contrib/dialog: Delete entire contents
authorJohn Marino <>
Wed, 4 Nov 2015 15:31:33 +0000 (16:31 +0100)
committerJohn Marino <>
Wed, 4 Nov 2015 15:56:15 +0000 (16:56 +0100)
contrib/dialog: Delete entire contents

There is a vendor/DIALOG branch which is supposed to feed in the
contents of the contrib/dialog directory via a vendor branch merge.
It was never merged though.  The contents of vendor/DIALOG are just
a copy of the vendor/branch so it's impossible to update via the
normal update-vendor-branch-merge-again process.

To fix, we delete everything and merge for the first time.  The
next commit will merge the dialog source updates.
45 files changed:
contrib/dialog/CHANGES [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/COPYING [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/README [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/VERSION [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/argv.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/arrows.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/buildlist.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/buttons.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/calendar.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/checklist.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/columns.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/dialog.1 [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/dialog.3 [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/dialog.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/dialog.h [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/dlg_colors.h [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/dlg_keys.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/dlg_keys.h [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/editbox.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/formbox.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/fselect.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/guage.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/help.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/inputbox.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/inputstr.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/menubox.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/mixedform.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/mixedgauge.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/mouse.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/mousewget.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/msgbox.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/pause.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/prgbox.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/progressbox.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/rangebox.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/rc.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/tailbox.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/textbox.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/timebox.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/trace.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/treeview.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/ui_getc.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/util.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/version.c [deleted file]
contrib/dialog/yesno.c [deleted file]