13 years agoSync tnftp with NetBSD:
Peter Avalos [Sat, 9 Feb 2008 18:35:32 +0000 (18:35 +0000)]
Sync tnftp with NetBSD:

to accurately reflect the structure member being used.

Turn off the alarmtimer before resetting the SIGALRM handler back to SIG_DFL.

13 years agoImprove parsing of chunked transfer chunks per RFC2616:
Peter Avalos [Sat, 25 Aug 2007 21:05:27 +0000 (21:05 +0000)]
Improve parsing of chunked transfer chunks per RFC2616:
* more stringent chunk-size parsing
* ignore optional trailing ';chunk-ext' stuff, instead of barfing
* detect EOF before final \r\n.

13 years agoSync with NetBSD:
Peter Avalos [Sat, 4 Aug 2007 15:09:31 +0000 (15:09 +0000)]
Sync with NetBSD:

- Fix up display of interrupted prompts.

- Modify parse_url() to consistently strip the leading `/' off ftp URLs.

- Display times in RFC2822.

- Enforce restriction that (http) proxied URL fetchs don't support
being restarted.

14 years agoSync with NetBSD. In addition to some bug fixes, this brings in -s srcaddr
Peter Avalos [Sat, 21 Apr 2007 20:18:21 +0000 (20:18 +0000)]
Sync with NetBSD.  In addition to some bug fixes, this brings in -s srcaddr
functionality -- using srcaddr as the local IP address for the connection.

14 years agoImport of NetBSD's ftp client under its new name (tnftp)
Peter Avalos [Wed, 8 Nov 2006 21:21:34 +0000 (21:21 +0000)]
Import of NetBSD's ftp client under its new name (tnftp)