2002-04-01 * configure.ac: version 4.2. * util/texi2dvi: 4.2 * makeinfo/toc.c: doc fix. * util/install-info-html: * makeinfo/texinfo.xsl: Fixes From: Ville Skyttń . * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): (copying case) omit cm_insert_copying if no_headers. Bug report from Stephen Gildea. 2002-03-28 * configure.ac: pretest 4.1d. * doc/texinfo.txi: * makeinfo/cmds.c: ignore headings commands. From Stephen Gildea. * doc/texinfo.txi: @ifplaintext 2002-03-26 * doc/texinfo.tex (\ifplaintext,\ifnotplaintext): new output format conditional. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_settitle): * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): need to pass output filename arg to * xml_begin_document. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_sp): need close_single_paragraph instead of close_paragraph to avoid an extra blank line. Bug report from Stephen Gildea. * doc/texinfo.tex (\doignore): can't do c kludge for documentdescription. Bug report from Stephen Gildea. * doc/texinfo.txi: missing t in documentdescription example, from Stephen Gildea. 2002-03-24 * doc/texinfo.txi: invar sec 2002-03-23 * configure.ac: pretest 4.1c. 2002-03-23 Eli Zaretskii * info/search.c (skip_non_whitespace): Don't go beyond the terminating null character. * info/filesys.c (filesys_read_info_file) (filesys_read_compressed): Null-terminate the contents of the file we've read, so it could be used as a C string. 2002-03-23 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert_toplevel_subdirectory): Fix computation of output_filename's length, to avoid overrunning malloc'ed buffer. If mkdir returns with EEXIST, assume we can use an existing directory only if the existing file is indeed a directory. On MS-DOS, allow for EACCES in addition to EEXIST. : Remove this variable. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (expansion): Protect execute_string from too long strings. (EXECUTE_STRING_MAX): New macro. (execute_string): Use EXECUTE_STRING_MAX, not 4000. 2002-03-23 * doc/texinfo.txi: * makeinfo/insertion.h: * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: * makeinfo/xml.h: * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: * makeinfo/insertion.c: * makeinfo/html.c: * makeinfo/cmds.c: * doc/info-stnd.texi: @permissions -> @copying. * doc/texinfo.tex: permissions -> copying. 2002-03-22 * configure.ac: pretest 4.1b. * info/Makefile.am (BUILT_SOURCES): conditionalize on TEXINFO_MAINT, to appease distcheck. * From: Matthew Woodcraft : * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (next_menu_item_number): New global. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): Initialise it. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (handle_menu_entry): Emit accesskey attribute in html output, according to next_menu_item_number. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Emit accesskey attributes in html output. * doc/texinfo.txi: GNU texts. * doc/info-stnd.texi: @syncodeindex, not @synindex. 2002-03-21 * doc/texinfo.txi: @permissions. 2002-03-20 * doc/texinfo.txi: document --no-headers a bit better. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: better description of --no-headers, suggested by Stephen Gildea. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert_toplevel_subdirectory): use command-line specified output name unchanged. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (full_expansion): new routine, separated from expansion, that does not tamper with the formatting parameters. * makeinfo/insertion.c: copying -> permissions. (cm_insert_permissions): insert rather than add. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: * makeinfo/xml.h: * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/cmds.c: copying -> permissions. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: copying -> permissions. (full_expansion): declare. * doc/texinfo.txi: @copying -> @permissions, @include fdl.texi. * doc/info-stnd.texi: @copying -> @permissions, always include the FDL. * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): copying -> permissions, use insert_string. * makeinfo/insertion.h: copying -> permissions. * doc/texinfo.tex: \copying -> \permissions. * doc/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): include fdl.texi. 2002-03-19 * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_insert_copying): use insert_string in the xml case, sigh. * doc/info-stnd.texi: copying * dir-example: info standalone. * makeinfo/html.c: copyright_text -> copying_text. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: * makeinfo/insertion.c: * makeinfo/insertion.h: * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: * makeinfo/cmds.c: copyrighttext -> copying. * doc/info-stnd.texi: copyrighttext -> copying. * doc/texinfo.tex (\copying, \insertcopying): rename from copyrighttext per rms. * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg): don't emit warning for index entries containing : after all. * info/infokey.c: remove non-ansi trailing commas from last items of enums. From: Albert Chin-A-Young . 2002-03-18 * doc/info-stnd.texi: @include after @setfilename. * doc/texinfo.txi: @insertcopyrighttext, @settitle GNU ... * doc/texinfo.txi: mention @setfilename and source filename exceptions at the top. * makeinfo/defun.c (scan_group_in_string): handle escaped @{ and @}. Bug report from Werner Lemberg. * doc/info-stnd.texi: add version number to title a la Texinfo. * doc/info-stnd.texi: file -> manual. * doc/info-stnd.texi: use @copyrighttext. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion, end_insertion): copyrighttext case. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (copyright_text): declare/define. * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): output copyrighttext. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: Add copyrighttext. * makeinfo/xml.h (xml_element): add COPYRIGHTTEXT. * makeinfo/xml.c (texinfoml_element_list, docbook_element_list): copyrighttext case. 2002-03-17 * makeinfo/insertion.h (insertion_type): include copyrighttext. * makeinfo/cmds.c (command_table): new command copyrighttext. * doc/texinfo.tex (\copyrighttext, \insertcopyrighttext): new Texinfo commands to handle the copyright and permission text cleanly. (\dblarrowbox,\longdblarrowbox,\pushcharbox,\equivbox,\bullbox): remove these definitions that have not been used for ages. * configure.ac: call AC_CANONICAL_BUILD before the termcap checking. Bug report from Eli. 2002-03-16 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/node.c (cm_anchor): When recording the anchor position, account for output_paragraph_offset, since the current paragraph might not be closed yet (happens inside a menu, for example). * djgpp/config.sed: Tweak to adapt to the new Automake/Autoconf. * djgpp/README: Update. 2002-03-15 * dir-example: GNU organization. 2002-03-14 * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_titlepage): do not declare nonexistent function. 2002-03-14 * doc/texinfo.txi: don't say specifically html 3.2, since is not 3.2. Bug reprt from: Matthew Woodcraft . 2002-03-13 * doc/texinfo.tex (\writetocentry): set \pdfmakepagedesttrue here. (\Etitlepage): instead of here. In case the document has no @titlepage. Bug report from Stephen Gildea. * util/texi2dvi: be verbose after the definition of cmd, not before. From Andreas Schwab. 2002-03-12 * pretest 4.1a. * doc/info-stnd.texi: update to FDL. 2002-03-11 * util/texi2dvi: * util/texindex.c: * util/install-info.c: * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: * info/infokey.c: * info/info.c: home page and help message. * doc/texinfo.txi (math): document @\ (aka \\) for literal \. regularize index entries. * makeinfo/cmds.c (command_table): \\ -> insert_self. * doc/texinfo.tex (\mathbackslash): new definition. (\math): handle \\ too. (\codeunder): handle @code{\} in mmode. * makeinfo/html.c: make home page be gnu's. * doc/texinfo.txi (Conventions): rewrite description of quotes so as to work in all formats; there was no output for HTML. Report from: David Merrill . 2002-03-10 * doc/texinfo.txi (Texinfo Copying Conditions): mention this manual's license specifically. 2002-03-09 Eli Zaretskii * info/indices.c (add_index_to_index_nodenames): Fix an off-by-one error when computing the number of the last index entry. 2002-03-08 * doc/texinfo.tex: Rewrite unnumbered toc handling to keep track of their sequence, so they can be handled correctly in the PDF toc (= bookmarks). From: Werner LEMBERG . * configure.ac: AC_MSG_WARN if can't find a term library. From: Marc.Herbert@ens-lyon.fr. * info/info.c: alphabetize. * info/info.c: include short option names. 2002-03-08 Eli Zaretskii * info/display.c (display_update_one_window): Dynamically reallocate printed_line[] as needed. When under -R, ignore ANSI escapes for the purposes of line wrap display. Clear the line to EOL if it used escape sequences. Reallocate entry->text if the new printed_line is longer than screenwidth. * info/window.c (string_width): Don't count ANSI escape sequences in string width, when under -R.. (calculate_line_starts): Don't count ANSI escape sequences in line width, when under -R. (window_get_cursor_column, window_chars_to_goal): When under -R, ANSI escapes don't affect the horizontal position. * info/info-utils.c (printed_representation): If -R is in effect, treat ESC as a normal character. 2002-03-08 * util/Makefile.am: * info/Makefile.am: * makeinfo/Makefile.am: * lib/Makefile.am: doc fix. * doc/Makefile.am (install-tex): prefix the install directories with $(DESTDIR), because that is what automake does for all generated install rules. The file pdfcolor.tex should be installed as such (and not as epsf.tex). From: Peter Breitenlohner . * configure.ac (AC_INIT): now pass [GNU Texinfo]. (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): now no args, for automake 1.6. 2002-03-05 * doc/texinfo.txi: history 2002-03-04 * configure.ac: version 4.1. * util/texi2dvi: version. * doc/texinfo.txi: @settitle is used in html output (from Eli), various underfull hbox fixes. 2002-03-02 * configure.ac: pretest 4.0k * info/info.c: declare add_file_to_directory to avoid warning. * doc/info-stnd.texi: info standalone so as not to collide with `standards' in dir. 2002-03-01 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): Insert the /td and /tr directives in lower case. From Per Bothner . * makeinfo/macro.c (cm_alias): Ignore whitespace around the alias name, like the manual promises. * doc/texinfo.txi (Invoking Macros, Macro Details): Document that commas in macro arguments don't work in TeX. Advise texi2dvi -e when macros don't work with TeX. * doc/texinfo.txi (Node Line Requirements): Add restrictions about parens and some punctuation characters in node names. (Def Cmd Template): Document that macros are not expanded. The following two changes allow to say "info foo" if there's an Info file `foo' somewhere along INFOPATH. * info/info.c (add_file_directory_to_path): New function, code moved from `main'. (main): Use add_file_directory_to_path. * info/session.c (info_follow_menus): If the first menu entry couldn't be found as an item in DIR's menu, try it as a file name. 2001-06-19 Mark Montague * info/filesys.c: Fix for sparc64 (offsets should be "long"s). * info/session.c: Fix typos in function calls. 2001-08-23 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/footnote.c (cm_footnote): Don't allow footnotes inside footnotes. (output_pending_notes): Increment already_outputting_pending_notes in the HTML case as well, to protect execute_string from recursively entering output_pending_notes. 2002-03-01 * doc/texinfo.tex: fix mismatched $'s for sake of emacs font-lock. From: Stephen Gildea . 2002-02-27 * configure.ac: pretest 4.0j. * info/infodoc.c: 1scroll-forward typo. 2002-02-26 * lib/system.h [! ENABLE_NLS]: let's not go const. 2002-02-26 Eli Zaretskii * djgpp/config.sed: Add tweaking of file names in "install-info" and "uninstall-info" targets. * doc/inf-stnd.texi (Custom Key Bindings, Invoking infokey): Add footnotes about DOS file names. * info/infokey.c (main) [__MSDOS__]: If HOME is not defined, default to the current directory. 2002-02-26 * lib/system.h (LC_MESSAGES) [! LC_MESSAGES]: need this after all. 2002-02-25 * doc/info-stnd.texi: contents at top, avoid overfull hbox. * lib/Makefile.am (libtxi_a_sources): include gettext.h. * lib/system.h (LC_MESSAGES): don't need conditional, Bruno says that locale.h or libintl.h does so. * configure.ac: pretest 4.0i. * dir-example: infokey. * doc/info-stnd.texi: invoking infokey. * info/infokey.c (short_help): reorganize slightly. * lib/system.h: use "gettext.h" instead of per gettext 0.11 recommendation. 2002-02-25 gettextize * Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Add intl. * configure.ac (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add intl/Makefile. 2002-02-25 * util/Makefile.am (LDADD): * makeinfo/Makefile.am (LDADD): * info/Makefile.am (LDADD): @LIBINTL@ per gettextize. * configure.ac: gettextize changes. * Makefile.am: gettextize changes. 2002-02-25 gettextize * Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Add m4. (SUBDIRS): Remove intl. (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable. (EXTRA_DIST): Add config.rpath. * configure.ac (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add m4/Makefile. (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Remove intl/Makefile. 2002-02-23 * pretest 4.0h. * 2002-02-23 Eli Zaretskii * doc/info-stnd.texi (Invoking Info): Add a reference to the description of index-apropos and index-search. Document the --raw-escapes option. (Searching Commands): Describe index-search and index-apropos. * info/man.c (clean_manpage): If raw_escapes_p is not set, remove ANSI escape sequences from the man page. * info/info.h: Declare raw_escapes_p. * info/info.c: : New variable. New option --raw-escapes or -R. (main): Handle it. (info_short_help): Document it. (main): Honor --output together with --usage, by dumping the node we found to the named file. 2002-02-23 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/html.c (nodename_to_filename): Call nodename_to_filename_1 with the last argument 1, not 0. * makeinfo/toc.c (shortcontents_update_html) (contents_update_html): Don't omit the entry for the Top node. * 2002-01-30 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Don't condition splitting on top_node_seen being non-zero. If current_node is NULL, use the current output file name to get at the file name for the previous node. Don't compute a new file name for a node if we didn't close the current file. 2002-02-01 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Call html_output_head whenever we create a new split-HTML file. * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): Make html_title static. Compute it only once, and don't free it. Output the

title header only once per run. 2002-02-02 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/toc.c (contents_update_html): Fix the condition for omitting duplicate TOC entries. Fix comparison with the TOC entry for "Top". 2002-02-14 * doc/Makefile.am (DISTCLEANFILES): use this variable instead of the distclean-aminfo target, which apparently is no longer used. * pretest 4.0g. * doc/texinfo.tex (\appendixentry): new macro for typesetting appendix toc entries. (\appendixzzz, \summarycontents, \pdfoutlines): use it, instead of usurping \chapentry. This allows the bookmarks in the pdf output to come out right. Report from: Kurt Hornik . 2002-02-13 * configure.ac: ALL_LINGUAS is deprecated as of gettext 0.11. * doc/texinfo.tex (\image): remove spurious \loggingall. * doc/texinfo.txi: @math now implies @tex. * doc/texinfo.tex (\math): imply @tex. 2002-02-11 * makeinfo/insertion.c (handle_verbatim_environment): save and restore filling_enabled and inhibit_paragraph_indentation. Bug report from: Alexandre Duret-Lutz . * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (reader_loop): don't worry about bare braces inside @math. 2002-02-08 * info/infodoc.c: keep underlines with the text they refer to, for translation purposes. Pointed out by Christian Rose , 20 nov 2001. * doc/info.texi: recommend setting INFOPATH. * doc/Makefile.am (install-tex): need $(srcdir) for install. From: istry . * doc/texinfo.tex: replace $$$ delimiter with $.$, for sake of font-lock in Emacs 21.1. Suggestion from: Stephen Gildea . 2002-01-26 Eli Zaretskii * info/infomap.c (default_emacs_like_info_keys) (default_emacs_like_ea_keys, default_vi_like_info_keys) (default_vi_like_ea_keys): Fix default keybindings to be consistent with non-INFOKEY branch. Add bindings for Home, End, and Delete keys. 2002-01-23 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/toc.h : New member html_file. * makeinfo/toc.c (toc_add_entry): Compute and set the html_file member. (shortcontents_update_html): Produce the toc_* links correctly, without duplicating the link text. Fix comparison with "Top". Handle the case when there's @shortcontents, but no @contents. (contents_update_html): Fix the way toc_* anchors are produced from toc_entry_alist[i]->name: take only the node name from the string in toc_entry_alist[i]->name. Fix comparison with "Top". * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_html): Take the toc_anchor substring before closing the anchor with . Fix the closing tag--add 2 to level, not 1. Use sizeof instead of a magic value of 9. * makeinfo/cmds.c: Make @summarycontents call cm_shortcontents, as promised by the docs. 2002-01-19 Eli Zaretskii * djgpp/config.sed: Fix a problem with AC_CONFIG_LINKS that prevented building from a directory on another drive. * djgpp/config.bat: Fix problems with long --srcdir diectory names. * djgpp/README: Update. 2002-01-31 * doc/texinfo.txi: mention dvips 2002-01-28 * configure.ac (ALL_LINGUAS): add hr. 2002-01-22 * makeinfo/defun.c (defun.c): only warn about ( immediately following a defun name, since the groff manual needs other characters there where whitespace is incorrect. Reported by Werner Lemberg . * doc/info-stnd.texi: alphabetize variable list. * doc/texinfo.txi: no :'s in index entries, index @page/@group some more. * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg): warn if index entry contains a colon. From: Kenneth Lorber . 2002-01-21 * makeinfo/insertion.c: . 2002-01-18 * configure.ac: pretest 4.0f. * util/texindex.c: * util/install-info.c: * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: * info/info.c: it's 2002. * info/session.c: pass right args to info_scroll_half_screen_up. From Eli. 2002-01-18 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/multi.c (multitable_item): Always return a value. * util/install-info.c (xmalloc, xrealloc, pfatal_with_name) (open_possibly_compressed_file, parse_input): Call `fatal' with 3 arguments, to avoid compiler warnings. (main): Call `fatal', `error', and `warning' with the right number of arguments. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): Remove extraneous first arg of usage(). * info/window.c (build_message_node): Supply a 4th argument to build_message_buffer. 2002-01-18 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_html): End the anchor properly with a . * info/session.c (info_menu_or_ref_item): If we didn't find a cross-reference on this line, try the one before. * info/infomap.c (fetch_user_maps): Provide two different translations for ``file too small'' and ``file too big'' error. * info/info.c (info_short_help): Print the --speech-friendly option together with the other options, not at the end of the help screen. 2002-01-18 Andreas Schwab * makeinfo/html.c (escape_string): When string is empty don't read past end of it. 2002-01-17 * doc/info-stnd.texi: overfull box in table. 2002-01-16 * configure.ac: pretest 4.0e. * doc/info.texi: update from emacs. 2002-01-03 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (file_line_error): New function. * makeinfo/insertion.c (discard_insertions): Call file_line_error instead of changing global variables. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (cm_top): Ditto. * makeinfo/node.c (validate_file): Ditto. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (discard_braces, handle_variable_internal): Ditto. * makeinfo/macro.c (define_macro): Ditto. 2001-12-31 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/node.h (TAG_ENTRY): New struct member html_fname. * makeinfo/node.c (find_node_by_fname): New function. (remember_node): Accept an additional argument FNAME, the node's file name, and record it in the list of nodes; callers changed. (cm_node): Call find_node_by_fname to see if this node's file name clashes with another node or anchor. If it clashes with another node, append the new node to the same file instead of erasing the other node. If it clashes with an anchor, print an error message and overwrite the anchor's file. (cm_anchor): If this anchor's file name clashes with another anchor or node, print an error message and ignore the anchor. * makeinfo/files.c (normalize_filename): New function. * makeinfo/files.h : Add declaration. * makeinfo/html.c (nodename_to_filename_1): Call normalize_filename before returning the file name to the caller. Disable the code which adds #Nodified-filename to the file name we produce. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): Don't replace whitespace with   if we are producing an HTML directive. (add_html_elt): New function. (cm_xref, cm_inforef, cm_uref, cm_email, cm_image): Use add_html_elt instead of add_word, where appropriate. * makeinfo/html.c (add_link): Ditto. * makeinfo/footnote.c (cm_footnote): Ditto. * makeinfo/defun.c (defun_internal): Ditto. 2001-12-27 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Don't omit links to (DIR) from the navigation bar, add_anchor_name will DTRT now. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): Produce a split-HTML file name from arg1, the node name, not from arg3 or arg2, which are the reference name. Use arg2 or arg3 for the text to be displayed as a link between ">" and "". Use add_anchor_name instead of add_nodename_to_filename. (cm_inforef): Use add_anchor_name instead of add_nodename_to_filename. Handle the case of a missing second argument in @inforef. * makeinfo/html.c (add_anchor_name): Always add # and the anchor name, even if we are splitting. If the node is "(dir)", treat it as if it were "dir". (nodename_to_filename_1): Don't append #Top for the Top node. (add_link): Don't punt if nodename is "(dir)". Output "" after the link. 2001-12-25 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref, cm_inforef): Output the target file name via add_nodename_to_filename. 2001-12-20 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/html.c (nodename_to_filename_1): Make references to Top to refer to index.html#Top. (add_nodename_to_filename): Accept additional argument HREF; callers changed. * makeinfo/toc.c (rewrite_top): If the filename to rewrite is stdout or the null device, do nothing. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert_toplevel_subdirectory): Use FILENAME_CMP instead of strcmp. Search for a period forward, not backward. Make index_name[] a static const array, and its len computed at compile time. (convert_from_loaded_file): If output_filename is the null device, turn off HTML splitting. (cm_xref): Use add_anchor_name, rather than add_escaped_anchor_name, in the 5-argument case in HTML mode. (cm_inforef): Fix external references in HTML mode. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Use FILENAME_CMP instead of strcmp. Don't open a new file if the new node's name is empty. Take the directory part of split-HTML files from current_output_filename, not from toplevel_output_filename (the latter doesn't include the manual's subdirectory part). * makeinfo/html.c (nodename_to_filename_1): Use FILENAME_CMPN instead of strncmp. Support *.inf files in references. 2001-12-11 Eli Zaretskii * djgpp/config.bat, djgpp/config.sed, djgpp/config.site: Update for Texinfo 4.0d. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert_toplevel_subdirectory): Use IS_SLASH instead of literal `/'. (convert_from_loaded_file): Flush the output stream before creating the TOC. 2002-01-14 * info/info.c: translate --speech-friendly (from Eli). * makeinfo/index.c: formatting. 2001-12-24 Eli Zaretskii * info/infomap.c (initialize_info_keymaps): Bind the user-defined keys on top of the default ones, not the other way around. 2002-01-11 * info/info.c: can't do #ifdef inside of printf any more. From: Tyler * configure.ac (ALL_LINGUAS): add he, from Eli. 2002-01-09 Eli Zaretskii * info/window.c (calculate_line_starts): Cast node->contents[i] to unsigned char. 2002-01-04 * doc/texinfo.tex (\footnotezzz): \noindent=\relax. 2002-01-03 * doc/texinfo.tex (\imagexxx): handle pdf and dvi cases the same. (\dopdfimage): need \immediate to avoid seg fault when including the same image twice. Bug reports from Alexandre Duret-Lutz . 2001-12-31 * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): check *ext_arg as well as ext_arg when computing length of fullname. * makeinfo/defun.c: docbook changes. * makeinfo/docbook.c (docbook_punctuation): remove deprecated default: at end of statement. * makeinfo/docbook.c: initial. * makeinfo/docbook.h: initial. * makeinfo/Makefile.am (makeinfo_SOURCES): add docbook.[ch]. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): use   in docbook case. * doc/texinfo.tex (\footnotezzz): use \everypar={\hang} instead of just \hang in case a footnote extends for multiple paragraphs. 2001-12-18 * info/Makefile.am (BUILT_SOURCES): include $(EXEEXT) on makedoc dependency since automake doesn't do it. 2001-12-11 Eli Zaretskii * djgpp/config.bat, djgpp/config.sed, djgpp/config.site: Update for Texinfo 4.0d. * info/infomap.c (fetch_user_maps): Initialize `filename' to NULL and don't try to call `open' if `filename' is NULL. [__MSDOS__]: Try the current directory if neither $INFOKEY nor $HOME are defined. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert_toplevel_subdirectory): Use IS_SLASH instead of literal `/'. (convert_from_loaded_file): Flush the output stream before creating the TOC. 2001-12-10 Eli Zaretskii * info/infokey.c (main): Use FOPEN_WBIN instead of "w". * info/infokey.h (INFOKEY_SRCFILE, INFOKEY_FILE) [__MSDOS__]: Special definitions for MS-DOS. 2001-12-09 Eli Zaretskii * lib/system.h: Condition inclusion of libintl.h on ENABLE_NLS. (gettext, bindtextdomain, textdomain) [!ENABLE_NLS]: Provide trivial definitions for when NLS is not used. (LC_MESSAGES) [!ENABLE_NLS]: Define if undefined by locale.h. 2001-12-18 Eli Zaretskii * info/infomap.c (decode_keys): Change the return type to int; callers changed. Return zero if some of the special keys in SRC are not defined by the terminal; return non-zero otherwise. (section_to_keymaps): If decode_keys returns zero, don't bind the key sequence. 2001-12-18 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_element_with_attribute) (xml_insert_element): Rename the argument `element' to `elt'. * info/infokey.c (compile): Use \033 instead of (non-standard) \e. 2001-12-17 2001-12-16 Eli Zaretskii * info/pcterm.c (pc_initialize_terminal) [INFOKEY]: Store term_kh, term_ke, term_ki, and term_kx sequences. (DJGPP_keytab): Map Home, End, and Insert to escape sequences, not to C-a, C-e, etc. * info/infomap.c (default_emacs_like_info_keys) (default_emacs_like_ea_keys, default_vi_like_info_keys) (default_vi_like_ea_keys): Add the leading suppress-default flag, to be consistent with the table which comes from a file. * info/session.c (info_do_lowercase_version): Add a doc string. * info/infodoc.c (describe_key) [INFOKEY]: If keystroke is bound to do-lowercase-version, but its lower-case variant is undefined, say that keystroke is also undefined. 2001-12-12 * makeinfo/files.c (find_and_load): remove conditionals on VMS|O_BINARY, always just read as many bytes as we can. 2001-12-11 Eli Zaretskii * new files for djgpp/. 2001-09-09 Eli Zaretskii * info/echo-area.c (build_completions): Look for a candidate completion which matches user's request including the letter-case, use that as the value of LCD_completion. 2001-12-06 Eli Zaretskii * info/echo-area.c (build_completions): When looking for the best completion candidate, only compare as much characters as the user typed. 2001-12-04 * doc/texinfo.tex (\pdfmkpgn): remove trailing @ in link names again. Also from Kurt. * doc/texinfo.tex (\image): need five commas to ignore additional optional args to @image. From Kurt.Hornik@ci.tuwien.ac.at. * doc/texinfo.tex (\afourlatex): reset \globaldefs=0 explicitly. From Trond Endrest°l . 2001-12-01 * makeinfo/files.c (find_and_load): remove O_BINARY from open call, this messes up under Windows. From eli. 2001-11-20 * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): reword error messages. 2001-11-19 * Pretest 4.0d. * doc/texinfo.txi: index ragged right/left. * info/window.c (build_message_buffer): handle %1$s as used in ja.po. From Fumitoshi UKAI . * configure.ac (ALL_LINGUAS): add sv. 2001-11-16 * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): add COPYING.DOC. 1999-10-30 Andrew Bettison All these changes are to implement user-configurable key mapping using the new 'infokey' program. For the time being, the new code is conditional on [INFOKEY] and the old code is still there in case we want to revert. * info/session.c (incremental_search): test for printable chars _before_ isearch command keys -- makes a difference if the isearch commands are bound to printable chars. * info/doc.h, * info/infodoc.c, * info/infomap.c, * info/m-x.c, * info/session.c: New typedef InfoCommand, plus a bunch of supporting macros, to abstract a "command" away from being a function pointer. * info/doc.h (pretty_keyseq), * info/infodoc.c (pretty_keyseq), * info/session.c (pretty_keyseq): Moved definition from session.c into infodoc.c, and rewrote to recognise special terminal sequences (PgUp, PgDn, etc.). * info/infodoc.c (create_internal_info_help_node, replace_in_documentation, info_where_is), * info/m-x.c (info_execute_command): Cleaned up references to hardwired keystrokes. * info/infodoc.c (replace_in_documentation): Extended the \\[foo] syntax to recognise \\%-X.Y[foo], which causes the replacement text to be inserted using sprintf("%-X.Ys"). * info/session.c (_scroll_forward, _scroll_backward, scroll_forward_page_only, scroll_backward_page_only, scroll_forward_page_only_set_window, scroll_backward_page_only_set_window): New functions, eliminating need for SPC and DEL hack. * info/session.c (scroll_forward, scroll_backward, scroll_forward_set_window, scroll_backward_set_window): Call _scroll_forward and _scroll_backward to do all the work. * info/infomap.c (initialize_info_keymaps)[!INFOKEY]: set 'v' and Control('v') key bindings to info_scroll_backward_page_only and info_scroll_forward_page_only respectively. * info/Makefile.am (bin_PROGRAMS): Added new executable `infokey'. (infokey_SOURCES): Defined. (EXTRA_DIST): Added `sample_infokey'. (BUILT_SOURCES): Added `key.c'. * info/infokey.h, * info/infokey.c: Created, for new program `infokey' which creates a $HOME/.info file by compiling a text source file with syntax very similar to that used by `lesskey' in less 3.4.0. * info/makedoc.c: Generate new file `key.c' defining an array to map command names to codes. * info/key.h: Created, to define contents of new `key.c' now created by makedoc. * info/info.h (INFOKEY): Define, to enable all following changes. (set_variable_to_value)[INFOKEY]: Declare new function. * info/makedoc.c [INFOKEY]: Write '#define A_' numeric command code definitions into `funs.h' to support new key binding system. * info/session.c (info_dispatch_on_key, info_numeric_arg_digit_loop) [INFOKEY], * info/infomap.c [INFOKEY], * info/infodoc.c (function_documentation, function_name, describe_key, pretty_keyname, pretty_keyseq_internal, where_is_internal)[INFOKEY], * info/terminal.h (term_kh, term_ke, term_kx, term_ki)[INFOKEY], * info/terminal.c (term_kh, term_ke, term_kx, term_ki, terminal_initialize_terminal)[INFOKEY], * info/variables.c (set_variable_to_value)[INFOKEY], * info/sample_infokey: Added infokey functionality, copied more or less wholesale from 'lesskey' in GNU Less 3.4.0. Added a new typedef struct FUNCTION_KEYSEQ, and a new element `keys' to typedef struct FUNCTION_DOC, to give the user some control over the keystrokes that appear in the documentation node generated by get-help-window, and to improve efficiency a little. * info/infodoc.c (info_internal_help_text, create_internal_info_help_node)[INFOKEY]: Rewrote all code that assumes fixed keystrokes, replacing %10s sequences with \\%10[foo] sequences instead. * doc/info-stnd.texi: Documented above changes. 2001-09-19 * makeinfo/cmds.c: * configure.ac (AC_SYS_POSIX_TERMIOS, AC_HEADER_TIOCGWINSZ): use these new autoconf macros instead of the old automake ones. * info/terminal.c: remove unconditional include of sys/ioctl.h. * info/termdep.h: [GWINSZ_IN_SYS_IOCTL]: include outside of HAVE_TERMIOS_H, per autoconf manual. * doc/Makefile.am (install-info-am): remove override of automake's target, instead enable looking in . for info files within automake. * doc/info-stnd.texi: include separate version-stnd.texi * configure.ac: autoconf 2.52, and rename to configure.ac. 2001-09-11 * doc/texinfo.txi: recommend against using - and _ in @set names, * and rearrange that section. * info/infodoc.c (replace_in_documentation): free fun_name to fix memory leak. From: "Art Haas" , Sat, 4 Aug 2001 08:34:31 -0500. * makeinfo/lang.c: encoding support for info output from kama. * makeinfo/lang.h: encoding support for info output from kama. * makeinfo/html.c: include document encoding code unless no_encoding. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_direntry): don't call begin_insertion if ignoring. (cm_documentdescription): moved here, and likewise. (begin_insertion): don't need output format conditionals here. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_documentdescription): move to insertion.c. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (enable_encoding): new global. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: new option --enable-encoding, rearrange help. Sun Oct 31 18:44:24 UTC 1999 Karl Heinz Marbaise - lang.{c,h}: o added translation map between HTML markups and 8-Bit (ISO-8859-1 codes; supplemental is Unicode for the future). o added cm_search_iso_map: search for characters based on HTML markup names for translation 8-Bit code. o recognizing of @documentencoding improved. now we can recognize things like ISO-8859-{1...15} - makeinfo.{c,h}: o added two command line switches. + info-encoding to activate the encoding for info output which is correctly shown by info. Default is NOT to encode the output to be compatible with earlier versions. + no-encoding to suppress encoding e.g. while producing ASCII output (--no-headers) results in that you get "A for Ä as before. o help output changed to document the switches. - html.c: charset encoding in html based on @documentencoding. 2001-07-31 * doc/texinfo.txi: mention pdfcolor.tex. * doc/texinfo.tex: doc. * doc/Makefile.am (install-tex): install pdfcolor.tex too. * doc/pdfcolor.tex: new file, since Kurt.Hornik@ci.tuwien.ac.at reports that not all pdftex installations include it. 2001-07-25 * doc/texinfo.tex (\Etitlepage): need \HEADINGSon before the \...aftertitlepage checks to get page numbers. Report from 3diff@gnu.org.  2001-07-06 * doc/texinfo.txi: mention http://docbook2X.sourceforge.net/. 2001-06-29 * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: make output to stdout imply --no-split for HTML, too. * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): use documentdescription if set. * makeinfo/insertion.h (insertion_type): new case documentdescription. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion, end_insertion, insertion_type_names): new case for documentdescription. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_documentdescription): new fn. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (document_description): new global. * doc/texinfo.txi: @documentdescription. @documentdescription implementation from patches by Will Estes. 2001-06-26 * doc/texinfo.txi: documentdescription * doc/texinfo.tex: Ignore @documentdescription ... @end documentdescription. * doc/texinfo.txi: document sequential punctuation in @footnote is normal, suggested by rms. 2001-06-21 * doc/texinfo.tex (\textfonts): call \setleading here, so that we can switch font sizes back and forth inside @tex with \globaldefs=1 and not lose the leading. * doc/texinfo.txi: allow @smallbook to run without overfull or underfull boxes. 2001-06-19 * doc/texinfo.tex (\imagexxx): ignore new optional args to @image. * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): include


at beginning of document. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (cm_top): don't include explicit links in HTML output, the regular code for @node will do it. (sectioning_html): use

for chapter instead of

, etc. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): do not include code to output the HTML , we do that elsewhere now. 1999-11-26 W. L. Estes * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): add an explicit
before beginning a
 block. for flushleft and flushright, use
tag with an align attribute set. * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): for flushleft and flushright, end the
block. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): new variable, alt_arg now allows user-supplied alt attribute value and ext_arg allows user-supplied extension for image files. * makeinfo/toc.c (contents_update_html): add anchors at chapter level entries (shortcontents_update_html): hrefs in shortcontents point to the above anchors in the detailed contents * doc/texinfo.txi: document changes to @image and the new behavior of shortcontents entries 2001-06-14 * makeinfo/node.c: no need for size_t. 2001-06-13 * texinfo.tex (\pdfmkdest): \normalturnoffactive, so refs and defs match. (\xrefX): pdf link defs no longer use @, so link refs shouldn't use @ either. (All xrefs in pdf were failing.) (\mkpgn): remove redundant second definition. * texinfo.tex (\smallerfonts): new font size. (\smallexample, et al.): use it, in all cases, not just @smallbook. 1999-11-30 Andreas Schwab * doc/texinfo.tex (\xrefX): Turn off active characters when writing out the link name for pdf. 2001-06-13 * doc/texinfo.txi: document that @smallexample is smaller in all page formats now. 2001-06-11 * 4.0c. * util/Makefile.am: Don't need automake patch any more, with automake 1.4p4. * configure.in (AC_FUNC_SETVBUF_REVERSED): only needed on pre-sysvr3 systems that nobody has anymore? Or so Russ Allbery informs me ... 2001-06-08 * makeinfo/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): include texinfo.{dtd,xsl}. * util/Makefile.am: automake-1.4p3 now. 2001-06-07 * util/texi2dvi: comment out conditional text, from Werner LEMBERG . 2001-06-02 Eli Zaretskii * info/echo-area.c (info_read_completing_internal): If there are no completions, say that instead of "Not complete". * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): add da * makeinfo/Makefile.am (pkgdata_DATA): include texinfo.xsl. * configure.in: update for autoconf 2.50. 2001-06-04 * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): automake-14p2.patch now. * util/automake-14p2.patch: rename from 14p1. 2001-05-22 * changes from feloy for lowercase xml names, etc. 2001-05-21 * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): add automake-14p1.patch. * makeinfo/Makefile.am (pkgdata_DATA): define to install texinfo.dtd. 2001-05-17 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref, cm_inforef): Don't allow empty first arguments in cross references. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: redo --help, basic patch from ke@suse.de. 2001-05-03 * doc/info.texi: move help-cross to be subnode of cross-refs, instead dangling out in space. * doc/info.texi: update from eli 2001-05-02 * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_push_current_element): need to select the `name' member. 2001-05-01 * configure.in: 4.0b * doc/info.texi (Help-Cross): subsection of Cross-refs. * lib/system.h (va_alist, etc.): moved from makeinfo.c. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (va_alist, etc.): move to system.h * makeinfo/xml.[ch]: new files from Philippe Martin . * pretty much all files also modified for XML/DocBook output. * doc/texinfo.txi: minimally mention --xml and --docbook. * makeinfo/xml.c: convert to K&R until we can do ansi2knr. * util/texindex.c, * util/install-info.c, * info/info.c: it's 2001. 2001-04-15 * doc/info.texi: major update from eli. 2001-04-13 1999-10-16 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Don't generate cross-references to "(DIR)". * makeinfo/html.c (add_link): Likewise. 1999-10-16 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert): Don't call html_output_head here. (add_char): Call html_output_head here... * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_sp): ...and here... * makeinfo/toc.c (cm_contents, cm_shortcontents): ...and here... * makeinfo/node.c (cm_anchor): ...and here. * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): `free' html_title if expanded. Make and stand out. 2001-04-12 1999-12-26 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/defun.c (defun_internal): Use execute_string instead add_word_args to expand defined_name, type_name and category (in HTML mode). 2001-03-29 * Makefile.am: simple license. 2001-02-27 1999-12-17 Yoshiki Hayashi * info/terminal.h, info/terminal.c (term_kh, term_ke, term_kD): New variables to hold Home, End, Delete key sequences. * info/infomap.c (initialize_emacs_like_keymaps, initialize_vi_like_keymaps): Set them. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: --split-size option from Yoshiki: 1999-12-09 Yoshiki Hayashi * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (split_size): New option. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (long_options): Add split_size. (usage): Ditto. Suggested by Richard Y. Kim. * util/texi2dvi: -o support from Akim. 2001-02-02 * dir-example: don't need zsh twice. From: Nishio Futoshi , 02 Apr 2000. * doc/texinfo.txi: capitalization fixes. * doc/info.texi: up pointer fixes. * doc/texinfo.txi: installing an info file. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: --output is for split html, not non-split. From: Karl Eichwalder 2001-01-12 1999-10-15 Eli Zaretskii * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_sc): Don't print the warning about all-uppercase argument in menus under --no-headers. * makeinfo/files.c: pass O_BINARY flag to open, suggested by bfox. 2001-01-11 * info/terminal.c [HAVE_TERMIOS_H && TCOON]: tcflow TCOOFF/TCCON to resume output if user presses CTRL-S at the beginning of things. [HAVE_TERMIO_H && TCXONC]: ditto. From Kevin Ryde , 16jun2000; cf. emacs/src/sysdep.c. 2001-01-08 * makeinfo/cmds.c: afivepaper, afourwide, afourlatex. * doc/texinfo.txi: afivepaper 2001-01-05 * doc/info.texi: typo from: Martin Buchholz . * doc/info.texi: typo fixes from meyering. 2001-01-02 * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (remember_brace_1): don't assume command is non-null, an (erroneous) input line like \hbox to7in{ passes in a null. * makeinfo/toc.c: fix from jan * makeinfo/html.c: fix from jan for top-level references. 2000-12-22 * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: --help changes. * doc/texinfo.txi: -o means the directory name for HTML output. 2000-12-21 * doc/texinfo.txi: switch to fdl * makeinfo/html.c: doc fix. * makeinfo/insertion.c: no space after _ I guess. * makeinfo/cmds.c: no space after _ I guess. * makeinfo/html.c (nodename_to_filename_1): fix up external * top-node references. 2000-12-20 * HTML table patch from Jan: 2000-12-19 Jan Nieuwenhuizen * makeinfo/multi.c (multitable_item), (cm_tab): close html table columns. Also, align cell contents to top, which is probably the most sensible thing to do for text. 2000-12-19 * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert_toplevel_subdirectory): try name.html if just name doesn't work. * doc/texinfo.txi: document html output in .html directory sometimes. * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): add install-info-html. * util/texindex.c: 2000 * util/install-info.c: 2000 * info/info.c: 2000 * configure.in: 4.0a * lib/system.h: include limits.h * Applied HTML splitting changes from Jan: 2000-11-10 Jan Nieuwenhuizen * makeinfo: removed code for numbered split HTML output, removed SPLIT_JCN conditional. 2000-11-09 Jan Nieuwenhuizen * makeinfo/html.c: prepared nodifying filename functions for linking not non-spit HTML documents, by adding ``#anchor'' to external refernces. * doc/texinfo.txi (Installing HTML info): updated doco for --html option, added node Installing HTML info. * util/install-info-html.in: new script. The bare minimum required for generating HTML index. * lib/system.h: compilation fix. 2000-11-08 Jan Nieuwenhuizen * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): [SPLIT_JCN]: overloaded already way too hairy function with logic to put split html output into subdirectory with basename of toplevel output file. * makeinfo/html.c (fix_filename): new function. 2000-11-07 Jan Nieuwenhuizen * toc.c (toc_add_entry): (contents_update_html): (shortcontents_update_html): [SPLIT_JCN]: use hrefs for nodename based html files. * node.c (cm_node): [SPLIT_JCN]: create html filename based on nodename (instead of a numbered node.html filename). * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): [SPLIT_JCN]: enable splitting of html output. * makeinfo/html.c (add_url_name,add_nodename_to_filename,nodename_to_filename): new functions. 2000-12-15 * configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): add limits.h explicitly. 2000-11-10 * dir-example: update * info/nodes.c: doc fixes, etc. * incorporated verbatim patch from janneke: 2000-04-14 * applied texinfo-3.12s.jcn4 patch 1999-09-02 * makeinfo/cmds.c, * makeinfo/insertion.c: @verbatiminclude file * doc/texinfo.tex: @verbatiminclude file * doc/texinfo.txi: @vebatiminclude file doco * NEWS: added @verbatiminclude to Language section 1999-09-01 * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: bf: @exdent (urg6.texi) -- Rolled into 4.0 * NEWS: added verb* to Language section * doc/texinfo.txi: @verb, @verbatim doco * doc/texinfo.tex: tricky tex-fix for @verb{..} * doc/texinfo.tex: real tab expansion for @verbatim mode * doc/texinfo.tex: proper start of environment, no indentation 1999-08-31 * makeinfo/cmds.c: * makeinfo/insertion.{c,h}, * makeinfo/makeinfo.{c,h}: redo of @verbatim, @verb{..} * doc/texinfo.tex: fixed @verb{..} 1999-08-30 Jan Nieuwenhuizen * makeinfo/cmds.c, * makeinfo/insertion.