2013-10-13 Franco Fichtnermdocml: upstream sync of lib.in
2013-10-13 François Tigeotdrm: Sync drm_hashtab files with Linux 3.8
2013-10-13 François Tigeotdrm: Add hlist RCU macros
2013-10-13 François Tigeotdrm: Replace BSD and legacy DRM macros by Linux mechanisms
2013-10-13 François Tigeotdrm: Rename DRM_LIST_HEAD to LINUX_LIST_HEAD
2013-10-13 Matthew Dillonkernel - Concurrent fork/exec (2)
2013-10-13 Matthew Dillondrm - Fix kernel compile
2013-10-13 François Tigeotdrm: Add linux/compiler.h from the FreeBSD OFED stack
2013-10-13 François Tigeotdrm: Replace drm_linux_list.h by linux/list.h ...
2013-10-13 François Tigeotdrm: Add a local implementation of linux/export.h
2013-10-13 François Tigeotdrm: Add a local implementation of linux/hash.h
2013-10-13 Jean-Sébastien... drm: Define BITS_PER_LONG
2013-10-12 Matthew Dillonkernel - Greatly improve concurrent fork's and concurre...
2013-10-12 François Tigeotnetinet/in.h: Add missing IPPORT_MAX definition
2013-10-12 John MarinoFix world build bootstrapping issue
2013-10-11 John Marinopwait(1): Import from FreeBSD, built without modification!
2013-10-11 John Marinopgrep(1), pkill(1): Sync with FreeBSD to get the -F...
2013-10-11 John Marinofind(1): Sync with FreeBSD
2013-10-11 John Marinopwd(1): Sync with FreeBSD (very minor, mainly editorial)
2013-10-11 John Marinorealpath(1): Sync with FreeBSD to add -q option
2013-10-11 John Marinopwd(1), realpath(1): Split shared source file into...
2013-10-11 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix bug when running swapon a gpt slice
2013-10-11 Matthew Dillonkernel - Performance optimization pass
2013-10-11 dumbbelldrm/radeon: Add missing "return false" after unmapping...
2013-10-11 Jean-Sébastien... drm: Rename struct drm_driver_info to struct drm_driver
2013-10-11 Jean-Sébastien... drm: Rename members of struct drm_agp_head to match...
2013-10-11 François Tigeotvga_pci.c: Sync with FreeBSD
2013-10-11 François Tigeotkernel: Add a method to get the bus's bus_dma_tag_t
2013-10-11 Antonio Huete... stat.1 - Remove unsupported %B
2013-10-11 Matthew Dillonkernel - Optimize sync and msync for tmpfs and nfs
2013-10-11 Matthew Dillonkernel - Optimize vfs_msync() when MNTK_THR_SYNC is...
2013-10-11 Matthew Dillonhammer - Use new vsyncscan() mechanic (3)
2013-10-11 Matthew Dillonhammer - Use new vsyncscan() mechanic (2)
2013-10-11 Matthew Dillonhammer - Use new vsyncscan() mechanic.
2013-10-11 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add vsyncscan() infrastructure
2013-10-10 Franco Fichtnerman: no need for libutil
2013-10-10 Franco Fichtnerman: fix suffix parsing for good
2013-10-10 Franco Fichtnernetgraph.4: manlint and style nitpicking
2013-10-10 Franco Fichtnerman: mop up a couple of manlint issues
2013-10-10 Antonio Huete... dirfs - Rework how host file permissions are checked.
2013-10-10 Matthew Dillonkernel - Attempt to fix tty race
2013-10-09 Matthew Dillondmesg - Add -f option for continuous monitoring
2013-10-09 Sascha Wildnerbsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
2013-10-09 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Fix the LINT kernels.
2013-10-09 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix pgrp and session ref-count races
2013-10-09 François Tigeotdrm/radeon: Import firmwares
2013-10-09 François Tigeotdrm/radeon: Remove useless .PATH directive
2013-10-09 François Tigeotdrm/radeon: Fix locking issues
2013-10-09 François Tigeotdrm: Some drm_addmap() fixes
2013-10-09 Matthew DillonMakefile.usr - Remove pkgsrc targets
2013-10-08 François Tigeotdrm/radeon: Import the Radeon KMS driver from FreeBSD
2013-10-08 Sascha Wildnerkernel/drm: Fix the LINT build.
