2015-11-14 François Tigeotdrm: Implement a few missing functions from linux/timer.h
2015-11-14 François Tigeotdrm: Add list_replace_init()
2015-11-14 François Tigeotdrm: Implement signal_pending()
2015-11-14 Sepherosa Ziehautop: Fix system process cpu usage percentage display
2015-11-14 Sepherosa Ziehautop: Fix 'c' for -S and -I
2015-11-14 Sepherosa Ziehaustyle: Fix white spaces
2015-11-14 Sepherosa Ziehauuipc: Port Unix socket domain GC from FreeBSD.
2015-11-14 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix comment type-o
2015-11-14 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fixes for usb modems
2015-11-13 Sascha WildnerSome adjustments to the recent dsched removal.
2015-11-13 François Tigeotkernel/drm: Fix an unitialized variable warning when...
2015-11-13 Sascha WildnerRemove <malloc.h> from the system.
2015-11-12 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Don't expect destroy() to set config...
2015-11-12 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Add a comment on race on unload
2015-11-12 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Fix device counter handling
2015-11-12 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Fix/refactor alloc/free functions...
2015-11-12 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Fix/refactor alloc/free functions...
2015-11-12 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Fix/refactor alloc/free functions...
2015-11-12 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Fix/refactor alloc/free functions...
2015-11-12 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Fix/refactor alloc/free functions...
2015-11-12 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Fix/refactor alloc/free functions...
2015-11-12 Sascha WildnerRemove dsched_bfq.4 manual page from the Makefile too.
2015-11-12 Sascha WildnerFix module name in the drm.4 manual page.
2015-11-12 Sascha WildnerRemove no longer used dsched modules & manpage via...
2015-11-12 Sepherosa Ziehauuipc: Release token in the proper order on unconnected...
2015-11-12 John MarinoUpdate some generated collate definitions
2015-11-12 John Marinocldr2def: Use explicit target files when generating...
2015-11-11 John MarinoRemove obsolete references to libedit from gdb
2015-11-11 Matthew Dillonkernel - Remove dsched
2015-11-11 Matthew Dillondrm - Fix kldload issue
2015-11-11 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Remove old i915kms.ko modules
2015-11-11 François Tigeotdrm: Add nsecs_to_jiffies()
2015-11-11 Imre Vadászsystat/pv: Avoid systat pvmmeter crashing for refresh...
2015-11-10 Imre Vadásztop: Actually implement DragonFly code for the interact...
2015-11-10 Sascha WildnerSync col(1) with FreeBSD.
2015-11-10 Sascha WildnerRemove unnecessary whitespace in macro arguments in...
2015-11-10 John MarinoAdd README for basic locale source file generation
2015-11-10 John Marinonl_langinfo(CODESET): Again return "US-ASCII" for C...
2015-11-10 Matthew Dillonkernel - Improve tcp starting window
2015-11-09 John Marinonl_langinfo: Simplify case ladder
2015-11-09 John Marinolocales: Enforce US-ASCII encoding (limited to 7-bit)
2015-11-09 John Marinolocaledef(1): Remove GCC pragmas on two source files
2015-11-09 Sepherosa Ziehauuipc: Use taskqueue to run GC.
2015-11-09 Sepherosa Ziehauuipc: No need to call sorflush() before unp_gc()
2015-11-09 Sepherosa Ziehautest: Add test for unix socket cross/self reference
2015-11-09 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Check if target has registered handlers
2015-11-09 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Rename aprint_debug() to dmdebug()
2015-11-09 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Add dm_alloc_string()
2015-11-09 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Remove misleading code/comment on...
2015-11-08 Imre Vadászdrm: Don't leak memory from linux_workqueue.c
2015-11-08 John Marinocldr2def: Pad CJK short months
2015-11-08 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Fix/refactor TAILQ_HEAD structure
2015-11-08 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Fix table/info priority
2015-11-08 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Use uint32_t for flags
2015-11-08 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Change DM_XXX_FLAG() to inline functions
2015-11-08 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Cleanup dm_dbg_print_flags()
2015-11-08 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Whitespace cleanups
2015-11-08 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Fix typo
2015-11-08 John Marinolocaledef: Replace avl tree (cddl) with RB tree, plus ...
2015-11-07 John Marinotree.h: Restore ability to generate static functions
2015-11-07 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Refactor dm_table_status_ioctl()
2015-11-07 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Don't force targets to implement table...
2015-11-07 François Tigeotdrm: Add ktime_get_raw_ns()
2015-11-07 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Remove unnecessary dump=NULL;
2015-11-07 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Remove upcall handler
2015-11-07 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Rename the kernel module to i915.ko
2015-11-07 Imre Vadászdrm: Make dev.dri.X node creation work properly with...
2015-11-07 Imre Vadászcorepower: Use rdmsr_safe to check availibility of...
2015-11-07 Sascha WildnerReplace our soelim(1) with FreeBSD's.
2015-11-06 Sascha Wildnerkernel/if_re: Add support for the Realtek 8168H.
2015-11-06 Sascha Wildner<sys/cdefs.h>: Align some indent (no functional change).
2015-11-06 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Disable 2nd level bio_done handler...
2015-11-06 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Add 2nd level bio_done handler for...
2015-11-06 Tomohiro Kusumisys/kern/vfs: Add comment on buf(9) manpage
2015-11-06 Tomohiro Kusumisys/kern/vfs: Fix wrong function name in panic()
2015-11-06 Tomohiro Kusumisys/kern/vfs: Fix wrong function name in kprintf/panic
2015-11-06 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Cleanups
2015-11-06 Tomohiro Kusumisys/dev/disk/dm: Remove redundant kprintf in dm strategy
2015-11-06 Tomohiro Kusumisys/vfs/hammer: Add HAMMER_ITOB() macro
2015-11-06 Sepherosa Ziehauuipc: Use token for rights counting
2015-11-06 Sepherosa Ziehauuipc: Factor out unp_{add,del}_right()
2015-11-05 John Marinocompilers.conf: nextclang => clangnext
2015-11-05 John Marinocompilers.conf: Add the two latest clangs to options
2015-11-05 Sepherosa Ziehauuipc: Consolidate unp_drop()
2015-11-04 Sascha WildnerPut finishing touches on libexecinfo import.
2015-11-04 Sascha Wildnerhammer.8: Use full month name in .Dd
2015-11-04 John Marinoftp(1): Complete upgrade from 7 JUN 2014 to 10 OCT...
2015-11-04 John Marinocontrib/tnftp: Add back what's left of local modifications
2015-11-04 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/TNFTP'
2015-11-04 John Marinocontrib/tnftp: Delete entire contents prior to merge
2015-11-04 John MarinoVendor branch: Upgrade from CVS (7 JUN 2014) to release... gitea/vendor/TNFTP origin/vendor/TNFTP
2015-11-04 John Marinolocales: Remove two more aliases (ja_JP.eucjp and en_US...
2015-11-04 John Marinolibdialog: Complete upgrade v1.2-20121230 => v1.2-20150920
2015-11-04 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/DIALOG'
2015-11-04 John Marinocontrib/dialog: Delete entire contents
2015-11-04 John MarinoVendor branch: Update dialog 1.2-20121230 => 1.2-20150920 gitea/vendor/DIALOG origin/vendor/DIALOG
2015-11-04 Justin C. SherrillAdd local path for sendmail libexec.
2015-11-04 John MarinoComplete upgrade of tcsh 6.18.01 => 6.19.00
2015-11-04 John MarinoReapply local modifications to tcsh source after merge
2015-11-04 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/TCSH'