{c,h}, * makeinfo/makeinfo.{c,h}: added @verbatim (and preliminary @verb) support * doc/texinfo.tex: added @verbatim (and preliminary @verb) support 1999-08-24 Jan Nieuwenhuizen * bf: empty node: makeinfo/node.c:cm_node () -- Rolled into 4.0 2000-10-18 * doc/info.texi: eli update 2000-09-22 * makeinfo/defun.c: warn if non-whitespace follows @defun'd name (suggestion from Akim). Installed some patches: 2000-08-04 Paul Eggert * makeinfo/multi.c (find_template_width): Don't access before start of *PARAMS. 2000-08-21 Eli Zaretskii * info/filesys.c (info_file_in_path): Reject FILENAME if it is empty, or ".", or "..". 2000-08-23 Eli Zaretskii * info/session.c (info_menu_or_ref_item): If the user have chosen menu item or xref that's identical to defentry's label, use defentry instead of looking for its label. Otherwise, select the entry whose position is the closest to the window's point, in case there's more than a single entry with that label. 2000-09-12 * doc/texinfo.txi: it's 2000 now. * doc/texinfo.txi: document the only real (and rare) reason for not using implicit pointer creation. 2000-09-06 * configure.in: test all termcap variables for existence. From andy@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de. * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): include ja. * lib/system.h [HAVE_IO_H]: make #include conditional for BeOS. Reported by Dan Moore, dan@moore.cx. * configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): add io.h. 2000-06-05 * doc/texinfo.txi: forgot to escape {}. 2000-05-30 * info/filesys.c (is_dir_name): check all info suffixes as well as the compression suffixes. Fixes segmentation fault on a dir.info file ending after the * Menu. 2000-05-28 * doc/texinfo.txi: Forgot {arg} in @rmacro example. From Olaf B. 2000-05-27 * doc/txi-cs.tex: update from: Stepan Kasal . * doc/Makefile.am (install-data-local): reformat warning per Franšois to hopefully make it more noticeable. 2000-02-08 Eli Zaretskii * info/session.c (incremental_search): Don't retain RET when exiting isearch. Suggested by Hrvoje Niksic . 2000-05-22 * doc/texinfo.txi: pageparams -> pagesizes 2000-05-18 * makeinfo/lang.c (cm_accent_tilde): need N in list. From: kama@hippo.fido.de (Karl Heinz Marbaise) * makeinfo/files.c (find_and_load): read only the number of bytes available in the buffer. Also, remove one-byte-at-a-time reading in the WIN32 case. From: "J. David Bryan" * info/man.c: use eli's patch after all, we re-increment j at the top of the loop. 2000-05-16 * info/man.c (clean_manpage): don't write before the beginning of newpage. (based on patch from Eli). 2000-02-03 * doc/texinfo.txi: remove spurious space. from kaja. 1999-10-12 Karl Berry * doc/Makefile.am (install-tex): install all txi-?? files. 1999-10-01 W. L. Estes * makeinfo/cmds.c: dont treat @center as separate paragraph, use div element to output center 1999-09-29 Eli Zaretskii * djgpp/README: Say `dir-example', not DIR. * lib/system.h (DEFAULT_INFOPATH) [__DJGPP__]: Define. 1999-09-28 Karl Berry * configure.in, util/texi2dvi: version 4.0. * doc/texinfo.txi: New isbn. 1999-09-24 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi: Fixes from Oleg. 1999-09-20 Karl Berry * makeinfo/node.c: Don't write region at an anchor. From: Thomas Esken * info/terminal.c: Only set dumb terminal if tgetent returns < 0, not 0. For HP-UP 11. From jeff.hull@state.co.us. * makeinfo/footnote.c: Don't translate the `Footnotes' string according to LANG, it should be according to @documentlanguage, which isn't implemented yet. From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen * doc/texinfo.txi: @end direntry from kama. 1999-09-19 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi: \ninett is now \smalltt. * doc/texinfo.txi: arnold changes 1999-09-03 Akim Demaille * texi2dvi (getopt): batch has to be assigned `eval', not `echo'. (bibtex): Launch BibTeX also when the LOG file complains that there are no BBL file. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document that @anchor ignores spaces. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_shyph): remove, ­ is not supported in browsers. From: Thomas Esken * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Don't crash if current_indent = 0. From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Avoid blank lines between @menu entries. * configure.in: 3.12t 1999-08-31 Eli Zaretskii * info/info.c (info_short_help): Document --apropos. 1999-09-18 Karl Berry * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): use text for , not html markup. From Franšois. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (text_expansion): new routine. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_settitle): don't expand the title here, we'll do it later. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (text_expansion): declare. * info/indices.c, * info/infodoc.c, * info/session.c, * info/footnotes.c: translate errors. * info/info.h: Use `' instead of "" in errors. 1999-09-06 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> +1999-08-24 Jan Nieuwenhuizen <janneke@gnu.org> * makeinfo/node.c:cm_node: don't compare current_node when null. 1999-08-23 W. L. Estes <will@fumblers.org> * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): write <a name=> tags even ifusing --no-headers * configure.in: ospeedlib -> trylib From: Andreas Schwab <schwab@suse.de> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (read_command): add explicit 0 to return if enclosure command. From: Andreas Jaeger <aj@arthur.rhein-neckar.de>. 1999-08-19 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * configure.in: add missing quotes, logic in new termcap library check. 1999-08-17 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/multi.c, * makeinfo/sectioning.c, * makeinfo/node.c, * makeinfo/macro.c: omit unused vars * info/session.c (info_goto_invocation_node): omit unused decl. * configure.in: Check for extra termlib variable necessary on HP-UX 9. From: Olaf Bachmann <obachman@mathematik.uni-kl.de> 1999-08-16 Andreas Schwab <schwab@suse.de> * info/terminal.c (terminal_initialize_terminal): Try tcgetattr and cfgetospeed in preference to TIOCGETP. (original_tchars, original_ltchars): Define them only if needed. 1999-08-16 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * info/infodoc.c (create_internal_info_help_node): rename arg. (info_find_or_create_help_window): avoid deref of null eligible. * info/terminal.c (TIOCGETP, TIOCGETC, TIOCGLTC) [alpha && linux]: #undef. Useless stubs are present. 1999-08-15 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * info/nodes.c: Remove reference to nonexistent RFC for Info files. 1999-08-11 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * info/nodes.c (info_find_file_internal): If the file's contents were gc'ed since last time it was loaded, reload the file. Wed Aug 11 06:42:47 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): add txi-pt.tex from Lalo. Mon Aug 9 16:28:18 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * util/texi2dvi: Support preloaded texinfo.tex, from Stephen. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): restore ugly check for first character being <. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_kbd): Increment in_fixed_width_font for html. * doc/texinfo.txi: effect not affect * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Rearrange help. * makeinfo/toc.c: Cast %* arguments to (int) to placate gcc -Wformat. Fri Aug 6 13:03:14 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * util/install-info.c: Hardwire the File: dir, Node: top part of the skeleton dir file. Report from: Stanislav Brabec <utx@k332.feld.cvut.cz> * info/Makefile.am (BUILT_SOURCES): rm -f $(BUILT_SOURCES), a kludge. 1999-07-28 Karl Eichwalder <ke@gnu.franken.de> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Fix help string (-o). 1999-07-30 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_uref, cm_email): Don't collapse -- and `` in the URL part of the reference. 1999-08-03 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * util/install-info.c (main): For entries given on command line, set entry_sections and entry_sections_tail members to NULL, and set text_len member to the entry length. After processing the Info file, update the entry_sections pointers of all entries that came from the command line. * util/texindex.c (sort_offline, sort_in_core): use off_t rather than long. Found on FreedBSD 2.2.8 by "Trond Endrestol" <endrestol@hotmail.com>. Mon Jul 19 17:16:46 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * configure.in: 3.12n * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): Don't insert <p> if we're in @html. * makeinfo/html.c (add_escaped_anchor_name), * makeinfo/toc.c (toc_add_entry): use URL_SAFE_CHAR. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (HTML_SAFE, URL_SAFE_CHAR): new macros. Sun Jul 18 14:47:40 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * dir-example: Add bzip2. * configure.in: 3.12m. * doc/texinfo.txi (@afourlatex,@afourwide): add to command list. 1999-07-17 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): Don't collapse `` and -- while expanding node names. Generate a terminating period for @pxref, when it has more than a single argument. * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): Don't collapse `` and -- while expanding node names. Sat Jul 17 16:33:45 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * 3.12l. * doc/texinfo.txi: @alias, @definfoenclose, etc. * util/texindex.c (indexify): error message instead of abort(2) when no page number. Fri Jul 16 18:00:26 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Overfull boxes, help2man, etc. * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): texi-outline.gawk is really outline.gawk, add fixref.gawk and prepinfo.awk and texi-docstring-magic.el. Thu Jul 15 18:57:54 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: .fmt, etc. * doc/texinfo.txi: More macro docs, etc. Wed Jul 14 19:58:47 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Give good quote. * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): add texi-outline.gawk. From: kama@hippo.fido.de (Karl Heinz Marbaise) * makeinfo/toc.c (contents_update_html): go back to start level. * doc/texinfo.txi: deftypeop From: "Kaveh R. Ghazi" <ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu> * makeinfo/toc.c (toc_add_entry): don't assume sprintf return type is int. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (insert_and_underscore): declare more unsigned char *. * makeinfo/macro.h (itext_info, itext_size): remove declarations, they're defined static. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Split up help string even more. Tue Jul 13 17:16:18 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Document @rmacro. * makeinfo/macro.c (cm_rmacro): new command to do @allow-recursion by default. (define_macro): split off from cm_macro. * makeinfo/macro.h (cm_rmacro): declare. * makeinfo/macro.h (delete_macro): do not need to export. * makeinfo/cmds.c (rmacro): new command. * makeinfo/html.c, * makeinfo/toc.c, * makeinfo/lang.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Use strchr instead of member. Mon Jul 12 08:01:19 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: document this. * makeinfo/macro.c (apply): warn if \ in macro body is not followed by a parameter name or \, instead of silently accepting it, for compatibility with TeX. * makeinfo/macro.c: Doc fix. Sun Jul 11 12:49:50 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/macro.c (cm_macro): do @quote-arg implicitly if single argument to macro. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document this. * doc/texinfo.txi (Smallcaps): Document makeinfo warning if arg is all uppercase. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_sc): warn if arg is all upper (suggested by Jim Meyering). * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_var): warn if argument contains any of ,[]() which are unlikely to be allowable in real variable names. Suggested by rms. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (member): remove weird masking macro. * doc/texinfo.txi: Probably ok to indent @example. * configure.in: 3.12k. * makeinfo/html.c (add_escaped_anchor_name): Cast to unsigned char for 8-bit chars. From Yoshiki. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: complain -> warn for sake of <80 chars. 1999-07-09 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/multi.c (multitable_item): Quote the value of align= property. * makeinfo/defun.c (defun_internal): Ditto. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_center): Ditto. * makeinfo/toc.c (toc_add_entry): New argument ANCHOR; all callers changed. In HTML mode, expand NODE_NAME, or use ANCHOR, if non-NULL, and save it together with the TOC name in the name member of the TOC entry. (toc_add_entry, toc_find_section_of_node): Add a warning in a comment that the NODE argument must be unexpanded. (contents_update_html): Terminate the TOC entry with </a>. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_html): If the sectioning command is outside any node, generate explicit anchor and pass it to toc_add_entry. * makeinfo/node.c (expand_node_name): Now external instead of static. (cm_node): Output expanded node name in the navigation bar. * makeinfo/node.h: Declare expand_node_name. * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): Produce valid HTML links, even if index->node is NULL or empty. Fix format of index under --no-headers. Fri Jul 9 18:09:28 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Pair @end html properly. From Olaf B. * doc/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): add txi-nl.tex from Marcel van der Boom <marcel@virtualprojects.org>. * doc/txi-en.tex: Doc fix. Wed Jul 7 16:07:44 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/Makefile.am: Doc fix. * configure.in (txi_CHECK_DECLS): call this new macro (in acinclude.m4). * acinclude.m4: new file. Tue Jul 6 19:12:37 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/insertion.h, * makeinfo/insertion.c, * makeinfo/cmds.c, * makeinfo/defun.c: new command @deftypeop. Suggestion from: booth@us.ibm.com. 1999-07-05 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_value): Don't convert quotes and dashes in the argument of @value, since @set doesn't. Mon Jul 5 16:43:23 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/insertion.c (get_item_function): return "@ " rather than "@". (command_needs_braces): new fn. (cm_item): handle @itemize markers that don't take braces. Bug reported by Stephen, prototype fix from Yoshiki. * doc/texinfo.txi (Contents): @contents ignored at beginning when outputting to stdout. Installed this. >1999-05-02 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> > * makeinfo/toc.c (cm_contents, cm_shortcontents): If writing to > stdout, output the contents and short contents immediately, and > assign NULL to contents_filename and shortcontents_filename, so > that toc_update won't try to rewrite stdout. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_html): declare starting_pos and ending_pos as unsigned char * since they're based on output_paragraph. * makeinfo/insertion.c: Cast output_paragraph to char * for sake of strncmp prototype (on IRIX 4). From: "Kaveh R. Ghazi" <ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu> * info/man.c (get_manpage_contents): restore previous (default) SIGCHLD handler so the pclose when gunzipping info files doesn't fail with `No child processes' (because reap_children reaped it). From: Josip Rodin <jrodin@public.srce.hr> njs@uclink4.berkeley.edu, 38063-forwarded@bugs.debian.org Fri Jul 2 14:26:22 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> From gildea: * info/terminal.c (TIOCGETC) [M_XENIX && TIOCGETC]: #undef. * info/session.c (strncasecmp) [M_XENIX]: declare. Thu Jul 1 19:25:12 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_value): erroneous capitalization in error message. * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): @end html should turn html escaping back on. From esr. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_pxref): No period needed to terminate cross-reference. Sun Jun 13 16:12:41 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Remove some more node links. Sat May 1 16:01:36 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * info/info.c: Single space for option indent to match others. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * util/texindex.c, * util/install-info.c: Must indent option list for help2man. * info/infodoc.c [HELP_NODE_GETS_REGENERATED]: set to true. (info_internal_help_text): put moving cmds first so they know how to go forward in the help window. (create_internal_info_help_node): can't always quit help with C-x 0. (info_find_or_create_help_window): pass !one_window_p. 1999-04-29 Yoshiki Hayashi <g740685@komaba.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): Don't collapse --- to -- etc., in references. Mon Apr 26 16:41:55 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/node.c (validate): arrange to translate the reference type. Report from Sergio. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (validate): should not be declared here. * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): <ul compact> is not translatable. From Yoshiki. * doc/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): include new txi-es.tex from Adrian Perez Jorge <alu1415@csi.ull.es>. And new txi-en.tex. Sun Apr 25 16:08:27 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_settitle): don't output html head here. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Move html routines to html.c. * makeinfo/Makefile.am (makeinfo_SOURCES): add html.[ch]. * makeinfo/html.[ch]: new files. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Restore -- in --output line. From Sergio. 1999-04-23 Yoshiki Hayashi <g740685@komaba.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp> * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_center): Recover the previous state when called with --html. 1999-04-24 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_bye): Flush the output, in case some command produced it immediately before @bye. * makeinfo/toc.h (TOC_ENTRY_ELT): New member: containing_node. * makeinfo/toc.c (lots_of_stars): New variable. (toc_add_entry): Add a new parameter node_name; all callers changed. Record the name of the node containing the section. (toc_find_section_of_node): New function. (toc_free): Free the new containing_node member. (contents_update_info, shortcontents_update_info): Underline the title with stars. Output two empty lines after the TOC. (contents_update): Fix off-by-one error in writing the rest of the file after updating the TOC. * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): Save and restore line_number and input_filename. Don't output the "* Menu" header when --no-headers is in effect. Make the fake node name for index entries that are outside any node be more explanatory, and emit an error for such index entries. Under --no-headers, output a reference to the section name, as returned by a call to toc_find_section_of_node, instead of a node name. 1999-04-24 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/index.c (struct index_elt): Add a new member entry_text. (free_index, make_index_entries_unique): Free the entry_text member. (index_add_arg): Don't HTML-escape the index entry here. (index_add_arg): Initialize the entry member to NULL. Put the entry text into the entry_text member. (sort_index): Expand the index entries as if in non-HTML mode. Put the expansion into the entry member of struct index_elt. (cm_printindex): Allocate the line[] array in Info mode only. In HTML mode, escape and expand the original index entry text, don't use the results of expansion inside sort_index. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_r): Undo the effect of @code while printing one of the "code"-style indices in HTML mode. 1999-04-23 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * info/infomap.c (initialize_vi_like_keymaps): Bind DEL in echo area to ea_rubout, except for __MSDOS__. * doc/info-stnd.texi (Node Commands): Document that `I' only produces its effect for programs documented in the current Info file. Tell them to invoke `I' from DIR if it doesn't work from current place. Thu Apr 22 09:59:02 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * info/info.c: Rewrite help string a little more. * doc/info-stnd.texi: Change chapter name to match node name, * other changes. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_bye): call discard_braces. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_settitle): output more meta and link tags. * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): add eo. * util/install-info.c [STRIP_DOT_EXE]: #if not #ifdef Wed Apr 21 19:40:51 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Doc fix. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (insert_and_underscore): do not output html anchor here. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): do anchor at node name not sectioning title. * makeinfo/node.c: Newlines on node lines. Tue Apr 20 13:02:46 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * info/man.c (get_manpage_contents): freopen stdin and stderr to /dev/null rather than closing them. http://bugs.debian.org/14787 Mon Apr 19 14:12:09 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Document possibility of `titlepage' stuff for plain text output using @ifinfo. Report from: Kurt Hornik <Kurt.Hornik@ci.tuwien.ac.at>. * makeinfo/cmds.c: Screw that. * doc/texinfo.txi: Fix up frontmatter a bit. * dir-example: Spaces not tabs. * dir-example (R FAQ): add. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Lowercase makeinfo in first line. * doc/info.texi (The node reached...): is a @subsection not a @subsub. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document option rename. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Rename option to commands-in-node-names. * makeinfo/index.h (index_compare_fn): declare. * makeinfo/index.c (index_element_compare): call through new variable index_compare_fn, and set it to strcoll if @documentlanguage was used and LANG != en. #include lang.h. Sat Apr 17 14:46:47 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/insertion.c (current_item_function, cm_item): rewrite to skip all conditionals. (cm_item): use current_item_function rather than current_insertion_type to check what to use for @item, so @ifset etc. can be used around @items. Report from: "W. L. Estes" <wlestes@br20920.uncg.edu>. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (current_insertion_type): no need to declare. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Add examples to help message. * util/texindex.c (usage): Rearrange --help, avoid extra newline. * info/info.c: Sort --help in the usual place. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Reindent help message, rename --expensive-validation to --commands-in-nodes. Fri Apr 16 17:53:48 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_ignore_arg): new routine. (cm_ignore_line_no_op): remove, can use cm_ignore_line. Tue Apr 13 16:45:39 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/info-stnd.texi: Frontmatter changes. * doc/info.texi: Remove advanced remark in first node. * doc/texinfo.txi: Texinfo.tex does macros now. From Eli. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document @w{ } to produce an unbreakable space. * util/texi2dvi: Update from Akim, avoid Solaris ucb echo weirdness. * info/infodoc.c: Parenthesize function calls, don't depend on gettext being there. Report from: Doug Semler <doug@seaspace.com>. 1999-04-12 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * info/infomap.c (initialize_vi_like_keymaps): Initialize the echo are keymap *before* it is filled up with keys. 1999-04-10 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/macro.c (execute_macro): Reset the line number to where the macro argumenst begin, before executing its expansion. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): Expand the name of arguments before writing them in HTML mode. (handle_menu_entry): Expand the name of the gleaned node before writing it in HTML mode. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_html): Expand the name of the current node when producing the <a name=... anchor. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Expand the name of node and its links before outputting them in HTML mode. * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): Expand node names to which the index points. * makeinfo/footnote.c (cm_footnote): Call execute_string instead of add_word_args, since current_node needs to be expanded. Expand the name of the Footnotes node before calling remember_node_reference. * makeinfo/tests/node-expand.txi: New test, for testing how node names are expanded in @node, @menu, cross-references, and indices. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): If we output <p>, adjust the affected brace positions by 3, so cm_xxx functions get what they expect in START and END. (insert_html_tag): Likewise. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_sc): Remove the kludge that looks for the beginning of <small>, it is no longer needed. * makeinfo/macro.c (cm_definfoenclose): Don't stop at the first blank after the second comma: the blank may belong to the second delimiter. * makeinfo/tests/htmlpara.txi: New test, for the commands affected by the <p> output at paragraph beginning. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (expensive_validation): New option. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (long_options): Add expensive_validation. (usage): Likewise. * makeinfo/node.c (find_node): If NAME isn't found verbatim, try expanding it and every node name in tag table, before comparing them, but only if expensive_validation is non-zero. (find_node_reference): Likewise. (cm_node): Don't expand node name and its links here. (validate_file): If direct comparisons fail, try expanding the comparees before giving up, unless expensive_validation is zero. Switch the order of NODE and UP in error message about a lacking menu item. 1999-04-07 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): Don't output "Menu" header. * makeinfo/node.c (get_node_token): Collapse whitespace in node names. (glean_node_from_menu, expand_node_name): Likewise. * info/infomap.c (initialize_vi_like_keymaps): Bind all the 256 keys to ea_insert, like the Emacs-like case does. * doc/info-stnd.texi (Invoking Info): Document support for files compessed with bzip2, and the --vi-keys option. (Many places): Document key bindings under --vi-keys. 1999-04-06 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * info/session.c (info_last_node, info_first_node): With a numeric argument, go to ARGth node counting from the beginning. Skip anchor tags when looking for the target node--the last tag can be an anchor, for example. (last_search_direction, last_search_case_sensitive): New variables. (last_search_for_string): Remove variable. (info_search_internal): Always move point by one notch before beginning the search, to avoid complications in repeated search commands. When looking for the next node tag, skip any anchor tags. (info_search_1): Accept a 5th argument ASK_FOR_STRING, and only prompt for search string if it's non-zero. All callers changed. Look for the COUNTth occurence of the string. (info_search, info_search_backward, info_search_case_sensitively): Set last_search_direction and last_search_case_sensitive. (info_search_next, info_search_previous): New commands, repeat last search in the same or reverse direction without prompting the user for the string. * info/infomap.c (initialize_emacs_like_keymaps): Bind `C-x n' to info_search_next and `C-x N' to info_search_previous. (initialize_vi_like_keymaps): Bind `n' to info_search_next and `N' to info_search_previous. 1999-04-04 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (get_rest_of_line): Don't expand non-macros, so that macro-expanded output will still have them. 1999-04-03 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Expand the node name and its links completely before using them, so that they could use e.g. @value{} etc. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (replace_with_expansion): Don't remember_itext if we are executing_string. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_html): Remove #ifdef HAVE_MACROS. Don't call me_execute_string if already executing_string. * makeinfo/toc.c (toc_add_entry): Expand macros in TOCNAME right here, since the macro can be later redefined. (contents_update_html, contents_update_info, shortcontents_update_html, shortcontents_update_info): Use stdio functions for output instead of add_word etc. (rewrite_top, contents_update, shortcontents_update, toc_update): New functions, replace the TOC placebo with the actual TOC. (cm_contents): Output a placebo instead of writing the TOC. (cm_shortcontents): Output a placebo instead of writing the short TOC. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): Call toc_update if appropriate. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (cm_top): Don't output the HTML header here, since the Top node might be preceeded by other commands, like @contents. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_settitle): Output the HTML header here. * makeinfo/node.c (set_current_output_filename): New function, saves the name of the actual file we are now writing, including in the case of split-HTML output. (cm_node): Call it to record the name of output file. * makeinfo/footnote.c (free_pending_notes): Re-initialize current_footnote_number to 1. * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg): Remove redundant xstrdup. (cm_printindex): Don't free index->entry: it is freed in free_index, if, e.g., there's more than one file to convert. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (init_internals): Call toc_free. Mon Apr 5 16:53:33 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/Makefile.am: Texmf_{texinfo,dvips}: dirs not files. From Kurt Hornik. Wed Mar 31 13:50:09 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * Pretest 3.12h. * makeinfo/node.c (last_node_p): new fn. (split_file): call it, instead of assuming no more entries means no more nodes. (Loses with anchors.) Report from: "Oleg S. Tihonov" <ost@benetnash.ffke-campus.mipt.ru>. * makeinfo/index.c (sort_index): whether an entry is @code or not depends on the element, not the index, because of synindex. * doc/Makefile.am (install-tex): Must use $(TEXMF), do $(mkinstalldirs) on tex dirs. From: Nathan Sidwell <nathan@acm.org>. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document need for blank line before @image if you want space. * Install changes from Eli: 1999-03-09 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * info/infodoc.c (info_internal_help_text): Remove hard-wired key names, use %-10s instead. (info_help_keys_text): New variable, holds two variants of keys that invoke basic commands, indexed by vi_keys_p. (create_internal_info_help_node): Use info_help_keys_text[]. * info/window.c (build_message_buffer): Support more general format strings, like %-10.15s, %+4d etc. * info/infomap.c (initialize_vi_like_keymaps): Bind ESC-h, ESC-t, C-x LFD and C-x RET. 1999-03-08 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * util/install-info.c (output_dirfile): Sort the entries and output them in alphabetic order. Output each entry only in those sections where it belongs. (parse_input): New function, code moved from main. Process sections and entries in a single loop, and record with each entry the list of sections where that entry belongs. Record each entry separately, not all of them together as a single block. (parse_dir_file): New function, code moved from main. (main): Move code to parse_input and parse_dir_file. Put the new entries only into sections where they belong. (compare_entries_text): New function, called when sorting new entries. * info/infomap.c (initialize_vi_like_keymaps): New function. Bind keys a-la Less, including new functions from session.c below. (initialize_emacs_like_keymaps): New function, with the guts of initialize_info_keymaps. * info/session.c (info_scroll_forward, info_scroll_backward): If default_window_size is non-negative, use it as the default number of lines to scroll. (info_scroll_forward_set_window, info_scroll_backward_set_window, info_down_line, info_up_line, info_scroll_half_screen_down, info_scroll_half_screen_up, info_search_backward): New functions, for Less-like look and feel. Tue Mar 30 16:44:53 UTC 1999 Karl Heinz Marbaise <kama@hippo.fido.de> * doc/txi-de.tex: - added additional putwordin * doc/texinfo.txi: - changed defivar into deftypeivar * makeinfo/sectioning.c: - changed output of anchors based on problems with ie. * makeinfo/defun.c: - output in HTML mode changed to be on previous state. * makeinfo/insertion.c: - fixed up HTML output for deftypeivar. 1999-03-30 Akim Demaille <demaille@inf.enst.fr> * texi2dvi ($tmpdir): Avoid security holes. Fri Mar 26 17:06:55 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_exdent): rewrite to preserve blank lines. Bug from: "Oleg S. Tihonov" <ost@benetnash.ffke-campus.mipt.ru>. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_exdent): arg is in `roman'. Thu Mar 25 16:21:27 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/insertion.c, * makeinfo/defun.c, * makeinfo/insertion.h (insertion_type): add deftypeivar. * makeinfo/defun.h (cm_defun): declare here. * makeinfo/cmds.c (defun.h): include. * doc/texinfo.txi (deftypeivar[x]): new commands. * makeinfo/cmds.c (deftypeivar[x]): new commands. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_exdent): save, set and restore in_fixed_width_font. * doc/texinfo.txi (uref): rewrite. * info/info.c (info_short_help): more spaces for new help2man. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): output node name in html, change navbar punctuation. * doc/texinfo.5: Fix URL. * Finally installed this: 1998-05-01 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): When the file contains no @setfilename then always look for \input (not \include) in the first line and skip that. Don't skip the first line if no \input was found. 1999-03-24 Akim Demaille <demaille@inf.enst.fr> * configure.in (AC_HEADER_STAT): Added. * util/texindex.c (main): Check infiles are not directories. 1999-03-24 Akim Demaille <demaille@inf.enst.fr> * texi2dvi (index_files): Don't use `!' to run sed -e "s!foo$!!" since the shell will interpret `$!'. Tue Mar 23 16:41:08 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi (uref): rewrite to make HTML output read more nicely. From Tim S. * info/info.c (info_short_help): include examples. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (close_paragraph_with_lines): move earlier so can be static. * makeinfo/sectioning.c, * makeinfo/node.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.h, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * makeinfo/macro.c, * makeinfo/insertion.c, * makeinfo/cmds.c, * makeinfo/files.c, * makeinfo/footnote.c (size_of_input_text): rename to input_text_length. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): make wrong-char-following a warning. (replace_with_expansion): remove bogus conditional that was duplicated unconditionally. From: Hans-Bernhard Broeker <broeker@physik.rwth-aachen.de> Mon Mar 22 14:39:59 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/Makefile.am (install-tex): parenthesize. * Makefile.am (dist-hook): remove, it uses hard links so we chmod all our sources. * makeinfo/toc.c, * makeinfo/defun.c, * makeinfo/sectioning.c: Use _, not N_. * info/Makefile.am (ginfo_SOURCES): include $(BUILT_SOURCES) explicitly. * makeinfo/lang.c, * makeinfo/lang.h: ISO-639 updates. * makeinfo/cmds.c: exampleindent changes. * info/info.c (info_short_help): reformat somewhat, and don't say info info options any more. * doc/info-stnd.texi (Invoking): make description format somewhat more standard. * info/infomap.c (Initialize_info_keymaps): do ea_insert bindings first so subsequent bindings (e.g., for ESC) override. Sun Mar 21 17:31:00 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/multi.c (output_multitable_row): remove unnecessary trailing whitespace from output, output blank row for blank @item. * doc/texinfo.txi: Remove extra @item in language multitable. Sat Mar 20 12:30:25 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Update language table from ISO 639: http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/contrib/po/iso-639. From kama. * doc/texinfo.txi (exampleindent): document. * doc/texinfo.txi (Creating an Info File): use this for the node name. * doc/info.texi: Make Texinfo references consistent, etc. 1999-03-18 Yoshiki Hayashi <g740685@komaba.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (set_default_indentation_increment): new routine. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_exampleindent): new routine. Call set_default_indentation_increment. Mon Mar 15 17:06:15 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * info/Makefile.am (ginfo_SOURCES): Remove doc.c and funs.h in hopes they then won't be distributed. Report from Andreas. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_sp): close paragraph and disable filling to produce blank lines in info. Report from: Michael Vanier <mvanier@bbb.caltech.edu>. * doc/texinfo.txi: Attempt to get Edition info on one line. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (cr_or_whitespace): use whitespace and check for \r. (skip_whitespace_and_newlines, command_char): use it. Report from bonzini@gnu.org. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_center): save and restore filling_enabled, so @center can be used inside an @example. Bug from kama. 1999-03-13 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/footnote.c (cm_footnote): In separate footnote style, generate a reference to "foo-Footnote-NN" for each footnote. (output_pending_notes): In separate footnote style, generate an anchor "foo-Footnote-NN" for each footnote, so that the link in the parent node would lead directly to the footnote. * info/footnotes.c (make_footnotes_node): Recognize the new "foo-Footnote-NN" style of footnote references. 1999-03-09 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.cs.uni-dortmund.de> * configure.in (AC_OUTPUT): Remove command to create po/Makefile, already done by AM_GNU_GETTEXT. Tue Mar 9 17:48:46 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * Makefile.am (dist-hook): make distribution directory writable. * Installed these changes: 1999-03-04 Akim Demaille <demaille@inf.enst.fr> * texi2dvi (bibtex): Allow several runs of bibtex, this can be used if bibentries reference other bibentries. Moreover, looking for `Citation' in the LOG should be enough to avoid uneless runs. Sun Mar 7 15:15:00 1999 UTC Karl Heinz Marbaise <kama@hippo.fido.de> * makeinfo/sectioning.{c,h}: - using defines instead of literals. - cleaned up some stylistic matters like Karl Berry suggested. Handling of things like: @unnumbered .. @section ... now it works correct. * makeinfo/toc.{c,h} - addTocEntry, freeToc changed into toc_add_entry toc_free. stylistics changed. * makeinfo/iso2cht.pl,iso-639: script, table from the web. - perl script converting the iso-639 table from the web into the appropiate files (isoenum.h, isotab.c and iso.texi) which can be inserted directly into lang.c, lang.h and texinfo.txi. Tue Mar 9 17:47:59 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * configure.in: Bump to 3.12g. Sun Mar 7 07:01:19 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * info/infomap.c: Don't do isprint, just bind everything. Fri Mar 5 14:31:42 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Document that --no-headers writes to stdout by default. * doc/texinfo.txi: @setchapternewpage doesn't change \bindingoffset, just headers. Recommend not including it in the manual source at all. * makeinfo/node.c (write_tag_table_internal): set in_fixed_width_font while constructing this so --- doesn't collapse to --, etc. Bug report from Sergio. * dir-example: Add a2ps stuff. * info/session.c: Allow any character in search string. * info/infodoc.c (describe_key): don't assume non-latin1 characters are undefined. * info/infomap.c (initialize_info_keymaps): make all characters insertable by default in echo area. From Eli. * Installed these changes: Wed Feb 23 22:00:00 1999 Karl Heinz Marbaise <kama@hippo.fido.de> * makeinfo/sectioning.{c,h}: - added to hold complete handling of sectioning a little step towards modularization ;-) * makeinfo/cmds.c: - sectioning_alist moved to sectioning.c and added information about enumerated chapter, section ..., appendix or not. Everything which has any relationship with sectioning moved to sectioning.{c,h} I hope I have found all. * makeinfo/toc.{c,h}: - added for complete handling of "table of contents" "short contents". Better ASCII only support (--no-headers) so no Text "Menu" is printed. May be we can do more. * makeinfo/makeinfo.{c,h}: - added new command line switch --number to enumerate chapter, sections etc. * doc/texinfo.txi: - --number option documented. 1999-02-28 Yoshiki Hayashi <g740685@komaba.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp> * makeinfo/insertion.c (in_paragraph): New variable. (cm_item): Add </p> only if <p> is open. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (handle_menu_entry): Ditto. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion), * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (handle_menu_entry): If commentary precedes first menu item, put them outside of <ul>. Put <p> and </p> correctly. 1999-02-27 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * info/info.c (info_short_help): Document --show-options and --usage. 1999-02-26 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * info/makedoc.c (main) [STRIP_DOT_EXE]: Strip the .exe suffix, so that doc.c says "./makedoc.c", not "./makedoc.exe.c". * info/info.c (goto_invocation_p): New variable. (long_options): New options --show-options and its alias --usage. (main): Don't update the display until we find the first node to be displayed, to avoid flushing incorrect display. If user wants to see the command-line options node right away, display whatever info_intuit_options_node finds. * info/session.c (info_intuit_options_node): New function, uses heuristics to find the node which describes program's invocation. (info_goto_invocation_node): New command, asks for a program's name and displays the invocation node of that program. (entry_in_menu): New function, fuzzily looks for a menu entry in a node's menu. (program_name_from_file_name): New function, suggests a program name given a name of its Info file. (info_search_in_node): Accept an additional argument: a flag to search case-sensitively; all callers changed. If case-sensitive search is required, don't turn on the case-fold flag in the search binding. (info_search_internal): Accept an additional argument: a flag to search case-sensitively; all callers changed. Share the last search string between normal and case-sensitive search commands. (info_search_1): New function, with the guts that previously belonged to info_search. If the search is case-sensitive, mentions that in the prompt for the search string. If the search string includes upper-case characters, searches case-sensitively. (info_search): Calls info_search_1 with zero case-sensitivity flag. (info_search_case_sensitively): New command, calls info_search_1 with non-zero case-sensitivity flag. (incremental_search): If the search string includes upper-case characters, searches case-sensitively. * info/search.c (search_backward): Fix bug in case-sensitive search. * info/infomap.c (initialize_info_keymaps): `-' in info window map produces negative arguments. `S' invokes case-sensitive search. `O' and `I' invoke goto-invocation. * doc/info-stnd.texi (Invoking Info): Document --show-options. (Node Commands): Document `O', goto-invocation. (Searching Commands): Document `S' and the case-sensitive search when the search string includes upper-case letters. Document `/' as a synonym for `s'. (Miscellaneous Commands): Document `M--' and `-'. 1999-02-25 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * info/info.c (main): Under --index-search, search indices *after* following menus, so that we don't look for an index in DIR. Wed Mar 3 17:20:07 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/cmds.c: Do not output <small> in info mode. From: Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il>. * makeinfo/insertion.c (enum_html): Remove unused var temp. From: Yoshiki Hayashi <g740685@komaba.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp> * info/infodoc.c: Avoid translation of blank lines. * info/tilde.c, * info/man.c, * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg): avoid use of alloca. * info/echo-area.c: Don't pause for an additional 75 microseconds. Noted by Eli. * configure.in: Bump to 3.12f. * doc/texinfo.txi: findex enddots. From Eli. 1999-03-01 Yoshiki Hayashi <g740685@komaba.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert_html_tag): Add <p> when paragraph is not opened. (sectioning_html): Call close_paragraph so that paragraph will be started. 1999-02-26 Akim Demaille <demaille@inf.enst.fr> * texi2dvi (get_xref_files): Take $filename_noext as $1. (get_xref_files): Look for $1.idx only, not *.idx. (get_xref_files): Look for $1.cb files (\usepackage{changebar}). * texi2dvi: Look for rerun requests in LOG files in addition to xref files comparison. (bibtex): Remove useless `./' (already added in command_line_filename). (filename_dir): Smarter sed expression that handles file names with no directory part. (txiversion): Removed useless () (`` already guarantee a subshell). 1999-02-25 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.cs.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/multi.c (find_template_width): Fix operator precedence. Tue Feb 23 10:35:53 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * dir-example: ccmode not cc-mode. From hds. Mon Feb 22 07:34:00 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/lang.c, * doc/texinfo.txi: Fix kazakhkh typo. 1999-02-21 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * djgpp/config.sed: Add pcterm.c to terminal.o dependencies. 1999-02-21 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.cs.