Virtio_Balloon implementation for DragonFly
[dragonfly.git] / sys / net /
2018-10-19 Aaron LIMerge branch 'vendor/OPENRESOLV'
2018-10-04 Matthew Dillonkernel - Refactor tty clist code
2018-10-04 Matthew Dillonkernel - Refactor tty_token, fix SMP performance issues
2018-09-27 Sascha Wildnerkernel/pf: Provide an NBPF default if the module is...
2018-09-26 Sascha Wildnerkernel/pf: Add missing use_bpf.h to the Makefile.
2018-09-25 Matthew Dillonkernel - Macro additional builtin's
2018-09-25 Matthew Dillonkernel - Work around bogus gcc errors
2018-09-25 Matthew Dillonkernel - Optimize bcopy, bzero, memset
2018-09-25 Sascha Wildnerkernel/pfsync: Use the correct macros when checking...
2018-09-25 Sascha Wildnerkernel/pflog: Fix a recently introduced regression.
2018-08-30 Aaron LIif_tun: Disallow to destroy an opened device
2018-08-30 Aaron LIif_tap: Disallow to destroy an opened device
2018-08-09 Aaron LIRevert "pf: Allow disappearing or not yet existing...
2018-08-08 Aaron LIbpf: Move bpf_track event declaration to <net/bpf.h>
2018-08-08 Aaron LIeventhandler: Implement ifnet_link_event
2018-08-08 Aaron LIeventhandler: Implement ifnet_event
2018-08-08 Aaron LIif_loop: Use ifc->ifc_name and minor cleanups
2018-08-08 Aaron LInet: Tweak some styles and comments
2018-08-08 Aaron LIpf: Allow disappearing or not yet existing interfaces...
2018-08-08 Aaron LIpf: Fix and improve interface group support
2018-08-08 Aaron LIpf: Update pfi_kif and pfi_kif_cmp structs
2018-08-08 Aaron LIif_pfsync: Depend on "pf" module and some cleanups
2018-08-08 Aaron LIif_pflog: Explicitly depend on "pf" and various cleanups
2018-08-08 Aaron LIif_clone: Add cloned interface to the group of its...
2018-08-08 Aaron LInet: Implement interface group support
2018-08-08 Aaron LIif_clone: Refactor out if_clone_createif() function
2018-08-08 Aaron LIif_clone: Check cloner name to avoid duplicate in if_cl...
2018-08-08 Aaron LIif_clone: Refactor out if_clone_{alloc,free}_unit(...
2018-08-08 Aaron LIif_clone: Remove useless code wrongly added in 84cb91c376f
2018-08-05 Aaron LIif_clone: Fix if_clone_destroy() with renamed cloned...
2018-08-05 Aaron LIif_clone: Refactor cloner lookup and unit extraction
2018-08-05 Aaron LIif_clone: Remove unneeded "ifc_namelen" from "struct...
2018-08-05 Aaron LIif_clone: Move "struct if_clonereq" over from <net...
2018-08-05 Aaron LIif_clone: Refactor if_clone_create()
2018-08-05 Aaron LIif_clone: Explicitly include <sys/eventhandler.h>
2018-08-05 Aaron LIif_clone: Fix if_clone_event invocation
2018-08-05 Aaron LI<net/if_var.h>: Clean up unused forward declaration
2018-08-05 Aaron LI<net/if.h>: Do not include <net/if_var.h> for _KERNEL
2018-08-04 Aaron LIif_tap: Interface type should be IFT_ETHER (2)
2018-08-04 Aaron LIif_tap: Interface type should be IFT_ETHER
2018-07-31 Aaron LIif_tap: Remove the unnecessary forward declaration...
2018-07-31 Aaron LIif_tun: Add TUNGIFNAME ioctl to get the interface name
2018-07-31 Aaron LIif_tun: Clean up tunioctl()
2018-07-26 Aaron LIMove jail staffs from <net/if.h> and <netinet/in.h...
2018-07-24 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSH'
2018-07-19 Aaron LIif_tun: Allow IP packets of length TUNMRU with TUNSIFHE...
