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3.\" sh 5
11.TH PHANTASIA 6 "June 1, 1994"
12.UC 4
14phantasia \- an interterminal fantasy game
16phantasia [ \-HSabmpsx ]
18.I Phantasia
19is a role playing game
20which allows players to roll up characters of various types to fight
21monsters and other players.
22Progression of characters is based upon gaining experience from fighting
23monsters (and other players).
25Most of the game is menu driven and self-explanatory (more or less).
26The screen is cursor updated, so be sure to set up the
28variable in your environment.
30The options provide for a variety of functions to support the game.
31They are:
33.TP .5i
34.B \-s
36.I phantasia
37without header information.
38.TP .5i
39.B \-m
40Get a monster listing.
41.TP .5i
42.B \-a
43Get a listing of all character names on file.
44.TP .5i
45.B \-x
46Examine/change a particular character on file.
47.TP .5i
48.B \-H
49Print header only.
50.TP .5i
51.B \-p
52Purge old characters.
53.TP .5i
54.B \-b
55Show scoreboard of top characters per login.
56.TP .5i
57.B \-S
58Turn on wizard options, if allowed, if running as ``root''.
60The characters are saved on a common file, in order to make the game
61interactive between players. The characters are given a password
62in order to retrieve them later. Only characters above
63.B level
64zero are saved. Characters unused for awhile will be purged.
65Characters are only placed on the scoreboard when they die.
67Edward Estes, AT&T Information Systems, Skokie, IL
68.SH PARTICULARS "Normal Play"
70A number of the player's more important statistics are almost always
71displayed on the screen, with maximums (where applicable) in
74The character is placed randomly near the center of a cartesian
76Most commands are selected with a single letter or digit.
77For example, one may move by hitting 'W', 'S', 'N', or 'E',
78(lower case may also be used, at no time is the game case dependent).
79One may also use 'H', 'J', 'K', 'L',
80for movement, similar to
81.IR vi (1).
82To move to a specific (x, y) coordinate, use the
83.B move
84('1') command. The distance a character can move is calculated by
851 plus 1.5 per
86.B level.
87Moving in a compass direction will move the player the maximum
88allowed distance in that direction.
90A player may see who else is playing by using the
91.B players
92('2') option. One may see the coordinates of those who are the same
93distance or closer to the origin as he/she.
94.B Kings,
96.B council of the wise
97can see and can be seen by everyone. A
98.B palantir
99removes these restrictions.
101One can talk to other players with the
102.B talk
103('3') option. In general, this is a line or so of text. To remove a current
104message, just type <return> when prompted for a message.
107.B stats
108('4') option shows additional characteristics of a player.
110One may leave the game either with the
111.B quit
112('5') option.
114One may rest by default. Resting lets one regain maximum
115.B energy level,
116and also lets one find
117.B mana
118(more is found for larger levels and further distances from the origin).
120One may call a monster by hitting '9' or 'C'.
122Use 'X' to examine other players.
124One may quit or execute a sub-shell by hitting interrupt.
125Quitting during battle results in death for obvious reasons.
127Several other options become available as the player progresses in
128.B level
130.B magic,
131or to other stations in the game (
132.B valar, council of the wise, king
134These are described elsewhere.
135In general, a control-L will force the redrawing of the screen.
137Other things which may happen are more or less self-explanatory. "Fighting Monsters"
139A player has several options while fighting monsters. They are as follows:
140.TP 1.5i
141.B melee
142Inflicts damage on the monster, based upon
143.B strength.
144Also decreases the monster's
145.B strength
147.TP 1.5i
148.B skirmish
149Inflicts a little less damage than
150.B melee,
151but decreases the monster's
152.B quickness
154.TP 1.5i
155.B evade
156Attempt to run away. Success is based upon both the player's and
157the monster's
158.B brains
160.B quickness.
161.TP 1.5i
162.B spell
163Several options for throwing spells (described elsewhere).
164.TP 1.5i
165.B nick
166Hits the monster one plus the player's
167.B sword,
168and gives the player 10% of the monster's
169.B experience.