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/lang.c (cm_accent_generic): Emit the accent character only once, after the argument. Sun Feb 21 16:36:14 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (handle_menu_entry): new routine. (reader_loop): call it, allowing for comments in menus. * makeinfo/node.c: Rearrange functions to make static, etc. * doc/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST, install-tex): Add txi-cs and txi-no. 1999-02-20 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * util/install-info.c (open_possibly_compressed_file): Output explicit message about empty input files. (insert_entry_here): Insert multiple entries in alphabetical order. Fri Feb 19 09:13:28 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/insertion.c (enum_html): new routine. (begin_insertion): call it. Based on code from: Yoshiki Hayashi <g740685@komaba.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp>. * lib/xexit.c (EXIT_FAILURE) [!defined EXIT_SUCCESS && VMS]: weird long value. From: Lars Hecking <lhecking@nmrc.ucc.ie> Thu Feb 18 16:42:10 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/node.h (remember_node_reference): decl. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (find_unused_reference): dump unused decl. 1999-02-18 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_dots, cm_enddots): Don't produce … for HTML, as too many browsers don't support it; use "..." in a smaller font. (cm_top): Output the lang= attribute inside <html>. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Output the lang= attribute inside <html>. * makeinfo/footnote.c (output_pending_notes): Generate <ol> instead of <dl compact>. Make the text of each footnote start a new paragraph. 1999-02-17 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_item): Remove <dd> when immediately followed by a <dt>. Add a <br> before every <dt>, except if we are converting @itemx, or in the first item after <dl>. (begin_insertion): Use <dl> for tables, to make it look closer to the Info output. Don't output a newline after a <pre>. 1999-02-17 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (handle_variable): Don't backup input pointer if we hit the end of text (usually, inside execute_string). * makeinfo/insertion.c (get_item_function): Likewise. Wed Feb 17 15:09:06 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Better indexing of space entries. * makeinfo/multi.c (find_template_width): new routine to really parse @multitable {...} templates. (setup_multitable_parameters): call it. Bug report from: Sergio Pokrovskij <pok@nbsp.nsk.su>. * lib/system.h (substring): declare. * lib/Makefile.am (libtxi_a_SOURCES): add substring.c. * makeinfo/defun.c: Move substring to lib. * util/texindex.c (tempcopy): no longer used. (maketempname): make static. * Installed these changes: 1999-02-13 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_acronym): New function, makes @acronym produce a smaller font size in HTML mode. (cm_sc): Produce smaller font size in HTML mode. * makeinfo/footnote.c (cm_footnote): In HTML output, make the footnote number be a superscript; remove [] around the link. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_var_sc): Separated into two functions: cm_var and cm_sc, since @var and @sc have different effects in HTML output. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref, cm_inforef): Don't put "[]" around HTML links. * info/pcterm.c (DJGPP_keytab): Add translation for Alt-PgUp and Alt-PgDn, to support the new M-prior key. Wed Feb 17 11:50:46 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Don't mention texi2roff so prominently. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Pass enclose_expand to remember_brace rather than enclose_command. From Eli. * makeinfo/macro.c (cm_alias, cm_definfoenclose): Expand macros in first call to get_until_in_line. From Eli. * info/makedoc.c, * info/session.c, * info/man.c, * info/tilde.c, * info/info.c, * makeinfo/files.c, * makeinfo/multi.c, * makeinfo/node.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Use xexit. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (NO_ERROR, FATAL, SYNTAX): remove. * info/terminal.c: Avoid sleep unless on sun-cmd terminal. * lib/xexit.c (EXIT_FAILURE) [!EXIT_FAILURE]: #define to 1 to fix Sony NEWS-OS 4.0C lossage. From Akim. * info/infodoc.c: Translate where is doc string, underline lines in help. From: Trond Endrestol <trond@agamemnon.gtf.ol.no> * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_dots, cm_enddots): go back to ... and ...., … apparently doesn't work widely enough. Tue Feb 16 07:37:54 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): add de_AT. * util/texi2dvi: Redirect cd output to /dev/null when determining txiversion. Mon Feb 15 13:43:37 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * util/install-info.c, * util/texindex.c: Call xexit instead of exit. * lib/system.h (xexit): Declare. * lib/Makefile.am (libtxi_a_SOURCES): Add xexit.c. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document that @documentencoding is used in the HTML output. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_top): use document_encoding if set. (command_table): call cm_documentencoding instead of no-op. * makeinfo/lang.c (document_encoding, cm_documentencoding): define. * makeinfo/lang.h (document_encoding, cm_documentencoding): declare. * makeinfo/insertion.c: Restore </p> before <li>. * util/texi2dvi: If texinfo.tex version is too low for macros, use makeinfo. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_center): save and restore value of indented_fill, otherwise @center within an @enumerate (say) also closes the indentation. Bug from: Sergio Pokrovskij <pok@nbsp.nsk.su>. Sun Feb 14 15:25:02 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Doc fix. * doc/texinfo.txi: Be enthusiastic if people want to implement more output formats, but use makeinfo to do the job. * makeinfo/index.c (index_element_compare): Use strcoll if it's available. * configure.in: Call AC_FUNC_STRCOLL. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): Use LC_CTYPE and LC_COLLATE categories. Suggestion from Oleg. * lib/system.h (setlocale) [!HAVE_SETLOCALE]: #define away. Suggestion from Akim. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document @paragraphindent working in TeX now. * doc/texinfo.txi, * makeinfo/lang.c, * makeinfo/lang.h (language_code_type): abbrev changes from Oleg. * makeinfo/cmds.c, * makeinfo/node.c: Only translate `Next:', `Previous:', and `Up:', not the whole href. From Eli. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document that only unsplit html output is supported in this release. Sat Feb 13 17:55:30 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * configure.in: Check for termlib before termcap for sake of Solaris (judging from less-332 configure.in) and maybe HP-UX 11. * doc/texinfo.txi (Footnote commands): incoherency reported by Aharon. Language vs country fixes from Oleg. 1999-02-13 Karl Eichwalder <ke@gnu.franken.de> * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Tag navigation links as translatable. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_top): Ditto. Wed Feb 10 22:00:00 1999 Karl Heinz Marbaise <kama@hippo.fido.de> * makeinfo/defun.h: - new because we need get_base_type-function accessible in insertion.c * makeinfo/defun.c: - complete HTML handling of the @def... things. * makeinfo/Makefile.am: - defun.h added as part of makeinfo. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: - define looking_at moved into header-file, because we need it in defun.c * makeinfo/insertion.c: - some minor changes made to support the @def... things in HTML. * makeinfo/lang.c: (cm_accent_generic) - bug fixed. Using umlaut (accent ...) would produce &A only if an umlaut follows an empty line. - bug fixed. Because things like ˜ ` and ˆ do not exist as standalone characters in HTML. - cm_special_char now produce correct HTML for @O{} and @o{}. - warning using _("Text") instead "Text" (gettext). * makeinfo/cmds.c: - @url fixed. Display the given Text. * doc/texinfo.txi: - corrected the references for @uref, because they were given as "url" instead of "uref". @uref has three arguments, so show them in command list. Wed Feb 10 17:27:58 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Rewrite for overfull box. Tue Feb 9 19:03:16 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Document more HTML output stuff. Based on esr changes. * makeinfo/macro.c, * makeinfo/macro.h, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Do alias and definfoenclose expansion. From esr. Mon Feb 8 14:41:07 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/cmds.c: New commands @alias and @definfoenclose. From: "Eric S. Raymond" <esr@snark.thyrsus.com>. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document @documentlanguage and @documentencoding. * makeinfo/cmds.c: Move accent support to lang.c. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): add   rather than an 8-bit char for html. * makeinfo/Makefile.am (makeinfo_SOURCES): add lang.[ch]. * doc/texinfo.txi: Be even more emphatic that @url is not typically what you want. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document that macro calls must use empty braces. * info/session.c: Do not translate node pointers. From Karl E. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_dfn): Use <dfn>. Suggestion from Eli. Sun Feb 7 07:00:08 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Make --html imply --no-split. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_top): don't core dump if the top node has no next. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (replace_with_expansion): compare length after expansion with length of full input text before expansion, not just the length of the expanded text. Bug (contents2) reported by kama. * info/infodoc.c (create_internal_info_help_node): gettext calls to help msg strings. From Ulrich. Fri Feb 5 17:35:13 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * util/texi2dvi: set makeinfo= for latex case. * doc/texinfo.txi (@deftp summary): ref Data Types node that actually describes it. From kama. Thu Feb 4 07:39:10 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Take it back. Emacs info needs that text before the CTRL-_. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Don't bother to output the header (This is -, produced ...) to stdout. * doc/texinfo.txi (Other Info Directories): Mention that dir files must be named dir. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_uref): implement optional third argument. * doc/texinfo.txi (uref): document it. Suggestion from: Charles Karney <karney@pppl.gov> * doc/Makefile.am (info_TEXINFOS): put texinfo.txi first so UPDATED reflects its modtime, rather than info-stnd's. * makeinfo/files.c (full_pathname) [!WIN32]: #endif in wrong place. From: Yoshiki Hayashi <g740685@komaba.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp> * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_url): Remove URL: from output. It's ugly. Wed Feb 3 16:05:03 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * info/infodoc.c: Doc fix, zero not oh. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): don't ignore if only_macro_expansion, even in no_headers case. Otherwise menu items don't get remembered and defaulting doesn't work. Macros suck! * util/texi2dvi (common): include orig_pwd. (language): reguess for each file if not explicitly set. Tue Feb 2 16:22:32 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * configure.in: Bump to 3.12d now. Mon Feb 1 14:46:45 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_item): For itemize and enumerate, do </p> before the <li> for html. Bug from Eli. * makeinfo/index.c: Installed change in index.c: Mon Dec 28 12:50:14 1998 Matthew Fredette <fredette@mit.edu> * makeinfo.c (index_add_arg): Use xstrdup on input_filename when saving it in the new index entry. * util/texi2dvi: cd / before cd $orig_pwd in case of DOS drive change. Sun Jan 31 16:39:01 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * util/texi2dvi: Used sed to expand only the @{if,}tex parts of the source since makeinfo's conditional options aren't ready yet (from Akim). Also use ${1+"$@"} for Digital Unix "$@" expansion bug (from Noah). * util/install-info.c: Doc fix from Eli. * doc/texinfo.txi: Oops, said we looked for .png twice. Sat Jan 30 17:18:14 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * info/session.c (forward_move_node_structure): remove tangled code to merely print words instead of numbers; too hard to translate. * info/session.c: Missing _'s for more i18n. From Trond. * doc/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Include txi-no.tex from Trond. Sun Jan 24 09:28:12 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Use djgpp by itself instead of listing each file separately (new feature in automake 1.4). * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): for quotation, always increment current_indent even if html output, why not. (Otherwise must not decrement current_indent in end_insertion.) * doc/texinfo.txi: More overfull box fixes. * makeinfo/insertion.c: Add some assertions and the beginnings of handling @tex. * doc/texinfo.txi: Fix overfull boxes, but tables of contents at the front. * util/texi2dvi: Can't pass --no-ifinfo --iftex to makeinfo yet, it's not ready. Sat Jan 23 10:22:16 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * util/texi2dvi: Pass --no-ifinfo --iftex to makeinfo. Fri Jan 22 19:09:49 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Include version.texi before @settitle so @value{VERSION} gets expanded in the html title. From kama. * These patches from Tim Singletary <talon@clark.net>. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Simplify and improve html menus. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): simplify html menu case and set had_menu_commentary. * makeinfo/insertion.h (had_menu_commentary): declare new global. * makeinfo/node.h (glean_node_from_menu): declare. * makeinfo/node.c (glean_node_from_menu): new arg to specify what type of reference to remember as. Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 09:21:01 -0500 (EST) From: Tim Singletary <tsingle@talon.clark.net> To: texinfo-pretest@tug.org Subject: explanation of previous patches > These diffs introduce some non-trivial changes into very > sensitive parts of makeinfo, and it is hard to judge them without > knowing what exactly do they solve. At a high level, these patches fix (or at least significantly improve) the html conversion of menus. Specifically, they fix bugs in the conversion of menu commentary and detailmenu entries. The menu commentary fixes require some justification: The unpatched makeinfo attempts, with many bugs, to place menu commentary outside the <menu> by adding </ul> and <ul> tags. While I understand the motivation for this, that there might be browsers that don't support <p> within <menu>, I'm not aware of any such browser and don't see any compelling reason to continue the </ul> kludge. Certainly <menu> <li>First paragraph. <p>Second paragraph. <li>Second item. </menu> is valid html! Anyway, here's what my patches do: 1) Deleted the `<h4>Menu</h4>' at the beginning of each menu. Using `<h4>' is wrong since menus don't usually come after an `h3' header. `<b>' looks the same on most browsers, but my opinion is that there's no need for any header at all! 2) Deleted the `<li>' kludge at the begining of each menu. It's no longer needed since I'm deleting the </ul> kludge. 3) Replace `in_menu_para', declared static in makeinfo.c:add_char() with `had_menu_commentary', declared globally. Modified insertion.c:begin_insertion() to initialize had_menu_commentary to 1 when beginning a menu. Now there's enough state information for menu commentary to be processed within <menu> ... </menu>; the commentary can be seperated from the rest of the menu by bracketing it between <p>'s. Note that the first patch had a bug initializing had_menu_commentary; the second patch fixes this bug. 4) Changed the semantics of the argument to node.c:glean_node_from_menu(). Previously, glean_node_from_menu() only called remember_node_reference() when the argument was non-zero. But add_char() didn't call `glean_node_from_menu(1)' when processing detailmenu entries. In other words, detailmenu entries didn't get registered as references, which lead to the html conversion of detailmenu entries not producing proper hrefs! The new semantics are that glean_node_from_menu always calls remember_node_reference(), but calls it with `menu_reference' when the first arg to glean_node_from_menu() is 1 and with `followed_reference' otherwise. Now, detailmenu entries get registered as `followed_reference' (normal menu entries still get registered as `menu_reference') and the html conversion produces proper hrefs. 5) The above changes made it possible to streamline the section of add_char() that deals with html menu text. 6) In an otherwise unrelated change, rewrote a section of glean_node_from_menu to no longer use `goto save_node;'. Thu Jan 21 12:55:42 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/info-stnd.texi: OK, let's try restoring the @include version.texi with the new automake. * makeinfo/cmds.c: Improve HTML @pounds, @bullet, etc. * doc/Makefile.am (install-tex): new target. (EXTRA_DIST): Include txi-??.tex. txi-de.tex: new file from kama. * Makefile.am (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Bump to 1.4. (install-tex): new target. * util/texi2dvi: Restore "$@" for explicitness in main loop. * doc/Makefile.am (*.1) [TEXINFO_MAINT]: Conditionalize. * configure.in (AC_PREREQ): Bump to 2.13. (TEXINFO_MAINT): Define this AM_CONDITIONAL. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document that the HTML output name is derived from @setfilename. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): Use @setfilename for basename of html output. * doc/texinfo.txi (url): Use example.org for the example. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_url): @url should not produce a link, sorry to say. Wed Jan 20 16:31:55 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * util/texindex.c, * util/install-info.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * info/info.c: It's 1999. * doc/info.texi (Advanced info commands): Fix typos from Gildea. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (end_of_sentence_p): don't check negative array offset. From: Enrico Scholz <enrico.scholz@wirtschaft.tu-chemnitz.de> Sun Jan 17 16:42:16 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * util/texi2dvi: Restore --batch, handle changing escape character more cleanly. From Akim (as always). Thu Jan 14 16:47:41 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): Add no. From: Trond Endrestol <trond@agamemnon.gtf.ol.no> * util/texi2dvi: Doc fix from Akim and do not always exit 1 from trap. And it's 1999. * doc/texinfo.txi (image): Document imagename.pdf. * Apply this change from Eli: 1998-11-20 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (meta_char_pos): New variable. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (init_paragraph): Initialize it. (add_char): Use META to create a non-breakable space character. (add_meta_char): New function. (end_of_sentence_p): Don't handle characters at meta_char_pos as normal sentence enders. (flush_output): Only unMETA the non-breaking space character. Reset meta_char_pos to zero. (do_flush_right_indentation): Call adjust_braces_following. (indent): Likewise. (cm_value): Save and restore the value of meta_char_pos. (expansion): Likewise. * makeinfo/macro.c (me_execute_string_keep_state): Save and restore the value of meta_char_pos. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Save and restore the value of meta_char_pos. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_accent): Make the dot we add due to @dotaccent be a meta-character. (cm_code, cm_dfn): Call add_meta_char to insert the closing quote. (cm_cite): Call add_char instead of add_word. Thu Jan 7 18:04:26 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * util/texi2dvi: Handle pdf files more cleanly. From Akim. Wed Jan 6 17:49:11 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): Check for .png also. Sun Dec 20 07:54:47 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * util/texi2dvi: Add --pdf. * util/texi2dvi: New option -@ to use @input and @nonstopmode, in case texinfo is preloaded. From: Khimenko Victor <khim@sch57.msk.ru> Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 02:04:12 +0300 (EET) Sat Dec 19 17:37:37 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi (Multitable Column Widths): leading zero ok for @columnfractions. * util/texi2dvi: New version from Akim, plus --quiet is like --batch, etc. Fri Dec 18 17:22:44 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Document that the Texinfo source can't be arbitrarily ordered (for print) even if all pointers are supplied. * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): In itemize case, close_insertion_paragraph so @end itemize cause a line break. Report from: Sergei Pokrovsky <pok@nbsp.nsk.su> Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 19:45:21 +0700 (GMT) Tue Dec 15 16:21:51 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: More fixes from Oleg. * configure.in: Bump version to 3.12c for next pretest. * util/install-info.c (open_possibly_compressed_file) [STRIP_DOT_EXE]: logic for compression_program assignment was reversed. From: wlestes@wlestes.uncg.edu Sat Dec 12 18:02:48 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * Merged these changes from Andreas: 1998-12-06 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.cs.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): When searching for @menu don't require a space after it. 1998-12-06 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.cs.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_top): free top_name only after done using it. Sat Dec 12 15:40:13 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Various typos and fixes from Oleg. * doc/texinfo.txi: Move @node's outside of @ifinfo for the sake of HTML processing. * doc/texinfo.txi (titlepage): @pxref was not in parens. From Oleg. Sun Dec 6 16:49:09 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * dir-example: Amd is now am-utils. * doc/Makefile.am: Reinstate help2man invocations for development. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document @set...contentsaftertitlepage (from kama). Fix incorrect sense for @image and Hungariam typo (from Oleg). * lib/system.h: #include libintl.h here instead of acconfig.h, so the system include files have a chance to #define NULL before it does. * acconfig.h: Remove libintl.h and #defines from here. From: "Philippe De Muyter" <phdm@macqel.be> Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 00:56:25 +0100 (CET) * info/signals.c: Start #ifdef's in column one for cc on sysv68 (m68k-motorola-sysv). From: "Philippe De Muyter" <phdm@macqel.be> Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 00:56:25 +0100 (CET) * info/filesys.c (is_dir_name): use strcpy instead of automatic array initialization. From: "Philippe De Muyter" <phdm@macqel.be> Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 00:56:25 +0100 (CET) * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): add ru. Fri Dec 4 08:12:11 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * info/infodoc.c: Gettextize the help buffer string. Sun Nov 29 17:12:35 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Use @ifnottex rather than @ifinfo for @top. (makeinfo top): document this. * doc/info-stnd.texi, * doc/info.texi: Use @ifnottex rather than @ifinfo for @top. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_menu): Implicitly insert @top command so we can construct the node tree as usual when we see @menu before @node. Probably this is when the input uses @ifinfo instead of @ifnottex, as virtually all existing manuals do. * makeinfo/insertion.c (discard_insertions): Let any conditional cross node boundary. (So the @top node can be wrapped in @ifnottex, for example.) * Installed these: 1998-11-21 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (expansion): Save and restore last_inserted_character and last_char_was_newline. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_dircategory): Kill any indentation before INFO-DIR-SECTION. install-info relies on this. 1998-11-20 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/multi.c (struct env): Add meta_char_pos member. (select_output_environment): Save and restore meta_char_pos. (out_char): Output characters by switching environment to #0 and calling insert. Call flush_output when a newline is output. (output_multitable_row): Update the current environment's output_paragraph_offset as well, after removing trailing whitespace. Fix typo in loop index. (do_multitable): Call close_single_paragraph. (end_multitable): Call close_insertion_paragraph. Don't output an extra newline. 1998-11-20 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (meta_char_pos): New variable. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (init_paragraph): Initialize it. (add_char): Use META to create a non-breakable space character. (add_meta_char): New function. (end_of_sentence_p): Don't handle characters at meta_char_pos as normal sentence enders. (flush_output): Only unMETA the non-breaking space character. Reset meta_char_pos to zero. (do_flush_right_indentation): Call adjust_braces_following. (indent): Likewise. (cm_value): Save and restore the value of meta_char_pos. (expansion): Likewise. * makeinfo/macro.c (me_execute_string_keep_state): Save and restore the value of meta_char_pos. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Save and restore the value of meta_char_pos. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_accent): Make the dot we add due to @dotaccent be a meta-character. (cm_code, cm_dfn): Call add_meta_char to insert the closing quote. (cm_cite): Call add_char instead of add_word. Sun Nov 29 16:30:06 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * info/info.h, * info/footnotes.h (FOOTNOTE_LABEL), * info/indices.c (APROPOS_NONE): Use N_ rather than _. * info/infodoc.c (create_internal_info_help_node, function_documentation): Do not translate the empty string. Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 15:09:42 +0400 From: "Oleg S. Tihonov" <tihonov@ffke-campus.mipt.ru> * doc/info-stnd.texi: Mention PRIOR as another alias for PREVIOUS/PageUp. * doc/texinfo.txi: @emph produces _emph_ not *emph*. Spurious junk before makeinfo bison example. From: tihonov@ffke-campus.mipt.ru. 1998-11-16 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/defun.c (defun_internal): Don't expand the arguments to @defun and its ilk. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (expansion): Copy the name of the currently- executing command and restore it after expansion. Sun Nov 15 17:40:51 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Rearrange usage, allow -v for verbose, only output `Making' line when verbose. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (process_html, process_info, process_tex): declare. * makeinfo/cmds.c: Use conditional commands. * makeinfo/insertion.c (find_type_from_name): Handle rawhtml and rawtex. (conditional commands): Allow individual switching on and off. * makeinfo/insertion.h: Declare conditionals. 1998-11-14 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion, end_insertion): Use <pre> to convert @display and @smalldisplay into HTML. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_asterisk): Don't insert an extra newline in HTML mode, since input includes a newline right after the @*. (cm_sp): Output "<br><p>\n" as many times as the argument says. (cm_url): Don't include "<a href=" in the anchor text in HTML output. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_pxref): Don't add a period after @pxref if in HTML mode. (get_rest_of_line): Accept an additional argument EXPAND, and expand the rest of line if it's non-zero. All callers changed. (close_paragraph): When in HTML mode, honor the formatting of the source paragraphs by generating "<p>" for every closed paragraph; follow it by as many "<p>"'s as paragraph_spacing specifies. Sat Nov 14 17:38:27 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/insertion.c: Use <ul compact> instead of deprecated <menu>. Omit extra <li> after the menu beginning. * makeinfo/index.c: Use <ul compact> instead of deprecated <menu>. Thu Nov 12 16:33:09 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): add djgpp/config.sed. * info/terminal.c: #include <sys/ioctl.h> to define TIOCGWINSZ under LynxOS. From: Marius Groeger <mag@sysgo.de>. 1998-11-06 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.cs.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): Correctly handle ifnottex and ifnothtml. (end_insertion): Likewise. Sun Nov 8 17:30:23 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/index.c, * makeinfo/insertion.c: Menu is special to Info. * makeinfo/node.c: Top is a special name, don't translate it. * info/session.c (info_top_node): Top is a special name, don't translate it. From: "Oleg S. Tihonov" <tihonov@ffke-campus.mipt.ru>. Fri Nov 6 17:18:43 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * configure.in: Version 3.12b. * util/texi2dvi: Fixes from Eli and Christoph Martin. Mon Oct 5 13:58:53 1998 Dave Glowacki <dglo@ssec.wisc.edu> * util/install-info.c: Fix off-by-one error in findlines() * util/texindex.c (usage): avoid trigraph until Ulrich fixes po2tbl.sed.in. From Paul Eggert. 1998-11-03 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): Don't bypass the test that an xref ends with a period or a comma if the reference has a single argument. 1998-10-31 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): Don't decrement in_fixed_width_font when leaving a menu, the previous value is restored by pop_insertion. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): Don't increment output_column twice when a newline is inserted into the output. * doc/texinfo.txi (emph & strong): Document the use of underscores for @emph in the Info output. 1998-10-30 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * djgpp/config.bat: Make sure intl/po2tblsed.in exists before we begin the configure boogie. * djgpp/config.sed: Sed script, to be run by config.bat. * doc/info-stnd.texi (Node Commands): Document the new G command. * info/session.c (info_follow_menus): Step over a possible leading space in a menu entry in menus[]. (split_list_of_nodenames): Renamed from split_words. Split the string on commas, not on spaces, since a menu entry can have embedded whitespace. Get past the null byte after inserting it. (info_menu_sequence): Don't crash if there's no DIR node; try using Top of the current Info file, and if that doesn't work either, throw an error. * util/texi2dvi: Use $path_sep in TEXINPUTS. Don't include any dots in $tmpdir, 8+3 filesystems won't like that. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (reader_loop): Expand any macros in a menu entry when creating a <menu> item for HTML. Fix an off-by-one error in counting input lines. * makeinfo/files.c (expand_filename): Don't treat .foo/bar as absolute file name. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): Use strncpy instead of memcpy, since the buffers overlap. If the line being refilled includes nothing but the indentation and the word being added, do NOT add an extra newline. * util/install-info.c (strip_info_suffix, menu_item_equal, open_possibly_compressed_file) [__MSDOS__]: Allow .inz and .igz as suffuxes for compressed files. (open_possibly_compressed_file): Return an indication whether we opened a file or a pipe. Use FOPEN_RBIN from system.h. [STRIP_DOT_EXE]: Use gzip.exe with an explicit .exe extension. [O_BINARY]: If the file is not compressed, switch its stream to text mode. (readfile): Close the file or the pipe. (output_dirfile): Call pclose to actually run the compressor. Thu Nov 5 08:33:06 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: effect -> affect From: Eric Hanchrow <offby1@blarg.net> Tue Nov 3 14:26:59 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): Allocate enough space for the zero byte. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document epsf.tex standard location. Tue Oct 27 10:45:47 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * Makefile.am (TEXINFO_TEX): add definition. * doc/info-stnd.texi: Avoid unnecessary overfull boxes from examples. * doc/Makefile.am (install-data-local): missing ". * doc/Makefile.am: Don't try to run help2man in distribution. Mon Oct 26 13:43:53 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * configure.in (TEXMF): lose this whole block. It is too painful to maintain with the different tex installations out there. * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): update-info renamed to fix-info-dir. * makeinfo/footnote.h: Doc fix. * makeinfo/multi.c: #include "insertion.h" * makeinfo/cmds.c: #include "node.h" * makeinfo/makeinfo.h, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Move globals, functions for insertions and nodes. * makeinfo/defun.c: #include "insertion.h" * makeinfo/Makefile.am: Add insertion.[ch], node.[ch]. * node.[ch], insertion.[ch]: New files. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: Move globals for cmds.h. * makeinfo/index.h: Include cmds.h. * makeinfo/Makefile.am (makeinfo_SOURCES): Add cmds.h, cmds.c. * cmds.c, cmds.h: New files. Sat Oct 24 17:28:14 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: Globals for files.c. * makeinfo/Makefile.am (makeinfo_SOURCES): add files.[ch]. Tue Oct 20 17:03:10 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/Makefile.am (makeinfo_SOURCES): add macro.c and macro.h. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Move macro code to macro.h and macro.c. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: Move macro stuff to macro.h, expose global last_char_was_newline for macro.c. * makeinfo/index.c, * makeinfo/footnote.c: #include macro.h. Wed Oct 7 16:24:07 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/info-stnd.texi: For now don't include version.texi due to automake error. * makeinfo/index.h: #include makeinfo.h for sake of COMMAND type. * makeinfo/index.c: No need to include makeinfo.h, index.h does now. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Move footnote code to footnote.c. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: Globals for footnote.c. * makeinfo/Makefile.am (makeinfo_SOURCES): add footnote.[ch]. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Move defun code to defun.c, necessary global to makeinfo.h. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (default_indentation_increment): move here for defun.c. * makeinfo/Makefile.am (makeinfo_SOURCES): add defun.c. * Makefile.am: Doc fix. * configure.in (AC_OUTPUT): generate makeinfo/tests/Makefile. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.h, * makeinfo/Makefile.am (makeinfo_SOURCES): add index.[ch]. Fri Oct 2 17:42:26 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * lib/system.h (STREQ): new macro. Thu Oct 1 09:26:57 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * doc/texinfo.txi: Delete spare copy since out of date, add makeinfo html to menu, detailmenu doesn't take braces in summary. Wed Sep 30 14:38:21 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Remove != NULL comparisons, xmalloc/xrealloc casts, assignments in if statements. Wed Sep 30 14:16:01 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Remove NULL casts and parentheses in return statements. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_link): Don't add a link if the node is null. (reader_loop): don't glean_node_from_menu if detailmenu, even if html. Various formatting changes. * doc/help2man: Always exit successfully. * makeinfo/Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): add. (makeinfo_SOURCES): no more html.h. Fri Sep 11 18:47:15 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Fiddle with html output. 1998-09-07 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (maybe_update_execution_strings): Only reallocate TEXT if the existing storage is too small, otherwise leave TEXT alone. (replace_with_expansion): Call maybe_update_execution_strings to reallocate input_text if we are executing_string, since storage for execution_string is assumed to be large enough to hold every possible string. (me_execute_string): xstrdup the argument, so callees could freely relocate it as needed. 1998-09-06 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (replace_with_expansion): Don't remember macro-expansion pointers if we are executing_string. 1998-09-05 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * info/filesys.c (info_suffixes): Put the empty suffix last in the list, so that `foo.info' is found before `foo', if both exist. 1998-09-05 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (maybe_update_execution_strings): New function, updates an entry in execution_strings[] array after input_text is relocated by replace_with_expansion. (replace_with_expansion): Call it. 1998-09-04 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (expand_macro): If a macro is called with too many arguments, return NULL and print the line number where the call begins. (execute_macro): If expand_macro returns NULL, return immediately. Sun Sep 6 19:11:28 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.h, * makeinfo/multi.c: Html output. Specifically, these changes: Fri Jul 4 22:58:29 1997 Dave Love <d.love@dl.ac.uk> * doc/makeinfo.texi: Document HTML output. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Wrap strings in _() in bits changed for HTML. (cm_image): Generate <img> for HTML. Sun Jun 22 22:50:07 1997 Dave Love <d.love@dl.ac.uk> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (NAMED_NODE_ANCHORS): New define. (title, outstanding_node, node_number, node_node_references, escape_html, ifinfo_as_html): New variables. (tentry.number, node_ref.number, fn.number): New fields. (CommandTable): Various additions and alterations for HTML. (long_options): Add html and no-info-as-html. (main): Extra code for HTML. (usage): Add HTML stuff. (expand_filename): Deal with .html. (escape_string): New procedure. (convert_from_loaded_file): Extra code for HTML. (init_internals): Call free_node_references, initialize node_number. (reader_loop): Process menu items for HTML hyperlinks. Escape HTML special characters. (add_char): Code for line breaks and paragraph insertions in HTML. (flush_output): Don't UNMETA for HTML. (indent): Do nothing for HTML. (current_item_function): Case for ifhtml. (begin_insertion): Deal with HTML in various cases. (insert_html_tag): new procedure. (cm_asterisk, cm_copyright, cm_accent, cm_code, cm_kbd, cm_angle_brackets, cm_var, cm_defn, cm_var, cm_emph, cm_string, cm_cite, cm_top, cm_xref, cm_inforef, cm_uref, cm_direntry, cm_ifinfo, cm_item, process_defun_args, defun_internal, cm_sp, cm_dircategory, cm_center, cm_result, cm_expansion, cm_error, cm_exdent, index_add_arg, make_index_entries_unique, cm_printindex, cm_footnote, output_pending_notes, me_execute_string): Code for HTML. (cm_shyph): New procedure. (cm_special_char): Add start, end args. Code for HTML. (cm_email, cm_url, cm_i, cm_b, cm_r): New procedures. (sectioning_html): New procedure. (sectioning_underscore): Use it. (add_link): New procedure. (remember_node): Add number field and update node_number. Note next, etc. nodes for HTML. (add_escaped_anchor_name, add_anchor_name): New procedures. (cm_node): New code for HTML. Move some other code to more useful place. (remember_node_reference): Add number field and update node_number. (remember_node_node_reference, free_node_node_references, number_of_node): New procedures. (cm_ifhtml, cm_html): New procedures. (expansion): Take care of HTML escaping. (cm_settitle): New procedure. (remember_note): Set number field. Declare various procedures in advance. * doc/texinfo.txi: Makeinfo --html documentation from Dave Love. Typo fixes from: Paul DuBois <dubois@primate.wisc.edu>. Thu Sep 3 11:11:01 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/Makefile.am (makeinfo_SOURCES): add html.[ch]. 1998-08-28 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_uref, cm_email): Use get_xref_token to gather arguments. (get_xref_token): Keep track of input line number when expanding xref arguments. Tue Aug 25 14:36:44 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/texi2dvi: Exit the script if TeX exits with bad status. 1998-08-16 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * info/indices.c (info_index_apropos): In the *Apropos* menu, print the label first, then the Info file name and the node name. Make the Info file name part of the menu entry, so that all entries are distinct. (apropos_in_all_indices): Scan each Info file only once, thus avoiding multiple identical entries in the *Apropos* menu. Free xstrdup'ed buffer, to avoid leaking memory. Thu Aug 13 12:54:58 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in: Set version to 3.12a. * Makefile.am (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): bump required version to 1.3, add readme-alpha option. * util/texindex.c (program_name), * util/install-info.c (progname), * info/info.c (program_name), * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (progname): hardwire per coding standards. * doc/help2man: Remove ginfo special case. Tue Aug 11 17:41:15 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/gen-dir-node: New version from drk@sgi.com. Mon Aug 10 13:55:37 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * dir-example: Add entries from Linux. * info/info-utils.c (get_window_of_node): New fn. * info/info-utils.h (get_window_of_node): New fn. * (strchr,...) [!HAVE_STRCHR]: remove these #defines. * info/infodoc.c (info_find_or_create_help_window): Call get_window_of_node instead of get_internal_info_window. This is so pressing ? repeatedly will always get to the same Help window instead of popping up new ones. From: "Brian J. Fox" <bfox@prospero.datawave.net> * info/signals.c: Ignore SIGWINCH if we're in the midst of it. We might get a whole lot of them. Noticed on Afterstep. From: "Brian J. Fox" <bfox@prospero.datawave.net> 1998-07-25 Bruno Haible <bruno@linuix.math.u-bordeaux.fr> * install-info.c (findlines): Allocate room for one more line, to avoid crash if dir file has exactly 512 lines. Tue Aug 4 07:14:35 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/info.c: Improve help message. * dir-example: Add mtools. Fri Jul 31 13:29:52 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/help2man: Various hacks for texinfo. * doc/texinfo.txi: Make dir entries more consistent. * doc/Makefile.am: Generate man pages with help2man. * util/texi2dvi, * util/install-info.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * util/texindex.c: Improve help message. * doc/info.5: Initial. * doc/texinfo.5: Section 5. Thu Jul 30 17:31:42 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/info-stnd.texi, * doc/texinfo.txi: Use Automake-standard VERSION and UPDATED. Wed Jul 29 17:34:41 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi: Describe macro limitations a bit more. * dir-example: Correct makeinfo link. Tue Jul 28 16:44:06 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (remember_brace_1): xstrdup command, since we free it later. Mon Jul 27 16:27:30 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/session.c (node_printed_rep): New fn. Change calls. * info/session.c (info_set_node_of_window): Simplify by taking new argument to say whether to call set_remembered_pagetop_and_point. Change calls. * info/indices.c: Change call. * info/info.c: Rewrite initial menu-sequence following stuff as a function in session.c, and call it. * info/infomap.c: Define `G' as info_menu_sequence. * info/session.h (info_menu_sequence, info_follow_menus): declare new fns. * info/session.c (info_follow_menus, split_words, * info_menu_sequence): New functions for new command. Thu Jul 23 16:44:42 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/session.c (info_scroll_other_window_backward): new command. * info/infomap.c (initialize_info_keymaps): bind M-DEL and M-prior to scroll-other-window-backward. Report from: Vladimir Alexiev <vladimir@cs.ualberta.ca> Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 14:54:30 -0700 * info/info-utils.c (printed_representation): If ISO_Latin_p, show characters as-is. Don't assume iscntrl(x) returns false for meta characters. Report from: Francois Pinard <pinard@iro.umontreal.ca> Date: 15 Jan 1998 17:48:51 -0500 * info/pcterm.c (pc_initialize_terminal): now no need to set it here. * info/info-utils.c (ISO_Latin_p): set to 1 by default. * doc/info-stnd.texi: Document SPC, add goto-node anchor. Wed Jul 22 18:58:38 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/window.c (message_buffer_to_node), * info/session.c (kill_node), * info/nodes.c (info_get_node_of_file_buffer, info_node_of_file_buffer_tags), * info/man.c (manpage_node_of_file_buffer), * info/footnotes.c (make_footnotes_node): set display_pos member in new node. Tue Jul 21 14:04:52 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> (all of this is to make SPC/DEL not move outside the current document, i.e., not up through dir) * info/info-utils.h (info_label_was_found): Move from here. * (info_prev_label_of_node): Don't use it any more. * info/session.c (INFO_LABEL_WAS_FOUND): Move to here, add test for filename not dir. (forward_move_node_structure): Change calls, notice if no more nodes. (backward_move_node_structure): Check for moving outside current document to dir. * info/filesys.c (compression_suffixes): Add bz2 for bunzip2. (is_dir_name): New fn. * info/filesys.h: Declare it. * info/nodes.c (info_get_node, info_find_file_internal): Use it. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Set in_fixed_width_font to avoid munging node names. Sat Jul 18 17:14:10 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/man.c (reap_children): Call wait (NULL), since we don't actually use the return status for anything. NEXTSTEP 3.3 doesn't like an int * even though that is the POSIX specification. Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 13:55:42 +0200 From: "Felix H. Gatzemeier" <fxg@imib.rwth-aachen.de> Via: Thomas Esser <te@informatik.uni-hannover.de> * info/session.c (kill_node): Restore point when we go back. Thu Jul 16 18:54:04 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (BRACE_ELEMENT): Add `command' to the save stack. (MAYBE_BRACE_ARGS): New possibility, somewhat like TeX's next-token-as-argument. (command_table): Use cm_accent and MAYBE_BRACE_ARGS for all accents. (read_command): Implement MAYBE_BRACE_ARGS. (init_brace_stack): save current command. (pop_and_call_brace): restore current command. (cm_accent): move almost all accent characters to after the argument. Suggested by Fran,cois. * info/info.c (version_string): Remove defn. Change call for --version option. * info/session.c (display_startup_message_and_start): Just use VERSION. * info/info.h (version_string): Remove decl. Tue Jul 14 16:46:58 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: Doc fix. