Remove LK_REENABLE (related to the LK_DRAIN removal).
[dragonfly.git] / lib /
2006-04-17 Sascha WildnerAssorted .Xr fixes:
2006-04-13 David XuSeperate _mutex_cv_unlock from _mutex_unlock_common.
2006-04-13 David Xunamespace cleanup.
2006-04-13 David Xu1) Use int for m_flags of pthread_mutexattr.
2006-04-12 Sascha WildnerMerge from vendor branch BINUTILS:
2006-04-08 Sascha Wildners/pthread_mutex_create/pthread_mutex_init/
2006-04-08 Sascha WildnerAdd MLINKS for all functions.
2006-04-08 Sascha WildnerAdd missing isnormal(3) manual page.
2006-04-08 Sascha WildnerRemove references to multibyte(3) which is no longer...
2006-04-08 Sascha WildnerAdd section numbers to references and fix .Xr abuse
2006-04-08 Sascha WildnerUse .St for references to standards.
2006-04-07 Sascha WildnerPut the 'V' option back in.
2006-04-07 David XuUse the branch prediction macros in sys/cdefs.h.
2006-04-07 David XuTweak source code a bit to make gcc to generate better...
2006-04-06 David XuUnlock recursive mutex in pthread_cond_wait, though...
2006-04-06 David Xus/long/int
2006-04-06 David XuWARNS level 4 cleanup.
2006-04-06 David XuAdd all pthread functions into libc namespace.
2006-04-05 David XuMove some global variables into its module, remove...
2006-04-05 David XuPull in all symbols needed for static binary.
2006-04-05 David XuConvert weak reference to strong reference so that...
2006-04-04 David XuUpdate UMTX_LOCKED and add UMTX_CONTESTED macro.
2006-04-04 David XuRevamp the algorithm to acquire a contested lock, the...
2006-04-03 Matthew DillonA number of structures related to UFS and QUOTAS have...
2006-03-27 Sascha WildnerRemove trailing whitespace.
2006-03-27 Sascha WildnerMove .Pp outside of display.
2006-03-26 Sascha WildnerRemove redundant .Pp macros right before .El, .Sh and...
2006-03-24 Matthew DillonMajor BUF/BIO work commit. Make I/O BIO-centric and...
2006-03-22 Gregory Neil ShapiroAdjust build infrastructure for sendmail 8.13.6
2006-03-22 Gregory Neil ShapiroMerge from vendor branch SENDMAIL:
2006-03-22 Sascha WildnerPlan9 -> Plan 9
2006-03-21 Sascha WildnerFix xref order.
2006-03-20 Matthew Dillonstrnstr() was testing one byte beyond the specified...
2006-03-19 David XuMake thread suspension really work.
2006-03-18 Sascha WildnerSilence warnings about ignored trigraphs.
2006-03-18 Matthew DillonCleanup the copyright in this file. Easy since its...
2006-03-13 Sascha WildnerSilence warnings.
2006-03-12 David XuOops, disable debuging code.
2006-03-12 David XuRewrite mutex_init, get rid of compile warnings.
2006-03-12 David Xucopy flag DETACHED.
2006-03-12 David XuClose a race for thread detach.
2006-03-02 Sascha Wildner.Pq and friends add some unwanted extra whitespace...
2006-03-02 Joerg SonnenbergerFix initialisation of wide char support in FILE. Proble...
2006-03-01 Sascha WildnerFix section order (missed in my last commit).
2006-02-28 Sascha WildnerAdd documentation for CAPS system calls.
2006-02-28 Sascha WildnerUse \(xx style escape sequences for some special charac...
2006-02-25 Sascha WildnerRemove empty line to silence troff warning.
2006-02-18 Joerg needs -lutil. Fixes qpopper issues as seen...
2006-02-18 Joerg SonnenbergerSync vfscanf with FreeBSD, which makes it almost symmet...
2006-02-17 Sascha WildnerRetire lib/msun. It was replaced by NetBSD's libm.
2006-02-17 Sascha WildnerSweep-fix man page section order to match mdoc(7),...
2006-02-13 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch OPENSSH:
2006-02-12 Matthew DillonBring in a bunch of malloc features from OpenBSD and...
2006-02-12 Matthew DillonMake warn() a weak reference.
2006-02-10 Sascha WildnerRemove .Pp directly following .Sh or .Ss (not necessary...
2006-01-28 Matthew DillonLobotomize libcaps so it compiles again and can be...
2006-01-18 Matthew DillonUse the DragonFly contrib patch system to correct impro...
2006-01-12 Simon SchubertCheck for setenv/putenv's success
2006-01-11 Simon SchubertAdd kvm_readstr, a convenience helper which lets you...
2006-01-11 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch GDB:
2005-12-28 Sascha WildnerUse the Er macro for error numbers.
2005-12-20 David XuMFBSD:
2005-12-20 David XuClear return code to zero if joiner sucessfully waited...
2005-12-18 David XuRemove unneeded tls_get_curthread() call.
2005-12-11 Sascha Wildner* Ansify function definitions.
2005-12-10 Sascha WildnerFix some manlint nits and add .Dx where appropriate.
2005-12-07 Simon SchubertAdd the globbing flag GLOB_PERIOD.
2005-12-07 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch CVS:
2005-12-06 Joerg SonnenbergerRevert last change and add toascii.c to the right variable.
2005-12-06 Joerg Sonnenbergertoascii(3) got lost during ctype conversion.
2005-12-06 Simon SchubertUse sh to run scripts instead of relying on their ...
2005-12-05 Matthew DillonSync up misc work on the currently inactive syscall...
2005-12-05 Sascha Wildner- Ansify function definitions.
2005-12-04 Sascha WildnerInclude <time.h> to silence some warnings.
2005-12-04 Sascha Wildner- Ansify function definitions.
2005-12-03 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch OPENSSL:
2005-12-03 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch CVS:
2005-11-24 Sascha WildnerMove individual parameter comments into the general...
2005-11-23 Sascha WildnerRemove forgotten K&R parameter declaration.
2005-11-23 Sascha WildnerAdd an XXX comment to document that the initializations...
2005-11-23 Sascha WildnerRemove prototypes for hidden functions. We'll deal...
2005-11-20 Sascha WildnerAdd XXX comments to document dubious random number...
2005-11-20 Sascha Wildner- Ansify function definitions.
2005-11-20 Sascha Wildner- Ansify function definitions.
2005-11-20 Sascha Wildner- Ansify function definitions.
2005-11-20 Sascha Wildner- Fix some warnings.
2005-11-19 Sascha Wildner- Document ttyname_r().
2005-11-19 Sascha Wildner- Fix several compilation warnings.
2005-11-19 Joerg SonnenbergerMake the syslog message string static const, saves...
2005-11-13 Sascha WildnerCleanup:
2005-11-13 Simon SchubertUpdate libedit from NetBSD.
2005-11-13 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch LUKEMFTP:
2005-11-13 Sascha WildnerCleanup:
2005-11-13 Sascha WildnerCleanup:
2005-11-13 Sascha WildnerCleanup:
2005-11-13 Sascha WildnerCleanup:
2005-11-13 Sascha WildnerCleanup:
2005-11-13 Sascha WildnerCleanup:
2005-11-12 Sascha WildnerCleanup:
2005-11-12 Sascha WildnerCleanup: