Changed regression tests to write to /tmp instead of in the src dir.
[dragonfly.git] / usr.bin / make / tests / variables / t1 /
2005-03-01 Max OkumotoChanged regression tests to write to /tmp instead of...
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoAdd better description.
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoChange test to check M modifier.
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoAdd description of tests.
2005-02-25 Joerg SonnenbergerMerge from vendor branch NTPD:
2005-02-25 Max OkumotoRenamed to
2005-02-25 Max OkumotoMove more code from scripts into common (env...
2005-02-25 Max OkumotoAdd variable expansion regression test.