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (validate_file): Don't complain about unreferenced anchors. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document @anchor. Sun Jul 12 14:14:50 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (remember_node): Only set `current_node' if this is not an anchor. * info/nodes.c (get_tags_of_indirect_tags_table): Don't set nodelen to -1 when fixing up the subfile entries, it might be 0 from an anchor. * info/nodes.c (find_node_of_anchor): Offset display_pos for anchor tags by the amount that node references are off by (- 1). Sat Jul 11 17:37:18 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_anchor): Add output_column for anchors embedded in a line. Fri Jul 10 16:28:21 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/session.c (info_menu_or_ref_item): Don't search for the xref text if it's an anchor. * info/nodes.h (N_FromAnchor): New NODE flag. * info/nodes.c (find_node_of_anchor): New fn. (info_node_of_file_buffer_tags): Handle anchor case. Wed Jul 8 17:48:59 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/window.c (window_set_node_of_window): Set window->point to node->display_pos. Remove unneeded casts. Tue Jul 7 08:06:14 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_word_args) [!VA_SPRINTF]: Use buffer, not the undeclared temp_string. From: Tobias Naehring <naehring@eeetw3.et.tu-dresden.de> To: egcs-bugs@cygnus.com Date: Mon, 6 Jul 98 13:51:55 +0200 Mon Jul 6 17:43:25 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/nodes.h (NODE): Add display_pos member. Sun Jul 5 08:17:43 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/nodes.h (INFO_REF_LABEL): Define. * util/texi2dvi: Rationalize use of `index' vs. more general `xref'. Thu Jul 2 18:53:43 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Don't translate -Footnotes, it's a magic cookie. From Eli. Wed Jul 1 08:42:41 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi (url): Missing word `command'. Tue Jun 30 10:35:48 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/info.c: Missing \n in try --help msg. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_anchor): New fn for new cmd. (TAG_FLAG_ANCHOR): New flag for tag entries. (write_tag_table_internal): Handle anchor case. (TAG_FLAG_{{PREV,NEXT,UP}_ERROR,NO_WARN,IS_TOP}): Add TAG_FLAG_ prefix for clarity, change uses. * doc/texinfo.txi: Remove warning about footnotes with @item, that works now. Mon Jun 29 10:17:50 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in (AM_CONFIG_HEADER): Use second argument to be 8.3 compliant. * config.h.in: Rename to config.in. * info/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST), * info/terminal.c [__MSDOS__]: Change #include to pcterm.c and rename file. Sun Jun 28 14:29:27 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Add pc_term.c. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (HAVE_MACROS): Remove this conditional, we always want macros now. * info/indices.c: Copyright. 1998-06-26 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: (only_macro_expansion): New variable, suppresses all expansions except macros. (replace_with_expansion): New function, replaces a portion of input text with its expansion. Avoids moving the text around if we are positive it will expand into itself. If the length of the expanded text is the same as the length of the original text, just replaces the original text without moving the rest. Resyncs the remembered text pointers with the realloc'ed input_text, when it is realloc'ed. (reader_loop): When only_macro_expansion is non-zero, only handle macros, but leave the rest of input intact. (read_command): Now returns an int, zero means no known command or macro is found after the prefix character; all callers changed. Support operation under non-zero only_macro_expansion. (cm_node): Expand only the macros in the @node line. Allocate and generate the macro-expanded @node line in one swell whoop. (glean_node_from_menu): Expand macros in menu entries. (get_xref_token): A new argument EXPAND, when non-zero, means expand macros in the entire brace-delimited argument before looking for the next comma; all callers changed. (expansion): Save and restore additional state variables important for output generation machinery. Disable indentation and filling during the recursive expansion, so that the output buffer offset is not invalidated by filling. (me_execute_string_keep_state): New function, calls me_execute_string, but saves and restores state variables important for output generation, so that -E doesn't change the generated Info output. (index_add_arg, cm_footnote): Call me_execute_string_keep_state. (expand_macro): New function, returns the macro expansion as a malloc'ed string. (execute_macro): Call expand_macro. (me_execute_string): Avoid memory leak by freeing input_filename. (get_until_in_braces, replace_with_expansion, add_char, cm_footnote, cm_macro, cm_unmacro, get_brace_args, extract_colon_unit): Use the faster memcpy/memmove instead of strncpy. Sat Jun 27 14:18:54 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/info.texi: Use @subsubsection instead of @unnumberedsubsubsection, since it's in a numbered chapter. * Started installation of following DOS patches from Eli. >1998-05-16 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> > > * info/session.c (info_goto_node): Don't show the nodes of the > current Info file twice in *Completions*. > * info/echo-area.c (ea_possible_completions): Actually pass the > number of completions to printf_to_message_buffer. > > * info/man.c (manpage_node_of_file_buffer): xstrdup the nodename > member of manpage nodes, since the tags are freed and recomputed > when a new man page is added to *manpages* file_buffer. > (get_manpage_node): Recompute info_windows[]->nodes[] for all > windows showing the man pages after nodes[]->contents are > invalidated by reallocation of file_buffer->contents. > >1998-05-15 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> > > * lib/system.h (DEFAULT_INFO_PRINT_COMMAND) [__MSDOS__]: Define to > ">PRN". > * info/session.c (print_node): Support ">printer" in > INFO_PRINT_COMMAND, to mean write to the named file/device insead > of piping to it as a program. > (kill_node): Compare window in addition to the nodename, when > looking for the node to kill. > >1998-05-09 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> > > * lib/system.h (SET_SCREEN_SIZE_HELPER) [__MSDOS__]: Define a new > macro. > * info/m-x.c (set_screen_height): Use SET_SCREEN_SIZE_HELPER, if > defined. If the screen size did'n change, redisplay the previous > screen contents. > > * info/infomap.c (initialize_info_keymaps) [__MSDOS__]: Bind DEL > to ea_delete in the echo-area keymap. > * info/session.c (incremental_search): If the key is > isearch_terminate_search_key, but buffered input is pending, don't > gobble the ESC key. > > * info/info.c (main): Switch the order thet terminal_prep_terminal > and terminal_clear_screen are called, to make it consistent with > what initialize_info_session does when called with non-zero second > argument. Call terminal_unprep_terminal last, after moving the > cursor to the bottom of the screen. If user_filename is of the > form "d:foo", add "d:." to the INFOPATH, not "d:". > > * info/signals.c (initialize_info_signal_handler): Save old > SIGUSR1 handler. > (info_signal_handler): Handle SIGUSR1. > > * info/indices.c (info_apropos): Print the results to stdout. > >1998-05-02 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> > > * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (ALSO_NULL_DEVICE): New macro, for alternate > null device name. > > * info/man.c (get_manpage_contents): Redirect stderr of the man > page formatter to the null device. > (executable_file_in_path): Use IS_SLASH. > > * info/session.c (info_gather_typeahead) [__DJGPP__]: Call > pc_term_chars_avail to get the number of pending characters. > > * info/filesys.c (convert_eols): New function, converts DOS-style > EOLs to a single Newline. > (filesys_read_info_file, filesys_read_compressed): Call it. > (filesys_read_compressed) [STRIP_DOT_EXE]: Use explicit .exe > suffix. > (filesys_read_compressed): Check return status of `pclose'. > >1998-05-01 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> > > * info/filesys.c (filesys_read_info_file): Add additional > parameter: is_compressed. All callers changed. > > * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): Compare file > names with FILENAME_CMP. Use NULL_DEVICE. > (cm_node): Compare file names with FILENAME_CMP. > * info/tilde.c (tilde_find_suffix, tilde_expand_word): Use > IS_SLASH. > > * info/pc_term.c: New file, handles the PC terminal on MS-DOS and > MS-Windows. > * info/terminal.c [__MSDOS__]: Include pc_term.c. > * info/Makefile.in (ginfo_SOURCES): Add pc_term.c > Add pc_term.c to dependencies of terminal.o. > > * info/session.c (info_get_input_char): Reassign tty after EOF > from a non-stdin input stream. > >1998-04-30 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> > > * info/session.c (info_set_input_from_file): Use binary input. > (info_gc_file_buffers): Compare file names with FILENAME_CMP. > * info/search.c (skip_whitespace_and_newlines): Use > whitespace_or_newline macro instead of reinventing the wheel. > * info/nodes.c (info_find_file_internal): Use IS_ABSOLUTE and > FILENAME_CMP. > (info_load_file_internal): Call filename_non_directory to find out > where the basename begins. > (get_tags_of_indirect_tags_table): Call filename_non_directory. > containing_dir of "d:foo" is "d:.", not "d:". > (forget_info_file): Compare file names with FILENAME_CMP. > * info/nodemenu.c (get_visited_nodes): Use FILENAME_CMP to find > duplicate lines. > > * lib/system.h (PIPE_USE_FORK): New macro. > * info/man.c (get_manpage_contents): Use it to determine whether > to call pipe/fork/exec or popen/pclose to run the man page > formatter. > (executable_file_in_path): Search for the file with several known > extensions such as .exe, where appropriate. > > * lib/system.h (NULL_DEVICE): A new macro. > * info/makedoc.c (main): Use it. > (maybe_dump_tags): Switch output strem to binary mode when > appropriate. > (process_one_file): Update file_size after reading the file. > > * info/infodoc.c: Add TAB, RET, and `i' to the list of important > commands in info_internal_help_text. > > * info/info.c (main): Support the --speech-friendly option. Use > PATH_SEP to separate directories. > (info_short_help) [__MSDOS__]: Mention the --speech-friendly > option. > > * info/info-utils.c (filename_non_directory): Use HAVE_DRIVE and > IS_SLASH. > * info/indices.c (do_info_index_search, index_entry_exists): Use > FILENAME_CMP to compare file names. > * info/filesys.c: Add ".inf" to the list of known extensions. > Look for .z before .Z, for the sake of case-insensitive > filesystems. Add DOS-specific extensions to work around 8+3 > namespace restrictions. > (info_absolute_file): New function. > (info_find_fullpath): Call it for candidates which are absolute > file names. Use IS_SLASH and IS_ABSOLUTE. > (info_file_in_path): Use IS_SLASH. > (extract_colon_unit, info_add_path): Use PATH_SEP instead of ":". > (lookup_info_filename): Compare file names with FILENAME_CMP. > (filesys_read_info_file): Read Info files in binary mode. > (filesys_decompressor_for_file): Read Info files in binary mode. > Compare file names with FILENAME_CMP. On MS-DOS, allow files > whose names end with a `z' be decompressed with gunzip. > * info/dribble.c (open_dribble_file): Open dribble file in > FOPEN_WBIN mode. > * info/dir.c (maybe_build_dir_node): Use IS_SLASH. > * util/texindex.c (maketempname): Put the numeric suffix after the > dot, to salvage 3 more characters on 8+3 filesystems. > >1998-04-29 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> > > * util/texindex.c (main): Use IS_SLASH to find the basename of > argv[0]. Lose the .exe suffix, if any. > (decode_command): Look at $TEMP and $TMP in addition to $TMPDIR. > Use DEFAULT_TMPDIR. > * util/texi2dvi: Use either `:' or `;' as directory separator in > TEXINPUTS, computed at run time. Save previous versions of index > files in a separate backup directory. > * util/install-info.c (main): Support backslashes in file names by > using IS_SLASH. Avoid recomputing length of infile_basename > unnecessarily. Use FILENAME_CMP for comparing file names > case-insensitively, where appropriate. Allow foo.inf as well as > foo.info to be an Info file name. > * lib/system.h (PATH_SEP, STRIP_DOT_EXE, FILENAME_CMPN, > DEFAULT_TMPDIR): New macros. > >1998-04-25 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> > > * lib/system.h (O_BINARY, SET_BINARY, FOPEN_RBIN, FOPEN_WBIN, > IS_SLASH, HAVE_DRIVE, IS_ABSOLUTE, FILENAME_CMP, PATH_SEP, > HAVE_LONG_FILENAMES): New macros. > * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (find_and_load): Use O_BINARY to decide when > read returning a value different from what st_size says is not an > error. Realloc the buffer after we've read the file. > (skip_directory_part): New function, skips leading directory in a > way that works on DOSISH systems. > (filename_non_directory, pathname_part): Call it. > (filename_part): Call filename_non_directory. > (expand_filename, full_pathname): Use IS_ABSOLUTE and IS_SLASH. > (convert_from_file): Check .txi extension first. > (split_file): Support splitting output files on 8+3 filesystems. > (main, extract_colon_unit): Use PATH_SEP instead of ':'. > (get_file_info_in_path): Use IS_ABSOLUTE and IS_SLASH. * doc/texinfo.txi: Changes from Eli for MS-DOS stuff. * doc/info-stnd.texi: Fixes from Eli: he documented all the missing keys and command-line options, corrected inaccuracies (probably left-overs from previous versions), and added some clarifications where I thought the manual was not clear enough. * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Add djgpp files. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: New no-op commands @setcontentsaftertitlepage and @setshortcontentsaftertitlepage. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document the new @set{,short}contentsaftertitlepage commands and the possibility of putting @contents and @shortcontents after @end titlepage. * util/texi2dvi: Check that the toc file has not changed (as well as .aux and .??). Thu Jun 25 16:58:46 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi: Document new commands @env, @command, @option. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (option, command, env): New markup commands, same as @code in info. Wed Jun 24 15:39:38 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: New no-op command @acronym. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document new command @acronym. * util/install-info.c (strip_info_suffix, menu_item_equal): New fns. (main): Call them instead of doing the filename test inline; all the .info variations are too confusing to write out twice. Tue Jun 23 18:01:40 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi: Fix some overfull boxes. Mon Jun 22 19:22:17 1998 Karl Berry <karl@north> * configure.in: Remove AC_LINK_FILES call, that was an old gettext thing, no longer necessary, and causes problems with Autoconf. Sun Jun 14 07:00:15 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/texi2dvi: Indent options so help2man will work. From Akim. Sat Jun 13 10:45:25 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): Add nl. * util/texi2dvi: Avoid tabs. Wed Jun 10 17:38:21 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (gen_defindex): Use xmalloc instead of alloca. This was our only use of alloca, so also remove all the #if junk at the beginning to define it. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Fix grammar in multiply-defined-node error message. Tue Jun 9 17:53:54 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi: Document new commands @smallformat, @smalldisplay. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: New commands @smalldisplay and @smallformat. Suggestion from: Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il>. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (insertion_type, insertion_type_names): Declare smalldisplay and smallformat. Mon Jun 8 07:57:52 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi: Document possibility of combining @titlefont and @title. From Eli. * util/texi2dvi: Set verbose to : instead of false by default. * util/texi2dvi: Missing \\ for sed with -t text. From Akim. Sun Jun 7 13:02:13 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi: Document @pagesizes and texidvi -t. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Define no-op @pagesizes and @afourpaper. (major_version, minor_version): Remove these globals, just use the Texinfo package version. (print_version_info): Ditto. Fri Jun 5 17:54:16 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi: Change texi2dvi documentation a bit. * util/texi2dvi: Handle --option=argument style of specifying arguments. Sat May 30 14:01:37 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi: More. * util/install-info.c (open_possibly_compressed_file): Finish implementation. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document install-info compression support. Fri May 29 08:01:43 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/install-info.c (open_possibly_compressed_file): Initial implementation. * util/install-info.c (output_dirfile): Attempt to write dir.gz if that's what we read. (readfile): Pass back the actual opened filename, too. * info/indices.c: Check in Eli's patch. Thu May 28 17:09:45 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/install-info.c (readfile): Set up to handle compressed input (and output) files. Change callers. Rearrange function order to avoid forward declarations. * configure.in: Remove check for libz, we'll fork gzip instead. Tue May 26 18:01:13 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/install-info.c (print_help): Missing \n\ in help string. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (POST_SENTENCE): Rename from post_sentence. Change calls. (flush_output): Strip 8th bit if post_sentence char as well as space. (cm_code, etc.): Change add_char calls for post_sentence chars to set 8th bit. 1998-05-23 Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il> * info/indices.c (info_next_index_match): Call info_set_node_of_window to display the node, so that footnotes are displayed as well. Thu May 21 11:05:50 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/install-info.c (output_dirfile): New function, extracted from the end of main. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (begin_insertion): Ignore @group in all the example-like environments, not just @example. Otherwise the first line in the environment is not indented correctly. Reported by rms. Wed May 20 17:44:38 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/install-info.c: Doc fixes. * util/install-info.c: Handle XEmacs-style dir entries: * FILENAME::PROGRAM DESCRIPTION. Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 13:58:28 +0900 From: KIRIYAMA Kazuhiko <kiri@kiri.toba-cmt.ac.jp> Also, do not set something_deleted on continuation lines; they are only deleted if the entry was deleted. Tue May 19 17:22:50 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/install-info.c: Do not read the dir file if we are only deleting -- it might not exist, and we don't actually need it. From: David Kaelbling <drk@sgi.com> Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 11:05:26 -0400 * util/gen-dir-node: From: David Kaelbling <drk@sgi.com> Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 16:05:16 -0400 - - The "dir" moobler header is slightly different from the default dir file. - If all files in ${infofiles} appear in the skeleton the last one is processed twice. - INFO-DIR-SECTION data is ignored. - Don't generate entries for directories. Sat May 16 17:16:56 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_novalidate): New fn for new command @novalidate, like --no-validate. Thu May 14 18:02:31 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi: Document the @novalidate command. Wed May 13 17:47:20 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi: Document limitation on @set/@value names in index commands. Fri May 1 14:12:15 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi (Command List): @deftypevar out of order. * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): Add cs. Tue Apr 28 09:33:41 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (strcasecmp): This is in lib now. 1998-04-26 Richard Stallman <rms@psilocin.gnu.org> * util/install-info.c (print_help): Doc clarifications. Sun Apr 19 15:55:10 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * lib/system.h (strcasecmp, strncasecmp) [!HAVE_STR[N]CASECMP]: Declare these. * info/search.h (str[n]casecmp): Remove decl from here. * configure.in (AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): Check for strcasecmp and strncasecmp here. (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Instead of just strcasecmp here. * configure.in (texconfig): Use TEXMFMAIN in preference to TEXMF for post-0.4 teTeX. Wed Apr 15 17:20:31 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.txi (Reporting Bugs): New section. Suggestion from: Andrew Shapira <shapiraa@cs.rpi.edu> Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 19:06:06 -0400 (EDT) * info/infomap.c: Define / to be info_search. Suggestion from: Egil Kvaleberg <egil@kvaleberg.no> Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 08:16:45 +0200 (MET DST) * doc/texinfo.txi (uref): Document reason for not using <URL: format. Also use ftp.gnu.org instead of ftp.gnu.ai.mit.edu throughout. Tue Apr 14 10:43:39 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> 1998-04-05 Karl Eichwalder <ke@suse.de> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (begin_insertion): No need to gettext; it's a keyword. From carl-friedriech.spilcke-liss@ensae.fr. (cm_printindex): ditto. * util/texi2dvi: Always remove the $tmp_dir's. From: Dean Gaudet <dgaudet@arctic.org> Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 00:55:36 -0700 (PDT) Mon Apr 13 18:02:57 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in: Include AM_SYS_POSIX_TERMIOS AM_HEADER_TIOCGWINSZ_NEEDS_SYS_IOCTL to avoid window resizing being ignored under glibc2 systems, e.g., Red Hat Linux 5.0. Actually any system where the ioctls are not defined in <termios.h>. See also http://www-gnats.gnu.org:8080/cgi-bin/wwwgnats.pl/full/206. * acconfig.h (GWINSZ_IN_SYS_IOCTL): New #undef for autoheader. * info/termdep.h [GWINSZ_IN_SYSIOCTL]: #include <sys/ioctl> if this is defined. From: Mark Jefferys <mjeffery@cse.ogi.edu> Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 12:38:27 -0700 (PDT) Fri Apr 3 01:18:22 1998 Philippe De Muyter <phdm@macqel.be> * info/info.c (main): Use 0, not NULL, as ? : alternative. Tue Mar 3 13:29:17 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in: Version 3.12. * po/de.po: New version. * po/POTFILES.in: Do not include doc.c; that gets built at runtime, thus causing texinfo.pot to try to get rebuilt. Besides, it doesn't have any translatable strings. Sun Mar 1 10:38:47 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/install-info.c: No need for i18n on version message. From ke@suse.de. Fri Feb 27 16:06:23 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in: Run texconfig conf instead of confall. * doc/Makefile.am (INSTALL_INFO): New variable. (install-info-am): Use install-info from our distribution. * info/info.c (info_minor_version): Increment. * (info_patch_level), * info/info.h (info_patch_level): Remove. * info/info.c (program_name): Move decl. * util/install-info.c (ensure_dirfile_exists): Use commas and \t instead of an explicit tab, which make dist expands. * doc/texinfo.txi: @prep.ai.mit.edu -> @gnu.org. * info/info.c: Make help messages consistent with others. * util/install-info.c (print_help): Format consistently. (readfile): Support gzipped files via libz. From: Elliot Lee <sopwith@redhat.com> Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 23:37:14 -0400 (EDT) Thu Feb 26 16:13:14 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/echo-area.c: Whoops, _ might not start with parens. * configure.in: Check for libz. Do not output emacs/Makefile. * Makefile.am (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Set to 1.2f. * util/texi2dvi: Always remove temporary directories. (From Akim.) Formatting changes. Wed Feb 25 15:26:26 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/texi2dvi: New options --batch, --clean. From: Akim Demaille <demaille@inf.enst.fr> Date: 15 Aug 1997 18:05:33 +0200 * doc/texinfo.txi (Format with texi2dvi): Mention --help. Applied this: 1997-08-09 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (me_executing_string): New variable. (me_execute_string): Use it instead of executing_string. (popfile): Check for me_executing_string as well as executing_string. (get_until_in_line): Likewise. (insert_and_underscore): Do not write any expansion output if executing a string. (cm_node, cm_include, index_add_arg, cm_footnote, execute_macro, cm_macro, cm_unmacro): Likewise. (cm_footnote): Include the footnote marker in the expansion output. (append_to_expansion_output): Do nothing if the input_text wasn't a remembered text. (defun_internal): Make the index entry even if expanding macros. (expansion): Don't reset macro_expansion_output_stream around call to execute_string. (apply): Fix typo. Tue Feb 24 17:33:44 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> 1997-11-10 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (get_until_in_line): Don't use xstrdup on the unterminated input_text. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Don't assume all \'s in macro bodies are arguments. From: Mathias.Herberts@irisa.fr (Mathias Herberts) Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 18:54:26 +0100 * configure.in: Check for sigblock in libc before libbsd. * From: hjl@lucon.org (H.J. Lu) * Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 21:50:25 -0800 (PST) Mon Feb 23 16:26:31 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/window.c (character_width): If ISO_Latin_p is set, make printable_limit 255, not 160. ISO Latin 1 uses essentially all of the 256 characters. Reported by: Marius Groeger <mag@sysgo.de> Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 16:05:27 +0100 * info/info.c: Improve help message. Sun Feb 22 17:38:32 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Remove emacs; we'll just distribute the Elisp files with Emacs. * doc/Makefile.am (info_TEXINFOS, texinfo): Rename manual to texinfo.txi to avoid DOS filename clash with texinfo.tex. * info/tilde.c: Copy slightly updated alloca stuff from makeinfo. * util/texindex.c (main): Declare as returning int to placate warnings. * info/Makefile.am: Uncomment BUILT_SOURCES stuff and add missing _. From: "Joel N. Weber II" <devnull@gnu.org> Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 17:21:38 -1000 * util/texindex.c, * util/install-info.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * info/info.c: Change help address to @gnu.org. 1998-01-22 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (usage): Fix order of arguments to help format string. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_top): Error message wording. * doc/texinfo.texi (Functions in Typed Languages): Remove duplicate description of @deftypemethod. From: KHMarbaise@p69.ks.fido.de (Karl Heinz Marbaise) Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 11:11:50 +0100 * info/session.c (info_get_input_char) [EINTR]: Keep reading if we get EINTR. From: Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> Date: 22 Dec 1997 10:32:53 +0100 Sat Feb 21 17:41:26 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (find_and_load): Malloc enough room for the null as well as the newline. From: "John W. Eaton" <jwe@bevo.che.wisc.edu> Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 21:12:01 -0500 * util/texindex.c (--version), * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_today), * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (print_version_info): Version strings etc. do not need translation. From: Karl Eichwalder <ke@suse.de> Date: 13 Sep 1997 16:20:02 +0200 * info/echo-area.c: Rewrite pluralization to be translatable. From: Karl Eichwalder <ke@suse.de> Date: 13 Sep 1997 16:20:02 +0200 * util/texindex.c, * info/info.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * util/install-info.c: --version: Give year as argument to printf, to reduce the number of translations needed. From: Ulrich Drepper <drepper@ipd.info.uni-karlsruhe.de> Date: 02 Sep 1997 18:01:26 +0200 * util/texindex.c: Remove the fnctl.h and sys/file.h conditional #includes, they are already in lib/system.h. From: "Philippe De Muyter" <phdm@macqel.be> Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 20:16:49 +0200 (MET DST) * info/terminal.c (terminal_begin_using_terminal, terminal_end_using_terminal): #ifdef SIGWINCH settings for m68k-motorola-sysv. From: "Philippe De Muyter" <phdm@macqel.be> Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 20:16:49 +0200 (MET DST) * info/filesys.c (info_suffixes): Add /index as a possibility for subdirectories. From: Matthew Wilcox <willy@odie.barnet.ac.uk> Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 15:55:16 +0100 (BST) * configure.in: Redirect texconfig input from /dev/null to avoid stoppage. From: Thomas Esser <te@informatik.uni-hannover.de> Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 18:15:49 +0200 * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (find_and_load): Null-terminate the input text. From: Kenneth Stailey <kstailey@disclosure.com>. * info/Makefile.am (INCLUDES): Add -I.. -I$(srcdir). Fri Aug 22 16:24:59 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: Adjust ISBN, edition number for print run. Mon Aug 4 16:12:42 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/info.c (main) [INFODIR]: Add this to infopath, if set. * info/Makefile.am (DEFS): New define, include -DINFODIR. From: Larry Schwimmer <rosebud@cyclone.Stanford.EDU>. * util/install-info.c (ensure_dirfile_exists): Use tabs instead of spaces on the File: dir line. Bug from: Dave Love <d.love@dl.ac.uk>. Sat Aug 2 12:43:57 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_value, cm_email, cm_uref): Have to cast from unsigned char * to char * or IRIX cc complains. From: "Kaveh R. Ghazi" <ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu>. Fri Aug 1 14:05:10 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Remove README-alpha. From: "ir. Mark M._Kettenis" <kettenis@phys.uva.nl>. 1997-07-31 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * configure.in: Use AC_CHECK_HEADERS, not AC_CHECK_HEADER. Thu Jul 31 11:57:46 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * Version 3.11. * info/man.c (reap_children): Declare status as int, not unsigned, since that's what POSIX says the arg to wait should be. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_uref, cm_email): Rewrite to do macro expansion in the arguments. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): setlocale LC_MESSAGES and LC_TIME, instead of LC_ALL. From: Akim Demaille <demaille@inf.enst.fr>. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_today): Let the %d %s %d be translated, so other languages can change the order of day/month/year. From: Akim Demaille <demaille@inf.enst.fr>. * info/infomap.c: Doc fix. * lib/system.h [!O_RDONLY]: Prefer <fcntl.h> to <sys/fcntl.h>. * configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Check for fcntl.h. * doc/Makefile.am (install-data-local): Suggest tex/generic/dvips for epsf.tex. From: Tim Mooney <mooney@dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoDak.edu>. * configure.in (TEXMF): Move check to block with other program checks. Wed Jul 30 11:20:37 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (defun_internal): Allow extra text after most @def... commands, for tzname[2] in libc.texinfo. * info/info.c: Include indices.h. * configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Test for sys/wait.h, info/man.c uses it. From: Erick Branderhorst <Erick.Branderhorst@asml.nl>. Tue Jul 29 15:55:19 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in: Version 3.9j. * info/terminal.c (output_character_function): Return int (the arg), not void. * info/infomap.c: Don't define term_kP as 'v', since that's undefined. From: Tom Hageman <tom@basil.icce.rug.nl>. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Parameterize some messages to avoid duplicate translations. * info/terminal.c: Only try to declare ospeed, PC, tputs, etc. if we don't have <ncurses.h/termcap.h> or <termcap.h>. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_email): New function, like cm_uref. Sun Jul 27 17:09:20 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in: Only check for <ncurses/termcap.h> if we're using -lncurses. From: Bo Johansson <bo.johansson@mbox2.swipnet.se>. * info/dir.c (new_dir_file_p): Avoid automatic struct initialization, SunOS 4 etc. cc can't handle it. From: "Kaveh R. Ghazi" <ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu>. Sat Jul 26 15:08:13 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * Version 3.9i. * configure.in: Check for termcap.h and ncurses/termcap.h. From: bo.johansson@mbox2.swipnet.se. Fri Jul 25 14:09:05 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: Document new second optional arg to email. * info/infodoc.c: Document CTRL-x 0 as the way to get out of help. * info/dir.c (maybe_build_dir_node): Really check for the same dir file twice, not just by name. (new_dir_file_p): New function. * util/install-info.c: Tell them about --help in doc strings. Thu Jul 24 14:25:44 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/texindex.c (memory_error): Move to avoid incorrect implicit decl. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * makeinfo/multi.c, * util/install-info.c, * util/texindex.c, * info/tilde.c, * info/man.c, * info/gc.c, * info/session.c (info_replace_key_to_typeahead): Remove unused function, * info/nodemenu.c, * info/man.c, * info/m-x.c, * info/footnotes.c * info/info.c * info/indices.c, * info/filesys.c: Parenthesize to avoid -Wall warnings remove unused variables, make return types explicit, printf type corrections. * lib/system.h: <ctype.h>: Include this. * util/texindex.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * info/echo-area.c, * info/display.c: ctype.h: Included in system.h now. * info/echo-area.c: Parenthesize to avoid -Wall warnings. (ctype.h): #include for isprint. (echo_area_stack_depth): Remove unused function. * info/display.c: Parenthesize to avoid -Wall warnings. (ctype.h): #include for isprint. * info/dir.c: Parenthesize to avoid -Wall warnings. (build_dir_node_internal): Remove declaration of nonexistent function. From: Erick Branderhorst <Erick.Branderhorst@asml.nl>. * configure.in (TEXMF): Call texconfig to discover the default value, for the sake of the warning in doc/Makefile. From: Tim Mooney <mooney@dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoDak.edu>. * doc/Makefile.am (TEXMF): New variable. (install-data-local): Use it in warning. From: Tim Mooney <mooney@dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoDak.edu>. * info/session.c (initialize_info_session): Only call terminal_prep_terminal if clear_screen is true. Otherwise, failed --index-searches prep the terminal but do not unprep it. From: William Edward Webber <wew@yallara.cs.rmit.EDU.AU>. * info/nodemenu.c: Doc fix. Mon Jul 21 17:11:09 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: Comment out @smallbook and @set smallbook so people at other sites can print it the way they want. From: Thomas Walter <walter@pctc.chemie.uni-erlangen.de> Sun Jul 20 07:52:25 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in: 3.9h. * doc/Makefile.am (install-info-am, distclean-aminfo): New targets to avoid assuming info files are in srcdir. * lib/system.h (xstrdup): Returns char *, not void *. * doc/Makefile.am (.texi.info), * doc/Makefile.am (texinfo): Don't run in $(srcdir). * util/install-info.c (main): Remove unnecessary decl of strrchr. * info/tilde.c: Include info.h (for config.h) before alloca stuff. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (validate_file): Rename `valid' to `valid_p' to avoid conflict with SunOS 4 header files. From: "Kaveh R. Ghazi" <ghazi@caip.rutgers.edu>. * info/session.c (initialize_info_session): Call terminal_prep_terminal here (before calling terminal_clear_screen). (info_session): Instead of here. From: William Edward Webber <wew@yallara.cs.rmit.EDU.AU>. * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Add README-alpha. Sat Jul 19 13:50:27 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/terminal.c: Use `keypad transmit' sequence if it's defined: (term_keypad_on, term_keypad_off): New statics. (terminal_begin_using_terminal): If term_keypad_on, send it. (terminal_end_using_terminal): If term_keypad_off, send it. (terminal_initialize_terminal): Look up ks and ke termcap strings. From: William Edward Webber <wew@yallara.cs.rmit.EDU.AU>. * info/infomap.c (initialize_info_keymaps): Initialize hardwired cases for arrow keys a la readline. Found by John Eaton, jwe@bevo.che.wisc.edu. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (output_pending_notes): Remove footnote macro expansion code I #if 0'd out some time ago. And doc fixes. * Applied this patch: Sat Jul 19 16:29:01 1997 Karl Eichwalder <ke@suse.de> * info/info.c (main): setlocale, bindtextdomain, and textdomain. Fri Jul 18 10:02:18 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/Makefile.am (install-data-local), * emacs/Makefile.am (install-data-local): Give subdir in warning. * configure.in: Version 3.9f. * doc/texinfo.texi: Correct \^ to @^. From Andreas S. * Merged these changes: 1997-07-17 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * info/display.c (display_cursor_at_point): Flush ouput. 1997-07-17 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * info/session.c (remember_window_and_node): Don't crash when the current window has no current node. 1997-07-17 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * util/texindex.c (usage): Translate the doc strings. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_today): Translate the month names. * info/variables.c (describe_variable): Translate the doc strings. * info/nodes.h: Don't translate the strings defining the info format. 1997-07-17 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (get_item_function): Remove superfluous call to canon_white after get_rest_of_line. (cm_end): Likewise. (handle_variable): Likewise. (cm_item): Likewise. (cm_unmacro): Likewise. 1997-07-17 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * info/nodemenu.c (list_visited_nodes): Don't clear the internal flag, this and other functions depend on it. Don't insist on displaying the menu below the current window. 1997-07-17 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_uref): Fix memory leaks. (cm_inforef): Likewise. Handle empty cross reference name. 1997-07-17 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * info/echo-area.c (ea_possible_completions): Check that the current window can actually be split. Thu Jul 17 17:19:34 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * emacs/Makefile.am (*clean-lisp): Define, as Automake didn't. From: Kenneth Stailey <kstailey@disclosure.com>. * doc/Makefile.am: Do not distribute info.1. * makeinfo/macros: Do not distribute this directory, it's merged into the main documentation. * doc/makeinfo.texi: Don't distribute this either, it's in the main manual. * util/install-info.c: Use \n\ for multiline string constant. From: Tim Mooney <mooney@dogbert.cc.ndsu.NoDak.edu>. Wed Jul 16 15:29:50 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: @set must be after @setfilename, I guess. Noted by Erick Branderhorst. * Applied this change: Tue Nov 12 22:20:22 1996 John Eaton <jwe@bevo.che.wisc.edu> * makeinfo.c (INDEX_ALIST): Use two indices, read_index and write_index, instead of just one. (find_index_offset): If a match is found, return index to the current INDEX_ALIST struct, not the index pointing to the list of index entries. (translate_index): Return read_index from the matching INDEX_ALIST. (undefindex): Delete the list of index elements pointed to by read_index from the INDEX_ALIST that matches name. (defindex): Initialize read_index and write_index. (index_add_arg): Add entries to the list pointed to by write_index from the INDEX_ALIST matching name. (index_append): Delete unused function. (cm_synindex): Don't merge indcies, just make the write_index for redirectee the same as the write_index for redirector. Tue Jul 15 09:32:04 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: Bump edition number for 2.24. * util/Makefile.am (localedir): Define. * info/window.h: Rename __window__ to window_struct. * info/window.h, * info/variables.h, * info/search.h, * info/man.h, * info/info-utils.h, * info/gc.h, * info/footnotes.h, * info/filesys.h, * info/echo-area.h, * info/display.h: Avoid leading _ in #define for #include protection. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Version 1.68. * info/info.c: Version 2.17. * Most all files: Untabify. * doc/Makefile.am (texinfo): Add explicit target. * emacs/Makefile.am (noinst_LISP): Remove the obsolete detexinfo.el (makeinfo --no-headers is better) and texnfo-tex.el (now handled by TeX modes in general). Mon Jul 14 15:21:03 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/texi2dvi: Update RCS file from 3.9 distribution. * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Add update-info, from rhawes@dmapub.dma.org Sun Jul 13 17:05:03 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/signals.c: Use RETSIGTYPE instead of hardwiring void. From: "Jeffery L. JT Vogt" <lfm@atw.earthreach.com>. * info/session.c (info_history_node): Rewrite as info_kill_node (current_node). (kill_node, read_nodename_to_kill): New functions from info_kill_node. (info_kill_node): Now this just calls them. Fri Jul 11 11:56:58 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: Fix `Conditionals' xref. Thu Jul 10 17:58:12 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/info.texi: Don't say SPC clears ? screen. Sun Jul 6 16:26:41 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/info-stnd.texi: Document --index-search. * info/tilde.c, * info/session.c: Remove redundant getenv decl. * Installed following change: Tue Nov 12 14:44:00 1996 John W. Eaton <jwe@bevo.che.wisc.edu> * info/info.c (main): Handle new option, --index-search STRING. (index_search_p, index_search_string): New static variables, used to handle --index-search option. * info/session.c (initialize_info_session): New arg, clear_screen. Change all callers. * info/indices.h (do_info_index_search, index_intry_exists): Provide declarations here. * info/indices.c (do_info_index_search): New function, extracted from info_index_search. (info_index_search): Simply call do_info_index_search() with search_string set to NULL. (index_entry_exists): New function. Sat Jul 5 17:17:14 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: Document @kbdinputstyle. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (kbdinputstyle): New command. (cm_no_op_line_arg): New function. * info/termdep.h (HAVE_TERMIOS_H) [NeXT]: #undef. From: Gregor Hoffleit <flight@mathi.uni-heidelberg.de> et al. Fri Jul 4 14:18:08 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST), * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST), * makeinfo/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST), * lib/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Include README. * doc/texinfo.texi (makeinfo options): Document --paragraph-indent values more completely. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (set_paragraph_indent): Allow translated asis or none, improve doc. From ke. * doc/Makefile.am (dist-info): New empty target so that we do not distribute info files. From Erick Branderhorst. * doc/texinfo.texi (Invoking install-info): Document that the dir file is created now if need be. * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): No longer need dir. * util/install-info.c (ensure_dirfile_exists): New routine. (main): Call it before trying to open dirfile for reading. * doc/texinfo.texi: Document install-info --delete a little better. * util/install-info.c: Set something_deleted when we delete a normal line. Bug from: Denis Kosygin <dkosygin@math.Princeton.EDU>. * util/install-info.c: If no info dir entry, give warning and exit 0. Wed Jul 2 06:35:17 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): Add fr. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (insertion_type, insertion_type_names): Add ifnot... entries. Alphabetize. Tue Jul 1 17:21:54 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (sort_index): Set defining_line and input_filename so errors in index entries are reported at the correct location. From rms. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_ifnothtml, etc.): Routines for new commands. Sun Jun 29 09:44:01 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: Document new @ifnot... commands, etc. * doc/texinfo.texi: Document @image, etc. Thu Jun 26 17:57:37 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): New routine for new command @image. (cm_end): Move to better place, doesn't need its own page. Doc fixes. Mon Jun 23 16:54:03 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Do intl first. * doc/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Include epsf.tex. (install-data-local): Suggest possible installation directory. * epsf.tex: New file. Wed Jun 18 17:51:52 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: Document texinfo.cnf. Sun Jun 15 14:37:58 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi (Command List): Various commands missing or erroneous. From: Karl_Heinz_Marbaise@p69.ks.fido.de. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Oops, failed to break out of loop. * util/texindex.c: Use <getopt.h> not "getopt.h". * All source files: Merge gettext changes from Karl E.; his ChangeLog entries below. Sat Jun 14 17:04:28 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * Makefile.am, * makeinfo/Makefile.am: Doc fix. * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Add texi2dvi. From Karl E. Fri Jun 13 17:39:34 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c [WIN32]: Handle read bogosity and c:\ absolute paths. From: Eric Hanchrow <erich@MICROSOFT.com>. * configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Check for pwd.h. * info/tilde.c (pwd.h): Move #include to system.h. