kernel: Remove drmn leftover.
[dragonfly.git] / usr.sbin /
2013-09-01 Sascha Wildnerpppd.8: Fix two references.
2013-08-31 Franco Fichtnerpppd.8: conversion to mdoc(7)
2013-08-30 Franco Fichtnerclog.8: break line after a sentence
2013-08-29 Franco Fichtnerfix mandoc(1) warnings in usr.sbin/
2013-08-19 Sascha WildnerAnother typo fixing round (in messages and manpages...
2013-08-18 Sascha Wildnerkernel/usb4bsd: Port run(4), add firmware too.
2013-08-17 Sascha Wildnerkernel/usb4bsd: Port rum(4).
2013-08-03 Sascha WildnerFix typo in some manpages: specifed -> specified
2013-07-25 Franco Fichtnerunquote section names in man pages
2013-07-25 Franco Fichtneradjust grammar in a few man pages: s/was/were/
2013-07-22 Franco Fichtneradd .Mt to man pages in usr.sbin/
2013-07-21 Sascha WildnerRemove some more unused externs.
2013-07-15 Sascha WildnerRemove some orphaned extern declarations.
2013-07-10 Sascha Wildnermptutil(8): Fix i386 build.
2013-07-09 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Cast to int64_t for i386.
2013-07-09 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Divide and multiply instead of shifting.
2013-07-09 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Use humanize_number() and dehumanize_number().
2013-07-09 Sascha Wildnermptutil(8): Use dehumanize_number().
2013-06-12 John MarinoRemove MACHINE_ARCH=amd64 and legacy make instructions...
2013-06-08 Sascha WildnerAdjust some manual pages for dports.
2013-06-04 Sascha Wildnerrpc.statd(8): Fix warnings and bump WARNS to 6.
2013-05-31 Justin C. SherrillCorrect BSD License clause numbering from 1-2-4 to...
2013-05-30 Sascha WildnerPoint to more neutral, yet dports biased directories...
2013-05-26 Sascha Wildnermrouted(8): Fix a wrong check that was always false.
2013-05-20 Sascha Wildnersetkey(8): Use '#!/usr/bin/env' to find perl in a script.
2013-05-20 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Remove pnpinfo configuration option.
2013-05-20 Sascha WildnerRemove /usr/pkg/xorg/... and /usr/X11R6/... from variou...
2013-05-19 Sascha WildnerUse '#!/usr/bin/env' to find perl in some scripts.
2013-05-11 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/LESS'
2013-05-11 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/LIBEDIT'
2013-05-11 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/TCSH'
2013-05-09 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/AWK'
2013-05-08 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/ZLIB'
2013-05-08 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GCC47'
2013-05-06 Justin C. SherrillRemove advertising header from man pages.
2013-05-06 Justin C. SherrillRemove advertising header from all userland binaries.
2013-05-05 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2013-05-04 Sascha WildnerUse C99 __func__ instead of __FUNCTION__.
2013-05-02 Sascha Wildnerrtadvd(8): Fix a typo in a message.
2013-04-28 Sascha Wildnerusr.sbin/Makefile: Fix typo from the last commit.
2013-04-28 Sascha WildnerRemove pca and speaker device remains (both deleted).
2013-04-23 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/MPFR'
2013-04-23 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/DIFFUTILS'
2013-04-23 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GREP'
2013-04-23 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/EXPAT'
2013-04-18 Matthew Dillonpowerd - Fix load factor calculation bug for niced...
2013-04-17 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Make it possible to start the installer...
2013-04-15 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/MDOCML'
2013-04-07 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/TNFTP'
2013-04-01 Sascha Wildnermfi(4)/mfiutil(8): Add support for foreign configuratio...
2013-04-01 Sepherosa ZiehauMerge remote-tracking branch 'hofmann/wlan_serialize'
2013-03-29 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove 'options COMPAT_SUNOS'.
2013-03-15 Sascha Wildnerpciconf(8): Add support for displaying extended capabil...
2013-03-15 Sascha Wildnerpciconf(8): Adjust some whitespace.
2013-03-11 Peter Avalostzsetup: Fix VERBOSE reporting when removing _PATH_LOCA...
2013-03-11 Peter Avalosspkrtest: use new dialog auto-sizing syntax.
2013-03-11 Peter Avaloskbdmap: Sync with FreeBSD.
2013-03-05 Johannes HofmannMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-02-28 Matthew Dillonworld - Fix world build
2013-02-20 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Use DEVMETHOD_END in the drivers.
2013-02-19 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/LIBARCHIVE'
2013-02-16 Johannes HofmannMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-02-14 Peter Avalostzsetup: Sync with FreeBSD.
2013-02-13 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2013-02-11 Sascha WildnerFix our tree for -Wmissing-include-dirs.
2013-02-10 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2013-01-24 Johannes Hofmannmerge
2013-01-23 Sascha WildnerRemove some more %D remains here and there.
2013-01-19 Sascha Wildnerm4/ngctl/ppp: Silence gcc47 -Wcast-qual warnings.
2013-01-19 Sascha Wildnerhotplugd(8): Remove some compat defines and add comment...
2013-01-19 Peter AvalosFix warnings from byacc import.
2013-01-19 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/BYACC'
2013-01-17 John Marinoflex cleanup, silence errors
2013-01-16 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/FLEX'
2013-01-12 Johannes Hofmannmerge
2013-01-02 Sascha WildnerRemove some emacs variable settings.
2012-12-22 Sascha Wildnerfwcontrol(8): Remove dead code.
2012-12-20 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Remove CAPS remains.
2012-12-17 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Always take the root directory's /dev.
2012-12-14 Sascha Wildnerwlandebug.8: Don't reference manual pages which we...
2012-12-05 Sascha WildnerRemove some unneeded semicolons across the tree.
2012-12-01 Sascha WildnerMove stlstats(8) to usr.sbin/
2012-12-01 Sascha WildnerRemove stli(4). Also remove ISA support from stl(4).
2012-11-27 Matthew Dilloninstaller: Clarity language when asking the user for...
2012-11-26 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Fix handling of CMOS set to UTC vs. CMOS...
2012-11-24 Sascha WildnerFix some typos (unknow -> unknown).
2012-11-23 Sascha Wildnerwpa_supplicant.8: Document all options.
2012-11-23 Sascha Wildnerwpa_supplicant.conf.5: Fix section order.
2012-11-21 Sascha WildnerRemove some duplicated semicolons (mostly in the kernel).
2012-11-10 Sascha Wildnerrpc.statd(8): Remove a duplicate function.
2012-11-09 Sascha WildnerMark some functions in userland __printflike.
2012-11-09 Sascha Wildnerndis_events(8): Remove a bogus argument.
2012-11-06 Sascha Wildnerndiscvt(8): Add a missing space.
2012-11-06 Sascha WildnerFix some typos in user visible messages, etc.
2012-11-04 Sascha WildnerFix some typos in the manpages.
2012-11-04 Sascha WildnerRemove word duplicates in some manual pages.
2012-10-28 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSH'
2012-10-28 John MarinoReplace legacy make with bmake
2012-10-27 Sascha Wildnerndiscvt(8): Check an fread()
2012-10-27 Sascha Wildnerinstaller: Remove some unused variables.