- Good english
[dragonfly.git] / usr.sbin / battd / battd.c
2005-03-09 Liam J. Foy- Good english
2005-03-08 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch CVS:
2005-03-02 Eirik NygaardMerge from vendor branch NCURSES:
2005-03-02 Joerg SonnenbergerMerge from vendor branch GCC:
2005-02-25 Joerg SonnenbergerMerge from vendor branch NTPD:
2005-02-11 Liam J. Foy- Fix some spelling mistakes.
2005-02-11 Liam J. Foy- Improve the debugging functionality in battd.
2005-02-02 Liam J. Foy- Remove unnecessary header (time.h)
2005-02-02 Liam J. Foy- Reduce the size of msg (1024 -> 80)
2005-02-01 Liam J. Foy- Improve how we handle the APM device. Much cleaner...
2005-02-01 Liam J. Foy- Do not depend on stat_warn_cont when executing commands.
2005-02-01 Liam J. Foy- Initial import of the battd utility.