170Decreases the monster's
171.B experience
172an amount proportional to the amount granted.
173This also increases the monster's quickness.
174Paralyzed monsters wake up very fast when nicked.
175.TP 1.5i
176.B luckout
177This is essentially a battle of wits with the monster. Success is based
178upon the player's and the monster's
179.B brains.
180The player gets credit for slaying the monster if he/she succeeds.
181Otherwise, nothing happens, and the chance to
182.B luckout
183is lost. "Character Statistics"
185.TP 1.5i
186.B strength
187determines how much damage a character can inflict.
188.TP 1.5i
189.B quickness
190determines how many chances a character gets to make decisions while
192.TP 1.5i
193.B energy level
194specifies how much damage a character may endure before dying.
195.TP 1.5i
196.B magic level
197determines which spells a character may throw, and how effective those
198spells will be.
199.TP 1.5i
200.B brains
201basically, the character's intelligence; used for various fighting options
202and spells.
203.TP 1.5i
204.B mana
205used as a power source for throwing spells.
206.TP 1.5i
207.B experience
208gained by fighting monsters and other characters.
209.TP 1.5i
210.B level
211indicative of how much experience a character has accumulated; progresses
212geometrically as
213.B experience
215.TP 1.5i
216.B poison
217sickness which degrades a character's performance (affects
218.B energy level
220.B strength
222.TP 1.5i
223.B sin
224accumulated as a character does certain nasty things; used only rarely
225in normal play of the game.
226.TP 1.5i
227.B age
228of player; roughly equivalent to number of turns.
230.B age
231increases, many personal statistics degenerate. "Character Types"
233Character statistics are rolled randomly from the above list, according
234to character type. The types are as follows:
235.TP 1.5i
236.B magic user
237strong in
238.B magic level
240.B brains
241, weak in other areas. Must rely on wits and magic to survive.
242.TP 1.5i
243.B fighter
244good in
245.B strength
247.B energy level
248, fairly good in other areas. This adds up to a well-equipped fighter.
249.TP 1.5i
250.B elf
251very high
252.B quickness
253and above average
254.B magic level
256.B elves
257selling points.
258.TP 1.5i
259.B dwarf
260very high
261.B strength
263.B energy level
264, but with a tendency to be rather slow and not too bright.
265.TP 1.5i
266.B halfling
267rather quick and smart, with high
268.B energy level
269, but poor in
270.B magic
272.B strength.
273Born with some
274.B experience.
275.TP 1.5i
276.B experimento
277very mediocre in all areas. However, the
278.B experimento
279may be placed almost anywhere within the playing grid.
281The possible ranges for starting statistics are summarized in
282the following table.
285l c c c c c c
286l c c c c c c.
287Type Strength Quick Mana Energy Brains Magic
289Mag. User 10-15 30-35 50-100 30-45 60-85 5-9
290Fighter 40-55 30-35 30-50 45-70 25-45 3-6
291Elf 35-45 32-38 45-90 30-50 40-65 4-7
292Dwarf 50-70 25-30 25-45 60-100 20-40 2-5
293Halfling 20-25 34 25-45 55-90 40-75 1-4
294Experimento 25 27 100 35 25 2
297Not only are the starting characteristics different for the different
298character types, the characteristics progress at different rates for the
299different types as the character goes up in
300.B level. Experimentoes'
301characteristics progress randomly as one of the other types.
302The progression as characters increase in
303.B level
304is summarized in the following table.
307l c c c c c
308l n n n n n.
309Type Strength Mana Energy Brains Magic
311Mag. User 2.0 75 20 6 2.75
312Fighter 3.0 40 30 3.0 1.5
313Elf 2.5 65 25 4.0 2.0
314Dwarf 5 30 35 2.5 1
315Halfling 2.0 30 30 4.5 1
318The character type also determines how much gold a player may
319carry, how long until
320.B rings
321can overcome the player, and how much
322.B poison
323the player can withstand. "Spells"
325During the course of the game, the player may exercise his/her
326magic powers. These cases are described below.
