Import zlib-1.2.2 using new-style contrib handling.
authorJoerg Sonnenberger <>
Sat, 23 Oct 2004 13:49:54 +0000 (13:49 +0000)
committerJoerg Sonnenberger <>
Sat, 23 Oct 2004 13:49:54 +0000 (13:49 +0000)
Import zlib-1.2.2 using new-style contrib handling.

Important changes since 1.1.4 include:
- New and improved inflate code, which is about 20% faster.
- New and improved crc32(), which is about 50% faster.
34 files changed:
lib/libz/ChangeLog [deleted file]
lib/libz/FAQ [deleted file]
lib/libz/README [deleted file]
lib/libz/adler32.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/algorithm.txt [deleted file]
lib/libz/compress.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/crc32.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/deflate.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/deflate.h [deleted file]
lib/libz/example.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/gzio.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/infblock.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/infblock.h [deleted file]
lib/libz/infcodes.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/infcodes.h [deleted file]
lib/libz/inffast.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/inffast.h [deleted file]
lib/libz/inffixed.h [deleted file]
lib/libz/inflate.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/inftrees.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/inftrees.h [deleted file]
lib/libz/infutil.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/infutil.h [deleted file]
lib/libz/maketree.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/minigzip.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/trees.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/trees.h [deleted file]
lib/libz/uncompr.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/zconf.h [deleted file]
lib/libz/zlib.3 [deleted file]
lib/libz/zlib.h [deleted file]
lib/libz/zutil.c [deleted file]
lib/libz/zutil.h [deleted file]