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6693db17 1Welcome to the game of Hunt the Wumpus.
3The Wumpus typically lives in a cave of twenty rooms, with each room having
4three tunnels connecting it to other rooms in the cavern. Caves may vary,
5however, depending on options specified when starting the game.
7The game has the following hazards for intrepid adventurers to wind their
8way through:
10 Pits -- If you fall into one of the bottomless pits, you find yourself
11 slung back out on the far side of the Earth and in very poor
12 shape to continue your quest since you're dead.
14 Bats -- As with any other cave, the Wumpus cave has bats in residence.
15 These are a bit more potent, however, and if you stumble into
16 one of their rooms they will rush up and carry you elsewhere in
17 the cave.
6693db17 18
19 Wumpus -- If you happen to walk into the room the Wumpus is in you'll find
20 that he has quite an appetite for young adventurous humans! Not
21 recommended.
23The Wumpus, by the way, is not bothered by the hazards since he has sucker
24feet and is too big for a bat to lift. If you try to shoot him and miss,
25there's also a chance that he'll up and move himself into another cave,
26though by nature the Wumpus is a sedentary creature.
28Each turn you may either move or shoot a crooked arrow. Moving is done
29simply by specifying "m" for move and the number of the room that you'd
30like to move down a tunnel towards. Shooting is done similarly; indicate
31that you'd like to shoot one of your magic arrows with an "s" for shoot,
32then list a set of connected room numbers through which the deadly shaft
33should fly!
35If your path for the arrow is incorrect, however, it will flail about in
36the room it can't understand and randomly pick a tunnel to continue
37through. You might just end up shooting yourself in the foot if you're
38not careful! On the other hand, if you shoot the Wumpus you've WON!
40Good luck.