327.TP 1.5i
328.B cloak
329.I magic level necessary:
33020 (plus level 7)
332.I mana used:
33335 plus 3 per rest period
335Used during normal play. Prevents monsters from finding the character,
336as well as hiding the player from other players. His/her coordinates
337show up as '?' in the
338.B players
339option. Players cannot collect
340.B mana,
341find trading posts, or discover the
342.B grail
343while cloaked. Calling a monster uncloaks, as well as choosing
344this option while cloaked.
346.TP 1.5i
347.B teleport
348.I magic level necessary:
34940 (plus level 12)
351.I mana used:
35230 per 75 moved
354Used during normal play. Allows the player too move with much more freedom
355than with the
356.B move
357option, at the price of expending mana. The maximum distance possible
358to move is based upon
359.B level
361.B magic level.
362.TP 1.5i
363.B power blast
364.I magic level necessary:
367.I mana used:
3685 times
369.B level
371Used during inter-terminal battle. Damage is based upon
372.B magic level
374.B strength.
375Hits much harder than a normal hit.
376.TP 1.5i
377.B all or nothing
378.I magic level necessary:
381.I mana used:
384Used while combating monsters.
385Has a 25% chance of working. If it works it hits the monster just enough
386to kill it. If it fails, it doesn't hit the monster, and doubles the
388.B quickness
390.B strength.
391Paralyzed monsters wake up much quicker as a result of this spell.
392.TP 1.5i
393.B magic bolt
394.I magic level necessary:
397.I mana used:
400Used while combating monsters. Hits the monster based upon the amount
402.B mana
403expended and
404.B magic level.
405Guaranteed to hit at least 10 per
406.B mana.
407.TP 1.5i
408.B force field
409.I magic level necessary:
412.I mana used:
415Used during monster combat. Throws up a shield to protect from damage.
416The shield is added to actual energy level, and is a fixed number, based
417upon maximum energy. Normally, damage occurs first to the shield, and
418then to the players actual
419.B energy level.
420.TP 1.5i
421.B transform
422.I magic level necessary:
425.I mana used:
428Used during monster combat. Transforms the monster randomly into one
429of the 100 monsters from the monster file.
430.TP 1.5i
431.B increase might
432.I magic level necessary:
435.I mana used:
438Used during combat with monsters. Increases strength up to a maximum.
439.TP 1.5i
440.B invisibility
441.I magic level necessary:
444.I mana used:
447Used while fighting monsters. Makes it harder for the monster to hit,
448by temporarily increasing the player's
449.B quickness.
450This spell may be thrown several times, but a maximum level will be reached.
451.TP 1.5i
452.B transport
453.I magic level necessary:
456.I mana used:
459Used during monster combat. Transports the monster away from the
460player. Success is base upon player's
461.B magic
463.B brains,
464and the monster's
465.B experience.
466If it fails the player is transported instead. 60% of the time, the monster
467will drop any treasure it was carrying.
468.TP 1.5i
469.B paralyze
470.I magic level necessary:
473.I mana used:
476Used during monster combat. "Freezes" the monster by putting its
477.B quickness
478slightly negative. The monster will slowly wake up. Success is based
479upon player's
480.B magic
481and the monster's
482.B experience.
483If it fails, nothing happens.
484.TP 1.5i
485.B specify
486.I magic level necessary:
489.I mana used:
492Used during monster combat only by
493.B valar
495.B council of the wise.
496Allows the player to pick which monster to fight. "Monsters"
498Monsters get bigger as one moves farther from the origin (0,0). Rings of
499distance 125 from the origin determine the size. A monster's
500.B experience, energy level,
502.B brains
503are multiplied by the size.
504.B Strength
505is increase 50% per size over one, and
506.B quickness
507remains the same, regardless of size.
509Also, nastier monsters are found as one progress farther out
510from the origin. Monsters also may flock. The percent chance of that
511happening is designated as
512.B flock%
513in the monster listing. Monsters outside the first ring
514may carry treasure, as determined by their treasure type.
515Flocking monsters, and bigger monsters increase the chances of treasure.
517Certain monsters have special abilities; they are as follows:
518.TP 1.5i
519.B Unicorn
520can only be subdued if the player is in possession of a
521.B virgin.