2018-07-19 Aaron LIif_tun: Raise maximum MTU to be 65535 bytes
2018-07-19 Aaron LIif_tun: Disallow change network device type
2018-07-19 Aaron LIif_tun: Implement interface clone support
2018-07-19 Aaron LIif_tun: Better name interface-related functions
2018-07-19 Aaron LIif_tun: Add sysctl{refcnt,debug}
2018-07-19 Aaron LIif_tun: Support module load and unload
2018-07-19 Aaron LIif_tun: Add "cdev_t tun_dev" to tun_softc struct
2018-07-19 Aaron LIif_tun: Use pointer to ifnet in tun_softc struct
2018-07-19 Aaron LIif_tun: Some small tweaks and cleanups
2018-07-19 Aaron LIif_tap: Restore SIOCGIFFLAGS, SIOC[GS]IFADDR ioctls...
2018-07-17 Aaron LIRevert "if_tap: Get rid of arpcom struct from tap_softc...
2018-07-17 Aaron LIif_tap: Disallow change network device type
2018-07-17 Aaron LIif_tap: Add TAPGIFNAME ioctl to get interface name
2018-07-17 Aaron LIif_tap: Remove the broken vmnet support
2018-07-17 Aaron LIif_tap: Return error instead of system panic
2018-07-17 Aaron LIif_tap: Remove redundant unit from tapcreate() and...
2018-07-17 Aaron LIif_tap: Get rid of arpcom struct from tap_softc struct
2018-07-17 Aaron LIif_tap: Destroy the autoclone device when unload module
2018-07-17 Aaron LIif_tap: Add read-only sysctl
2018-07-17 Aaron LIif_tap: Remove global variable "taplastunit"
2018-07-17 Aaron LIif_tap: Some small tweaks and cleanups
2018-07-07 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/DIFFUTILS'
2018-07-07 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/OPENPAM'
2018-06-20 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove some old 4.3BSD era ioctls.
2018-06-19 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/DIFFUTILS'
2018-05-24 Sascha WildnerRemove some duplicated includes.
2018-05-17 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/TOP'
2018-05-17 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/TCSH'
2018-05-15 Sascha Wildnerkernel/ipfw3: Remove unused malloc type.
2018-05-14 zrjMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vendor/GCC80'
2018-05-13 Sascha Wildneripfw3: Fix kernel building without DEBUG in the config...
2018-05-13 Sascha WildnerFix LINT64 for the recent ipfw3 changes.
2018-05-12 Bill Yuanipfw3_nat: highspeed lockless in-kernel NAT
2018-04-21 Sascha WildnerRemove IPsec and related code from the system.
2018-04-19 Bill Yuanipfw3nat: remove the state from the proper tree
2018-04-18 Antonio Huete Jimenezbpf - Add BIOC{S,G}FEEDBACK ioctls
2018-04-18 Antonio Huete Jimenez<net/dlt.h> - Remove a comment which is no longer appli...
2018-04-18 Antonio Huete Jimenez<net/dlt.h> - Add some more DLTs
2018-04-13 Bill Yuanipfw3: remove legacy macros
2018-04-13 Bill Yuanipfw3nat: move the implementation back to *.c file
2018-04-13 Bill Yuanipfw3layer2: misc
2018-04-13 Bill Yuanipfw3basic: misc
2018-04-13 Bill Yuanipfw3nat: kernel NAT without libalias
2018-04-13 Bill Yuanipfw3basic: fix `to me`
2018-04-13 Bill Yuanipfw3nat: a cleanup callout to purge the expired transl...
2018-04-13 Bill Yuanipfw3nat: show translations
2018-04-13 Bill Yuanipfw3nat: release the nat context during fini
2018-04-13 Bill Yuanipfw3nat: flush all configurations
2018-04-13 Bill Yuanipfw3nat: delete configuration
2018-04-11 Bill Yuanipfw3nat: sysctl vars for nat state timeouts
2018-04-11 Antonio Huete Jimenezcontrib/libpcap - Local adjustments
2018-04-11 Antonio Huete Jimenez<net/dlt.h> - Add a bunch of DLTs from libpcap
2018-04-11 Antonio Huete Jimenezbpf - Add two new instructions
2018-04-10 Bill Yuanipfw3nat: when the nat config is already exists