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): New option -P to prepend to search path. From: Kenneth Stailey <kstailey@cvs.openbsd.org>. * doc/texinfo.texi (Invoking makeinfo), * doc/makeinfo.texi: Mention -P. Thu Jun 12 16:25:40 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/signals.h (SIGCHLD): #define as SIGCLD if undefined, for sysV68. From: "Philippe De Muyter" <phdm%labauto1@ulb.ac.be>. * util/install-info.c (O_RDONLY): Remove this stuff, it's in system.h. (main): Handle existing entry in dir file having .info extension. From: "Bradley C. Kuszmaul" <bradley@GRANITE.SYSTEMSX.CS.YALE.EDU>. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (get_char_len): Don't count 8-bit characters as two chars in the output. From: Sung-Hyun Nam <namsh@amuna.rms.lgic.co.kr>. Wed Jun 11 16:36:51 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi (Other Info Directories): Document new trailing : in INFOPATH feature. * info/info.c (main): Have trailing : in INFOPATH expand to the default path. Fri Jun 6 13:22:02 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi (uref): New node for new command. Thu Jun 5 18:13:48 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_uref): New function to accept optional second argument. Call it in command table. Sat Jun 14 10:54:16 1997 Karl Eichwalder <ke@suse.de> * mkinstalldirs: Update from automake-1.1p. * configure.in: Touch po/ChangeLog (gettext needs it). Thu Jun 12 08:37:52 1997 Karl Eichwalder <ke@ke.Central.DE> * util/texindex.c: Include system.h, remove config.h. * po/POTFILES.in: Fill it. * makeinfo/multi.c: Include system.h. * info/Makefile.am: * makeinfo/Makefile.am: * util/Makefile.am: (localedir): Set. (INCLUDES): Add intl/ and LOCALEDIR. (LDADD): Add @INTLLIBS@. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): * util/texindex.c (main): * util/install-info.c (main): setlocale, bindtextdomain, and textdomain. * lib/system.h: Include locale.h and libintl.h. * acconfig.h: Include libintl.h. (_, N_): Define. Add ENABLE_NLS, HAVE_CATGETS, HAVE_GETTEXT, HAVE_LC_MESSAGES, HAVE_STPCPY for libintl. Add @TOP@ and @BOTTOM@. * configure.in (AM_GNU_GETTEXT): Add. (AC_OUTPUT): Process Makefiles in intl/ and po/. (ALL_LINGUAS): Available languages. * Makefile.am (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Now use 1.1p. Wed Jun 11 17:05:37 1997 Karl Eichwalder <ke@ke.Central.DE> * Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Add intl/ and po/ for NLS. * run `gettextize -c' to get the i18n skeleton. Wed Jun 4 17:51:08 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (uref): New command, another alias for @code for now. Wed Jun 4 02:02:33 1997 Miles Bader <miles@gnu.ai.mit.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi (email): { and } need @ escapes. Sun Jun 1 16:34:12 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi (itemx): @itemx should always follow @item. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_item): Insert blank line if two consecutive @item's. From: Karl Eichwalder <ke@ke.central.de>. Also various doc fixes. Tue May 27 17:20:44 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi (various): Document @deftypemethod. (email): @ should have been @@ in the example. From: Mate Wierdl <mw@wierdlmpc.msci.memphis.edu> Mon May 26 16:56:26 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/multi.c (setup_multitable_parameters): Avoid use of %n for sake of m68k-hp-bsd. From: Derek L Davies <ddavies@world.std.com>. * info/terminal.c (terminal_begin_using_terminal, terminal_end_using_terminal): Call fflush and sleep to handle cmdtool/shelltool with scrollbars. Also ignore SIGWINCH so we do not prematurely exit. Move call. (terminal_prep_terminal): Disable LNEXT (CTRL-V). From: strube@physik3.gwdg.de (Hans Werner Strube). * configure.in (AC_TYPE_SIGNAL): Check this. Sun May 25 16:49:58 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (discard_insertions): Take arg saying whether ifinfo/ifset/etc. are ok. (convert_from_loaded_file): At `finished', call discard_insertions. (handle_variable_internal): Complain if we reach eof before the @end for a false condition. From: HERBERT@boevm4.vnet.ibm.com. * info/Makefile.am (ginfo_SOURCES): Add doc.h. * lib/Makefile.am (libtxi_a_SOURCES): Add system.h. Sat May 24 18:08:27 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Check that we have macro_expansion_filename before using strcmp. Thu May 22 17:59:46 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/makeinfo.texi: Minimally document --force. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (--force): New option. (-E): Allow stdout via `-'. (convert_from_loaded_file): Unlink output files if errors and !force. Tue May 20 17:48:42 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Change all strdup calls to xstrdup. (xmalloc, xrealloc, memory_error): Remove these functions, they're in lib. (set_paragraph_indent, cm_paragraph_indent): Move to misc page. (cm_footnote): Expand macros in the arg for the macro expansion output. Fri May 16 17:26:59 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_macro): Allocate an empty body if the macro was empty. (cm_unmacro): Allocate one more byte for the null. From: Robert Hoehne <robert.hoehne@Mathematik.TU-Chemnitz.DE>. Sun May 11 17:51:21 1997 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_printindex): Fix calculation of the length of an index line. Sun May 11 14:47:42 1997 Tom Tromey <tromey@cygnus.com> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): Don't unconditionally run usage when -e specified. Sun May 11 17:47:42 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (init_indices): Free the source for an @synindex. (undefindex): Do not go further if the target was already freed. (free_index): Do not free the node names, as init_tags already did. (cm_synindex, index_add_arg): Improve error message. (program_index, function_index, etc.): Remove these unused #defines. Tue May 6 17:53:37 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (init_internals): Do not free current_node, it already is, at least when multiple input files are specified. From: Karl Eichwalder <ke@ke.central.de>. Mon May 5 16:14:39 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: Mention both alignment and non-alignment of continuation description lines in menus (Arnold). Sun Apr 27 16:12:44 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (apply): Handle body being `\string'. Also, avoid dereferencing a null pointer when a macro has no named parameters. From: Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il>. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Wording changes/fixes in warnings. * info/session.c (info_get_input_char): Do not mix stdio with raw I/O. From: Egil Kvaleberg <egilk@sn.no>. From Tom Hageman <tom@basil.icce.rug.nl>. These changes make arrow keys work: * info/infomap.c: Add arrow key bindings. (keymap_bind_keyseq): New support function. (initialize_info_keymaps): Use it. (term_ku,term_kd,term_kl,term_kr): Remove explicit declarations; use #include "terminal.h" instead. * info/session.c (initialize_info_session): Unbuffer stdin. (info_get_another_input_char): Fix bug in `ready' logic. * info/terminal.h, * info/terminal.c (term_kP, term_kN): New variables to hold PageUp, PageDown key sequences. (terminal_initialize_terminal): Set them. * util/texindex.c (main), * util/install-info.c (main), * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (print_version_info), * info/info.c (main): Use PACKAGE and VERSION from Automake for printing version number. Sat Apr 26 19:19:46 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (get_until_in_line): Do not expand if executing_string. Also, free temporary strings. Also, untabify entire file. * doc/texinfo.texi: Many corrections from Arnold. Thu Apr 24 16:31:09 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/multi.c (draw_horizontal_separator): Account for indent here also. From Ulrich. Wed Apr 23 15:15:34 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_today): Use time_t instead of long; everyone else does. (LOCALTIME_CAST): Remove kludge, we'll always use time_t now. * info/Makefile.am (ginfo_SOURCES): Remove general.h, that got merged into system.h. Mon Apr 21 17:13:25 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/multi.c (output_multitable_row): Account for column_indent, both the global one and for each column. (setup_multitable_parameters): Account for column_indent in the table width in the columnfrac case, but don't bother with the template case for now. Sun Apr 20 16:32:00 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (output_stream): Remove redundant definition; it's in makeinfo.h, and a vaxstation-ultrix4.3 fails to link because of the two defns. From: Anders Olofsson <anders@kid025.ericsson.se>. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (expansion): Inhibit appending to the macro expansion stream. (get_until_in_line): Possibly expand the text. Change caller in get_node_token to do the expansion, all other calls to remain the same. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_node): No need to call strlen to check for the empty string. * doc/texinfo.texi: Restore missing @c for initial comment. Fri Apr 18 17:41:36 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: Mention that .info is unnecessary in the info file name argument of an xref. * doc/texinfo.texi: Mention texi2dvi -t instead of embedding @smallbook or @afourpaper in the document source. Sun Apr 13 15:19:08 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * lib/system.h (_GNU_SOURCE): #define. Mon Apr 7 16:30:11 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/info.texi, * doc/info-stnd.texi, * doc/texinfo.texi: Do not make (dir) the previous ptr from the top node, and tell people not to do that in the manual. From: rmedina@kanojo.ivic.ve (Rodrigo Medina), confirmed by rms. Fri Apr 4 16:30:33 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Move error page to top to avoid prototypes, and do add prototypes for add_word_args and execute_string, so we can use <stdarg.h>. * info/makedoc.c, * info/nodemenu.c: Use %ld instead of %d for file offsets. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (delete_macro): Decrement macro_list_len. (get_macro_args): Decrement line number if see \n. * utils/texindex.c (indexify): Use fputs instead of fprintf for constant string. From: Eli Zaretskii <eliz@is.elta.co.il>. Thu Apr 3 17:40:52 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): No need to check for vararg.h here, AC_FUNC_VPRINTF does it. (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Likewise for vsprintf and vfprintf. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_word_args, execute_string): Rewrite like the error functions. Wed Apr 2 17:46:28 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in: Add AC_FUNC_VPRINTF. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (error, line_error, warning): Rewrite a la error.c from the *utils to use <stdarg.h> if available. Tue Apr 1 11:48:40 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * doc/texinfo.texi: Tabs are a bad idea. * doc/userdoc.texi, * doc/info.texi: Untabify. Sun Mar 30 17:36:47 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (end_of_sentence_p): New function. (add_char): Call it, instead of simply sentence_ender. (post_sentence): New macro. Also, remove some #include's now in system.h. * lib/system.h [VMS]: #include <perror.h>, from makeinfo. Thu Mar 27 17:41:03 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/search.c (skip_node_characters): Do not arbitrarily strip trailing period from end of node name; this is valid. Mon Mar 24 16:44:42 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * configure.in (AC_OUTPUT): Don't need to create stamp-h here, tromey says AM_CONFIG_HEADER will do it. * info/Makefile.am, util/Makefile.am, makeinfo/Makefile.am (INCLUDES): Don't need -I.. (for config.h) or -I$(srcdir), says tromey. Automake includes those already. Fri Mar 14 15:05:17 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/Makefile.am: Build as ginfo, install as info, to avoid conflict with the standard info target. * lib/system.h: New file. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (strerror): Remove declaration, include system.h, remove other redundant #if stuff. * info/general.h: Include system.h instead of doing common stuff. * util/install-info.c (my_strerror): Remove this, use strerror, include system.h. * info/terminal.c (terminal_prep_terminal): Only use OCRNL and ONLCR if they are defined. Reported by many people. * Installed: Sun Dec 1 19:23:54 1996 Karl Eichwalder <ke@ke.Central.DE> * configure.in (TERMLIBS): Add ncurses. Thu Mar 13 13:59:45 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * lib/Makefile.am (libtxi_a_SOURCES): Add xstrdup.c. * info/*.c: Use xstrdup instead of strdup everywhere. * info/tilde.c: Do not include clib.h, move stdlib.h include to * info/general.h: here. * configure.in (AC_CONFIG_HEADER): Use this, to avoid hugely long compile line with all the -D's. * info/general.h: Include <config.h>. * emacs/Makefile.am (install, install-data): Do @echo to tell the user to compile/install the elisp manually. * configure.in (AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): Move strerror check to here. (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): From here. * lib/strerror.c: New file, from enscript (et al.) distribution. Tue Mar 11 16:36:25 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/Makefile.am (info_SOURCES): Add doc.c, dribble.c, infodoc.c. (LDADD): Add @TERMLIBS@. * info/info.h: HANDLE_MAN_PAGES, NAMED_FUNCTIONS: Define these. * info/filesys.h: Spurious ! when DEFAULT_INFOPATH is not defined. * configure.in (AC_OUTPUT): Do lib first and doc last. * info/echo-area.c, * info/echo-area.h, * info/info.h: Rename echo_area to echo-area. Mon Mar 10 17:59:05 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * */Makefile.am: Write Makefile.am files for Automake. * doc: New subdirectory, move all manuals and texinfo.tex there. * AUTHORS, THANKS, config.guess, config.sub, mkinstalldirs: New files, required by Automake. * lib/xmalloc.c: Move from info/. Fri Oct 4 07:49:49 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * Version 3.9. * Makefile.in (install): Say to install texinfo.tex manually. * util/texi2dvi, * util/texindex.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * info/info.c: Include only the current year in the copyright message. * util/texi2dvi: Exit successfully. From: Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>. Thu Oct 3 12:58:32 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * Rename install.sh to the preferred install-sh. * Makefile.in (VERSION), * util/texi2dvi, * util/texindex.c, * util/install-info.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (minor_version, print_version_info), * info/info.c: Update version number. * util/texi2dvi: Only show diff if verbose. * util/install-info.c (main): Check for a missing dir file as well as a missing info files. (main): At start of a node, completely initialize the newly-malloced node structure. * texinfo.texi: Fix incorrect uses of @key, insert missing newline in Installing Dir Entries' @menu item, document install-info invocation. * Makefile.in (DISTFILES): Do not put .gdbinit's in distribution. (dist): Use || instead of && (and invert sense) so make doesn't think the command failed. (dist): Exclude more junk. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): Back out patch from Tom T., since we generate a good-enough error message that is suppressible without it. * util/gen-dir-node: The recommended name for the top-level info file is dir, not dir.info. * util/install-info.c (main): At `Mark the end of the Top node', make sure the node name is non-NULL before comparing it. From lvirden@cas.org. * configure.in (AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): Use this for memcpy, memmove, and strdup. (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Instead of this. Because both bcopy and memmove are missing on the 3b2, as reported by Gaylen Miller <gaylen@proaxis.com>, hence we must provide our own. * libtxi/Makefile.in (LIBOBJS): New variable. (OBJS): Include it. * libtxi/memcpy.c, libtxi/memmove.c, libtxi/strdup.c: New files, taken from fileutils 3.13. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * info/clib.c (strdup): Move to libtxi. Wed Oct 2 18:23:30 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/info-utils.h (memcpy) [!HAVE_MEMCPY], * info/termdep.h (memcpy) [!HAVE_MEMCPY], * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (memmove) [!HAVE_MEMMOVE]: Remove this #ifdef, as we now include it in libtxi if missing. Tue Oct 1 17:41:52 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/Makefile.in (install), * info/Makefile.in (install), * Makefile.in (install): Use new option name --info-dir instead of --infodir. * makeinfo/multi.c (out_char): New fn. Replace all calls to putc/fprintf with calls to this. * util/install-info.c: Rename --infodir to info-dir. Mon Sep 30 10:07:21 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * Version 3.8. * texinfo.tex: Untabify. * texinfo.tex (\ptexl, \ptexL): Do not save, we have our own commands now. (\onepageout): Reformat for readability, and call \indexdummies to avoid expansion of Texinfo commands (e.g., accents) in \write's. (\,, \dotaccent, \ringaccent, \tieaccent, \ubaraccent, udotaccent, \questiondown, \exclamdown, \dotless): New macros. (\l): Let plain TeX definition remain, instead of switching to ``lisp'' font. (\multitable): Ensure space between the columns, insert struts to make interline spacing constant, use real strut instead of a box containing `Xy'. (\indexdummies): Do not define \rm, \char, but do define \@, \{, \}, \dotless, and \,. And \t should generate \t, not \r. (\indexnofonts): Define \, and \dotless as \indexdummyfont, and let \@ be @. (\doind): Reformat for readability, and use temp control sequence names that actually make sense. (\doublecolumnout, \pagesofar, \enddoublecolumns): Restore Knuth's original code to avoid spurious overfull vbox messages. (No boxes are actually overfull). (\shortcontents): Do not allow hyphenations. (\dochapentry, \tocentry): Make glue above and below flexible, to allow better page breaks. (\tex): Reset \, to its plain TeX meaning, and do not reset \l. * COPYING: Update for new FSF address (from gcc dist). * libtxi/Makefile.in: Various simplifications. Sun Sep 29 12:58:44 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/texi2dvi: Use $progname instead of $0 for --version. * util/install-info.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Declare malloc and realloc as returning void *, to avoid ptr/int problems on Digital Unix. * info/tilde.c (tilde_expand_word): Declare getenv as returning char *, to avoid warning on Digital Unix. * makeinfo/multi.c (multitable_active): Declare extern here to avoid ld warning on rs6000. * util/texindex.c (usage): Avoid ??' trigraph. * util/install-info.c: Include <sys/fcntl.h> or <fnctl.h>, according to HAVE_SYS_FCNTL_H, and only include <sys/file.h> if HAVE_SYS_FILE_H. (readlines): Oops, had NULL's and 0's reversed for ptr/int members. * info/terminal.c (terminal_goto_xy): Remove spurious extra ;. * util/install-info.c: Untabify. (input_sections): Initialize. (find_lines): Initialize the terminating element of the array. (print_help): Document --infodir. (main): Compare the basename of infile sans .info to the dir entry, not infile itself. * util/Makefile.in (clean): Remove the install-info binary. * info/Makefile.in (distclean): Remove *.info* files. * Makefile.in (install), * info/Makefile.in (install), * makeinfo/Makefile.in (install): Use --infodir instead of --info-file. * info/info.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Avoid newlines in string constants for the sake of SunOS cc. * makeinfo/multi.c: Do not assume ANSI C. * info/info.texi: Oops, need @end vtable for a @vtable. Sat Sep 28 16:31:28 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * Makefile.in (texinfo): Do not depend on sub-all, as then makeinfo is always run. Instead, depend on texinfo.texi. * makeinfo/Makefile.in (info, dvi): New targets. makeinfo.info, makeinfo.dvi: Do not depend on macro.texi for now. * info/Makefile.in (install): Must call install-info twice. * info/info-stnd.texi, * info/info.texi, * makeinfo/makeinfo.texi: Include direntry. * emacs/Makefile.in: Use && after cd, etc. * texinfo.texi: Kludges so makeinfo -E will not create spurious differences. Add new direntries. * util/install-info.c, * util/texindex.c, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, * info/info.c: Standardize --version output. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (defun_internal): Don't insert index command if expanding macros. (cm_footnotestyle): Don't change the footnote style if it was set on the command line. * util/texi2dvi: Recompute original index files each time through loop. Make indentation uniform. Use same basename for the temp input files. Standardize --version output. * info/Makefile.in (install), * makeinfo/Makefile.in (install): Insert $(POST_INSTALL). Fri Sep 27 13:27:30 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.texi (Format with texi2dvi): Rewrite now that the script runs in a loop. * info/Makefile.in (MAKEINFO): Simplify to ../makeinfo/makeinfo. Fri Sep 27 00:26:03 1996 Miles Bader <miles@gnu.ai.mit.edu> * info/terminal.c [HAVE_TERMIOS_H] (terminal_prep_terminal, terminal_unprep_terminal): Add code for termios. [HAVE_TERMIOS_H] (original_termios, ttybuff): New variables. * info/termdep.h: [HAVE_TERMIOS_H]: Add include of <termios.h>. * configure.in: Add check for <termios.h>. Thu Sep 26 10:46:34 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * emacs/texnfo-upd.el, * emacs/texinfo.el, * emacs/texinfmt.el: Update from bob for new Texinfo commands, etc. * emacs/info.el, emacs/informat.el, emacs/makeinfo.el, emacs/texnfo-tex.el: Update from Emacs 19.34 dist. * emacs/elisp-comp: Use TMPDIR if set. * util/Makefile.in (libdir): Remove. * makeinfo/Makefile.in (install), * Makefile.in (install), * info/Makefile.in (install): Run install-info. (libdir): Remove. * texinfo.texi: Various fixes as I make this go through TeX. * util/install-info.c: Quote newlines in help message. * util/texi2dvi (texi2dvi): Run TeX until the aux/index files stabilize, instead of just twice. From: David Shaw <daves@gsms01.alcatel.com.au>. Tue Sep 24 14:43:03 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * dir: Blank dir file for installation on new systems. Mon Sep 23 12:18:43 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (args_from_string): Do not back up at a }; that leads to an infinite loop. Sat Sep 21 17:48:04 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): Do not seg fault if outside of any node. From: Tom Tromey <tromey@creche.cygnus.com>. (cm_ctrl): Make obsolete. Tue Sep 17 13:30:08 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\inforef): Move to more appropriate place. (\pounds): Remove spurious extra $. (\email): Typeset argument in angle brackets. (\macro): Use \doignore for robustness, instead of just letting TeX parse the argument. (\unmacro): Define. Sat Sep 14 16:17:35 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.texi: Document multitables, new ISBN number. Wed Sep 11 18:01:24 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/multi.c (struct env): Remove unused output_position field; this needs to be global. (setup_multitable_parameters): Implement template-defined multitables. (output_multitable_row): Remove trailing whitespace. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (_READ_BUFFER_GROWTH, struct _defines): Remove leading underscore for POSIX/ANSI pedants. (init_conversion): Initialize output_position here. (init_paragraph): Instead of here, where it loses with the multitable calls, eventually resulting in negative counts to the write call when the output file is split. * texinfo.texi: First cut at macro documentation. Change accent doc to use tables. Remove whitespace experiments, they are now the default. Mon Sep 9 14:16:24 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Use putc instead of fprintf where possible. (cm_accent): Put _ from @ubaraccent after argument. * util/texindex.c (strerror) [!strerror]: Conditionalize declaration. Sat Sep 7 14:13:24 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (commandTable): Obsolete @setchapterstyle. Thu Sep 5 15:45:11 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): Oops, fix wording of initial output comment. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_angle_brackets): Rename from cm_key. (commandTable): @email should produce angle brackets. @key: Change name. Tue Sep 3 14:52:17 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\hsize): Decrease. (\hoffset): Increase. (\setleading): Decrease dramatically. This change affects 8.5x11 format only. * texinfo.texi: Document accent commands. Mon Sep 2 11:10:49 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (commandTable): Deprecate @ichapter and @titlespec. Move all the deprecated @i<section> commands to the end of the list. * texinfo.texi: Document @pounds{} and @centerchap{}. * texinfo.tex (\centerchfplain): Rewrite to use \chfplain, and to actually center. (\unnchfplain): Just call \chfplain. (\chfplain): Rewrite to be generally callable. (\centerparametersmaybe): Hook, a no-op except with @centerchap. Sun Sep 1 15:01:49 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.texi: Document @<whitespace>, rearrange spacing section. * makeinfo.c (commandTable): Make @. @? @! insert themselves, not be sentence-non-enders. They are sentence *enders*. Also, make @\t and @\n insert a normal space character, not themselves. Also, define @hyphenation. (insert_space): New function. (cm_ignore_sentence_ender): Remove this. (flush_output): Check only for META-SPC, not META-<sentence-ender>. Fri Aug 30 18:55:30 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.texi: Document @- and @hyphenation{}. Miscellanous fixes. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (commandTable): Define @- as cm_no_op, since makeinfo doesn't do hyphenation. Thu Aug 29 13:05:38 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\key): Do not uppercase the argument; key names can be mixed case, e.g., `Control'. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: @infotop, @infounnumbered, @infounnumberedsec, @infounnumberedsubsec, @infounnumberedsubsubsec, @infoappendix, @infoappendixsec, @infoappendixsubsec, @infoappendixsubsubsec, @infochapter, @infosection, @infosubsection, @infosubsubsection: Remove these long-since obsolete commands. @iappendix, @iappendixsection, @iappendixsec, @iappendixsubsec, @iappendixsubsubsec, @ichapter, @isection, @isubsection, @isubsubsection, @iunnumbered, @iunnumberedsec, @iunnumberedsubsec, @iunnumberedsubsubsec: Deprecate these. @infoinclude: Obsolete this. @,: Have to take an argument, since have to do @,{c} not c@,; can't feasibly implement the latter in TeX. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Rename @d to @udotaccent, since this is relatively infrequently used. Tue Aug 27 14:58:56 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/info.c (print_short_help), * util/install-info.c (print_help), * util/texi2dvi, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (usage) Include bug reporting address. Mon Aug 26 15:27:17 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (commandTable): Remove @input, @medbreak, @smallbreak, @overfullrule, @br. Sun Aug 25 17:25:48 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (commandTable): Unify commands that perform the same operation, such as cm_file, cm_samp, cm_email, etc., which all do cm_code. * texinfo.texi: Document @ifhtml ... @end ifhtml. Change `PlainTeX' to `plain TeX'. Fri Aug 23 16:03:16 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\pounds): New Texinfo command @pounds{}. (\parskip): New smaller value. (\chapheadingskip, \secheadingskip, \subsecheadingskip): New smaller values, both for 8.5x11 and @smallbook formats. From Bob. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_special_char): @pounds{} prints a #. (commandTable): Add new command @pounds. Tue Aug 20 13:47:20 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (CommandTable): Restore "!", accidentally removed previously. * texinfo.tex (\key): Typeset a lozenge around the argument (from gildea@intouchsys.com). * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_key): Surround arg with <...> to match new lozenge style in TeX. Wed Aug 14 16:59:23 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.texi: Propagate change from rms. Tue Aug 13 11:33:27 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.texi: Propagate change from rms. * texinfo.texi: Document other @headings options. Sun Aug 11 13:19:42 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_accent, cm_special_char, cm_dotless): New functions. (CommandTable): Add new commands for all of plain.tex's accents and non-English characters. Fri Aug 9 14:12:07 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): Say we're making ``text'' file if no_headers. Also, use `input_filename' instead of just `name' for clarity. (suffixes): Check for no suffix last, i.e., prefer `foo.texi' as an input file to `foo'. (The latter is probably a binary.) Mon Aug 5 13:52:39 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\heading, \subheading, \subsubheading): Can no longer call the nonexistent \*secheadingi series. Instead, call \plain*secheading. (\plainsubsecheading, \plainsubsubsecheading): New macros, by analogy with \plainsecheading. (\unnumberedsubseczzz, \unnumberedsubsubseczzz): Call them. Sun Aug 4 16:46:10 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (flush_output): Mask out eighth bit, that we turned on in non-sentence enders. Sat Aug 3 14:03:10 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\HEADINGSdouble, \HEADINGSsingle, HEADINGSdoubleafter, \HEADINGSsingleafter, \CHAPPAGoff, \CHAPPAGon, \CHAPPAGodd): Set \contentsalignmacro, analogous to \pagealignmacro. (\startcontents): Call \contentsalignmacro instead of \pagealignmacro. Mon Jul 29 14:44:33 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\indexfonts): Make leading be 12pt. Otherwise, it's too crammed. (\smalllispx): Remove \setleading{10pt}. That was too small. (\doprintindex): Do not call \tex ... \Etex. Index files are Texinfo source, not TeX source, except for using \ instead of @ as the escape character (for now). Sun Jul 28 13:37:05 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (paragraphindent): Move to more reasonable place in the source file. (chapfonts, secfonts, subsecfonts, indexfonts): Call \setleading. (\chfplain, \secheading, \plainsecheading, \subsecheading, \subsubheading): Rewrite to properly \hangindent the title. (\sectionheading): New generic macro to print section titles. * texinfo.texi: Update the `Obtaining TeX' node. Fri Jul 26 14:11:48 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/texi2dvi: Do macro expansion with makeinfo before running TeX. Various expansion safety measures added for test; avoid use of -o. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (usage): More usage message tweaks. Fri Jul 26 11:55:37 1996 Karl Berry <karl@laurie> * util/texi2dvi: Format usage message to conform to the other *utils. Thu Jul 25 17:05:47 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * emacs/Makefile.in: Do not compile the Elisp by default. We don't install it, so it confuses people to compile it. Sun Jul 21 07:20:09 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * util/Makefile.in (install-info): Dependency should be install-info.o, not install-info. Also, update copyright years. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_printindex): Don't call execute_string to print index entries, we've already done the expansion now. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: Add copyright. Finish merge of rms changes. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Finish merge, add my expansion changes again. * makeinfo/multi.c: Add copyright message. Fri Jul 19 10:35:22 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * info/info.c: Update copyright date. * info/info.texi, * util/install-info.c, * emacs/Makefile.in, * emacs/texnfo-tex.el, * emacs/Makefile.in: Change FSF address. * Merged changes from bfox -- below, plus multitable changes, plus lots more. Sun Apr 14 08:49:50 1996 Brian J. Fox <bfox@nirvana.samsara.com> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (remember_node_reference): Numerous commands call remember_node_reference. If a node has not yet been defined, use the empty string as the current node for those cases. Mon Feb 12 17:35:38 1996 Brian J. Fox <bfox@nirvana.samsara.com> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (push_node_filename): Clean up calls to xmalloc and xrealloc. Only have to call xrealloc. Fri Jan 26 08:00:38 1996 Brian J. Fox <bfox@nirvana.samsara.com> * info/session.c (info_input_buffer_space_available): Fix typo which forced the limitation of the sizeof (int) instead of sizeof (buffer). * Makefile.in (PACKVER): now at 3.8. Add TERMIOS support to Info. Minor bugs fixed in Makeinfo. Sat Jul 13 11:58:57 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.texi (ftable vtable): Mention example. Sun Jun 30 14:59:51 1996 Karl Berry <karl@goldman.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_email): New function for new @email command. * texinfo.texi (email): New node documenting it. Wed Apr 17 18:07:34 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_kbd): Do nothing if in @example or @code. (struct brace_element): New field in_fixed_with_font. (remember_brace_1): Save in_fixed_with_font. (pop_and_call_brace): Restore in_fixed_with_font. (cm_code): Don't decrement in_fixed_with_font at end of construct. (struct istack_elt): New field in_fixed_with_font. (push_insertion, pop_insertion): Save and restore in_fixed_with_font. (end_insertion): Don't decrement in_fixed_with_font here. (not_fixed_width): New function. (cm_sc, cm_var, cm_italic, cm_roman, cm_titlefont): Use not_fixed_width. Sat Apr 13 23:22:05 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * util/install-info.c (main): Fatal error if no input file spec'd. Look for START-INFO-DIR-ENTRY, not BEGIN-INFO-DIR-ENTRY. Thu Apr 11 18:21:50 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_enddots): New function. (self_delimiting): Accept -, ^ and ". (CommandTable): Add commands -, ^, ", enddots, centerchap. Sun Mar 24 12:18:32 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (enum insertion_type): Add `direntry'. (insertion_type_names): Add "direntry". (cm_dircategory): New function. (cm_direntry): New function. (CommandTable): Add "dircategory" and "direntry". (insert_string): New function. (end_insertion): Handle direntry. (begin_insertion): Handle direntry. Sun Mar 24 11:10:05 1996 Karl Berry <karl@spiff.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_url): New function for new @url command. Fri Feb 23 21:14:40 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * info/Makefile.in (install, uninstall): Use manprefix. Fri Feb 23 19:50:18 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@whiz-bang.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * util/Makefile.in (install-info, install-info.o): New targets. (all): Depend on install-info. (install, uninstall): Operate on install-info. * install-info.c: New file. Wed Jan 3 10:01:45 1996 Brian J. Fox <bfox@nirvana.datawave.net> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (make_index_entries_unique): Be a little bit stricter about what makes two index entries identical. Fri Dec 29 13:00:24 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (Whole File): Add @detailmenu for allowing detailed menu listings to appear while still defaulting nodes. Wed Dec 27 13:54:30 1995 Brian Fox <bfox@albert.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_code): Always notice that we are in fixed_width_font, even if other formatting changes are not to take place. Sat Dec 23 11:48:43 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * info/man.c: (clean_manpage) Remove ^L's from page. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (get_brace_args): Change some memcpy's to memmoves. * info/info.c (main): Prefer caseless matches over partial matches. * Makefile.in (All Subdir Targets): Change suggested by Debian people which allows errors in recursive makes to kill the top-level make. * makeinfo/Makefile.in (makeinfo.dvi): New target. * info/info.c (main): Print version of containing texinfo package. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (flush_output): Don't strip high-bit from sentence_enders. Print the version number of the containing texinfo package. * info/man.c (locate_manpage_xref): Count the 0th entry. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_menu): If a menu is seen before a node has been defined, warn, and create the node `Top'. Wed Jun 21 03:19:39 1995 Brian Fox <bfox@albert.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_infoinclude): Clean up after printing error if the file couldn't be included. (discard_braces): Print errors only for those unmatched open braces that belong to a texinfo command. * */Makefile.in: Use @CFLAGS@ and @LDFLAGS@. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: End `node_search_string' and friends with a terminating null character. Wed Jun 21 01:23:49 1995 Jim Meyering (meyering@comco.com) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Close comment after #endif. Tue Jun 20 04:58:26 1995 Brian Fox <bfox@albert.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * emacs/Makefile.in (install): Fix typo: "fle" -> "file". * Makefile.in (VERSION): Bump to 3.6 * info/clib.c: Include general.h for `info_toupper' and friends. * info/clib.h: strncmp and strncascmp return an int. What kind of drugs was I on? Mon Jun 19 23:34:47 1995 Brian Fox <bfox@albert.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (make_index_entries_unique): Copy the last index entry. Mon Jun 19 21:55:49 1995 Noah Friedman <friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu> * util/texi2dvi (--version): New option. Cosmetic changes. Mon Jun 19 16:06:40 1995 Brian Fox <bfox@albert.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_macro): Fix typo. `x != y' is not the same as `x |= y'. * info/Makefile.in (exec_prefix): Use @exec_prefix@ not $(prefix). * makeinfo/Makefile.in (exec_prefix): Use @exec_prefix@ not $(prefix). * util/Makefile.in (exec_prefix): Use @exec_prefix@ not $(prefix). * libtxi/Makefile.in (exec_prefix): Use @exec_prefix@ not $(prefix). * emacs/Makefile.in (uninstall): New target. (install): Use the definition of $(lispdir), don't dynamically find it. Use INSTALL_DATA not cp. (exec_prefix): use @exec_prefix@ not $(prefix). * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (apply): If there isn't an actual argument for a named argument, default it to "". * Makefile.in (VERSION): Now at 3.5. (texinfo): Make ./makeinfo/makeinfo depend on sub-all for parallel makes. * emacs/Makefile.in (ELISP_OBJS): Explictly declare .el and .elc in the SUFFIXES list. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_today): Special case for losing alpha. * (minor_version): Increase to 63. * info/info.c (version_string): Now at 2.14. * info/tilde.c: Declare getenv to return (char *). * info/window.c (build_message_buffer): Jump through hoops to keep DEC Alpha's happy. * info/xmalloc.c: Declare malloc and realloc as (void *) returning functions. Sun Jun 18 12:47:21 1995 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * emacs/detexinfo.el (detexinfo-line-cmds-without-arg): Handle ifhtml. Fri Jun 16 13:48:14 1995 Brian Fox <bfox@albert.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * util/texindex.c: Update TEXINDEX_VERSION_STRING for texinfo 3.4 * (All *.c *.h *.in): Change FSF old address to new. * texinfo.texi (Obtaining TeX): Change FSF old address to new address. Change Old phone numbers to new phone numbers. * Makefile.in (VERSION): Change to 3.4. Thu Jun 15 22:49:07 1995 Robert J. Chassell <bob@hill.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.texi, emacs/=development/cover.texi: update Texinfo distribution package version number Thu Jun 15 09:23:02 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * info/info.c: (minor_version): Set to 13. * info/clib.c,h: New files gather together replacement functions for those POSIX-style C library functions that are not present on the target system. * info/Makefile.in (SRCS): Add clib.c and clib.h. makedoc now needs clib.o to build on systems missing various string.h stuff. * info/variables.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/tilde.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/search.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/nodes.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/nodemenu.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/man.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/makedoc.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/m-x.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/info.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/indices.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/echo_area.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/session.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * info/filesys.c (whole file): Call strdup, not savestring. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (minor_version): Change to 1.62. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (get_execution_string): Initialize `i' to 0 in case there are no execution_strings. Wed Jun 14 17:48:06 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * texinfo.texi: include "texinfo.tex", not "texinfo". * info/session.c (forget_window_and_nodes): Place a sequence point in between "info_windows[i] = info_windows[++i];" as per various compiler experts. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (strdup): Create this function if the system doesn't have it. (discard_insertions): Use the insertion's filename, not the current input file. (push_insertion): Remember the current input file with each insertion. (pop_insertion): Free storage used by remembered input file. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (whole file): Use `strdup' instead of `savestring'. * configure.in: Check for `strdup'. Wed Jun 14 15:58:51 1995 Brian Fox <bfox@albert.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * libtxi/Makefile.in (prefix): Use @prefix@, not /usr/local/ Wed Jun 14 10:50:57 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * Makefile.in (DISTFILES): Don't include *.elc files in the list of files to distribute. (installdirs): Include `emacs' in the list of sub-dirs with Makefile.in's. * emacs/elisp-comp: Shell script which batch compiles the *.el files. * emacs/Makefile.in: New file contains targets to build the elc files. * configure.in: Add `emacs/Makefile' to the list of created makefiles. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (whole file): Give every function a return type. All cm_xxx functions are now void. Add declarations for functions to top of file. Mon Jun 12 12:00:57 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * info/man.c (reference_section_starters): Add versions of "SEE ALSO" and "RELATED INFORMATION" with tabs instead of spaces as well. * util/texindex.c: Back out changes for OFF_T. Explicity coerce the result of lseek to a long, and use longs everywhere. * texinfo.texi: Change "@end shorttitlepage" to "@end titlepage". * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Make @shorttitlepage ignore the rest of the line. * util/texindex.c (strrchr): Create if not present. Test for HAVE_STRCHR and HAVE_STRING_H. (main): Make PROGRAM_NAME be just the last path componenet of argv[0]. (decode_command): Rewrite. (usage): Rewrite. Now texindex handles --version. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (make_index_entries_unique): Rewrite from scratch. * Don't distribute created info files with texinfo. After all, the user will have the tools necessary to create them, yes? * Makefile.in (distclean): Remove *.log * info/man.c (read_from_fd): Change timeout value for select to 15 seconds. Some systems (e.g., albert.ai.mit.edu) actually need more than 10 seconds to format a man page. * info/tilde.c: Fix typo in declaration for `tilde_expansion_failure_hook'. Wed Jun 7 13:36:53 1995 Brian Fox <bfox@albert.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * info/tilde.h: Change type of tilde_expansion_failure_hook to a pointer to a function returning a (char *). * info/tilde.c: Change type of tilde_expansion_failure_hook to a pointer to function returning a (char *). * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (get_execution_string): Don't use `i' in the latter assignment, use `execution_strings_index' instead. * info/man.c (read_from_fd): Change logic to avoid using FIONREAD. * info/xmalloc.c (xrealloc): Use (void *), not (caddr_t *). * info/xmalloc.c (xmalloc): Use (void *), not (caddr_t *). * Makefile.in (DISTFILES): Don't find RCS no "=" directories. * util/Makefile.in (prefix): Use @prefix@ as the value. * info/Makefile.in (prefix): Use @prefix@ as the value. * makeinfo/Makefile.in (prefix): Use @prefix@ as the value. Wed Jun 7 12:29:28 1995 Robert J. Chassell <bob@hill.