522.TP 1.5i
523.B Modnar
524has random characteristics, including treasure type.
525.TP 1.5i
526.B Mimic
527will pick another name from the list of monsters in order to
529.TP 1.5i
530.B Dark Lord
531very nasty person. Does not like to be hit (especially nicked),
532and many spells do not work well (or at all) against him.
533One can always
534.B evade
535from the
536.B Dark Lord.
537.TP 1.5i
538.B Leanan-Sidhe
539also a very nasty person. She will permanently sap
540.B strength
541from someone.
542.TP 1.5i
543.B Saruman
544wanders around with
545.B Wormtongue
546, who can steal a
547.B palantir.
549.B Saruman
550may turn a player's gems into gold pieces,
551or scramble her/his stats.
552.TP 1.5i
553.B Thaumaturgist
554can transport a player.
555.TP 1.5i
556.B Balrog
557inflicts damage by taking away
558.B experience
559, not
560.B energy.
561.TP 1.5i
562.B Vortex
563may take some
564.B mana.
565.TP 1.5i
566.B Nazgul
567may try to steal a
568.B ring
569or neutralize part of one's
570.B brains.
571.TP 1.5i
572.B Tiamat
573may take half a player's
574.B gold
576.B gems
577and escape.
578.TP 1.5i
579.B Kobold
580may get nasty and steal one gold piece and run away.
581.TP 1.5i
582.B Shelob
583may bite, inflicting the equivalent of one
584.B poison.
585.TP 1.5i
586.B Assorted Faeries
587These are killed if attacking someone carrying
588.B holy water.
589These are
590.B Cluricaun, Fir Darrig, Fachan,
591.B Ghille Dhu, Bogle, Killmoulis,
593.B Bwca.
594.TP 1.5i
595.B Lamprey
596may bite, inflicting 1/2 of a
597.B poison.
598.TP 1.5i
599.B Shrieker
600will call one of its (much bigger) buddies if picked upon.
601.TP 1.5i
602.B Bonnacon
603will become bored with battle, fart, and run off.
604.TP 1.5i
605.B Smeagol
606will try to steal a
607.B ring
608from a player, if given the chance.
609.TP 1.5i
610.B Succubus
611may inflict damage through a
612.B force field.
613This subtracts from
614.B energy level
615instead of any shield the player may have thrown up.
616This is a very easy way to die.
617.TP 1.5i
618.B Cerberus
619loves metal and will steal all the metal treasures from
620a player if able.
621.TP 1.5i
622.B Ungoliant
623can bite and poison. This inflicts five
624.B poisons
625, and also takes one from the player's
626.B quickness.
627.TP 1.5i
628.B Jabberwock
629may tire of battle, and leave after calling one of his friends
631.B Jubjub Bird
633.B Bandersnatch
635.TP 1.5i
636.B Morgoth
638.B Modnar
639, but reserved for
640.B council of the wise, valar,
642.B ex-valar.
643Fights with
644.B Morgoth
645end when either he or the player dies. His characteristics
646are calculated based upon the player's. The player is given
647the chance to ally with him. No magic, except
648.B force field
649works when battling
650.B Morgoth.
651.TP 1.5i
652.B Troll
653may regenerate its
654.B energy
656.B strength
657while in battle.
658.TP 1.5i
659.B Wraith
660may make a player blind. "Treasures"
662The various treasure types are as follows:
663.TP 1.5i
664.B Type zero
665.I none
666.TP 1.5i
667.B Type one
668.I power booster
669\- adds mana.
671.I druid
672\- adds experience.
674.I holy orb
675\- subtracts 0.25 sin.
676.TP 1.5i
677.B Type two
678.I amulet
679\- protects from cursed treasure.
681.I holy water
682\- kills
683.B assorted faeries.
685.I hermit
686\- reduces sin by 25% and adds some mana.
687.TP 1.5i
688.B Type three
689.I shield
690\- adds to maximum
691.B energy level
693.I virgin
694\- used to subdue a
695.B unicorn
696, or to give much
697.B experience
698(and some
699.B sin
702.I athelas
703\- subtracts one
704.B poison.
