2010-07-20 Sascha WildnerCOPYRIGHT: Fix typo.
2010-07-20 Sascha Wildneriwn.4: Add reference to ifmedia(4).
2010-07-20 Sascha Wildnerhier.7: Adjust a bit.
2010-07-20 Sascha Wildner/usr/share/doc/legal: Install some more firmware licenses.
2010-07-20 Joe Talbottral - Add license for firmware.
2010-07-20 Sascha WildnerFix the VKERNEL build.
2010-07-20 Joe Talbottiwn - Fix for x86_64.
2010-07-20 Joe Talbottlink_elf_obj - When current proc is NULL use proc0.
2010-07-20 Matthew Dillonkqueue - Fix bad error path triggered by emacs
2010-07-20 Sascha Wildnerbdes(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
2010-07-19 Alex Hornunglvm - get rid of gcc-only cruft
2010-07-19 Alex Hornunglvm - get rid of CVS directories
2010-07-19 Samuel J. Greearpcm - Remove unused variable
2010-07-19 Samuel J. GreearMerge branch 'selwakeup'
2010-07-19 Sascha WildnerMore work on CCVER=clangsvn.
2010-07-19 Matthew Dilloncpdup - code cleanup (non-operational changes)
2010-07-19 Matthew Dilloncpdup - Bump version, adjust manual page and usage()
2010-07-19 Matthew Dilloncpdup - Add several new features
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottwlan - For the time being include wlan_amrr when wlan...
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottratectl_none - first pass at updating to the new wlan...
2010-07-19 Joe TalbottGENERIC - Add a note that wireless NIC drivers require...
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottfiles - Cleanup
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottwpi - Remove debugging leftovers.
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottiwn - Lock iwn_timer_timeout callback.
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottiwn - Add man pages for iwn and iwnfw
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottiwn - Port to DragonFly BSD
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottwlan_amrr - NULL structure variables after kfree()ing.
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottiwn - Add firmware and build infrastructure
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottfirmware - Remove some debug printf()s that got committed.
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottlibkern - Add abs(), labs(), and qabs().
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottiwn - Add a Makefile so the driver can be built.
2010-07-19 Joe Talbottiwn - Import iwn driver from FreeBSD
2010-07-19 Sascha Wildneriwi.4: Remove unnecessary .Pp
2010-07-19 Samuel J. GreearMerge branch 'kq_devices' into selwakeup
2010-07-18 Samuel J. Greearkern - Add kq support to mqueue
2010-07-18 Sascha WildnerAdd missing Makefile in share/doc/legal.
2010-07-18 Sascha WildnerInstall the license of the iwi(4) firmware to /usr...
2010-07-18 Sascha WildnerAdd a iwifw.4 manual page (from FreeBSD).
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildneriwi.4: Update iwi(4)'s manual page (from FreeBSD).
2010-07-18 Sascha WildnerMake mxge(4) compilable into the kernel and add it...
2010-07-18 Sascha WildnerMake the firmwares for iwi(4), ral(4) and wpi(4) compil...
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnershare/mk/sys.mk: Add ${AWK}.
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildneriwi(4) firmware: Remove leftover binary file and adjust...
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildneriwi(4): Hook it into the build again and enable it...
2010-07-18 Johannes HofmannUpdate iwi(4) from FreeBSD.
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnersys/tools/fw_stub.awk: Change printf to kprintf as...
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnerrpcbind.3: Fix two more errors in the SYNOPSIS which...
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnerudev.3: Add final newline and remove extra space.
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnerdevattr.3: Add final newline.
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnerrpcbind.3: Fix function declaration in the SYNOPSIS.
2010-07-18 Sascha Wildnerprop_*.[39]: Fix include path.
2010-07-17 Joe Talbottwpi - Remove unneeded WPI_UNLOCKs
2010-07-17 Joe Talbottkern_linker - Rearrange locking a bit for module loading.
2010-07-17 Sascha Wildnerifconfig.8: Re-add our documentation for the 'powersave...
2010-07-17 Sascha Wildner<sys/_null.h>: Remove the #include guard.
2010-07-17 Alex Hornungudevd - Big memory and thread cleanup
2010-07-17 Alex Hornunglibdevattr - Visibility change, stop memory waste
2010-07-14 Samuel J. Greearkern - Always give a new thread a ucred
2010-07-14 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Tear out selwakeup()
2010-07-14 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Add missing KNOTE's
2010-07-14 Sascha WildnerAdd support for $CCVER="clangsvn"
2010-07-14 Matthew Dillonkqueue - Minor adjustments to fix x86_64 build errors
2010-07-13 Sascha WildnerBSD.include.dist: Use spaces for indentation.
2010-07-13 Sascha Wildnerlt(1): Change mode to 644.
2010-07-13 Matthew Dillonlibdevmapper/liblvm: Also needs libdevattr
2010-07-13 Sascha Wildnerudev_enumerate.3: Improve macro declaration a bit.
2010-07-13 Sascha Wildnerudev_enumerate.3: Some cleanup.
2010-07-13 Sascha Wildnerudev_{device,monitor}.3: Add final newline.
2010-07-13 Sascha Wildnerlibdevmapper/liblvm: Add SHLIB_MAJOR so we get the...
2010-07-13 Sascha WildnerFix LINT build.
2010-07-13 Samuel J. GreearMerge branch 'master' into selwakeup
2010-07-13 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Remove selrecord()
2010-07-13 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Remove legacy vnode poll support
2010-07-13 Samuel J. Greeardev - dsp - Remove unnecessary selrecord call
2010-07-13 Samuel J. Greearkern - Make socket_wait() actually work
2010-07-13 Joe Talbottwlan - Don't use M_NOWAIT in kmalloc() calls.
2010-07-13 Joe Talbottaltq - Get rid of unneeded fields in struct altq.
2010-07-13 Joe Talbottral - Don't use M_NOWAIT in kmalloc() calls.
2010-07-13 Joe Talbottwpi - Fix mbuf flags and kmalloc flags, plus refcount...
2010-07-13 Joe Talbottwlan - Fix mbuf handling when using encryption.
2010-07-12 Sascha WildnerRemove the old udevd binary (it's now in /sbin) via...
2010-07-12 Sascha WildnerMakefile_upgrade.inc: Move some stuff to the right...
2010-07-12 Samuel J. GreearMerge branch 'master' into kq_devices
2010-07-12 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Tear out socket polling
2010-07-11 Alex Hornungrc.conf - add lvm and udevd related settings
2010-07-11 Alex Hornungrc.d - add lvm rc script
2010-07-11 Alex Hornunglibdevattr & udevd - add man pages
2010-07-11 Alex Hornunglibdm - restore libdm-netbsd.h
2010-07-11 Alex Hornungmkinitrd - improve man page a bit
2010-07-11 Alex Hornunginitrd - minor fixes
2010-07-11 Alex Hornunglvm - use libdevattr for device cache checks
2010-07-11 Alex Hornungudev - Tag some subsystems/drivers
2010-07-11 Alex Hornungdm - Bind into build system, fix small problem
2010-07-11 Alex Hornunginitrd - Update for LVM root support
2010-07-11 Alex Hornungmkinitrd - add dm-related tools
2010-07-11 Alex Hornungvfs_conf - export vfs.root.realroot via sysctl
2010-07-11 Alex Hornunglvm/dm - clean up debug, fix open bug
2010-07-11 Alex Hornungdm - General printout cleanup
2010-07-11 Alex Hornungdm_target_crypt - Make compatible with luks
2010-07-11 Alex Hornungcryptsetup - Port to DragonFly