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.texi: Correct minor typos. * emacs/texinfmt.el: Don't require @shorttitlepage to be inside of @iftex ... @end iftex Mon May 8 18:33:52 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * info/nodes.c: #include "man.h" if HANDLE_MAN_PAGES. (info_get_node_of_file_buffer): If the file buffer is one associated with manpages, call the manpage node finding function instead. (info_find_file_internal): If the file buffer is one associated with manpages, avoid doing any file I/O. (info_reload_file_buffer_contents): Ditto. (info_find_file_internal): Call create_manpage_file_buffer instead of info_load_file_internal. * info/info.c: #include "man.h" if HANDLE_MAN_PAGES. (main): If the initial node cannot be found, perhaps find it as a manpage. * info/info-utils.c: #include "man.h" if HANDLE_MAN_PAGES. (info_xrefs_of_node): If handling man pages, and this is a manpage node, use xrefs_of_manpage. * info/session.c (info_set_input_from_file): Only fclose (stream) if it is non-null and not stdin. #include "man.h" if HANDLE_MAN_PAGES. (info_menu_or_ref_item): If handling man pages, and this is a manpage node, get the xrefs from manpage_xrefs_in_binding. (info_man): Compile in for M-x man if handling man pages. (info_move_to_xref): If handling man pages, and the current node is a manpage node, use locate_manpage_xref to get xrefs. Thu May 4 08:55:23 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * info/info.c (main): If the output device is not a terminal, and no output filename has been specified, make user_output_filename be "-", so that the info is written to stdout, and turn on the dumping of subnodes. Thu Apr 13 18:05:06 1995 Daniel Hagerty <hag@churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.texi: Fixed @end titlepage/@end shorttitlepage Sat Apr 8 12:51:49 1995 Roland McGrath <roland@churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c [! HAVE_STRERROR] (strerror): New function, snarfed from ../info/filesys.c. (cm_infoinclude): Use strerror instead of sys_errlist. Tue Apr 4 18:44:00 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * util/texindex.c (sort_offline): Change TOTAL to be an off_t. * util/texindex.c (sort_in_core): Change TOTAL to be an off_t. * util/texindex.c (MAX_IN_CORE_SORT): Cast to off_t. Sun Apr 2 16:20:13 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * info/Makefile.in: Define DEFAULT_INFOPATH in case we are compiling in the current directory. * info/Makefile.in (info.o): Add filesys.h because of DEFAULT_INFOPATH. * info/(search.c,h, nodes.c info-utils.c) Use strcasecmp and strncasecmp instead of stricmp and strnicmp. Define strcasecmp and strncasecmp in search.c if !HAVE_STRCASECMP. * info/search.c: If HAVE_STRING_H include it. * info/nodes.c: If HAVE_STRING_H include it. * info/info-utils.c: If HAVE_STRING_H include it. * info/info.h: If HAVE_STRING_H include it. * configure.in (AC_HAVE_FUNCS): Check for strcasecmp. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (strcasecmp): Define if !HAVE_STRCASECMP. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (entire file): Use `strcasecmp' instead of `stricmp'. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_ifeq): New command takes three args. Compares first two, executes remainder if the first two are string-wise eq. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (ifhtml): Add to command list. Shouldn't be used, but it is by people who don't want to hack macros. Sat Apr 1 09:20:14 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (begin_insertion): Fix reversed arguments to line_error. * info/info-stnd.texi: Use "end" footnote style instead of "separate". * info/Makefile.in: Change "rm -f" to $(RM). * info/general.h: Define zero_mem in terms of memset if we have it, else in terms of bzero if we have that, else as inline code. * info/NEWS: Updated to reflect changes in 2.11. Fri Mar 31 22:38:31 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * Makefile (DISTFILES): Don't include *.a, *orig, nor *.e files. (DISTFILES): Sat Mar 4 12:16:29 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * Makefile.in: Use @prefix@ instead of hardwired `/usr/local'. Clean up makefile rules which make in subdirs. (ALL_SUBDIRS): Add makeinfo/macros to list of subdirectories. * configure.in (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add `bcopy' to list of things to check for. Fri Mar 3 13:54:10 1995 Robert J. Chassell <bob@hill.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.texi: Minor changes for incremental new edition 2.20. Fri Mar 3 19:01:36 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * filesys.c (filesys_read_info_file): Local variable ST_SIZE is a long which has the value of finfo->st_size casted to it. * nodes.c (whole file): Similar changes. These changes and the following for makedoc.c were required for proper operation on HPm68k NetBSD. Mon Feb 27 15:16:27 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * makedoc.c (process_one_file): Local variable FILE_SIZE is a long which has the value of finfo.st_size casted to it. Fri Mar 3 18:58:38 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * makeinfo.c (find_and_load): Cast fileinfo.st_size to a long for internal use. This makes things work on NetBSD. Fri Mar 3 13:54:10 1995 Robert J. Chassell <bob@hill.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.texi: Minor changes for incremental new edition 2.20. Fri Mar 3 09:41:39 1995 Brian J. Fox <bfox@wizard.datawave.net> * configure.in (TERMLIBS): Use AC_CHECK_LIB instead of AC_HAVE_LIBRARY. Mon Jan 9 16:55:31 1995 Brian Fox <bfox@churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * Makefile.in (DISTFILES): Add the directory EMACS-BACKUPS to the list of things to avoid distributing. Tue Nov 29 17:48:37 1994 David J. MacKenzie <djm@duality.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * configure.in: Check for off_t. * util/texindex.c (main): Use it. Fri Nov 11 14:46:28 1994 David J. MacKenzie <djm@duality.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * configure.in: Update for Autoconf v2. Thu Oct 13 02:17:38 1994 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * emacs/detexinfo.el (detexinfo): Handle @!, @?, @^, @". Mon Aug 1 03:26:13 1994 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texindex.c: Move the memset define down past string.h include. Tue Jun 28 14:21:43 1994 David J. MacKenzie (djm@churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Add --help option. (usage): Take args for stream and error code. Change callers. (print_version_info): Write to stdout, not stderr. Wed May 18 18:55:24 1994 Brian J. Fox (bfox@ai.mit.edu) * info/session.c (forget_window_and_nodes): Negate test for internal_info_node_p. We only want to free the text if it is not an internal node. Thu Mar 10 03:07:18 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texindex.c (memset): Fix invalid parm name (was 0). Thu Feb 10 12:56:52 1994 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (current_item_function): Don't loop if elt is NULL. Wed Feb 9 12:21:09 1994 Brian J. Fox (bfox@ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (minor_version): Release now at 1.60. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (expand_filename): Additional fixes. Now when called with NULL filename, makes an output filename from the input filename. (convert_from_loaded_file): If REQUIRE_SETFILENAME is #defined (no longer the default case) then error if no @setfilename was found in the file. If REQUIRE_SETFILENAME is not #defined, the input file starts either at the first line, or at the second line if the first line contains the text "\input", and the output filename is the input file name without directory and with ".info" replacing any extension found. (convert_from_loaded_file): Fixed bug in search for first occurence of "@setfilename". Tue Feb 8 14:16:58 1994 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * configure.in: Check for sys/file.h. info/dir.c, info/filesys.c, info/makedoc.c, info/nodes.c, info/session.c, info/termdep.h, makeinfo/makeinfo.c [HAVE_SYS_FILE_H]: Include <sys/file.h>. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): Print real_output_filename instead of output_filename, so user knows exactly where output file is going. Fri Jun 11 14:34:30 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (ian@cygnus.com) * configure.in: Check for sigprocmask and sigsetmask. * info/signals.h (HAVE_SIGSETMASK): Don't define. (HAVE_SIGPROCMASK): Use instead of _POSIX_VERSION. (BLOCK_SIGNAL, UNBLOCK_SIGNAL): If neither HAVE_SIGPROCMASK nor HAVE_SIGSETMASK is defined, define these to do nothing. * info/signals.c (sigprocmask): Don't compile if HAVE_SIGSETMASK is not defined. * info/terminal.c (terminal_prep_terminal): Don't clobber VINTR and VQUIT in conditionals. Mon Feb 7 18:10:22 1994 Brian J. Fox (bfox@ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (full_pathname): Correct to really return the full pathname of the input argument. Now makeinfo /foo/bar.texi, where /foo/bar.texi contains "@setfilename bar.info", correctly leaves the output file in "./bar.info". Note that "@setfilename ../bar.info" still works; this is already an absolute pathname. Sat Feb 5 13:04:05 1994 Brian J. Fox (bfox@ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Version 1.59 released. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (whole file): Large number of changes allow the "-E filename" option to be used to write a macro expanded output file. On a file which contains no @include's and no @macro's, the output file is identical to the input file. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (declarations): Remove cm_tex (). It is never used since it is implemented with `command_name_condition'. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): Shift braces following the current break point if we have deleted any characters. (adjust_braces_following): New function adjusts all of the markers in the brace stack which follow HERE by AMOUNT. This fixes a bug where (for example) @var{} immediately following a line break which is the end of a sentence modified the output incorrectly. Wed Feb 2 14:14:03 1994 Brian J. Fox (bfox@ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo: Version 1.58. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_node): Add extra hair to allow backtracking through execution strings. Add extra hair to allow the first node seen after a @top node is seen to adjust the sectioning level of the @top node and associated menus. Fix a few typos. Add facility for macros to invoke the original definition. This works by not allowing a single macro to recurse. Mutual recursion is also disallowed with this plan. * makeinfo/macros: New directory contains shippable macros. * makeinfo/macros/simpledoc.texi: Macros which simplify the most common uses of TeXinfo. See the example file. Macros are now a reasonable way to get people started using TeXinfo. Mon Jan 31 12:54:36 1994 Brian J. Fox (bfox@ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (minor_version): Increase to 57. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_node): Call execute_string on the node, next, prev, and up pointers. (reader_loop): Change logic for `@bye'. No longer required at the ends of executed strings. (execute_string): Do not append `@bye' to the string to execute. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (whole file): Use COMMAND_PREFIX instead of hardcoding `@' character in strings and searches. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (read_command): If HAVE_MACROS is defined, then recognize and execute macros here. (CommandTable): Add "macro" and "unmacro" to table if HAVE_MACROS is defined. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_macro, cm_unmacro, execute_macro) makeinfo/makeinfo.c (get_macro_args, find_macro, add_macro) makeinfo/makeinfo.c (delete_macro, array_len, apply): New functions implement macro facility if HAVE_MACROS is defined. * makeinfo/macro.texi (new file): Examples of using the new macro facility. Mon Jan 31 10:24:52 1994 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (executing_string): Restore global declaration. Mon Jan 24 23:48:26 1994 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.texi: Various typo fixes from Bob Chassell <bob@gnu.ai.mit.edu>. Thu Jan 6 13:34:21 1994 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.texi: Turned on smallbook format and @set smallbook. Wed Dec 15 20:08:43 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * info/filesys.h (DEFAULT_INFOPATH): Added /usr/local/info, /opt/gnu/info, /usr/share/info, and /usr/local/share/info. Tue Dec 14 19:10:20 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * libtxi/Makefile.in (ALLOCA): Define from configure. Fri Dec 10 04:33:12 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * util/texi2dvi: Put under RCS control. Sun Dec 26 11:55:46 1993 Brian J. Fox (bfox@ai.mit.edu) * info/session.c (info_numeric_digit_arg_loop): Fix doc string. * info/infodoc.c (create_internal_info_help_node): Print out list of functions which have to keystroke equivalent if we support NAMED_FUNCTIONS. * info/filesys.c (compress_suffixes): Add ".gz" for "gunzip" to alist. * info/footnotes.c (make_footnotes_node): If refs[i] doesn't have a nodename, then it couldn't be a reference to a footnote. * info/nodemenu.c (get_visited_nodes): Handle the case where filter_func has left no possible buffers to select. Sat Dec 25 10:35:56 1993 Brian J. Fox (bfox@ai.mit.edu) * info/infodoc.c (create_internal_info_help_node): Conditionalize generation of the help node based on the #define HELP_NODE_GETS_REGENERATED. When this is not set (the default) the help node is generated exactly once, and is not gc'able. Otherwise, a new node is always created for the help window, and the old node gets garbage collected by the gc system. (info_find_or_create_help_window): Conditionalize window node selected based on the #define HELP_NODE_GETS_REGENERATED. * info/dir.c (add_menu_to_file_buffer): Place exactly one blank line between directory entries. * info/info.c (version_string): Update minor version to "11". * info/info.h: Update comment to "2.11". * info/dir.c (maybe_build_dir_node): Only add the contents of a new file if it is not identical to the file of the DIR buffer. * info/nodes.c (info_get_node): Call `maybe_build_dir_node' on "dir" as well as "localdir" to mimic emacs-19.22 "dir" merging behaviour. Fri Dec 3 13:41:44 1993 Brian J. Fox (bfox@ai.mit.edu) * info/info-utils.c (canonicalize_whitespace): Suppress whitespace found at the start of STRING. Sat Nov 20 14:00:50 1993 Brian J. Fox (bfox@hippie) * info/indices.c (DECLARE_INFO_COMMAND): Fix typo in assignment to `old_offset' (= instead of ==). Tue Nov 2 12:22:40 1993 Brian J. Fox (bfox@ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (make_index_entries_unique): New function makes a sorted array have all unique entries by appending numbers to the ends of strings. (sort_index): Call `make_index_entries_unique'. Mon Sep 20 12:04:05 1993 Brian J. Fox (bfox@ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (get_execution_string): New Function returns a pointer to an EXECUTION_STRING structure. (execute_string): No longer uses a static string; call `get_execution_string' instead in order to get a free buffer for consing. Sun May 23 07:00:20 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * Texinfo 3.1 released. Sat May 22 18:21:27 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * info/info.c (info_patch_level): Increment constant to 1. * info/Makefile.in (DEFAULT_INFOPATH): Default definition deleted. Makefile.in: Put it here instead. * Makefile.in (MDEFINES): Add DEFAULT_INFOPATH. * configure.in: check for vfprintf and vsprintf. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Version 1.55. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_word_args, execute_string) [HAVE_VARARGS_H]: Don't use this definition unless HAVE_VSPRINTF is also defined. (error, line_error, warning) [HAVE_VARARGS_H]: Don't use this definition unless HAVE_VFPRINTF is also defined. Remove indentation of all cpp directives, except for #pragma. Fri May 21 14:34:24 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.texi: Rename to texi.texi. Change @setfilenname and START-INFO-DIR-ENTRY to `texi.info'. * Makefile.in (MDEFINES): Pass LDFLAGS to sub-makes. (realclean): Delete `configure'. Changed all references to texinfo.info to texi.info * configure.in: Add AC_PROG_RANLIB, and AC_CONST. Check for `rindex' function. Check for varargs.h. Clean up symbol names for header files so a single AC_HAVE_HEADERS can be used. (AC_INIT): Use texi.texi instead of makeinfo/makeinfo.c * info/info-utils.h: Copy definitions of bcopy, index, and rindex (with appropriate #ifdef wrappers) from termdep.h. These are included by a mutually exclusive set of files. * info/termdep.h [HAVE_SYS_PTEM]: Use HAVE_SYS_PTEM_H instead. * info/terminal.c, info/termdep.h [HAVE_TERMIO]: Use HAVE_TERMIO_H instead. * info/makedoc.c, info/filesys.c [!O_RDONLY]: Include fcntl.h or sys/fnctl.h, depending on whether HAVE_SYS_FCNTL_H is set. * info/termdep.h: Remove all indentation in #-exprs. Remove old assumptions about bcopy, index, and rindex. [HAVE_BCOPY]: Define bcopy. [HAVE_RINDEX]: Define index and rindex. * info/nodes.c (info_get_node): Don't call stricmp if nodename is NULL. Remove indentation in #-exprs. * info/echo_area.c (echo_area_stack_depth): Declare static. * info/Makefile.in (DEFAULT_INFOPATH): Make separate Makefile variable so it can be overridden more easily by the user. Add `.' to beginning of path. (clean): Delete core.* (386bsd core files). (MAKEDOC): Variable removed. Refer to `makedoc' explicitly. (funs.h): Add `:' commands after if, to avoid spurious nonzero exit statuses. * info/userdoc.texi: Improved comments explaining its purpose. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c [HAVE_VARARGS_H]: Include varargs.h. (error, line_error, warning, add_word_args, execute_string)[HAVE_VARARGS_H]: New versions that use varargs. From bfox. * makeinfo/Makefile.in (clean): Delete core.* (386bsd core files). * util/Makefile.in (clean): Remove core.* (386bsd core files). * libtxi/Makefile.in: Remove all references to $(common). (RANLIB): New variable, set from autoconf. (libtxi.a): Use $(RANLIB) instead of `ranlib' in target rules. (clean): Delete core.* (386bsd core files). Tue May 18 12:08:24 1993 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle.stockbridge.ma.us) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-format-refill): Do not fill a section title line with the asterisks, hyphens, etc. that underline it in any circumstance. Sun May 16 13:53:43 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * util/mkinstalldirs: handle relative pathnames. Fri May 14 20:18:49 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * util/mkinstalldirs: initialize IFS if unset. Tue May 11 06:33:14 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_item): don't dereference item_func if NULL. Mon May 10 14:50:31 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * Texinfo 3.0 released. * Makefile.in (ALLOCA): Provide for substitution. Mon May 10 10:12:53 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfmt-version): Updated year. Fri Apr 16 04:48:03 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Version 1.54 from bfox. * util/fixfonts: Replace instances of `[..]' with `test'. Use more portable `test' arguments: `z$foo = z' instead of `! $foo'. Robustify quoting in eval assignments. (textfmdir, texpkdir, texgfdir): Don't override definition from environment, if any. Trap EXIT, SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGQUIT, SIGTERM to delete temp files instead of trying to remove them explicitly before calling exit. When changing cwd, do so in subshell, in case various tex*dir variables are relative. Don't use `head', `dirname', or `basename'. These don't behave consistently and/or don't even exist on some systems. They can all be emulated with `sed' anyway. (tempfile2_line1): New variable. Use it instead of running process to extract first line out of tempfile2 multiple times. Eliminate some gratuitous uses of $tempfile2, such as in for loops. Fri Mar 26 23:25:13 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.texi: @setfilename texinfo.info. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (reader_loop, end_insertion): Fix typos in comments. (handle_variable_internal): Handle the case that there further menu text after a false ifset/ifclear. * util/texi2dvi: Version 0.4 Replace all instances of `[ ... ]' with `test'. Updated bug-reporting address. Thu Mar 25 12:31:30 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * info/Makefile.in (install): Install info.1 man page. (uninstall): Remove installed info.1 man page. * info/infoman.texi: Standalone manual renamed to info-stnd.texi. Makefile.in: Targets updated appropriately. * info/Makefile.in (LDEFS): New variable. Use it for info-local macros, since DEFS will be inherited from parent make and any local definitions will get clobbered. * info/RELEASE: Renamed to info/NEWS. * README: New file. * Makefile.in (topclean): New target. * Getting-started: Renamed to INTRODUCTION. Former name is too long (over 14 chars). * New-features: Renamed to NEWS. * Makefile.in (MDEFINES): Set it. * Makefile.in (dist): Use --gzip option to tar to make sure resulting file is compressed with gzip. Change tar file extension from `.Z' to `.z'. * Makefile.in (DISTFILES): Filter out any file or directory names starting with `='. * fixfonts: Moved to util/fixfonts. * RELEASE: Deleted. * makeinfo/Makefile.in (VPATH): Use $(srcdir), not @srcdir@. (common): Use ../libtxi, not ../common. (makeinfo.in): Run makeinfo with --no-split. * makeinfo/makeinfo.texi: Changes from bob. * util/Makefile.in (VPATH): Use $(srcdir), not @srcdir@. (common): Use ../libtxi, not ../common. * util/fixfonts: Moved from top-level directory. Wed Mar 24 10:21:31 1993 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-format-region): Do not require `@setfilename' line; delete `\input texinfo' line if part of region. * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-raise-lower-sections): Raise or lower the hierarchical level of chapters, sections, etc. according to `@raisesections' and `@lowersections' commands. Thu Mar 18 16:02:27 1993 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfo.el (texinfo-show-structure): Indent *Occur* buffer according to the structure of the file. Sat Mar 6 05:16:44 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * util/texi2dvi: use ${1+"$@"}, not just "$@". Tue Feb 2 08:38:06 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * info/Makefile.in: Replace all "--nosplit" arguments to makeinfo with "--no-split" Sun Jan 31 18:16:58 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * util/texi2dvi: Don't put .dvi and related auxillary files in same directory as source files. Put them in current directory instead. (TEXINPUTS_orig): New variable. (file_texi): Variable removed. (filename_texi): New variable. (command_line_filename): Use this wherever references to file_texi occured except in setting filename_noext. (TEXINPUTS): Current directory and source directory where input file resides prepended to standard path before invoking TeX. Wed Jan 27 16:24:37 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * util/Makefile.in: overhauled. Tue Jan 26 21:04:23 1993 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * Makefile.in, info/Makefile.in, makeinfo/Makefile.in: Overhauled. * configure.in: Renamed from texinfo.in. Incorporated makeinfo/makeinfo.in, info/info.in, and util/util.in. Create all child Makefiles. * makeinfo/makeinfo.in, info/info.in: Deleted (incorporated into top configure.in). * util/util.in: Deleted (incorporated into ../configure.in). Mon Jan 25 10:59:49 1993 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/info.c: New version 2.9; new variable INFO_PATCH_LEVEL appears in the version string if it is non-zero. New function version_string () produces the current version string, as in 2.8-p1. * info/dir.c: New file implements Gillespies `localdir' hacks. * info/nodes.c (info_get_node): Now calls maybe_build_dir_node () if the file name to look for is "dir". * info/nodes.h: New flag N_CannotGC unconditionally prevents garbage collection of a file buffer's contents. Used when "dir" is made from at least one "localdir". Fri Jan 22 11:36:42 1993 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/footnotes.c: Do not declare auto_footnotes_p as "extern" in this file. Thu Jan 21 08:57:08 1993 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/info.c: New version 2.8. * info/userdoc.texi, info/infoman.texi, info/info.texi: Fully document Info; create both online and printed manual versions. "userdoc.texi" contains exactly the documentation for GNU Info 2.x. "infoman.texi" is a wrapper for that file; it is meant to produce printed documentation. "info.texi" has the user documentation as a complete chapter within itself, but continues to contain the Info tutorial. * info/makedoc.c: Convert "ea_" into "echo_area_" when creating the command name. Fri Jan 15 16:50:35 1993 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/search.c (skip_node_characters): New argument NEWLINES_OKAY if non-zero says that newlines should be skipped over during parsing. * info/info-utils.c (info_parse_node): New argument NEWLINES_OKAY if non-zero says that newlines should be skipped while parsing out the nodename specification. Wed Jan 13 14:42:33 1993 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/makedoc.c: Remove "info_" from the front of the command name before installing it. * info/session.c (info_menu_or_ref_item): A label of "Menu" is okay if the builder is not info_menu_of_node (); * info/m-x.c: New function replace_in_documentation () replaces \\[foo] with the keystrokes you type to get that command. Now used in indices.c, info.c, infodoc.c. Mon Jan 11 10:27:41 1993 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/variables.c, h: New files contain describe-variable and stuff moved out of m-x.c. * info/m-x.c: Move VARIABLE_ALIST and variable functions into variables.c. Add documentation string to variable definition. * info/echo_area.c (push_echo_area): Zero the contents of echo_area_completion_items after pushing the vars. Sat Jan 9 11:59:47 1993 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/Makefile.in: Add footnotes.c,h,o to the appropriate Makefile variables. * info/window.c (window_tile_windows): New function divides the available space among the visible windows. * info/session.c (info_tile_windows): New function calls window_tile_windows. * info/footnotes.c, footnotes.h: New file implements functions for aiding automatic footnote display when entering a node which has footnotes. * info/m-x.c: New user-variable "automatic-footnotes". * info/window.c (window_physical_lines) New function counts the carriage returns found in NODE. Wed Jan 6 11:24:19 1993 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/general.h: #include <unistd.h> if we have it. Tue Jan 5 11:12:33 1993 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/info-utils.c (info_concatenate_references): If either arg is NULL, return the other arg. * info/indices.c (info_indices_of_file_buffer): Simplified and corrected loop through tags/nodes of file buffer looking for indices. * info/search.c (skip_node_characters): Rewrite "if" statement for clarification and conciseness. Fri Jan 1 03:18:26 1993 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/info.in: Check for setvbuf (), and check to see whether the args are reversed. * info/dribble.c (open_dribble_file) Check HAVE_SETVBUF and SETVBUF_REVERSED when setting the buffering on info_dribble_file. Thu Dec 31 20:14:13 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/session.c (info_select_reference) If the node couldn't be found, look for the label as a filename (i.e., "(LABEL)Top"). Wed Dec 30 01:57:50 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * New Version 2.7 Beta. * info/echo_area.c: Numerous functions now do something with the numeric argument. Kill ring implemented, as well as yank and yank_pop. Also transpose-chars. * info/window.c (window_make_modeline): Check node->flags for N_IsCompressed and display "zz" in the modeline if the node comes from a file which is compressed on disk. Mon Dec 28 17:33:12 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/filesys.c, info/nodes.c: New member of FILE_BUFFER "FILESIZE" contains the size of file_buffer->contents. finfo.st_size is no longer relied upon to read the contents of files, since the new function (filesys_read_info_file) can read compressed files. * info/filesys.c (info_find_fullpath) If a file starts with a slash (or tilde expansion causes it to start with a slash) still call info_find_file_in_path () on it so that we can find files with compression suffixes. * info/m-x.c: New variable "gc-compressed-files". Tue Dec 22 03:45:28 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/info.c: Version 2.6 Beta. * info/indices.c (info_index_next): Improve the final search for the matched index entry. * info/session.c (move_to_screen_line): New function implements `M-r'. Given a numeric argument, move point to the start of that line in the current window; without an arg, move to the center line. * infomap.c: Put move_to_screen_line () on `M-r'. * info/nodes.c (adjust_nodestart): Don't set N_UpdateTags unless the node came from a tags table. * info/nodes.c (info_find_file_internal): If the filename being looked for doesn't start with a `/', then additionally compare the filename against the fullpath of the file buffer sans the directory name. This can happen when selecting nodemenu items. Mon Dec 21 10:07:18 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/session.c, info/display.c: Remove all references to active_window_ch, active_window_cv, cursor_h, and cursor_v. The single function display_cursor_at_point () is used for all cursor movement, and to place the terminal's cursor at the right location on the screen. Sat Dec 19 12:01:33 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/nodemenu.c: New file implements a few functions for manipulating previously visited nodes. `list-visited-nodes' produces a menu of the nodes that could be reached by info_history_node () in some window. `select-visited-node' is similar to `list-visited-node' followed by `info-menu-item', but doesn't display a window with the visited nodes menu. * info/session.c (info_numeric_arg_digit_loop): If redisplay had been interrupted, then redisplay all of the windows while waiting for input. * info/display.c (display_was_interrupted_p): New variable keeps track of interrupted display. Used in info/session.c:info_numeric_arg_digit_loop (). * info/session.c (info_global_next, info_global_prev): Use the numeric argument passed to determine how many nodes to move. * info/session.c (info_scroll_forward, info_scroll_backward): If the invoking key is not SPC or DEL only do Page Only scrolling. Thu Dec 17 01:34:22 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/display.c (display_update_one_window): Allow W_NoWrap to affect window display. * info/window.c (calculate_line_starts): Now takes a WINDOW * as an argument, and simply does the calculation, placing the results into window->line_starts and window->line_count. It also handles W_NoWrap in window->flags. Mon Dec 14 02:18:55 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/session.c (info_backward_scroll): Don't try to get previous node if the top of the node isn't currently being displayed. * info/window.c (window_adjust_pagetop) Use new variable "window_scroll_step" to attempt to control the amount which the window scrolls. * info/m-x.c (info_variables) Add "scroll-step" to the list. Thu Dec 10 08:52:10 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/m-x.c: New variable entry show-index-matches. When set to non-zero the matched portion of the search string is indicated with ` and '. Perhaps I should use `|' inst|ea|d? * info/echo_area.c (ea_possible_completions): Always build completions before checking to see how many there were. * info/info-utils.c: (info_concatenate_references): New utility function concatenates references. * info/Makefile.in: Add indices.c and indices.h to SRCS and HDRS. Add indices.c to CMDFILES. * info/indices.c, info/indices.h: New file implements `i' and `,' commands of info, and provides index searching capabilities. * info/echo_area.c (info_read_completing_in_echo_area): Split off into separate callable function info_read_completing_internal (). * info/echo_area.c (info_read_maybe_completing): New function calls info_read_completing_internal () with non-forcing argument. * info/session.c: Rename down_next_upnext_or_error () and prev_up_or_error () to forward_move_node_structure (), and backward_move_node_structure (). Implement new commands info_global_next () and info_global_prev (). * info/infomap.c (initialize_info_keymaps): Bind `[' and `]' to backward_, forward_move_node_structure () respectively. * info/session.c (info_menu_digit): Called with "0" as arg, select the last menu item. * info/infomap.c (initialize_info_keymaps): "0" calls info_menu_digit (). * info/session.c (info_move_to_xref): Take dir into account when there are xrefs and menu items in the node and we are wrapping backwards. Tue Dec 8 09:57:58 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/info.c: Version 2.5 Beta. * info/terminal.c (terminal_insert_lines, terminal_delete_lines) Do not expect tgoto to return a new string; it returns the address of a static buffer. * info/infodoc.c (info_find_or_create_help_window) Correct check for prior existing help node. * info/m-x.c (set_variable): Allow variables to have a list of choices. Add new variable scroll-behaviour. * info/session.c (down_next_upnext_or_error, prev_up_or_error) New functions implement user-controlled behaviour when attempting to scroll past the bottom or top of a node. New variable info_scroll_behaviour is user visible as "scroll-behaviour". * info/session.c (info_scroll_forward, info_scroll_backward) Call new functions for user-controlled scroll behaviour. * info/terminal.c (terminal_initialize_terminal) Set PC from BC not from BUFFER. Mon Dec 7 11:26:12 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * util/texindex.c: Change EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FATAL to TI_NO_ERROR and TI_FATAL_ERROR respectively. This avoids namespace conflicts on NeXT 2.0. Sat Dec 5 00:07:59 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/info.c: New option "--subnodes" says to recursively dump the menus of the nodes that you wish to dump. Menu items which point to external nodes are not dumped, and no node is dumped twice. Thu Dec 3 16:11:02 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/session.c (info_error) Don't ring the bell if info_error_rings_bell_p is zero. (info_abort_key) Ring the bell if printing "Quit" in the echo area wouldn't do it. * info/m-x.c (set_variable) New functions allows setting of variables in the echo area. Currently, only visilble-bell and errors-ring-bell are implemented. Wed Dec 2 13:11:37 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/nodes.c, info/makedoc.c: If O_RDONLY is not defined by sys/file.h, include sys/fcntl.h. * info/filesys.c (info_file_in_path): Expand leading tildes found within directory names. * info/terminal.c (terminal_initialize_terminal) Set ospeed to 13 if not settable any other way. It is an index into an array of output speeds. * info/display.c (free_display) Do not free a NULL display. * info/display.c (string_width): New functions returns the width of STRING when printed at HPOS. Sun Nov 29 01:24:42 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/info.c: New version 2.4 beta. * info/general.h: #define info_toupper and info_tolower which check their arguments before performing any conversion. * info/search.c, info/echo_area.c: Use info_toupper. Sat Nov 28 14:23:24 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/session.c (info_scroll_forward, info_scroll_backward) If at last/first page of the node, and the last command was forward/backward, do info_next/prev/_node. * info/session.c: New function info_select_reference_this_line gets menu or cross reference immediately. * info/infomap.c (initialize_info_keymaps): Add info_keymap[LFD] to invoke info_select_reference_this_line (). * info/session.c (info_last_reference) Rename to info_history_reference. Wrote info_last_reference, and info_first_reference which go to the last or first node of an info file. Fri Nov 27 00:59:02 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/info.c: New version 2.3. Completed implementing contents of TODO file. * info/session.c (info_redraw_display): Fix C-l with numeric arg. Thu Nov 26 20:14:18 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/m-x.c: New file implements reading named commands in the echo area, along with a new function "info-set-screen-height". Compilation of this file and some code in others controlled by the Makefile variable NAMED_COMMANDS (set to -DNAMED_COMMANDS). * info/window.c (window_new_screen_size) Rewrite from scratch, allowing clean growth and shrinkage of the screen. New variable window_deletion_notifier is a pointer to a function to call when the screen changes size, and some windows have to get deleted. The function is called with the window to be deleted as an argument, and it should clean up dangling references to that window. * info/session.c (initialize_info_session): Set window_deletion_function to forget_window_and_nodes. * info/display.c (display_update_one_window): If the first row of the window to display wouldn't appear in the_screen, don't try to display it. This happens when the screen has been made unreasonably small, and we attempt to display the echo area. Tue Nov 24 00:47:20 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * Release Info 2.2. * info/session.c: New functions implement reading typeahead and implement C-g flushing typed ahead characters. (info_search_internal): allows C-g to exit multi-file searches. Mon Nov 23 01:53:35 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/nodes.c: Remove calls to sscanf (), replacing them with calls to atol (), since that is much faster. (get_nodes_of_tags_table) Only check for "(Indirect)" if we haven't parsed any nodes out of the tags table. Increase the amount that file_buffer->nodes grows to 100 from 50. These two together sufficiently speed up the parsing process. * info/nodes.c: info_get_node_of_file_buffer_tags (), info_get_node_of_file_buffer_nodes (): Search the appropriate list and return a node. This was simply a cut and paste edit to functionalize the code. * info/TODO: Remove suggestion for partial tag parsing, since tag parsing is much faster now. Sat Nov 21 02:48:23 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/makedoc.c: New File replaces makedoc.sh shell script. * info/infomap.c: Install info_isearch (on C-s) and info_reverse_isearch (on C-r) for Info windows. * info/session.c (incremental_search, info_isearch, info_reverse_isearch) New functions implement incremental searching. Fri Nov 20 00:01:35 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/terminal.c (terminal_initialize_terminal): Declare and set up `ospeed'. Turn off C-s and C-q processing. * info/session.c (info_show_point) When this function is called, the desired result is to show the point immediately. So now it calls set_window_pagetop () if the new pagetop is not the same as the old one. This means that info_prev_line (), info_next_line (), info_forward_word (), and info_backward_word () can all scroll the window if they have to. Thu Nov 19 12:27:07 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/session.c (set_window_pagetop): Add scrolling to make this faster. * info/echo_area.c (push/pop_echo_area): Remember the list of items to complete over. * info/session.c (info_forward_char): Don't let point get equal to nodelen, only to nodelen - 1. * info/display.c: New function display_scroll_display () scrolls the rmembered display as well as the text on the actual display. * info/terminal.c: New functions terminal_scroll_terminal (), terminal_scroll_down (), and terminal_scroll_up (). All implemented using "al" and "dl" termcap capabilities. (i.e., insert and delete line). Wed Nov 18 15:05:14 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * info/termdep.h: Only define HAVE_FCNTL_H if !aix and !ultrix. Tue Nov 17 20:35:08 1992 Brian Fox (bfox@cubit) * First Beta Release of Info 2.0. Sun Nov 1 02:21:05 1992 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * util/texi2dvi (--force): Option removed. Always run tex at least once, don't bother checking if .dvi file is newer than source. Fri Oct 30 02:16:28 1992 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * util/texi2dvi (-D): debugging option renamed from '-d'. Made check to enable debugging more terse. When checking if index files have changed, use variable $this_file instead of $file in for loop. (file_texi): wherever the variable $file was used to reference the texinfo file, substituted $file_texi. Sat Oct 17 07:30:34 1992 Brian J. Fox (bfox@helios) * util/texindex.c: Remove references to USG replacing them with a define declaring the actual feature required or missing. Thu Oct 15 16:17:47 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob@nutrimat.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-format-setfilename): Remove date from Info file header so regression testing is easier. Tue Sep 15 16:28:35 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfmt-version): New variable. (texinfo-format-setfilename): Include date and version in Info file header. Better documentation for @definfoenclose Handle whitespace after @end iftex, etc. Thu Sep 3 09:25:37 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texnfo-upd.el: Fix typo re `texinfo-sequential-node-update.' Tue Aug 18 08:56:24 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-value): Revise syntax. * emacs/texnfo-upd.el (texinfo-start-menu-description): New function to insert title as description in a menu. (texinfo-make-menu-list): Remove automatic title insertion. * emacs/texinfo.el (texinfo-mode-map): Add keybinding for texinfo-start-menu-description. Wed Jul 29 11:58:53 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-set): Revise to set a string to the flag. (texinfo-value): @value{flag}: New command which inserts the string to which the flag is set. Tue Jul 7 15:10:52 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texnfo-upd.el (texinfo-master-menu): Error message if file contains too few nodes for a master menu. (texinfo-insert-master-menu-list): Only attempt to insert detailed master menu if there is one. Wed Jun 10 15:26:18 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-append-refill): Refill properly when lines begin with within-paragraph @-commands. Tue Jun 9 12:28:11 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el: Add `texinfo-deffn-formatting-property' and `texinfo-defun-indexing-property' to @deffn commands. Mon Jun 8 11:52:01 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texnfo-upd.el: Replace `(mark-whole-buffer)' with `(push-mark (point-max) t) (goto-char (point-min))' to avoid `Mark set' messages. Fri Jun 5 15:15:16 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob@kropotkin.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * emacs/texnfo-upd.el (texinfo-check-for-node-name): Offer section title as prompt. (texinfo-copy-next-section-title): Copy title correctly. Thu May 28 20:34:17 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob@hill.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * emacs/texinfmt.el: @vtable defined, parallel to @ftable, for variables. (texinfo-append-refill): set case-fold-search nil so @TeX is not confused with @tex. Thu Mar 26 21:36:41 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob@kropotkin.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * emacs/makeinfo.el: Rename temp buffer from `*Makeinfo*' back to `*compilation*' so `next-error' works; unfortunately, `*compilation*' is written into the code as the name `next-error' needs. Rename `makeinfo-recenter-makeinfo-buffer' back to `makeinfo-recenter-makeinfo-buffer' Thu May 14 21:14:25 1992 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * util/fixfonts: Enclosed most variable references with "" to prevent potential globbing and other weirdness. Eliminated uses of ${var-value}, which unfortunately isn't portable. * util/texi2dvi: rewritten from scratch. Sat Apr 18 23:46:25 1992 Charles Hannum (mycroft@hal.