705.TP 1.5i
706.B Type four (scrolls)
707.I shield
708\- throws a bigger than normal
709.B force field.
711.I invisible
712\- temporarily puts the finder's
713.B quickness
714to one million.
716.I ten fold strength
717\- multiplies finder's strength by ten.
719.I pick monster
720\- allows finder to pick next monster to battle.
722.I general knowledge
723\- adds to finder's
724.B brains
726.B magic level.
728All the scrolls except
729.B general knowledge
730automatically call a monster. These preserve any
731spells that were already in effect, but are only in
732effect while in battle.
733.TP 1.5i
734.B Type five
735.I dagger
736\- adds to
737.B strength.
739.I armour
740\- same as a
741.B shield,
742but bigger.
744.I tablet
745\- adds brains.
746.TP 1.5i
747.B Type six
748.I priest
749\- rests to maximum; adds
750.B mana, brains;
751and halves
752.B sin.
754.I Robin Hood
755\- increases
756.B shield
757and adds permanently to
758.B strength.
760.I axe
761\- like
762.B dagger,
763but bigger.
764.TP 1.5i
765.B Type seven
766.I charm
767\- protects from cursed treasure (used before
768.B amulet
769); used in conjunction with
770.B blessing
771to battle
772.B Dark Lord.
774.I Merlyn
775\- adds
776.B brains, magic,
778.B mana.
780.I war hammer
781\- like an
782.B axe,
783but bigger.
784.TP 1.5i
785.B Type eight
786.I healing potion
787\- sets
788.B poison
789to -2, or subtracts two from
790.B poison,
791whichever is better.
793.I transporter
794\- allows finder to move anywhere.
796.I sword
797\- like a
798.B war hammer
799, but bigger.
800.TP 1.5i
801.B Type nine
802.I golden crown
803\- allows the player to become
804.B king,
805by going to (0,0).
807.I blessing
808\- cuts
809.B sin
810to 1/3, adds
811.B mana,
812rests to max., kills
813.B Dark Lord
814with a
815.B charm,
816and gives bearer first hit on all monsters.
818.I quicksilver
819\- adds to
820.B quickness.
821.TP 1.5i
822.B Type ten
823.I elven boots
824\- adds permanently to
825.B quickness.
826.TP 1.5i
827.B Type eleven
828.I palantir
829\- allows one to see all the other players; used by
830.B council of the wise
831to seek the
832.B grail.
833.TP 1.5i
834.B Type twelve/thirteen
835.I ring
836\- allows one to hit much harder in battle, etc.
838Any treasure type 10-13 monsters may instead carry a type nine treasure.
840A monster may also be carrying
841.B gold
843.B gems.
844These are used at
845.B trading posts
846to buy things. A
847.B gem
848is worth 1000 gold pieces. Too much
849.B gold
850will slow a player down. One may carry 1000 plus 200 per
851.B level
853.B gold.
855.B gem
856weighs one half a gold piece.
857Monsters of treasure type 7 or higher may carry
858.B gems.
860The chance of a cursed treasure is based upon treasure type.
861The more valuable treasures have a greater chance of being cursed.
862A cursed treasure knocks
863.B energy level
864very low, and adds 0.25
865.B poison. "Rings"
867.B Rings
868are only carried by
869.B nazguls
871.B Dark Lord.
872They come in four different flavors.
874.B rings
875rest the player to maximum and cause him/her to hit much harder
876in battle with monsters (assuming one has chosen to use the
877.B ring
878for battle.)
880Two types of
881.B rings
882are cursed and come either from
883.B nazguls
885.B Dark Lord.
886After a few times of using these types, the player falls
887under the control of the
888.B ring,
889and strange, random things will occur.
890Eventually, the player dies, and gives his/her name to a monster
891on the file.
892Dying before the
893.B ring
894is used up also renames the monster.
896The two remaining types of
897.B rings
898are much more benign.
899The one from a
900.B nazgul
901is good for a limited number of battle rounds, and will save
902the player from death if it was being used when he/she died.
