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1This is the traditional children's card game "Go Fish". We each get seven
2cards, and the rest of the deck is kept to be drawn from later. The
3object of the game is to collect "books", or all of the cards of a single
4value. For example, getting four 2's would give you a "book of 2's".
6We take turns asking each other for cards, but you can't ask me for a card
7value if you don't have one of them in your hand! If I have any cards of
8the value you ask for, I have to give them to you. As long as I have one
9of the cards you ask for, you get to keep asking. If you ask me for a
10card of which I don't have any, then I'll tell you to "Go Fish!" This
11means that you draw a card from the deck. If you draw the card you asked
12me for, you get to keep asking me for cards. If not, it's my turn and I ask
13you for a card.
15Sometimes you get to ask first, sometimes I do. I'll tell you when it's
16your turn to move, I'll draw cards from the deck for you, and I'll tell
17you what you have in your hand. (Don't worry, I don't look at your hand
18when I'm trying to decide what card to ask for, honest!)
20Your input can be a card name ("A", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8",
21"9", "10", "J", "Q" or "K") or the letter "p", or "quit". The letter "p"
22makes my game much smarter, and the line "quit" stops the game. Just
23hitting the carriage return key displays how many cards I have in my hand,
24how many are left in the deck, and which books I've gotten.
26Normally, the game stops when one of us runs out of cards, and the winner
27is whoever has the most books!
29Good luck!