Merge from vendor branch LESS:
[dragonfly.git] / gnu / lib /
2004-04-20 Eirik NygaardMerge from vendor branch LESS:
2004-04-17 Eirik NygaardMerge from vendor branch AWK:
2004-04-13 Eirik NygaardMerge from vendor branch DIFFUTILS:
2004-04-05 Joerg SonnenbergerReadd _G_config.h and the missing std headers. This...
2004-04-04 Joerg SonnenbergerCorrect C++ header handling for gcc2 and lex.
2004-03-22 Matthew DillonThis represents a major update to the buildworld subsystem.
2004-03-20 David RhodusStart removing the old build infrastructure for the...
2004-03-05 Joerg SonnenbergerPropolice for GCC 3.3 based on:
2004-02-02 Matthew DillonUpdate the GCC3 infrastructure Stage 1/2. This commit...
2004-02-02 Matthew DillonMerge from vendor branch BINUTILS:
2004-02-02 Matthew Dillonbinutils214 stage 2/4.
2004-01-30 Matthew DillonThis should hopefully fix current issues with bootstrap...
2004-01-28 Joerg SonnenbergerMove binutils from /usr/libexec/gcc2/{aout,elf} to
2004-01-24 Joerg SonnenbergerAdd GCC3 to buildworld.
2004-01-24 Joerg SonnenbergerForce make to export CCVER for buildworld
2004-01-24 Joerg SonnenbergerRemove generated file from repo
2004-01-23 Joerg SonnenbergerRename GCCVER to CCVER and prepend gcc to the former...
2004-01-22 Joerg SonnenbergerAdd C++ runtime libraries for gcc3
2004-01-22 Joerg SonnenbergerMerge from vendor branch LIBSTDC++:
2004-01-21 Joerg SonnenbergerAdd lib/gcc3/libgcc and lib/gcc3/libgcc_r
2004-01-21 Joerg SonnenbergerFix tconfig.h dependency
2004-01-21 Joerg SonnenbergerAdd lib/gcc3/csu
2004-01-16 Matthew DillonMajor GCC surgery. Move most compiler-specific files...
2003-11-19 Matthew DillonChange the system name from 'FreeBSD' to 'DragonFly'.
2003-11-19 Matthew DillonChange the system name from 'FreeBSD' to 'DragonFly...
2003-08-05 Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodaiRemove kerberosIV from the build.
2003-06-17 Matthew DillonAdd the DragonFly cvs id and perform general cleanups...
2003-06-17 Matthew DillonInitial import from FreeBSD RELENG_4: