* __P removal from games/
[dragonfly.git] / games / phantasia / phantglobs.h
2 * phantglobs.h - global declarations for Phantasia
3 */
5extern double Circle; /* which circle player is in */
6extern double Shield; /* force field thrown up in monster battle */
8extern bool Beyond; /* set if player is beyond point of no return */
9extern bool Marsh; /* set if player is in dead marshes */
10extern bool Throne; /* set if player is on throne */
11extern bool Changed; /* set if important player stats have changed */
12extern bool Wizard; /* set if player is the 'wizard' of the game */
13extern bool Timeout; /* set if short timeout waiting for input */
14extern bool Windows; /* set if we are set up for curses stuff */
15extern bool Luckout; /* set if we have tried to luck out in fight */
16extern bool Foestrikes; /* set if foe gets a chance to hit in battleplayer()*/
17extern bool Echo; /* set if echo input to terminal */
19extern int Users; /* number of users currently playing */
20extern int Whichmonster; /* which monster we are fighting */
21extern int Lines; /* line on screen counter for fight routines */
23extern jmp_buf Fightenv; /* used to jump into fight routine */
24extern jmp_buf Timeoenv; /* used for timing out waiting for input */
26extern long Fileloc; /* location in file of player statistics */
28extern char *Login; /* pointer to login of current player */
29extern char *Enemyname; /* pointer name of monster/player we are battling*/
31extern struct player Player; /* stats for player */
32extern struct player Other; /* stats for another player */
34extern struct monster Curmonster;/* stats for current monster */
36extern struct energyvoid Enrgyvoid;/* energy void buffer */
38extern struct charstats Stattable[];/* used for rolling and changing player stats*/
40extern struct charstats *Statptr;/* pointer into Stattable[] */
42extern struct menuitem Menu[]; /* menu of items for purchase */
44extern FILE *Playersfp; /* pointer to open player file */
45extern FILE *Monstfp; /* pointer to open monster file */
46extern FILE *Messagefp; /* pointer to open message file */
47extern FILE *Energyvoidfp; /* pointer to open energy void file */
49extern char Databuf[]; /* a place to read data into */
51/* some canned strings for messages */
52extern char Illcmd[];
53extern char Illmove[];
54extern char Illspell[];
55extern char Nomana[];
56extern char Somebetter[];
57extern char Nobetter[];
59/* library functions and system calls */
60extern char *getlogin();
61extern char *getpass();
62extern char *strchr();
63extern char *strcat();
64extern char *strcpy();
65extern char *strncpy();
66extern char *getenv();
67struct passwd *getpwuid();
68extern char *fgets();
70/* functions which we need to know about */
71extern int interrupt();
72extern int ill_sig();
73extern void catchalarm();
74extern long recallplayer();
75extern long findname();
76extern long allocrecord();
77extern long rollnewplayer();
78extern long allocvoid();
79extern double drandom();
80extern double distance();
81extern double infloat();
82extern double explevel();
83extern char *descrlocation();
84extern char *descrtype();
85extern char *descrstatus();