903The one from
904.B Dark Lord
905is the same, except that it never is used up.
906.B rings
907disappear after saving someone from death.
908In general, cursed
909.B rings
910occur much more often than normal ones.
911It is usually not a good idea to pick one up.
912The only way to get rid of a
913.B ring
914is to have a monster steal it. "King"
916A player may become
917.B king by finding a
918.I crown
919and going to (0,0). Players must have a
920.B level
921in the range of 10 to 1000 to be able to find a
922.I crown.
923When a player with one or more
924.I crowns
926.B level
9271000, the
928.I crowns
929are converted to
930.I gold.
932Once a player is king, he/she may do certain things while in
933the Lord's Chamber (0,0). These are exercised with the
934.B decree
935('0') option.
936.TP 1.5i
937.I transport
938This is done to another player. It randomly moves the affected
939player about. A
940.B charm
941protects from transports.
942.TP 1.5i
943.I curse
944This is done to another player. It is analogous to cursed treasure,
945but worse. It inflicts two
946.B poison,
948.B energy level
949very low, and degrades the maximum energy. It also
950removes a
951.B cloak.
953.B blessing
954protects from king's curses.
955.TP 1.5i
956.I energy void
957The king may put a number of these scattered about
958his/her kingdom as he/she pleases.
959If a player hits one, he/she loses
960.B mana, energy,
962.B gold.
963The energy void disappears after being hit.
964.TP 1.5i
965.I bestow
966This is also done to another player. The king may
967wish to reward one or more loyal subjects by sharing his/her
968riches (
969.B gold
970). Or it is a convenient way to dispose of some unwanted
972.TP 1.5i
973.I collect taxes
974Everyone pays 7% tax on all
975.B gold
977.B gems
978acquired, regardless of the existence of a
979.B king.
980The king collects the accrued taxes with this option.
983.B king
984may also
985.B teleport
986anywhere for free by using the origin as a starting place. "Council of the Wise, Valar" +0.5
989A player automatically becomes a member of the
990.B council of the wise
991upon reaching level 3000. Members of the council cannot have
992.B rings.
993Members of the council have a few extra options which they can exercise.
994These are exercised
995.B intervene
996('8') option.
998.B intervene
999options cost 1000 mana.
1001.B intervene
1002option is to
1003.I heal
1004another player. This is just a quick way for that player to be rested
1005to maximum and lose a little
1006.B poison.
1007The main purpose in life for members of the council is to seek the
1008.B Holy Grail.
1009This is done with a
1010.B palantir
1011under the
1012.I seek grail
1013option. The distance cited by the seek is accurate within 10%, in order
1014not to make it too easy to find the grail.
1015A player must have infinitesimally small
1016.B sin,
1017or else it's all over upon finding the grail.
1018In order to help members of the council on their quest, they
1020.I teleport
1021with greater ease. -0.5
1023.sp 1
1024.fM 1i
1027Upon finding the grail, the player advances to position of
1028.B valar.
1029He/she may then exercise more and niftier options under
1030.I intervention.
1031These include all of the council members' options plus the
1032ability to move other players about, bless them, and throw monsters at
1035.BR valar 's
1036blessing has the same effect as the treasure
1037.I blessing,
1038except that the affected player does not get his/her
1039.I blessing
1040flag set.
1042.I intervention
1043options which affect other players age the player
1044who uses them.
1045.B Valars
1046are essentially immortal, but are actually given five lives.
1047If these are used up, the player is left to die, and becomes an
1048.B ex-valar.
1050.B valar
1052.I move, teleport,
1053or call monsters.
1054(An exception to this is if the
1055.I valar
1056finds a
1057.I transporter.
1058This is to allow him/her to dispose of excess
1059.I gold.
1060Any monsters which a
1061.B valar
1062encounters are based upon his/her size.
1063Only one valar may exist at a time.
1064The current valar is replaced when another player finds the grail.
1065The valar is then bumped back to the council of the wise. "Wizard"
1068.I wizard
1069is usually the owner of the game, and the one who maintains
1070the associated files.
1072.I wizard
1073is granted special powers within the game, if it is invoked
1074with the '\-S' option.
