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4This directory is for tools.
6A tool is something which is sometimes useful, and doesn't fit any of the
7other categories.
9Please make a subdir per program, and add a brief description to this file.
11commitsdb A tool for reconstructing commit history using md5
12 checksums of the commit logs.
13crypto Exercise the crypto framework through /dev/crypto
14editing Editor modes and the like to help editing FreeBSD code.
15epfe Extract printing filter examples from printing.sgml.
a428ab6c 16genreadmedeleted Create a README.DELETED suitable for the new contrib system.
17html-mv Rename HTML generated filenames to human readable filenames.
18ifinfo Uses the interface MIB to print out all the information
19 an interface exports in an ugly form.
20kdrv KernelDriver; add/list/remove third-party kernel driver
21 source to/in/from a kernel source tree.
984263bc 22kerninclude Shellscript to find unused #includes in the kernel.
5daef1c6 23kernxref Shellscript to cross reference symbols in the LINT kernel.
4c71e833 24local_syms Shellscript to find symbols not referenced by other files.
984263bc 25mid Create a Message-ID database for mailing lists.
5daef1c6 26pciid Generate src/share/misc/pci_vendors.
984263bc 27scsi-defects Get at the primary or grown defect list of a SCSI disk.
28splitpatch Python script to split a large patch file into independent
29 patches. Default name convention is compatible with
30 the patch framework.
31tcl_bmake Generates a bmake Makefile for src/lib/libtcl.
32upgrade Scripts used for upgrading an installed system.
33vop_table Generates a HTML document that shows all the VOP's in
34 the kernel.
bfc2521f 35wlandebug Manipulate netproto/802_11 debug flags symbolically.