2013-10-08 Franco Fichtnera couple more Mt macros for author emails
2013-10-08 Franco Fichtnerlibc: proper FreeBSD version and some Mt macros for...
2013-10-08 Franco Fichtnerworld: remove spurious Pp macros
2013-10-08 Franco Fichtnermdocml: sync std strings with groff
2013-10-08 Franco Fichtnergroff: add recent FreeBSD releases
2013-10-08 Antonio Huete... hammer - Fix exit path for newly added ioctl
2013-10-07 Franco Fichtnermdocml: sync a few upstream commits
2013-10-07 Franco Fichtnerbsd.man.mk: add temporary ``mandiff'' target
2013-10-07 François Tigeotidr: Remove duplicated code
2013-10-07 John MarinoUpdate pkg bootstraps
2013-10-07 Antonio Huete... libhammer - Make use of the HAMMERIOC_PFS_ITERATE ioctl.
2013-10-07 Antonio Huete... hammer - Add HAMMER_PFS_ITERATE ioctl
2013-10-07 Antonio Huete... Fix i386 world build.
2013-10-07 Sepherosa Ziehautools/netperf: Use pipe to pass result back instead...
2013-10-07 François Tigeotdrm: Remove the drm_gem_names subsystem
2013-10-07 François Tigeotidr: Simplify idr_grow()
2013-10-07 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add shared active virtual memory, i386
2013-10-07 Matthew Dillonkernel - Allow NULL softc in ulptclose()
2013-10-07 Matthew Dillonkernel - Rewrite do_vmtotal and change the way VM stati...
2013-10-06 Matthew Dillonkernel - Report zalloc statistics more accurately
2013-10-06 Matthew Dillonkernel - pc64 - Fix pv_free() race and add assertions
2013-10-06 Matthew Dillonkernel - pc64 - Print errata fixup only for cpu 0
2013-10-06 François Tigeotidr: Fix idr_find
2013-10-06 Franco Fichtnermdocml: sync library definitions
2013-10-06 François Tigeotidr: idr_pre_get() takes two arguments
2013-10-06 Franco Fichtnerman: fix literal file suffix parsing regression
2013-10-06 Franco Fichtnermdocml: teach libmandoc(3) about ``libmandoc''
2013-10-06 Franco Fichtnermdocml: refresh config.h and README.DRAGONFLY
2013-10-06 Franco FichtnerMerge branch 'vendor/MDOCML'
2013-10-06 François Tigeotidr: Grow descriptor table as needed in idr_get_new_above()
2013-10-06 François Tigeotidr: Protect data structures with a lwkt_token
2013-10-06 Franco Fichtnerman(1): fixup literal file suffix parsing
2013-10-06 Franco Fichtnerman(1): tweak literal file interpretation
2013-10-06 Franco Fichtnerman(1): fix build and adapt for DragonFly
2013-10-06 Franco Fichtnerman(1): import man(1) replacement
2013-10-06 François Tigeotidr: Mark non-public functions as static
2013-10-06 François Tigeotidr: Remove non-standard function idr_init1()
2013-10-06 Franco FichtnerImport mdocml-1.12.2
2013-10-05 John Marinogdb(1), kgdb(1): Makefile framework updates for version...
2013-10-05 John Marinogdb: Add modifications required for version 7.6.1
2013-10-05 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GDB'
2013-10-05 John Marinogdb: Revert FAKE_PROCESS id code to prepare for gdb...
2013-10-05 John MarinoUpgrade GDB from 7.4.1 to 7.6.1 on the vendor branch origin/vendor/GDB
2013-10-05 Franco Fichtnermdocml: mandoc(1) now imitates groff(1)'s header and...
2013-10-05 Franco Fichtnertest: first commit
2013-10-05 François Tigeotdrm: Use Linux idr functions in drm_crtc code
2013-10-05 François Tigeotdrm: Add a linux/idr.h compatibility file
2013-10-05 François Tigeotidr: Increase default size to 256 elements