1075Otherwise, the
1076.I wizard
1077plays no different from other players.
1079.I wizard
1080abilities are outlined below.
1082.I change players
1083When examining a player, (game invoked with '-x', or use 'X' from within game),
1085.I wizard
1086may also change the player.
1088.I intervention
1090.I wizard
1091may do all the
1092.I intervention
1093options. One extra option,
1094.I vaporize,
1095is added to kill any offensive players.
1097.I super character type
1098An extra character type is added. This character starts with the
1099maximum possible in all statistics, selected from the other character types.
1101.B super
1102character's statistics also progress at the maximum possible rate, selected
1103from the other character types. "Special Places"
1105Certain regions of the playing grid have different names.
1106In general, this is only to give the player some idea of
1107his/her present location. Some special places do exist.
1108.TP 1.5i
1109.I Trading Posts
1110These are located at |x| == |y| == n*n*100 for n = 1, 2...1000.
1111Trading posts farther out have more things for sale.
1112Be careful about cheating the merchants there, as they have short
1114Merchants are dishonest about 5% of the time.
1115.TP 1.5i
1116.I Lord's Chamber
1117This is located at (0,0). Only players with
1118.B crowns
1119may enter.
1120.TP 1.5i
1121.I Point of No Return
1122This is located beyond 1.2e+6 in any direction.
1123The only way to return from here is a
1124.B transporter
1125or to have a
1126.B valar
1127relocate the player.
1128.TP 1.5i
1129.I Dead Marshes
1130This is a band located fairly distant from the origin. The first
1131fourteen monsters (water monsters) can normally only be found here.
1132.TP 1.5i
1133.I Valhala
1134This place is where the
1135.B valar
1136resides. It is associated with no particular coordinate on the
1137playing grid. "Miscellaneous"
1139Once a player reaches
1140.B level
11415, the game will start to time out waiting for input.
1142This is to try to keep the game a bit faster paced.
1145.I guru
1146will never be disgusted with your
1147.B sins
1148if they are less than one.
1151.I medic
1152wants half of a player's
1153.B gold
1154to be happy. Offering more than one has, or a negative amount
1155will anger the
1156.I medic,
1157who will make the player worse (add one
1158.B poison
1162.B Holy Grail
1163does little for those who are not ready to behold it.
1164Whenever anyone finds it, it moves.
1165It is always located within 1e+6 in any compass direction of the origin.
1167There is a maximum amount of
1168.B mana
1170.B charms
1171a player may posses, based upon
1172.B level.
1173.I Quicksilver
1174is always limited to a maximum of 99.
1176.I Books
1177bought at a
1178.B trading post
1180.B brains,
1181based upon the number bought.
1182It is unwise, however to buy more than 1/10 of one's
1183.B level
1184in books at a time.
1186Players over level 10000 are automatically retired.
1189.I blindness
1190goes away in random time.
1192Players with
1193.I crowns
1194are identified with a '*' before their character type. "Inter-terminal Battle"
1196When two player's coordinates correspond, they may engage in battle.
1197In general, the player with the highest
1198.B quickness
1199gets the first hit.
1200If the two players are severely mis-matched, the stronger player
1201is drastically handicapped for the battle.
1202In order to protect from being stuck in an infinite loop,
1203the player waiting for response may time out. Options for battle are:
1204.TP 1.5i
1205.I fight
1206Inflicts damage upon other person.
1207.TP 1.5i
1208.I run away
1209Escape from battle. Has a 75% chance of working.
1210.TP 1.5i
1211.I power blast
1212Battle spell.
1213.TP 1.5i
1214.I luckout
1215One-time chance to try to win against the foe. Has a 10% chance of working.
1217Sometimes waits for the other player may be excessive, because
1218he/she may be battling a monster. Upon slaying a player in battle
1219the winner gets the other's
1220.B experience
1221and treasures.
1222.B Rings
1223do not work for inter-terminal battle.
1224.SH BUGS
1225All screen formats assume at least 24 lines by at least 80 columns.
1226No provisions are made for when any of the data items get too big
1227for the allotted space on the screen.