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * util/fixfonts: Re-evaluate prefix and libdir if inherited (to resolve variable references from make). (texlibdir): Don't add '/tex', since it's already there. Fri Apr 10 14:51:23 1992 Noah Friedman (friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu) * util/fixfonts: set prefix and libdir only if they are not already defined (i.e. not inherited from the environment). Changed default path for libdir to be consistent with Makefile. Tue Mar 3 13:17:42 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texnfo-upd.el (texinfo-insert-master-menu-list): Insert a master menu only after `Top' node and before next node. (texinfo-copy-menu): Error message if menu empty. Mon Feb 24 15:47:49 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-format-region): Make sure region ends in a newline. (texinfo-itemize-item): Recognize all non-whitespace on same line as @item command. Sat Feb 22 02:15:00 1992 Brian Fox (bfox at gnuwest.fsf.org) * util/texindex.c: New version 1.45 has cleanups, should compile under VMS quietly. Wed Feb 12 10:50:51 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/makeinfo.el: Rename temp buffer as *Makeinfo*. Rename `makeinfo-recenter-compilation-buffer'. (makeinfo-buffer): Offer to save buffer if it is modified. (makeinfo-compile): Do not offer to save other buffers. (makeinfo-compilation-sentinel): Switch to Info file. Tue Feb 4 13:07:39 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-print-index): Format so that node names in the index are lined up. Mon Feb 3 09:08:14 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-itemize-item): Format entry when text is on the same line as @item command. Also, handle @-commands. (texinfo-format-region, texinfo-format-buffer-1): Set fill column to local value of Texinfo buffer. * emacs/texnfo-upd.el (texinfo-pointer-name): Find only those section commands that are accompanied by `@node' lines. Tue Jan 14 16:10:16 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texnfo-upd.el: Ensure that no commands depend on the value of case-fold-search. Fri Jan 10 15:13:55 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob at kropotkin) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-append-refill): Replace use of unsupported function `looking-at-backward' with `re-search-backward'. Mon Dec 23 23:46:42 1991 David J. MacKenzie (djm at wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * util/texindex.c: Change POSIX ifdefs to HAVE_UNISTD_H and _POSIX_VERSION. Mon Dec 16 15:01:36 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-append-refill): New function appends @refill to all appropriate paragraphs so you no longer need to append @refill command yourself. (texinfo-format-region, texinfo-format-buffer-1, texinfo-format-include): Call `texinfo-append-refill'. Fri Dec 6 01:25:09 1991 David J. MacKenzie (djm at wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * util/texindex.c: Conditionalize on _AIX (which is predefined) instead of AIX, just like makeinfo does. Tue Nov 26 10:21:04 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texnfo-upd.el (texinfo-section-types-regexp): `@subtitle' no longer treated as subsection. Sat Nov 16 08:27:42 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * util/fixfonts: New file, from Karl Berry. Tue Nov 12 16:13:24 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el: Create @end smalllisp. Mon Nov 11 16:50:13 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfo.el (texinfo-environment-regexp): Add all other block enclosing Texinfo commands. Thu Nov 7 10:23:51 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfo.el (texinfo-insert-@end): Attempt to insert correct end command statement, eg, @end table. Fails with nested lists. (texinfo-insert-*): Accept prefix arg to surround following N words with braces for command. Thu Oct 31 21:31:41 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at kropotki) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-clear): Clear flag even if flag not previously set. Wed Oct 23 11:15:58 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfo.el (texinfo-mode): page-delimiter now finds top node as well as chapters. Tue Oct 22 11:46:12 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-do-flushright): Test whether a line is too long for the flush right command (line length must be less than the value of fill column). * emacs/texnfo-tex.el (texinfo-tex-buffer): Prompt for original file even if point moved to *texinfo-tex-shell*. texinfo-tex-original-file: variable to hold file name. Wed Oct 16 08:32:05 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-format-center): Expand string before centering so @-commands not included. Thu Oct 10 22:01:47 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at kropotki) * emacs/texnfo-tex.el (texinfo-show-tex-print-queue): Do not kill a running process; do start a process none exists. Thu Sep 26 21:58:47 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at kropotki) * util/texi2dvi: Misc. bugs fixed. * emacs/texinfo.el: Remove extraneous references to TeX. Thu Sep 19 20:45:29 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at kropotki) * emacs/texinfmt.el: add @cartouche as a noop (makes box with rounded corners in TeX) Tue Sep 10 20:44:57 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texnfo-upd.el (texinfo-make-one-menu): Copy node-name correctly for message. Thu Aug 29 17:54:07 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at kropotki) * emacs/texnfo-tex.el (texinfo-quit-tex-job): Do not set mark. Wed Aug 21 10:36:21 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texnfo-upd.el: (texinfo-copy-menu-title): Copy title as it should rather than node line. Mon Aug 5 15:27:12 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-format-convert): Changed regexp that looks for three hyphens in a row to find those between word constituent characters, as now, for Oxford Univ. style dashes and also between spaces, for Cambridge Univ. Press style dashes. * emacs/texnfo-tex.el (texinfo-tex-start-shell): Runs "/bin/sh" so `explicit-shell-file-name' is not set globally. * emacs/texnfo-upd.el: Rewrite messages. (texinfo-find-higher-level-node): Stop search at limit. (texinfo-copy-menu-title): Rewrite to handle outer include files. (texinfo-multi-file-update): Update all nodes properly; rewrite doc string and interactive. Sat Aug 3 10:46:13 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texnfo-upd.el (texinfo-all-menus-update): Fixed typo that caused the function to create a master menu when it shouldn't. * emacs/texinfo.el (texinfo-mode): Make `indent-tabs-mode' a local variable and set to nil to prevent TABs troubles with TeX. Wed Jul 31 11:07:08 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texnfo-tex.el (texinfo-quit-tex-job): New function: quit currently running TeX job, by sending an `x' to it. (texinfo-tex-shell-sentinel): New function to restart texinfo-tex-shell after it is killed. (texinfo-kill-tex-job): Rewrite to use kill-process rather than quit-process; uses `texinfo-tex-shell-sentinel' to restart texinfo-tex-shell after it is killed. (texinfo-tex-region, texinfo-tex-buffer): Replace texinfo-kill-tex-job with quit-process. * emacs/texinfo.el (texinfo-define-common-keys): Add keybinding for texinfo-quit-tex-job Wed Jul 10 15:15:03 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el: New commands @set, @clear, @ifset...@end ifset, and @ifclear...@end ifclear. Definition functions rewritten to make them easier to maintain. Wed Jul 3 19:37:04 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at kropotki) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-format-deftypefn-index): Remove reference to data-type to make consistent with texinfo.tex and makeinfo. texinfo.el: Fix page-delimiter and texinfo-chapter-level-regexp variables. Thu Jun 27 18:35:36 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at nutrimat) * emacs/texinfmt.el: Add @dmn as `texinfo-format-noop'. texinfo2.texi: Document @dmn. texinfmt.el (texinfo{,-end}-{eleterate,ecapitate} renamed {alphaenumerate, capsenumerate}. Fri Jun 14 12:46:32 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-format-defun-1): @defivar prints name correctly. Thu Jun 6 21:38:33 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * emacs/texinfo.el (texinfo-mode): Set page delimiter to 'texinfo-chapter-level-regexp' so that page commands work by chapter or equivalent. * emacs/texinfmt.el (texinfo-format-defun-1): @defop prints name correctly. (batch-texinfo-format): replace unsupported 'buffer-disable-undo' with 'buffer-flush-undo' Fri Apr 5 15:17:17 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * emacs/makeinfo.el (makeinfo-compilation-sentinel): Check for existance of makeinfo-temp-file to avoid harmless error message. texinfo2.texi: Minor typos fixed. Thu Mar 28 19:13:24 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at pogo.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * util/texi2dvi: Revised. Mon Mar 11 12:35:51 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * emacs/texinfmt.el: (@footnotestyle): New command to set footnotestyle. (@paragraphindent): New command to set indentation. (texinfo-format-refill): Add indentation feature so as to indent paragraph or leave indentation asis before refilling according to value set by @paragraphindent command. (texinfo-format-region): Insert header, if any, into Info buffer. (texinfo-format-separate-node, texinfo-format-end-node): Run texinfo-format-scan on footnote text only once. (texinfo-format-scan): Shorten `---' to `--'. * emacs/texinfo.el: Define key for `texinfo-master-menu'; define start and end of header expressions. * emacs/texnfo-upd.el (texinfo-all-menus-update): Update pre-existing master menu, if there is one. Fri May 11 14:36:07 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * util/texindex.c: Rename `lines' to `nlines'. (bzero): Pass arg to lib$movc5 through non-register var. (perror_with_file, pfatal_with_file): Move extern decls and includes to top of file. [VMS]: If not using VMS C, define away `noshare' keyword. Include perror.h. Mon Jul 11 18:02:29 1988 Chris Hanson (cph at kleph) * util/texindex.c (indexify): when comparing to initial strings to decide whether to change the header, must use `strncmp' to avoid comparing entire strings of which initials are a substring. Sun Jun 26 18:46:16 1988 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * util/texindex.c (sort_in_core, sort_offline, parsefile): Give up on input file if any line doesn't start with backslash. /* changelog for texinfo.tex before 19jun01. */ 2001-05-24 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\smallbreak, \medbreak, \bigbreak): add check for \ifnum\lastpenalty to plain tex definitions, so that we won't insert space right after a section title. (\aboveenvbreak): similar check of \lastpenalty. 2001-05-21 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\pdfurl): \let\value=\expandablevalue, so at least some cases can be properly handled. 2001-03-28 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: Copyright. * texinfo.tex (\pdfmkdest): remove trailing @ in target names; suggestion from: Reiner Schlotte <R.Schlotte@science-computing.de>. (\imagexxx): call \normalturnoffactive so _ (among others) will be allowed in filenames; report from arnold@skeeve.com. 2001-02-02 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\secondary): handle pdf case. (\dosubind): secondary index entry not written as separate arg for texindex. From: Trevin Beattie <trevin@eyring.com> Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 13:04:06 -0700 2001-01-12 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\dopdfimage): different syntax for filename inclusion (foo vs {foo}). From: <Kurt.Hornik@ci.tuwien.ac.at>, 22dec99. 2001-01-08 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\afivepaper): new command from Jose Romildo Malaquias <romildo@urano.iceb.ufop.br>. 2000-12-12 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: oops, had outside page reversed. 2000-12-11 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\inmargin): allow lefttext and righttext as args. 2000-11-10 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: implementation of new commands @verbatim, @verb, and @verbatiminclude from janneke@gnu.org. 2000-11-09 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\inmargin): rewrite to allow for placing the material either in the right or left margin. 2000-10-27 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\dosynindex): new macro subroutine, do not \closeout twice the index being redirected. (\synindex, \syncodeindex): call it. 2000-10-18 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\inmargin): rewrite to allow argument to be vmode material, such as a box from an image. 2000-09-06 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\doublecolumnout): must subtract \ht\partialpage here, not in \begindoublecolumns. Otherwise the \partialpage on the first page of double columns affects every subsequent page, e.g., if @setchapternewpage off. Reported by Aharon Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com> for standards.texi. 2000-05-28 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\linkcolor): replace Cyan with Blue. (\output): do \pdfmkdest at top. (\pdfmakeoutlines): set \_ to \normalunderscore. From: Trevin Beattie <trevin@eyring.com>. 2000-05-27 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\today): only define if undefined. From: Stepan Kasal <kasal@suse.cz>. 2000-05-16 <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\deftypeivarheader): need defheaderxcond. From: Marcel van der Boom <marcel@hsdev.com>. 1999-10-01 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\afourwide): had hsize and vsize reversed. From: Pascal Obry <pascal_obry@csi.com> 1999-09-25 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\alias): fix from Andreas. 1999-09-19 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\key): rename the \smallrm and \smallsy here. * texinfo.tex (\indexfonts): rename to \smallfonts, along with \indrm, etc. Define all the fonts, too. (\footnotezzz): use \smallfonts. * texinfo.tex (\needx): get better leading; do nothing if @need value is less than one linespace. From Arnold. (\douref, \xrefX, \doemail [pdf]): make spaces normal again, so our \ignorespaces commands are effective even in an @display. * texinfo.tex (\finishtitlepage): remove FINISH TITLE debugging message. * texinfo.tex (\anchor): rewrite to always \ignorespaces. Bug from esken. * texinfo.tex (\indexnofonts): dummy up \acronym. From: Thomas Esken <esken@nmlab.informatik.fh-dortmund.de> 1999-09-06 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\texinfoversion): update. * texinfo.tex: Avoid multiparagraph cells losing linespace between paragraphs. From: Andreas Schwab <schwab@suse.de>. Bug from: Lalo Martins <lalo@webcom.com>. 1999-08-19 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\shortchaplabel): move computation of width of "Appendix" inside, in case it's been changed by a language. Mon Aug 9 16:31:55 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: pdf updates from Han. Fri Aug 6 13:48:22 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\charcode): remove unused counter. From: Akira KAKUTO <kakuto@fsci.fuk.kindai.ac.jp>. Thu Jul 22 19:08:19 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: Update from Han. Tue Jul 20 17:13:16 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: More pdf improvements from Han. Mon Jul 19 16:33:31 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: Better pdf support from: Han The Thanh <thanh@informatics.muni.cz>. Sun Jul 18 14:21:03 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: pdfimage takes braces. Tue Jul 6 19:40:14 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\deftypeop): New command. Mon Jul 5 17:17:33 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\contents): call \pdfmakeoutlines here instead of inline (!). (\pdfmakeoutlines): call \indexnofonts instead of making a separate attempt at it. Tue May 25 06:16:06 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (time-stamp-format): use %02H. * texinfo.tex: Had PDF and DVI transposed. Sun Apr 25 15:30:00 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\appendixletter): restore \the, necessary for .toc. Thu Apr 22 19:22:12 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\emergencystretch): Increase to .15\hsize. Tue Apr 20 05:11:04 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\defunargs): use \tensl\hyphenchar\font to work better with Gildea's PostScript version. * texinfo.tex (\tab): Change back to just &. From: Nathan Sidwell <nathan@acm.org>. * texinfo.tex: No \fi. Mon Apr 19 17:38:54 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\pdflink) [!\ifpdf]: define to ignore arg. * texinfo.tex: Add pdf support. Merge from: Kurt Hornik <Kurt.Hornik@ci.tuwien.ac.at>. Wed Mar 31 13:24:16 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\defopheader): missing word space before `on'. Report from: Chris Hanson <cph@martigny.ai.mit.edu>. Fri Mar 26 17:00:41 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\imagexxx): Equalize space above and below if in vmode. From rms. Thu Mar 25 20:00:00 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\deftypeivar): new command. Tue Mar 23 17:53:37 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (&): be sure active & is defined for @deftypefn operator&. Report from: Nathan Sidwell <nathan@acm.org>. Sat Mar 20 12:31:53 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\exampleindent): new command. From Yoshiki. * texinfo.tex: Changes from Andreas to use \sl\$ inside italics and to avoid extra spaces around @anchor. * texinfo.tex (\image, \imagexx): move pdf test to imagexxx for correct filename parsing. Mon Mar 15 16:51:20 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\imagexxx): reset catcode ^^M in case we're inside in an example. Report from kama. * texinfo.tex (\putwordin): new macro for word `in'. (\xrefX): use it. Report from: "Alexey A. Nikiforov" <A.A.Nikiforov@inp.nsk.su> Sun Feb 21 16:47:28 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: Expand tabs. Sun Feb 14 16:02:29 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\paragraphindent): implement. Suggestion from: Paul DuBois <dubois@primate.wisc.edu>. Tue Feb 9 07:25:07 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\alias): use def rather than \let. Change timestamp format to include hours. * texinfo.tex: New commands @alias and @definfoenclose. From: "Eric S. Raymond" <esr@snark.thyrsus.com>. Mon Feb 8 14:46:56 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\scanmacro): Use \endinput to avoid spurious space, and various other space fixes. From: Andreas Schwab <schwab@ls5.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>. Thu Feb 4 15:24:40 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\uref): implement optional third arg. * texinfo.tex (\dosubind): Include index entry in third arg to \entry instead of writing as bogus fourth arg. Report from: kama@hippo.fido.de (Karl Heinz Marbaise). * texinfo.tex (\setemergencystretch): Increase somewhat. * texinfo.tex (\putwordof): rename from \putwordOf. * texinfo.tex (defivarhead, \defcvarheader): Use \putwordof. Tue Feb 2 16:57:00 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\documentlanguage, \documentencoding): new commands. \documentlanguage based on an implementation by kama. Sat Jan 30 17:23:45 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\putwordMMai): Should be MMay. From Trond. Fri Jan 29 17:52:16 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: Fix @macro expansion inside @section. Patch from Andreas: From: Andreas Schwab <schwab@ls5.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> The general idea is to construct a list a all defined macros in the form \do\macro1\do\macro2..., then temporarily define \do to something appropriate and execute the list to do whatever is needed. Here is a patch, and i have also fixed a few other bugs that i found while browsing through the @macro implementation. Additionally i have added a check to prevent the user from doing silly things like @macro shipout. Sun Jan 24 09:59:42 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\obstexwarn): Don't use *** in message, it interferes with make output parsing. Thu Jan 21 15:45:20 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: Internationalization improvements from kama. Wed Jan 20 17:12:52 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\contents, \shortcontents): Run \contentspagealignmacro. From: Trond Endrestol <trond@agamemnon.gtf.ol.no> Thu Jan 14 16:53:43 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\begindoublecolumns): Ship out \partialpage immediately if it is nonvoid, instead of saving it. This avoids a bug where the index could end up printing one line per page (see the indexspread.tex test). From: Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * texinfo.tex (\image): If running pdftex, do \pdfimage{imagefile.pdf}. From: Samuel Tardieu <sam@inf.enst.fr> Also, update copyright year. Tue Jan 5 17:50:45 1999 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\enddoublecolumns): Move \pagegoal reset to after the \endgroup so we get the restored single-column \vsize as intended. Sun Dec 20 17:57:22 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\indexdummies): Set \{ and \} to \mylbrace and \mybrace to avoid braces in the index file, which texindex can't handle. Sat Dec 19 18:13:16 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\pickupwholefraction): Ignore whole-number part. (\setuptable): Always pass whole-number part and decimal point. This allows leading zeroes. Suggestion from: Ben Bullock <ben@hayamasa.demon.co.uk>. Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 14:06:50 +0100 (BST) Tue Dec 15 16:38:07 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\indexdummies): set \{ and \} to \lbracecmd and \rbracecmd to avoid lossage if @tex is active during \shipout. Report from: "Peter Kabal" <Kabal@ece.mcgill.ca>. Sun Dec 6 17:11:17 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: Doc fix. 1998-11-11 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.cs.uni-dortmund.de> * doc/texinfo.tex (\onepageout): Put the cropmarks in vboxes of zero height so that they don't contribute space themselves. Compensate for \topandbottommargin. (\internalpagesizes): Advance \outervsize by 2\topandbottommargin, not only 0.6in. Fri Nov 6 17:27:57 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex: Use standard time-stamp.el package instead of update-date.el. Sat Oct 31 19:23:02 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\indexnofonts,\indexdummies): add \url and \uref to list. Fri Oct 30 08:16:23 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (\expandablevalue): Delete spurious `v' character. Tue Oct 27 11:18:40 1998 Karl Berry <karl@gnu.org> * texinfo.tex (@env, @command, @option): Must disable for index and xref commands. Also, \input plain if necessary before using {} in the version number. Wed Sep 30 11:40:36 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: Use date as version number instead of RCS, and update-date to update it. Thu Sep 17 13:22:44 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: Fix @macro expansion of @code with _ in the argument. From: Zack Weinberg <zack@rabi.columbia.edu>. Fri Aug 28 10:30:29 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\itemzzz): take \itemmargin into account when unhboxing. Reported by Bob. Fri Aug 14 16:56:58 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: Change @defun environments so that right margin is not changed, and instead the defun type label is outdented into the margin. Thu Aug 13 13:31:41 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\smartslanted): define this separately from \smartitalic. (\emph, \i): use \smartitalic for true italics. Mon Aug 10 11:51:13 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\value): handle active _ or - in argument (happens if called from @code). Report from: Dave Love <d.love@dl.ac.uk>. Sun Jul 19 09:49:23 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\dosubind): Don't do \vskip to preserve \lastskip unless we are in vertical mode. Otherwise we might end a paragraph prematurely, and \folio won't get expanded by \output. Report from: "Richard E. Stone" <res@rstone.mn.org> Thu Jul 16 15:33:37 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: Keep track of how negative the page numbers have gotten: (\lastnegativepageno): New \count register. (\startcontents): Use it. (\contents, \summarycontents): set it. Mon Jul 13 16:58:11 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\imagexxx): Add some space around the image if it's by itself. 1998-07-09 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * texinfo.tex (chapterzzz): Put a space before the chapter number in the message. (appendixzzz): Use \putwordAppendix in the message. Thu Jul 9 08:39:53 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\macro): Globalize assignments since it's done inside a group. From Zack. Mon Jul 6 17:21:25 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\comment): Speed up. (\loggingall): Turn on eTeX's extended tracing. More macro fixes. Date: Sat, 04 Jul 1998 14:51:49 -0400 From: Zack Weinberg <zack@rabi.phys.columbia.edu> Thu Jul 2 10:20:32 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\contents, \summarycontents, \startcontents): Use roman numerals for toc, arabic outside, even when toc is at the beginning. Mon Jun 29 10:05:28 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\anchor): New command @anchor. (\xrefX): Avoid double space when xref to an @anchor or an @unnumbered. * texinfo.tex (\itemzzz): Use kerns and \unhbox when item text fits in the space, so footnotes can work. * texinfo.tex (\setref): Take additional argument for the -snt xref. Call \indexdummies. (\donoderef, \appendixnoderef, \unnumbnoderef): Change \setref calls. Sat Jun 27 19:16:34 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\contents, \summarycontents): Must not be \outer. Fri Jun 26 16:15:14 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\writetocentry): New macro. (\chapternofonts): No longer needed. (\chapter, ..., \unnumberedsubsubsec): Change all the sectioning commands to call \writetocentry instead of doing it inline. Also, do not call \chapternofonts, we avoid expansion with \the\toks instead. (\opencontents): No longer needed, instead \writetocentry opens the file when necessary. (\setfilename): Don't call \opencontents. (\ifsetcontentsaftertitlepage, \ifsetshortcontentsaftertitlepage): New conditionals. (\Etitlepage): Call \contents and/or \shortcontents if conditionals are set. Global: use \nobreak instead of \penalty 10000 for epsilon efficiency. Thu Jun 25 08:29:32 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\option,\env,\command): New markup commands. Suggested by arnold@gnu.org. * texinfo.tex (\afourpaper): More reasonable margins. From: Wilhelm Mueller <muewi@hb.senbvs43.uni-bremen.de> Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 10:48:13 +0200 (MET DST) Wed Jun 24 17:46:43 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\acronym): New Texinfo command. Tue Jun 23 17:36:39 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\dots, \enddots): Missing \leavevmode. Report from: Thomas Esken <esken@nmlab.informatik.fh-dortmund.de> Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 14:22:27 +0200 (MET DST) Mon Jun 22 16:00:53 1998 Karl Berry <karl@north> * texinfo.tex: Rewrite of index stuff to do better column breaking and balancing. The old code failed miserably when the index was just the wrong size, e.g., the Autoconf manual with @afourpaper. Bug report from: Wilhelm Mueller <muewi@hb.senbvs43.uni-bremen.de> Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 16:34:49 +0200 (MET DST) (\initial): Add more glue around the initial, and make it a multiple of \baselineskip. (\entry): Add glue before each entry so the columns can always be the same height. (\doublecolumnout): Available space no longer needs to handle \partialpage specially. (\pagesofar): Take \ht\partialpage into account with \vsize. (\enddoublecolumns): Reset \output to avoid calling \balancecolumns twice (\balancecolumns): Format for readability. (\initialskipamount): No longer needed, remove. (\hbadness): Increase a bit, boxes that are a little underfull look ok. Sun Jun 21 16:48:38 1998 Karl Berry <karl@north> * texinfo.tex (\ninettsl): cmsltt10 is not standard, so use cmsltt10 scaled 900. Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 12:35:41 +0200 (MET DST) From: Werner Struckmann <struck@ips.cs.tu-bs.de>. Thu Jun 18 08:32:15 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: @macro fixes from Zack Weinberg <zack@rabi.phys.columbia.edu>. - @ifblah did not work inside @macro - spaces in parameter lists in macro definitions caused errors - leading spaces in parameter lists in macro invocations were preserved inappropriately. Wed Jun 10 16:50:53 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\smallformatx, \smalldisplayx): New macros. (\smallbook): Arrange to use them. (\display, \flushleft, etc.): Rewrite to avoid duplication. Sun Jun 7 18:13:45 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\pagesizes): Rename to \internalpagesizes. (\custompaper): Rename to \pagesizes. Sat Jun 6 13:16:32 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: Rewrite paper size definitions, add @custompaper. * texinfo.tex: Fix for macros in arguments to other commands. From Zack. Thu Jun 4 11:21:07 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: Better @macro implementation. From: Zack Weinberg <zack@rabi.phys.columbia.edu>. Tue May 26 17:43:21 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\imagexxx): Center image if it is not part of a paragraph. Tue May 19 17:17:12 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: \linkstrue by default. Also, first implementation of @macro; can only handle some cases, but that is better than nothing. From: Zack Weinberg <zack@rabi.phys.columbia.edu> Thu May 14 17:32:47 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: New command @novalidate along the lines of makeinfo --no-validate. Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 18:54:47 -0500 From: Zack Weinberg <zack@rabi.phys.columbia.edu> Tue May 12 16:19:35 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\valuexxx): Split up into expandable and non-expandable parts. (\expandablevalue): New macro. (\indexdummies): \let\value = \expandable value. * texinfo.tex: Doc fixes. * texinfo.tex (\doind): Just call \dosubind with empty third arg. (\dosubind): Replace with \doind definition and suitable code to handle possible third arg. And propagate glue past the whatsit from the \write so index entries don't cause extra space between @defuns (for example). Wed May 6 12:51:27 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\deftypemethparsebody): Handle the extra arg in @deftypemethodx, too. (\deftypefunx): Error definition was misspelled as \deftypeunx. Fri May 1 17:31:58 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo/texinfo.tex (\putwordon, \putwordMethodon): New macros. Use in \def... commands. (\indexdummies): make `\ ' be just ` ' for sorting. (\deftypemethparsebody): New macro. (\defmethod): Call it. Various doc fixes. Repored by: KHMarbaise@p69.ks.fido.de (Karl Heinz Marbaise) Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 10:19:42 +0100 Fri Apr 10 16:54:48 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: @cartouche: Align right side correctly. From: dale.smith@bellhow.com (Dale Smith) Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998 14:47:02 GMT Sun Apr 5 17:19:03 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\dosetq): Use \normalturnoffactive instead of just \turnoffactive, so \'s in node names are handled properly. (\tie): Move definition to more rational position in the file. (\@, \{, etc.): Use decimal numbers in all cases, to avoid use of '. Paranoia only. (\+): Turn off once and for all at the beginning, and define as \tabalign in @tex. Tue Mar 31 19:33:31 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\synindex, \syncodeindex): \closeout the redirected index. From: Jakob Stoklund Olesen <stoklund@mi.aau.dk> * texinfo.tex (\doignore): Ignore everything after `c', so @end ifinfo and the like can be commented out. (\macrocsname): New macro. Reported by: "James A. Lupo" <lupoja@feynman.ml.wpafb.af.mil> Wed Feb 25 15:48:51 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\doprintindex): Change catcode of @ before \read, in case of \initial{@} being the line that is read. Reported by: Drew Csillag <drew_csillag@geocities.com> * texinfo.tex (\dotable): Add \leftskip to \hsize in the first column. Don't inherit \rightskip from surrounding environment. Set \item to \crcr to avoid empty first row. Prepend \parskip glue before table. Set \everycr locally outside of alignment, don't reset it explicitly in \Emultitable. All from Andreas Schwab, to avoid overfull hboxes. Also, work on leading commentary in file a bit. Tue Feb 24 17:48:29 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: \!: Save and restore this for @tex. From: Jean-Pierre Moreau <jpmoreau@ciframedical.com> Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 16:47:36 -0400 * texinfo.tex (\angleleft, \angleright): New macros. (\refx, \email, \key): Use them. From: Stephen Gildea <gildea@intouchsys.com> Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 11:43:32 EST Mon Feb 23 17:34:23 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> 1997-08-28 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * doc/texinfo.tex (xrdef): Read the second argument with \ as an escape character. 1998-01-22 Andreas Schwab <schwab@issan.informatik.uni-dortmund.de> * texinfo.tex (\tocentry): Don't \turnoffactive before typesetting the arguments, it causes special characters to be printed incorrectly. Mon Jan 19 10:58:25 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texi2html: Correct version number, home page reference. Sat Jan 17 15:12:03 1998 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texi2html: Version 1.54. Handle @image better, etc. * From: Bob Friesenhahn <bfriesen@simple.dallas.tx.us>. Wed Dec 24 13:59:07 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\dots, \enddots): Use current font instead of always using math italic. From Stephen Gildea. Tue Dec 23 11:33:07 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: Spurious xepsf.tex should be epsf.tex. Mon Oct 13 15:49:28 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\titlefont): Explicitly set \rm. Sat Jul 26 15:12:37 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\email): Let to \uref instead of \code, as a second optional argument makes sense for this, too. Mon Jul 14 13:43:43 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\indexdummies): Add \value. Thu Jul 10 13:34:30 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\authorrm): Must use \def instead of \let, as \secrm is not yet defined. 1997-07-09 Richard Stallman <rms@psilocin.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\titlefont): Define again, using \titlefonts. Wed Jul 9 16:45:30 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\startcontents): Leave ^ catcode as other. Sat Jul 5 17:16:40 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\titlefonts): New macro to set title font styles, so italic etc. work in @title. (\titlefont): No longer needed. (\titlepage): Call \titlefonts instead of \titlefont. (\chapsf, \ssecsy, \ssecttsl): Correct magstep values. From: Stephen Gildea <gildea@intouchsys.com>. * texinfo.tex (\onepageout): Back up to 2\baselineskip per Stephen. (\kbdinputstyle): New command. 1997-04-03 00:07:28 1997 Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\kbdfont, \kbdexamplefont): New macros, parms that tell @@kbd what to do. (\setkbdinputdistinct, \setkbdinputexample): New commands set them. (\kbd): Use those parms. Thu Jul 3 16:52:39 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\onepageout): Leave only one line space above the footline, to be more like plain. Suggested by Stephen Gildea. (\evenfootline): Left one too many line spaces here, so reduce by two. (\ifnottex): Another ignore command. (\ifnothtml,\ifnotinfo): New commands. (\doignore): Ignore brace characters, so mismatched braces in ignored text do not cause complaints. Fri Jun 27 15:09:16 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\image): New definition for new @image command. Wed Jun 18 15:58:20 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\oddfootingxxx), (\onepageout): Leave space for the footline if present. (\everyfootingxxx, \everyheadingxxx): Call \oddfootingxxx and \evenfootingxxx instead of repeating their code. From: Stephen Gildea <gildea@intouchsys.com>. (\setfilename): Read texinfo.cnf if present. (\indexdummies, \indexnofonts): No-op additional commands @result @equiv @expansion @print @error @point. From: Dave Bodenstab <imdave@ais.net> (for texi2www doc). Fri Jun 6 10:31:34 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\setmultitablespacing): Restore bad typing mistake from yesterday. Thu Jun 5 18:04:26 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\uref): Write real definition, taking one mandatory argument and one optional one. Wed Jun 4 17:16:09 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\mainmagstep): Define this as a \count variable instead of with \let, to make changing to \magstep1 more transparent. From: HERBERT@boevm4.vnet.ibm.com. (\uref): New command a la \url. Sat May 24 18:06:41 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\deftypemethod, \deftypemethodheader): New macros to implement new commands @deftypemethod and @deftypemethodx. Suggestion from: KHMarbaise@p69.ks.fido.de (Karl Heinz Marbaise). Wed May 21 17:17:52 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\opnr, \clnr): Increment/decrement \parencount, for @defun lines with nested parens. From Bill Schelter <wfs@fireant.ma.utexas.edu>. (\itemizeitem): Correct \errmessage. Mon May 19 17:34:40 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\codeunder): Use \_ and \ifusingtt to avoid dotaccent from _ in roman fonts, e.g., @deftypefn. (\tex): Remove spurious spaces at the end of subdefinitions. From: "John W. Eaton" <jwe@bevo.che.wisc.edu>. (\url, \email): \let to \code; no quotes or angle brackets. Mon May 5 17:06:35 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\onepageout): \ifcropmarks, center the page body. Lost this when merged \croppageout with \onepageout. Found by Arnold. (\doprintindex): Do not bother to go into double column mode unless there actually is a non-empty index. (\begindoublecolumns): Include any existing \partialpage in the new one, lest we lose a whole page of output. Found by M J Morley <mjm@scs.leeds.ac.uk>. (\chapternofonts): Remove spurious spaces, both in the definitions that get output to the aux file(s) and in this macro. Fix comments and rationalize whitespace in various other places. Sun Apr 27 15:41:16 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\chapter, etc.): Avoid expansion of section title when writing the toc. Thu Apr 24 16:35:46 1997 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\onepageout): Integrate cropmarks case here, instead of having a completely different routine. (\croppageout): Remove this. Sun Jun 9 14:26:42 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\ignoremorecommands): Ignore \defcodeindex, and do not ignore \message. Thu Apr 11 12:59:42 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\macro): New macro. (\enddots, \endldots): New macros. (\centerchap, \centerchapyyy): New macros. (\centerchfplain, \centerchfopen): New macros. (\CHAPFplain, \CHAPFopen): Set \centerchapmacro. Wed Mar 13 11:42:17 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\url): New macro, like \samp for now. Sun Mar 10 13:05:08 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex: Changes in @multitable code. Change meaning of @multitablelinespace. Tue Mar 5 18:56:08 1996 Dave Love <d.love@dl.ac.uk> * texinfo.tex (\set): Set catcode of space explicitly (inside a group) to avoid losing inside @example, say. Sun Mar 3 17:01:27 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\itemxpar): Protect the \vskip here with \nobreak, to avoid a possible page break at an @itemx. Sun Feb 25 14:53:15 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\obstexwarn): Use \global to avoid ever getting the warning twice. * texinfo.tex (\include): Allow underscores and other such characters we made active in the file name argument. Tue Feb 6 15:06:27 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\afourlatex): Delete the old duplicate definition of \afourlatex. Sun Feb 4 15:20:16 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\tab): New definition. (\setuptable): Fix previous change. (\multitablecolspace): Renamed from \multitablecolmargin. (\multitablelinespace): Renamed from \multitablelineskip. Fri Feb 2 02:20:16 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\multitableparskip): Renamed from \intableparskip. Allocate with \newskip. (\multitableparindent): Renamed from \intableparindent. Use \newskip. (\multitablelineskip): Renamed from \spacebetweenlines. Use \newskip. (\multitablecolmargin): Renamed from \spacebetweencols. (\columnfractions): Renamed from \percentofhsize. (xcolumnfractions): Renamed from \xpercentofhsize. * texinfo.tex (\setuptable): Handle >1 digits after @percentofsize. (\pickupwholepercent): New macro. Sun Jan 28 21:14:46 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\key, \kbdfoo): Use \ttsl unconditionally. (\setkeyfont): Definition deleted. Tue Jan 23 14:57:23 1996 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex: @kbd within @example selects slanted tty font: (\ttsl, \ttslshape): Define this new font shape. (\kbdfoo): Set the font to \ttsl if already using \tt. (\setkeyfont, \ifmonospace): New macros. Wed Jan 17 23:57:48 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\changepagesizes): Additional arg for topskip. (\afourlatex): Total rewrite. (\afourwide): Pass new arg to \changepagesizes. Wed Jan 3 17:15:00 1996 Stephen Gildea <gildea@x.org> * texinfo.tex (\slbshape, \itbshape): Use bold slant and and bold italic in titles to match the bold roman. Do not use bold sf or bold tt, which would be too heavy. * texinfo.tex (\setfont): Pass font name in more pieces. (\*shape): New macros defining symbolic names for all font shapes so can use other font families with different naming conventions. Wed Jan 3 15:52:18 1996 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\ignoremorecommands): Turn off @everyheading and friends, @headings, @setchapternewpage, @setchapterstyle. Sat Dec 30 17:20:48 1995 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\inmargin): Don't allow a break before the vertical kern. Do allow a whole paragraph of marginal text, not just one line. Use \inmarginspacing. Thu Dec 28 23:22:08 1995 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\inmargin): New command @inmargin. (\dircategory): Ignore @dircategory. Tue Dec 12 17:25:36 1995 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\lvvmode): Remove this; use \leavevmode as usual, so spaces/underscores at beginnings of lines inside @example work. Bogus index entries should be (and now are, I think) handled in other ways. Mon Nov 13 16:07:09 1995 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\xrefX): Test for xref-automatic-section-title being @set correctly, and remove spurious redefinition of \printednodename in that case. Mon Oct 16 15:16:34 1995 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\unsepspaces): New macro to make active space expand into a normal space char in index entries. (\indexdummies): Use \unsepspaces. Thu Oct 12 14:56:52 1995 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\tie): Use \lvvmode, not \leavevmode. Don't use \@M directly either. Sun Aug 27 21:17:09 1995 Paul Eggert <eggert@twinsun.com> * texinfo.tex (\appendixsection): Fix misspelled defn. Mon Jul 31 23:57:57 1995 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\ttfont): Don't call \nohyphenation. Sun Jul 30 18:30:47 1995 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\tocentry): Use \turnoffactive. Sun Feb 5 05:34:13 1995 Richard Stallman <rms@pogo.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\boldbraxnoamp): New function. (\deftypefunargs): Use that, not \boldbrax. Tue Jan 31 12:15:28 1995 Karl Berry <karl@cs.umb.edu> * texinfo.tex (\set): Use \gdef, not \xdef. Sat Jan 21 16:39:36 1995 Richard Stallman <rms@pogo.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex: Initially make _ and + \active, then later make them \other. (\otherifyactive): New command. Thu Jan 19 21:59:22 1995 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\afourwide): New command. Mon Jan 16 09:29:38 1995 Stephen Gildea <gildea@x.org> * texinfo.tex: Initially make + and _ "other" characters. (\fixbackslash, \everyjob): Make + and _ active characters. Tue Jan 10 19:16:09 1995 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex: At beginning, \input plain if necessary. (\deftypefunargs): Use \boldbrax, not \functionparens. Sun Dec 18 16:40:11 1994 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\indsc): Use csc10 (at 9pt), not indrm. Mon Oct 31 00:51:20 1994 Richard Stallman <rms@pogo.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\changepapersizes): Fix definition syntax. (\fontprefix): Define only if not yet defined. * texinfo.tex (\margin): Define a new insert. (\SETmarginindex): Initialize to \relax. (\doindex): Optionally put the entry in the margin. (\pagecontents): Print the index entries put in the margin. Sat Oct 29 19:50:10 1994 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\auxhat): New macro. (\dosetq): Use \auxhat. (reading the aux file): Give ^ catcode 7. Wed Oct 26 03:28:04 1994 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\setfont): New macro. Use it for specifying most of the fonts that are normally cm fonts. (\fontprefix): New macro, normally `cm'. Mon Oct 24 01:27:09 1994 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\startcontents): Set catcode of ^. Thu Oct 13 02:19:43 1994 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\ifhtml, \html, \enddots, \?, \!): New commands. Fri Sep 16 16:30:52 1994 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\defheaderxcond): New macro. (\deftypefnheaderx): Use defheaderxcond when calling defname. (\deftypefunheaderx, \deftypevarheader, \deftypevrheader): Likewise. Fri Aug 26 03:08:08 1994 Amy Hendickson <amyh@ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\multitable): New command. Mon Aug 1 14:28:57 1994 Richard Stallman <rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu> * texinfo.tex (\changepagesizes, \afourlatex): New macros. Tue Jul 12 11:45:58 1994 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\quotation): Set \parskip to zero to avoid extra space below the environment. (\quotation): Clean up comments and indentation. Wed Jul 13 05:36:40 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\xrefX): Put back, and correct, the test of SETxref-automatic-section-title. Thu Jul 7 15:57:52 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * Set catcodes of chars 128-255 to \other. Mon Jul 4 15:32:41 1994 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\tie): Set \catcode of @ to 11 before using \@M. * texinfo.tex (\xrefX): Undo \turnoffactive while printing the node name, so _ in node names doesn't come out as the dot accent. Sat Jul 2 14:49:26 1994 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\tie): Ensure we're in horizontal mode before the \penalty. Tue May 10 01:21:28 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\donoderef, \unnumbnoderef, \appendixnoderef): Set \lastnode globally. Sun Apr 17 15:35:43 1994 Karl Berry (karl@ra.cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\~): Define to be a tie. (\ptextilde): New defn to save the plain's tilde accent. (\tex): Restore plain tilde. Sun Mar 27 23:35:17 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\smallbook): Set \defbodyindent and \deftypemargin. Sun Mar 20 19:47:59 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\xrefX): Define and use \correctnodename. (@turnoffactive): Move after @ becomes available and turn off backslash as well as other chars. Use @realbackslash. (@normalturnoffactive): Like @turnoffactive but use @normalbackslash. Sat Mar 19 12:26:25 1994 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\singlespaceskip): Increase to 12.5pt. (\singlespace): Call \setleading instead of just assigning to \baselineskip, so the strut box will be reset. (\smalllispx): Likewise. Sun Mar 13 20:32:28 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\dots): Change back to \ldots. Sat Mar 12 22:34:10 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\indexnofonts): Add %'s to suppress newlines after \def. Sat Feb 26 15:51:37 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\deftexinfoversion): New macro. (\texinfoversion): Define using \deftexinfoversion. Wed Jan 26 12:40:52 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\putwordSee, \putwordInfo, \putwordfile) (\putwordChapter, \putwordAppendix, \putwordSection) (\putwordsection, \putwordpage) (\putwordTableofContents, \putwordShortContents): New macros. Used in various places instead of fixed words. Mon Jan 24 22:51:36 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\ignoremorecommands): Turn off @item and @message. Thu Jan 20 17:01:53 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\indexnofonts): Treat accents as dummies. Turn modified European letters into one or more ordinary letters. Tue Jan 18 14:54:32 1994 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\indexdummies): Handle tex accents and European letters. Wed Nov 24 16:11:51 1993 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\dots): Use $\,$ for spacing. Sun Nov 21 22:16:21 1993 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\dots): Avoid using \ldots; use periods and kern. (\indexdotfill): Use italic periods. Fri Nov 19 20:50:31 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@apple-gunkies.