marinoutf8.c: Fix second error of two-line patch
2015-08-16 John Marinoutf8.c: Fix typo
2015-08-16 John Marinolibc/locale: limit utf8 illegal input detection to...
2015-08-15 Sascha Wildneri386 removal, part 35/x: Remove the i386 specific vesa...
2015-08-09 John Marino<regex.h>: Pull in <xlocale.h> for xlocale_t definition
2015-08-09 John MarinoUTF-8: change upper limit from 0x1FFFFF to 0x10FFFF
2015-08-08 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/NVI2'
2015-08-08 Sascha Wildnerlibypclnt: Remove unused file.
2015-08-07 John MarinoReview libc symbol maps
2015-08-06 John Marinolibc/regex: Replace old regex library with modified TRE
2015-08-06 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/TRE'
2015-08-06 John Marinolibc/locale: Add __collate_equiv_value functionality
2015-08-02 John Marinostrcoll(1): Fix named locale case where conversion...
2015-08-02 Matthew Dillonboot - Fix gzipped initrd.img loading
2015-08-01 John Marinolibc/locale: Revamp CTYPE support (from Illumos)
2015-08-01 John Marinolibc/locale: Replace ascii.c, it was removed too soon
2015-08-01 John MarinoPregenerate maps for LC_CTYPE generation
2015-07-31 John Marinoregcomp: limit comparison to C locale only
2015-07-31 John Marinolibc/collcmp: Fix initialization of s2
2015-07-31 John Marinolibc/regex: Sync with FreeBSD
2015-07-30 Sascha Wildnerlibc/xdr: Sync xdr_sizeof.c with FreeBSD and add it... v4.3.1
2015-07-30 Sascha Wildnerlibc/calloc: Remove calloc.c, which has been unbuilt...
2015-07-30 Sascha Wildneri386 removal, part 26/x: Remove i386 specific lib/libc...
2015-07-29 Sascha Wildneri386 removal, part 25/x: Remove i386 parts from kgdb...
2015-07-29 John Marinolocaledef(1): Better bootstrap fix
2015-07-29 Sascha Wildnermmap.2: Remove (now) useless BUGS section.
2015-07-29 Matthew Dillonmanpages - Remove obsolete info
2015-07-28 John Marinocollate 1/4: Add support for LC_COLLATE format "DragonF...
2015-07-28 John Marinolibc.a: Add __isnan and __isnanf
2015-07-27 Matthew Dillonboot - Fix minor memory leak, statistics
2015-07-26 John Marinowcscoll.3: Fix copy/paste error (due to wcsxfrm)
2015-07-26 Matthew Dillonboot - Put loader heap in high memory
2015-07-23 Matthew Dillonnmalloc - Improve incremental reallocs()
2015-07-23 John Marinolocales/nls: Rename last three zh_han* files
2015-07-23 John Marinolocales: Rename zh_han* to zh_Han* (capitalize)
2015-07-23 John MarinoMove some locales before upcoming overhauls
2015-07-22 John MarinoRemove no_NO (only use nb_NO and nn_NO)
2015-07-18 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GCC50'
2015-07-16 John MarinoFix installation of libm man page(s)
2015-07-15 John MarinoOpenLIBM: Add missing symbol fegetexcept (DF404.0)
2015-07-14 John MarinoOpenLIBM: Add 3 new symbols to map
2015-07-14 John MarinoReplace hybrid libm with OpenBSD libm on vendor branch
2015-07-13 John Marinoxlocale: remove const qualifier from __xlocale_C_ctype
2015-07-12 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/OPENBSD_LIBM'
2015-07-11 John Marinoxlocale: Fix potential segfault
2015-07-10 Sascha Wildneri386 removal, part 17/x: Remove i386 code from various...
2015-07-09 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2015-07-08 Sascha WildnerRemove non-existant .PATH components from a number...
2015-07-04 Sascha WildnerUse roundup2() from <sys/param.h> in a number of places.
2015-07-04 John Marinoiconv sync 11/11: Use macro like FreeBSD (1 file) to...
2015-07-04 John Marinoiconv sync 10/x: FreeBSD SVN 258316 + 283406 + 283418
2015-07-04 John Marinoiconv sync 9/x: FreeBSD SVN 260003
2015-07-04 John Marinoiconv sync 8/x: FreeBSD SVN 281550
2015-07-04 John Marinoiconv sync 7/x: FreeBSD SVN 281798
2015-07-04 John Marinoiconv sync 6/x: FreeBSD SVN 279404
2015-07-04 John Marinoiconv sync 5/x: FreeBSD SVN 269529 + 269530 + 275805
2015-07-04 John Marinoiconv sync 4/x: FreeBSD SVN 267438
2015-07-04 John Marinoiconv sync 3/x: FreeBSD SVN 267437
2015-07-04 John Marinoiconv sync 2/x: FreeBSD SVN 263986
2015-07-04 John Marinoiconv sync 1/x: FreeBSD SVN 262441
2015-06-29 Bill Yuanipfw3: join same filters with or operator
2015-06-29 Bill Yuanipfw3: filter from/to supports me/any/subnet
2015-06-22 Sascha Wildneri386 removal, part 7/x: Remove the old i386 DragonFly...
2015-06-22 Sascha Wildneri386 removal, part 4/x: Remove i386 specific code from...
2015-06-21 Imre Vadászsysctl.3: Fix struct types for the KERN_BOOTTIME and...
2015-06-18 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Fix buildworld
2015-06-17 Bill Yuanipfw3: support bpf filter in layer4 module
2015-06-17 Bill Yuanipfw3: misc - fix MACRO name
2015-06-17 Bill Yuanipfw3: filter 'established' in layer4 module
2015-06-13 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2015-06-12 Sascha Wildnerlibusb: Use the right include file.
2015-06-11 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2015-05-28 Matthew Dillonhammer - Fix build for crc changes
2015-05-28 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Use faster iscsi crc algorithm
2015-05-27 Sascha WildnerUpdate libarchive's and liblzma's configuration for...
2015-05-26 Matthew Dillonttys - Add 'ifconsole' option to ttys entries
2015-05-26 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add futimens()
2015-05-26 John Marinobuildworld: Specify cpp for rpcgen to use rather than...
2015-05-25 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GCC50'
2015-05-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add utimensat() support
2015-05-19 Matthew Dillonpipe2 - Adjust manual page
2015-05-19 Matthew Dillonkernel, libc - add pipe2()
2015-05-17 Tomohiro Kusumiusched: Fix man usched_set(2)
2015-05-15 Sascha Wildnerlibm: Add a missing closing comment (fixes -Wcomment).
2015-05-15 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Make generation of nslexer.c more robust.
2015-05-13 Sascha WildnerAnsify a few functions.
2015-04-22 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GCC50'