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\deftypefunargs): use \tclose rather than \code to avoid side effects on active chars Tue Sep 28 16:01:58 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@apple-gunkies.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\obeyedspace defn): remove blank after \sepspaces (left destructive penalty in vertical list) Mon Aug 30 14:17:27 1993 Roland McGrath (roland@churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\setref, \unnumbsetref, \appendixsetref): Uncomment \dosetq for title. (\Ytitle): Define as \thissection instead of \thischapter. (\xrefX): If there is no printed-title arg given, and @ifset xref-automatic-section-title, try to use the real section title. Tue Jul 27 12:47:24 1993 Charles Hannym (mycroft@trinity.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\ifitemxneedsnegativevskip): New \if; set immediately following a short \item. (\itemxpar): \par and then if \ifitemxneedsnegativevskip is set, do a \vskip-\parskip. (\internalBitemx, \internalBxitemx, \internalBkitemx): Use \itemxpar rather than \par. (\itemzzz): Set \ifitemxneedsnegativevskip as appropriate. Thu Jul 22 16:08:33 1993 Charles Hannum (mycroft@trinity.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\titlezzz, \finishtitlepage): Explicitly make hrules have a width of \hsize so they aren't too long in smallbook format. Tue Jun 29 15:56:19 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\deftypefnheaderx): call \normalparens to permit normal typesetting of strings (e.g. for C++ docn) containing `&' Fri Jun 25 14:08:44 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\nestedignore): turn off \ind... fonts too (primarily for use within @smallexample) Wed Jun 23 11:58:48 1993 Jim Kingdon (kingdon@wombat.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * longopts.table: Update GDB options. Sun Jun 20 22:00:11 1993 Roland McGrath (roland@churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * lgpl.texinfo: Use @smallexample instead of @example. Reformat example disclaimer to avoid overfull \hbox. Mon Jun 14 04:09:47 1993 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\entry): Don't make a line of dots if there are no page numbers. Fri Jun 11 16:35:23 1993 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\defparsebodycommon): New macro from \defvrparsebody. (\deftpparsebody): Call it; can't use \defvrparsebody. (\deftpheaderline, \removeemptybraces): New macros. Sat May 8 10:49:25 1993 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\itemzzz): Only change \parskip temporarily, and unskip by it later if the item text is on its own line. * texinfo.tex (\tablez): Do \afterenvbreak before the \endgroup, so the \parskip value is the table's, not the surrounding text's. (\vtable, \ftable, \itemizey): Likewise. Note: for most environments, \nonfillfinish deals with this. * texinfo.tex (\smalllisp): New definition for non-small case, a la @smallexample. * texinfo.tex: Delete \message{} at beginning; it does nothing. (These changes are all trying to make space above and below environments more equal.) * texinfo.tex (\singlespace): Don't insert a kern. (\group): Do \offinterlineskip, and reset \par to insert a blank line's worth of space. (\lisppar): Delete meaningless call to \obeyspaces before making the definition. (\Elisp [the outer one]): Rename to \nonfillfinish, and end the paragraph before the group. (\lisp): Set \Elisp (the inner one) to \nonfillfinish (\example, \smallexample, \display, \format, \flushleft, \flushright, \quotation): Use \nonfillfinish. (\lineskipfactor, \strut{height,depth}percent): Set to more exact values. (\setleading): Set \normallineskip and call \normalbaselines, for cleanliness. Thu May 6 16:00:59 1993 Jeffrey Osier (jeffrey@deneb.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\ignoremorecommands): Turn off \set and \clear. Tue Apr 20 17:02:34 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@apple-gunkies.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\codex): Delete space. Thu Apr 15 14:59:04 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\ignoremorecommands): Turn off @raisesections, @up, @lowersections, @down within false conditionals. Sun Apr 18 04:33:13 1993 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\code): Define - and _ to permit line-breaking despite the fact that hyphenation is disabled. (\codex, \codedash, \codeunder): New macros. Tue Mar 16 18:19:16 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\ignoremorecommands): Turn off @printindex within false conditionals. Sun Mar 14 10:47:36 1993 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\footnote): Don't bother to take the footnote text as an argument, and hence don't define as \long. (\footnotezzz): Do \footstrut after we start the paragraph. (Also reformat these macros to make them easier to read.) Fri Feb 26 13:02:44 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (@include): Use \thisfile rather than #1 as \input arg. * texinfo.tex (\readauxfile): Call \warnedobstrue to turn off warning re TeX 3.0 on second and subsequent runs. Thu Feb 25 18:03:38 1993 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\realeverypar): Delete, as it was unused. * texinfo.tex (\group): Do a \strut in \everypar. Mon Feb 22 17:10:06 1993 Karl Berry (karl@claude.cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\obeyedspace): Define to be whatever \sepspaces does (and move the definition to after \sepspaces). Wed Feb 17 01:55:20 1993 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\nonfillstart): Do \singlespaces and \let\par before \obeylines. Fri Feb 12 12:32:56 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch at el_bosque.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\obstexwarn): issue message re bug in TeX 3.0. (\nullfont): commented-out redefinition, to enable w/TeX 3.0. (\nestedignore): call \obstexwarn for manuals that may trip bug * texinfo.tex (\nestedignore): avoid @tex contents with \doignore Thu Feb 11 15:41:06 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\indexdummies): enable @dfn and @emph in index entries Thu Feb 11 13:32:32 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\ignoremorecommands): ignore @include within failing conditionals Sat Feb 6 19:44:28 1993 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\nestedignore): Set \globaldefs--make all defs local. Tue Feb 2 15:57:37 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (@raisesections, @lowersections): new commands. * (@up, down): original BFox synonyms for above. * (\numhead, \apphead, \unnmhead): internal macros to map headings to appropriate level * (@nwnode): new synonym for @node, used in newest makeinfo Tue Jan 26 17:05:02 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\include): avoid group around file contents Tue Jan 19 18:58:56 1993 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\ignoremorecommands, used in \nestedignore): also ignore cross-ref commands and \settitle (\setyyy, used in @set): make definitions global (\clearxxx, used in @clear): clear definitions globally Thu Jan 14 17:43:32 1993 Michael I Bushnell (mib@geech.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex: Added \shorttitlepage. Sat Jan 2 15:01:45 1993 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\tclose): Use \spaceskip instead of modifying \fontdimen's to normalize the interword space. * texinfo.tex (\t, \key, \tclose): Use \hyphenchar instead of \exhyphenpenalty, to turn off hyphenation for real. (\{no,restore}hyphenation): New macros. Sat Jan 2 15:01:45 1993 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\t, \key, \tclose): Use \hyphenchar instead of \exhyphenpenalty, to turn off hyphenation for real. (\{no,restore}hyphenation): New macros. Tue Jan 5 19:15:46 1993 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\deftpparsebody): Make synonymous with \defvrparsebody. Sun Dec 27 09:40:08 1992 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\inforef, \inforefzzz): Use the \ignorespaces primitive instead of \losespace. (\losespace): Delete. * texinfo.tex (\menu, \direntry): Handle like \ifinfo. * texinfo.tex (\unmatchedenderror, \defineunmatchedend): New macros. (\endxxx): Call it, instead of just doing it inline. (\conditionalsucceed, \nece): More new macros. (\iftex): Call \conditionalsucceed. (\Eiftex): Define to give an error at the outer level. * texinfo.tex (\ignoremorecommands, \nestedignore): New macros. (\ifset, \ifclear): Expand a macro on success as well as failure; also switch to using expansion instead of assignments to act after the conditional. (\if{set,clear}succeed): Call \conditionalsucceed. (\if{set,clear}fail): Call \nestedignore instead of \doignore. * texinfo.tex (\clear): Don't insert a spurious space. * texinfo.tex (\value): Put comment next to definition. * texinfo.tex (\setyyy): Call \setzzz, and define the variable as simply the parameter, no \unskip. (\setzzz): New macro; do not globally define the variable. Thu Dec 3 17:24:05 1992 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (croppageout): use same escape-char switching as default output routine. Permits using _ in TOC entries. Fri Nov 13 17:35:38 1992 Charles Hannum (mycroft@gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (indexing): Rewrote double-column mode to fix a rare breakage. Sun Oct 25 07:13:31 1992 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\obeyedspace): No need to define with \gdef, we're at the outer level. Fri Oct 16 18:04:40 1992 Roland McGrath (roland@geech.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * lgpl.texinfo: Change "This program" to "This library" in example copying notice. Sat Oct 10 09:43:45 1992 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\bullet, \minus): Use \implicitmath instead of $. Fri Oct 2 08:35:51 1992 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\Egroup): Don't do the \strut and \nointerlineskip. Sat Sep 26 09:08:59 1992 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\doignore, \enddoignore): New macros. (\ifinfo): Call \doignore. (\ifxinfoxxx): Deleted. (\ignore, \ifsetfail, \ifclearfail): use \doignore. * texinfo.tex (\unnumbered): Expand the arg only once for the \message. * texinfo.tex (\deftpparsebody, \parsetpheaderline): New macros. (\deftp): Call \deftpparsebody. Thu Sep 24 10:12:45 1992 Karl Berry (karl@cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\entry): Do \par first; add comments. (\short{chap,unnumbered}entry,\do{chap,sec,subsec,subsubsec}entry): Call \tocentry, instead of using \vbox. (\tocentry): New macro. Sat Sep 19 14:36:11 1992 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\`, \'): Definitions deleted. Fri Sep 18 14:33:09 1992 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\ifset, \ifclear): Standardize catcode of space as for \ignore. Fri Sep 11 15:25:01 1992 Karl Berry (karl@hayley) * texinfo.tex (\finalout): Move out of final section of file, which claims not to define new control words. * texinfo.tex (\setleading): New macro. (outer level, @smallbook, @afourpaper): Call it, instead of setting \baselineskip directly. * texinfo.tex (\|): New definition for changebars. Tue Sep 1 17:32:48 1992 Karl Berry (karl@hayley) * texinfo.tex (\begindoublecolumns): Exactly double \vsize. Sat Aug 29 10:12:16 1992 Karl Berry (karl@hayley) * texinfo.tex (\group): Define \Egroup to use struts instead of letting TeX do its own interline spacing. * texinfo.tex (\{remove,ignore}activespaces): New macros. (\end): Call \removeactivespaces; give the correct error messages; don't try to expand a nonexistent \E... macro. * texinfo.tex (\EMsimple): End the help message with a period. * texinfo.tex (\gobble): New macro. (\lisp): Call it (instead of defining it every time). (\example, \smallexample): Define \E... within the macro. Tue Aug 25 11:56:26 1992 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\readauxfile): Make + normal while reading aux file. Thu Aug 20 21:32:34 1992 Karl Berry (karl@hayley) * texinfo.tex (\doublecolumnhsize): Compute value in \begindoublecolumns. (\afourpaper, \smallbook, <outer level>): Remove these (virtually identical) computations. * texinfo.tex (\doublecolumnvsize): Deleted. (\afourpaper, \smallbook): Don't compute it. (\begindoublecolumns): Just double \vsize here (thus decreasing the value considerably from the old value of 19.1in, which was far too large.) Fri Aug 14 10:16:42 1992 Karl Berry (karl@hayley) * texinfo.tex (\parseargx): Use \expandafter instead of \aftergroup to continue the processing. (\parsearglinex): Renamed to \parseargline, since the former \parseargline is no longer needed. * texinfo.tex (\parseargline) Remove a trailing @c or @comment. (\argremovec, \argremovecomment): New macros. Thu Aug 6 11:28:55 1992 Roland H. Pesch (pesch@fowanton.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex: extended @set to define expandable vars; @value expands same. Auxiliary macros \setxxx, \setyyy used for @set. Sun Aug 2 14:34:48 1992 Karl Berry (karl@hayley) * texinfo.tex (\entry): do line-breaking on the index entry. Wed Jul 1 17:05:26 1992 Karl Berry (karl@claude.cs.umb.edu) * texinfo.tex (\lparen, \rparen): new definitions. ((,[,],)): new global definitions for these four active characters, so parens and brackets can be used in @deffn names. Sat Jun 27 11:32:58 1992 Karl Berry (karl@hayley) * texinfo.tex (\shortchaplabel): new macro to align chapter and appendix labels. (\shortchapentry): call it. (\shortappendixwidth): new dimen register. Wed Jun 24 09:45:34 1992 Karl Berry (karl@hayley) * texinfo.tex (\afterenvbreak): make the same as \aboveenvbreak, so space below environments doesn't get lost. (\aboveenvskipamount): rename to \envskipamount, since it's used both above and below. Wed Jun 24 09:45:34 1992 Karl Berry (karl@hayley) * texinfo.tex (\group): do @comment at the end, to avoid excessive white space when called inside @group. Wed Jun 24 16:36:04 1992 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\startcontents): End page before setting pageno. Thu May 28 20:27:25 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob@hill.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\vtable): Like @ftable, but for variables. Fri May 22 07:04:32 1992 Karl Berry (karl@hayley) * texinfo.tex (\w): do \leavevmode before the \hbox. Sat May 16 11:16:27 1992 Karl Berry (karl@hayley) * texinfo.tex (\smallbook): decrease \topskip somewhat. * texinfo.tex (\group): use \vtop instead of \vbox. * texinfo.tex (\newlinechar): define for use in help strings. (\groupinvalidhelp): define this for use with \errhelp. (\group): set \errhelp to above. Thu Apr 30 16:19:17 1992 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\need): Rewritten by karl. Sat Apr 18 16:24:00 1992 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\exdentamount): New var, set by environments. (\exdent, \exdentyyy): Define suitably for filled environments. Always exdent by innermost indentation step. (\nofillexdent, \nofillexdentyyy): Alternates for nofill envs. (\lisp, \smalllispx, \display): Set \exdent to \nofillexdent. Thu Apr 2 15:04:15 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob@kropotkin.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\Esmalllisp): Smaller baseline skip for smallexamples. Sun Mar 29 20:44:49 1992 Brendan Kehoe (brendan@cs.widener.edu) * texinfo.tex (\startcontents): Always close contentsfile and adjust the page. Fri Mar 27 17:41:52 1992 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\chapternofonts): Deal with \result, \equiv, etc. Sat Mar 21 08:22:29 1992 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\entry): format entries better if the page number and entry text don't fit on one line. * texinfo.tex (\loggingall, \gloggingall): new macros to help with debugging. Fri Mar 20 15:35:42 1992 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\result, \expansion, \print, \equiv): Don't copy prefabricated boxes; must adapt to current font. (\dblarrowbox, \longdblarrowbox, \pushcharbox, \equivbox): Deleted. (\bullbox): Deleted. Thu Mar 19 22:17:14 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob@kropotkin.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\widowpenalty, \clubpenalty): Set them to 10000, since 8000 did not work. Fri Mar 6 13:26:36 1992 Robert J. Chassell (bob@kropotkin.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\widowpenalty, \clubpenalty): Set them to 8000, since 2000 did not work (but \widowpenalty at 20000 did work). Thu Feb 27 12:27:14 1992 Karl Berry (karl@wombat.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\widowpenalty): set to 2000, not 20000. Sat Feb 8 14:34:45 1992 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\widowpenalty, \clubpenalty): Set them to 2000. (\itemizeitem): Use penalty 1200. (\itemzzz): Add \nobreak near beginning. * texinfo.tex (\quotation): Increase right margin, instead of left margin twice. Wed Feb 5 12:08:30 1992 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\alphaenumerate, \capsenumerate): redefine as a call to \enumerate. (\{lower,upper}caseenumerate): Rename from \{alpha,caps}enumerate. Sun Feb 2 21:07:19 1992 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\itemzzz): Compensate in line-by-itself case for a table that is indented. Mon Jan 13 21:04:07 1992 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex: Use 26 instead of control-z as character constant. Sat Jan 11 02:20:58 1992 Roland McGrath (roland@albert.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * gpl.texinfo: Unfilled Yoyodyne example. Sat Dec 7 16:16:54 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\cartouche): Set \nonarrowing. (\lisp, \smalllisp, \quotation, \display): If set, don't narrow. Mon Dec 2 08:15:08 1991 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\itemzzz): don't start a paragraph if the item text is on a line by itself; don't allow a page break after that line; always do \par before typesetting anything. Tue Nov 26 15:13:13 1991 Roland McGrath (roland@albert.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * lgpl.texinfo: @ifset lgpl-appendix, use @appendix instead of @unnumbered. Sun Nov 10 12:00:06 1991 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\doprintindex): only \read if the file existed; \closein the test stream in all cases. (\initial, \entry): do not \outer, so that \read does not get an error if the index exists. Fri Nov 8 18:13:28 1991 Michael Bushnell (roland@churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\itemizey): missing %'s in macro defn. Also, add \begingroup; accidentally deleted by Karl Berry. Thu Nov 7 11:41:25 1991 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\doprintindex): \read from the index file to make \ifeof true when the file exists but is empty. Tue Nov 5 08:29:13 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * texinfo.tex (@thischaptername): Provide default value for when @chapter not defined. Sat Nov 2 17:59:02 1991 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\itemizezzz): do \begingroup here, since \itemizey can't any longer. Tue Oct 29 12:17:41 1991 Robert J. Chassell (bob at grackle) * texinfo.tex: @paragraphindent defined as a no op. Fri Oct 25 15:19:47 1991 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\enumeratey): allow any lowercase letter, uppercase letter, or number as argument; initialize \itemno and begin the environment's group here. (\itemizey): don't initialize \itemno here. (\numericenumerate, \startenumeration): new macro. Wed Oct 23 16:26:30 1991 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\ifclear, \ifset): Remove \outer. * texinfo.tex (\afourpaper): Set various parameters. Tue Oct 22 18:42:31 1991 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\alphaenumerate, \capsenumerate): Let @end enumerate end these. (\Ealphaenumerate, \Ecapsenumerate): Aliases for \Eenumerate. Sun Oct 20 18:23:18 1991 Richard Stallman (rms@mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\mainmagstep): New parameter macro. (Defining fonts): Use that parameter to scale them. If \bigger is defined, use 12 point fonts. Tue Sep 24 00:30:07 1991 Roland McGrath (roland@churchy.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texi2dvi: Iterate over the right variable to look for new idx files. * texi2dvi: GPL 2. * texi2dvi: Fix 2nd invocation of texindex to pass right args. Wed Sep 11 20:52:42 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\cartouche): New macro. Fri Aug 23 16:13:46 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\section, \subsection, \subsubsection): Initially define for numbered chapters. Fri Aug 2 01:46:09 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\footnote): Use \unskip instead of \removelastskip. Mon Jul 29 14:06:54 1991 Roland H. Pesch (pesch at cygint.cygnus.com) * texinfo.tex (\majorheadingzzz, \chapheadingzzz, \chfplain, \unnchfplain, \unnchfopen, \secheadingi, \subsecheadingi, \subsubsecheadingi): allow line breaks in headings. (\shortchapentry, \shortunnumberedentry, \dochapentry, \dosecentry, \dosubsecentry, \dosubsubsecentry): allow line breaks in table of contents entries. Thu Jul 18 19:01:53 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\secfonts, \indexfonts): Fix typos. Sun Jul 7 16:36:28 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\afourpaper): New command. * texinfo.tex (\numberedsec): Renamed from \section. (\numberedsubsec): Renamed from \subsection. (\numberedsubsubsec): Renamed from \subsubsection. (\chapter, \appendix, \unnumbered): Define \section, \subsection, and \subsubsection here according to type of chapter. Thu Jul 4 14:19:32 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\defvarparsebody, \defvrparsebody, \defopvarparsebody): New functions. (\defvar, \defvr, \defopt, \defcv, \defivar): Use them. (\deftypevar, \deftypevr): Likewise. Mon Jul 1 13:49:25 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\group): Report error if used outside @example, etc. * texinfo.tex (\defname): Reduce \leftskip to cancel temporarily the increase made in \defparsebody. * texinfo.tex (\enumerate): Allow optional arg to specify type of counting. * texinfo.tex (\set, \clear): New commands. Mon Jun 24 12:22:44 1991 Roland McGrath (roland@albert.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\eleterate): Renamed to \alphaenumerate. Sigh. (\ecapitate): Likewise \capsenumerate. Thu Jun 6 20:02:48 1991 Roland McGrath (roland@geech.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * lgpl.texinfo: Created from /fsf/rms/gnuorg/lgpl.text. * gpl.texinfo: Created from /fsf/rms/gnuorg/gpl.text (GPL v2). * texinfo.tex (\eleterate, \ecapitate): New commands, like @itemize, but with [a..z] or [A..Z] instead of [1..n]. Tue May 21 15:46:32 1991 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\dmn): new command to typeset a dimension. Tue May 21 20:58:22 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\doind, \dosubind): Make new group around \indexdummies and most of body, excluding the \penalty commands. Mon May 20 21:16:32 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\tex): Typo in redefining \@. * texinfo.tex (\_): Use \lvvmode, not \leavevmode. (\lvvmode): New macro. * texinfo.tex (\authorrm, \titlerm): Move to after section fonts. Tue May 14 21:13:29 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\defunargs): Set \hyphenchar in \tensl, not \sl. Thu May 9 17:07:08 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\ignore): Standardize catcode of space. Wed May 8 13:49:45 1991 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\sffam, \sf): New macros; support sans serif type style in math. (top level): Set up \textfonts early on, so we can create boxes w/ it. (\tenrm...\tensf): Define these to be \textrm...\textsf instead. (\df, \textfonts, \chapfonts, \secfonts, \subsecfonts): (\indexfonts): Redefine \tenrm (etc.) instead of just \rm, so that the math family assignment doesn't get lost; call \resetmathfonts. (\resetmathfonts): New macro; redefines \textfont of each math family. (\indsc, \indi, \indsy \chapsc, \chapi, \chapsy, \secsc, \seci): (\secsy, \ssecsc, \sseci, \ssecsy): New font definitions. Mon May 6 21:30:19 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\indexdummies): Write \_ when an _ is seen. Mon Apr 29 01:41:44 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\defname): Use \dimen2, \dimen3 for outer margins. Use outer margins for influencing \rightline. (\tclose, \key, \t): Turn off line breaks at hyphens. Fri Apr 12 03:12:14 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\authorrm): Move definition to top level; copy \secrm. Tue Apr 2 22:48:39 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\defname): Adjust size of \rlap box, not \dimen0 or \dimen1, for current width. * texinfo.tex (\Yappendixletterandtype): End with {}. Sat Mar 30 16:13:25 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\xrefX): Really use \cite. (\inforefzzz): Use \samp for node name. * texinfo.tex (\defname): Use current width for \dimen0, \dimen1. * texinfo.tex (\doprintindex): Put lots of whitespace before index. Fri Mar 29 17:00:58 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\xrdef): Take out last change. * texinfo.tex (\needx): Turn off \baselineskip. Use kern, and no glue. * texinfo.tex (\shortcontrm): Renamed from \truesecrm. (\shortcontbf, \shortcontsl): New fonts for short contents lines. (\summarycontents): Use them. * texinfo.tex (\defname): Don't set \leftskip to 0; just decrease by one indent level. (\defparsebody, \def*parsebody): Increment both margins by one level. Tue Mar 26 22:41:38 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\xrdef): Change catcode before reading args. Wed Mar 20 14:21:57 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at geech.gnu.ai.mit.edu) * texi2dvi: Use p modifier in sed -n command, so it works. Duplicate code to find the index files, instead of being smart in one place and dumb in another. Thu Mar 7 17:08:32 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\defaultparindent): New variable. (\footnotezzz): Reset \parindent to default. (\xrefX): Use \cite for printed manual and node names. Tue Mar 5 13:39:34 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\emergencystretch feature): Use \thisisundefined. Mon Mar 4 00:35:57 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\ftablex): Define \Eftable; undefine \Etable. * texinfo.tex (\footnote): Discard preceding whitespace. * texinfo.tex: Use the \emergencystretch feature if available. Fri Feb 22 03:50:58 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\tex): Make + not active. Fri Feb 15 10:05:24 1991 Roland McGrath (mcgrath at cygint.cygnus.com) * texi2dvi: Use $TEXINFO in place of $TEX (falling back to $TEX if $TEXINFO is undefined). * texi2dvi: Renamed from texinfo. Bob (I believe) did this at some point at and didn't make a ChangeLog entry. I'd shoot him myself if he weren't the person who signs my paychecks. Sun Feb 10 22:51:52 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\doprintindex): If index is empty, print a dummy. (\need): Use vskips and penalties; don't use \pagetotal. Fri Feb 8 17:36:53 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\ignoresections): Turn off \contents, \smallbook and \titlepage. * texinfo.tex (\Etitlepage): Do a page break before ending the group. * texinfo.tex (\setref, \unnumbsetref, \appendixsetref): Comment out recording the chapter title. Thu Jan 24 23:28:41 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\top): Synonym for \unnumbered. (\infotop): Synonym for \infounnumbered. (\ignoresections): Handle \top. Thu Jan 24 12:41:33 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex: Delete spurious character at beginning. Thu Jan 17 16:34:25 1991 Roland McGrath (roland at cygint.cygnus.com) * texinfo: Check the exit status of tex and texindex. Don't procede after a failing run. Thu Jan 10 15:16:47 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\xrefX): Get rid of blank line. Wed Jan 9 18:06:20 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\entry, \secondary): Use \indexdotfill. (\indexdotfill): New macro. Tue Jan 8 17:44:01 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\donoderef): Define a ...-title cross-reference. (Ytitle): Subroutine for that. (xrefX): Use the real title by default (but this is commented out). Tue Jan 1 23:18:21 1991 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\indexnofonts): Delete troublemaking blank line. Sat Dec 22 00:47:21 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\xrefX): Prevent extra space. Fri Dec 21 21:14:50 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\comment, \commentxxx): Ignore @ in comment. Thu Dec 13 22:38:31 1990 Chris Hanson (cph at kleph) * texinfo.tex (\defivarheader): Capitalize "Variable". Sun Dec 2 01:46:04 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\indexdummies, \indexnofonts): Handle \t like \r. * texinfo.tex (heading fonts): New fonts based on cm...12. Tue Nov 27 16:59:35 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\indexnofonts): Also supersede \TeX and \dots. Sun Nov 18 16:18:14 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\*): End with \ignorespaces. Fri Nov 2 17:41:48 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\*): Output empty hbox to avoid losing whitespace. (\deftypevarheader, \deftypevrheader): End the paragraph with suitable penalties. (\deftypevrheader): Do print the data type. Thu Nov 1 12:04:52 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\defmethodheader): Print `method', not `operation'. Fri Oct 26 17:11:08 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\indexdummies): Temporarily redefine \_. (\ptexdots): Copy of plain tex \dots. (\tex): Temporarily reinstall that. Fri Oct 19 16:57:48 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\subsubsecheadingi, \subsecheadingi): New subroutines. Mon Oct 8 13:34:19 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (active _): Use \normalunderscore. Tue Sep 25 22:32:55 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\deftypefn, \deftypevar, \deftypevr): New macros. Their subroutines also new. Tue Sep 25 16:42:52 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at geech.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo: Recognize `.tex' as a suffix. Tue Sep 25 01:46:54 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\deftypefun): New macro. (\deftypefunheader, \deftypefunheaderx, \deftypefunargs): Also new. Fri Sep 14 00:38:28 1990 Roland McGrath (roland at churchy.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo: Weed out files that have two-letter extensions but don't start with a backslash, and therefore aren't index files. * texinfo: Handle index files that have any two-letter extension, rather than using a static list of extensions. * texinfo: Handle .texi extension as well as .texinfo. * texinfo: New file, a sh script to do .texinfo -> .dvi. Mon Sep 10 13:14:39 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at mole.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\math): New macro. Tue Sep 4 07:43:33 1990 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\chfplain): Do not print a period after the chapter number, for consistency with sections et al. * texinfo.tex (\refX): hyphenate `undefined' so that the ligature is not lost. * texinfo.tex (_): use \_ unless we're in tt. (\ifusingtt): new macro for such conditionalization. * texinfo.tex (\xrefX): don't use \unhbox to print the node names, since that loses on hyphens. Use \ignorespaces rather than \losespace. Thu Aug 2 07:03:26 1990 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\linenumber): new macro. (\refx): give the line number in the message. Tue Jul 31 09:13:32 1990 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\refx): improve warning messages, remove unnecessary groups, and improve logic. Thu Jul 26 20:53:38 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\subheading, \subsubheading): Missing macros defined. Thu Jul 19 22:48:26 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\titlepage): Don't print rule for \page unless already printed a rule. (\abstract): Deleted. (\direntry): New command, much like \ignore. Sun Jul 15 16:28:42 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\abstract): New construct; trivial in tex. Sun Jun 17 01:03:16 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\defcv): Protect space before `of'. (\defspec): Capitalize `Form'. Sat Jun 16 19:36:56 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\kbd, \kbdfoo): Use \par to term. arg to \kbdfoo. Fri Jun 15 10:47:12 1990 Robert J. Chassell (bob at pogo.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\defcv): Use \defcvarheader instead of (undefined) \defcvheader. Fri May 25 18:04:31 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\xrefX): Use \turnoffactive. Mon May 21 21:17:34 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\turnoffactive): New command. (\normaldoublequote, ...): New commands. (\dosetq): Use \turnoffactive. Sat May 19 12:31:17 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\indit): Use slanted font, not italic. (\smalllispx): Do \indexfonts. Fri May 4 17:35:04 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\footnote, \footnotezzz): Make it \long. Wed May 2 01:19:55 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\titlerm): Go back to cmbx10 scaled \magstep5. (\hsize): Don't set it, use the default. Fri Mar 23 21:07:02 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\footnote): Read arg in braces, not as a line. Mon Mar 19 19:30:08 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\unnumbsubsubsecentry): Typo in name being defined. Tue Mar 13 18:49:27 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\defvarargs): Add penalty at end. * texinfo.tex (\synindex, \syncodeindex): Copy one index file name into the other. Tue Mar 6 16:58:54 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\deftt): Make this a distinct font. * texinfo.tex (\initial): Define \tt like \tentt. * texinfo.tex (\ifinfo): End with \losespace. (\ignore, \ifsetfailxxx, \ifclearfailxxx): Likewise. Sun Mar 4 19:55:57 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\lbrb, \rbrb): Use \bf. Sat Mar 3 17:53:22 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at geech) * texinfo.tex (\onepageout): Set \escapechar here. * texinfo.tex (\rawbackslash): Define using \chardef. * texinfo.tex (\@): Use ttfont. Thu Mar 1 16:37:46 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (Ysectionnumberandtype, Yappendixletterandtype): Capitalize "chapter", "appendix" and "section". Mon Feb 19 20:26:22 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\xkey): Attempt to eliminate spurious space from output. Look at y-or-n-p. Mon Feb 12 16:34:00 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\errorbox): Get \dimen0 from \tentt. Sun Feb 11 15:11:57 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\defunargs): Use ragged right for args. Add large penalty at end. * texinfo.tex: Make active definition for = using \tt, but disable. (\defparsebody): Make = active. (\defunheader, etc.): Make inactive again. * texinfo.tex (\errorbox): Try to equalize outside space to both sides. Fri Feb 2 14:47:21 1990 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\appendix): Don't use \the before \appendixletter. Sat Dec 16 14:02:56 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\chapter, \appendix): Make defn of \thischapter refer to \thischaptername, and store actual name there. (\chapternofonts): Turn off more macros. (\indexdummies): Likewise. Sun Nov 19 15:29:47 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\titlerm): There were two definitions of this command. Put them together and commented out one of them. (\subtitlerm): Was same as \tenrm, so just copy that. (\ninett): Always define this. (\indtt): Copy from \ninett. Sat Nov 18 22:57:37 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\ssecrm, etc.): Scale by 1315, rather than to 13pt. Wed Nov 8 18:38:33 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\titlepage): Turn on iffinishedtitlepage so bottom rule is not printed. (\titlezzz): Turn it off, so bottom rule is printed. Mon Nov 6 09:23:29 1989 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\chapterzzz, \appendixzzz): include `Chapter \the\chapno' and `Appendix \appendixletter' in \thischapter; use \xdef instead of \gdef to define \thischapter, to avoid timing problems with \chapno or \appendixletter. (\startcontents): don't bother putting `Table of Contents' or `Short Contents' in the headline. Fri Oct 20 09:11:35 1989 Karl Berry (karl at hayley) * texinfo.tex (\titlepage): remove obsolete code for subtitles. (\titlezzz): end with \relax, to avoid misinterpretation of a following `plus' or `minus' (\page (inside \titlepage)): call \finishtitlepage. (\Etitlepage): call \finishtitlepage, if it hasn't been. (\finishtitlepage): new macro to print a rule and leave some space at the bottom of the title page. (\iffinishedtitlepage): new; says whether \finishtitlepage has been called. Mon Nov 6 21:35:34 1989 Robert J. Chassell (bob at rice-chex) * texinfo.tex: Replaced `GNU CC' in the copyleft of this file with the phrase `this texinfo.tex file'. Fri Oct 27 10:36:32 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\setfilename): Do nothing except 1st time used. (\titlepage): Brace misplaced in \titlezzz. (\indexdummies, \indexnofonts): Handle @w. (\readauxfile): Set \ifhavexrefs true. (\refX): Warn for every use of an undefined xref, but if no xref values are known, warn just once that none are known. Tue Sep 19 04:12:51 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\xrefX): Go back to `section N [Foo], page M'. (\exp): Delete it. Mon Sep 18 15:29:30 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\chapentryfonts): Try using \rm for chap title. Tue Sep 12 03:41:10 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\titlepage): Missing closeparen after \title. Delete excess paren after \page. * texinfo.tex (\samp): Use \tclose. Mon Sep 11 23:28:04 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\tclose): Make `@ ' a full-width space. Sat Sep 9 20:11:29 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\balancecolumns): Handle properly the case where the index ends before one page is output, so \partialpage is nonempty. In this case we may need to output two pages if the data would just barely fit if not for \partialpage. Wed Aug 30 22:45:31 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\refx): New 2nd operand, output if xref is non-null. (\xrefX): Use that to output the comma after the section number. (\appendixnoderef, \appendixsetref, \Yappendixletterandtype): Define xrefs for appendices that say "Appendix N". Used in \appendix, \appendixsec, etc. * texinfo.tex (\smartitalic): The actual italic correction was omitted. Mon Aug 28 00:21:33 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\ref): New kind of cross-reference. (\xrefX): Put single quotes around section name. (\refx): Allow hyphenation in `undefined'. * texinfo.tex (+): Make it active. (Altmode): Delete active defn. * texinfo.tex (\defunargs): Prevent hyphenation at `-' in args. Move the penalty at the end so that it works. (\defvarargs): Move the penalty at the end so that it works. * texinfo.tex (\defparsebody): Do increase right margin. * texinfo.tex (\defbodyindent): Now .4 inch. * texinfo.tex (\point, \result, \expansion, \print, \equiv, \error): New macros for Lisp manual. * texinfo.tex (\tex): Set = to code 12. * texinfo.tex (\entry): Hairier way to output dots. * texinfo.tex (\kbd): If arg consists of one \key command, be a no op. * texinfo.tex (\sc): Delete spurious \. * texinfo.tex (\smartitalic): New macro, does italic correction at end. (\i, \var, \dfn, \emph, \cite): Use that. * texinfo.tex (\node): Do \ENVcheck. * texinfo.tex (\initial): Infinite penalty at end. * texinfo.tex (\chapternofonts): New macro, sets \code, etc. to output selves into file. Also undef \frenchspacing and \rawbackslash. (\xhapterzzz, etc.): Call that. Make a group to undo it. (\indexdummies): Do like \chapternofonts. Sun Aug 27 16:05:23 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\frenchspacing): Our own definition, using decimal numbers for all character codes. The standard one fails. * texinfo.tex (\indexnofonts): Handle \file, \tt, and many more. Fri Aug 25 22:05:24 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\chapter, etc.): Undefine \tclose around \edef\temp. Mon Aug 21 15:42:47 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\tclose): Like \t but make space same width as in surrounding text. (\code, \kbd): Use \tclose. Tue Jul 4 20:53:52 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (titlepage): Don't set \everypar; start just one group. See comments in the code. * texinfo.tex (defop,defcv): Use defopparsebody. * texinfo.tex (defopparsebody): Like defmethparsebody but defines def...x for more arguments. Sat Jun 17 13:49:13 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\titlepage): Rename @subtext, etc., to @subtitle, etc. * texinfo.tex (\titlepage): Don't print the title automatically. Define @title to print it, and the rule underneath it. This should make @titlepage upward compatible with the old one. * texinfo.tex (\titlepage): Revert local definition of @page to previous. Don't print a rule. Mon Jun 12 20:49:17 1989 Karl Berry. (karl at mote) * texinfo.tex (\titlepage): allow intensional definition of the items on the title page. New control sequences (allowed only within the titlepage environment:) (@subtext): may take either a paragraph (e.g., a brief description of the program) or just a line (e.g., the date). May appear more than once. (@author): must come after all the @subtext's. Can appear more than once, also. Also, use the title defined by @settitle. (\subtextfont, \authorfont): switch to using the appropriate fonts with appropriate leading. (\titlepagetopglue, \titlepagebottomglue): define space that never stretches or shrinks. (\realeverypar): formatting for the @subtext's. Sun Jun 4 15:04:59 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (\shortchapentry, \shortunnumberedentry): Use dots, right justify page numbers. Don't use italics. Fri Jun 2 14:40:28 1989 Karl Berry. (karl at mote) * texinfo.tex (\entry, \secondary): use plain TeX \dotfill for better leaders than the homegrown one. (\Dotsbox): Deleted. (\dotfill): Deleted; use Plain TeX definition. Wed May 31 17:19:30 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (ignore): Undefine the chapter/section macros while reading the args, since they are \outer. (ifinfo): Likewise (ifsetxxx, ifclearxxx): Call another macro to parse the conditionalized text, and do to that macro as with \ignore. Tue May 30 15:04:37 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex (unnumbered): Change back from \long to \outer. * texinfo.tex: Changes by Karl Berry for toc format. Rewrite the table of contents for appearance's sake. Add a synonym for \summarycontents, \shortcontents, since that is the traditional name. Two subroutines are now shared by \contents and \summarycontents: \prepareforcontents, to reset the page number and such; and \startcontents, which begins the \unnumbered and resets catcodes before \input \jobname.toc. Some other macros -- \labelspace, \dopageno, \shortpageno -- are shared by the printing macros. * texinfo.tex (\truesecrm): New font, section-size roman, used in the new toc. (cmr12) Sun May 28 07:25:42 1989 Karl Berry. (karl at mote) * texinfo.tex (\eatinput): Do not print the `\input texinfo' if a .fmt file is being used; ignore it, instead. This is the initial definition for `\' now. (\fixbackslash): on the other hand, subsequent backslashes should be printed, and if the file does not have an `\input texinfo', the first one should be printed. This new macro makes the definition for `\' be \normalbackslash, if it is \eatinput. (\setfilename): use \fixbackslash. Wed May 24 15:34:59 1989 Joseph Arceneaux (jla at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex: Changed def of unnumbered from \outer to \long. Tue May 23 12:27:59 1989 Karl Berry. (karl at mote) * texinfo.tex: Allow one to make a texinfo.fmt file (with the invocation: initex \&plain texinfo and then saying @dump after texinfo.tex has been read. Changes: (\setfilename): Instead of being a no-op, read the xref info, and open the contents and index files. These actions were done as texinfo.tex was read before. (\opencontents, \openindices): new macros to open those files. (\readauxfile): and one to read the aux file. Sat Apr 29 22:28:02 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex: `@headings on' no longer does a page break. Sun Apr 2 11:22:29 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex: Defined `@headings single' and `@headings double'. `@headings on' picks one of them: `@setchapternewpage odd' says `@headings on' means double; otherwise it means single. Mon Jan 30 22:00:35 1989 Robert J. Chassell (bob at rice-krispies.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex: Changed the size of the subsection fonts so they are scaled at13pt rather than at magstep 2. This makes them smaller than the section fonts, which are scaled at magstep 2. In addition, changed the ssecrm font from cmbx to cmb. Fri Jan 6 15:00:44 1989 Richard Stallman (rms at sugar-bombs.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex: Changed @lisp, @smalllisp, @display not to change the right margin. Mon Dec 5 22:01:49 1988 Robert J. Chassell (bob at rice-krispies.ai.mit.edu) * texinfo.tex: Tested the use of `cmbx10' vrs `cmb10' font and stayed with cmb10 font since cmb10 looks better when the bold face is part of a sentence although the cmbx10 font looks better on its own. Mon Aug 15 14:33:51 1988 Robert J. Chassell (bob at spiff) * texinfo.tex: Changed the (undocumented) @today command from a Month Day, Year format to a Day Month Year format. Left old version commented out. Local Variables: mode: indented-text left-margin: 8 fill-column: 76 version-control: never End: