2020-08-19 Daniel FojtUpgrade ncurses. 1/2
2020-08-19 Daniel Fojtvendor/ncurses: upgrade from 6.0-20160305 to 6.2-20200212 vendor/NCURSES
2020-08-18 Sascha Wildneropenpam: Add back includes removed in 7196b98de8a8d.
2020-08-18 Sascha Wildneryacc(1): Add config.h and use it.
2020-08-18 Sascha Wildner__realpath.2: Fix typo.
2020-08-18 Daniel Fojtkdump(8): fix indentation in mkioctls
2020-08-18 Tomohiro Kusumisys/vfs/ext2fs: Don't do endian conversion twice
2020-08-17 Michael Neumannpthread - Respect RLIMIT_STACK for main thread's stack...
2020-08-17 Sascha WildnerFix the synopses of some libarchive and openpam manual...
2020-08-15 Sascha Wildner<sys/elf_common.h>: Add GNU note types and NT_GNU_PROPE...
2020-08-15 Sascha Wildnerbyacc: Add our local READMEs on master.
2020-08-15 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/BYACC'
2020-08-15 Sascha Wildnervendor/BYACC: Remove our local READMEs from the vendor...
2020-08-15 Sascha Wildnerlocaledef(1): Set yydebug only when YYDEBUG is set.
2020-08-15 Sascha WildnerUpdate the pciconf(8) database.
2020-08-15 Sascha Wildner<sys/random.h>: Add missing __{BEGIN,END}_DECLS.
2020-08-13 Tomohiro Kusumiusr.sbin/fstyp: Fix incorrect pfs_type test in ondisk...
2020-08-13 Sascha WildnerEnable -fno-common for world, too.
2020-08-13 Sascha WildnerStop mixing the userland specific <bsd.sys.mk> into...
2020-08-13 Matthew Dillondma - Update documentation
2020-08-13 Sascha Wildnerifconfig(8): Fix typo.
2020-08-12 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix multiple issues with if_tap and if_tun...
2020-08-12 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix multiple issues with if_tap and if_tun...
2020-08-12 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer2: Fix -Wsometimes-uninitialized from 18f4f120fa
2020-08-12 Tomohiro Kusumisys/vfs/hammer2: Remove misleading comment in readdir vop
2020-08-12 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer2: Print iparent in "printinode" in hexadecimal
2020-08-12 Sascha Wildnerkdump(8): Gather more ioctl names to resolve.
2020-08-11 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer2: ec -> ecode for consistency
2020-08-11 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer2: Don't return 0 if "destroy*" failed
2020-08-11 Sascha Wildner<sys/msgport.h>: For boolean_t, it is enough to include...
2020-08-11 Sascha Wildnerkernel/iscsi: Remove iscsi's local definition of boolean_t.
2020-08-11 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer2: Cleanup "info"
2020-08-11 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/fsck_hammer2: Fix incorrect pfs_type test in ondis...
2020-08-11 Daniel Fojtetc/Makefile: add a notice to "check-deprecated-files"
2020-08-10 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer2: Don't return 0 if "bulkfree" failed
2020-08-10 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer2: Make "dumpchain" print strerror if not...
2020-08-10 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer2: Minor cleanups
2020-08-10 Daniel FojtUpgrade dialog(1). 2/2
2020-08-10 Daniel FojtUpgrade dialog(1). 1/2
2020-08-10 Daniel Fojtvendor/dialog: upgrade from 1.2-20150920 to 1.3-20200327 vendor/DIALOG
2020-08-10 Sascha Wildnerboot/efi: Fix boot1's compilation with -fno-common.
2020-08-10 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer2: Use calloc(3)
2020-08-10 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer2: Use nitems()
2020-08-09 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer2: Fix no extern declaration errors
2020-08-09 Sascha WildnerFix GETATTR_LITE() build breakage with 'pseudo-device...
2020-08-09 Sascha Wildnerboot/efi: Switch from HandleProtocol() to OpenProtocol().
2020-08-09 Sascha Wildnerboot/efi: Move the loader's efi_main() from libefi...
2020-08-09 Sascha Wildnerboot/efi: Make DevicePathNodeLength()'s result a size_t.
2020-08-08 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/fsck_hammer2: Add HAMMER2_USE_OPENSSL
2020-08-08 Sascha Wildner<sys/sysid.h>: Include <sys/types.h> for self-sufficiency.
2020-08-08 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/fsck_hammer2: Use RB_GENERATE() for better userspa...
2020-08-08 Matthew Dillonkernel - Refactor GETATTR_QUICK() -> GETATTR_LITE()
2020-08-08 Sascha Wildnerusb.4: Add urndis(4) reference in SEE ALSO.
2020-08-08 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove <machine/npx.h> from two headers that...
2020-08-08 Sascha WildnerRemove unneded #includes in three header files.
2020-08-07 Sascha Wildner<machine/tss.h>: Oops, it should have been <sys/types.h>.
2020-08-07 François Tigeotdrm: Add linux/irqhandler.h
2020-08-07 Sascha Wildner<machine/tss.h>: Include <sys/cdefs.h> for __packed.
2020-08-07 Sascha Wildner<machine/segments.h>: Move the inclusion of <sys/tls...
2020-08-07 Sascha Wildner<machine/md_var.h>: Include <sys/types.h> for u_int...
2020-08-07 Daniel Fojtlibarchive: Symbol.map cleanup
2020-08-07 Daniel Fojttools/tools/README: briefly describe chkldd
2020-08-07 Sascha Wildnertools/tools/README: Clean up a bit.
2020-08-06 Sascha Wildnerlibfetch: Add missing MLINK.
2020-08-05 François Tigeotdrm/linux: Add unsafe_put_user()
2020-08-05 François Tigeotdrm: Add headers and infrastructure required by Linux...
2020-08-04 Sascha Wildnerlibhammer.3: Fix typo.
2020-08-04 Daniel FojtBuild libssh with ldns support. 2/2
2020-08-04 Daniel FojtBuild libssh with ldns support. 1/2
2020-08-04 Daniel Fojtvendor/ldns: add missing header files vendor/LDNS
2020-08-03 Daniel FojtUpgrade openssh. 2/2
2020-08-03 Daniel FojtUpgrade openssh. 1/2
2020-08-03 Daniel Fojtvendor/openssh: upgrade from 8.0p1 to 8.3p1 vendor/OPENSSH
2020-08-03 Daniel Fojtlibressl: keep cms.h
2020-08-02 Sascha Wildner<sys/cdefs.h>: Add a compat macro for the C11 _Thread_l...
2020-08-02 Sascha Wildneramdsmn.4: Move DragonFly info to HISTORY.
2020-08-02 Sascha Wildnerkm.4: Fix typo.
2020-08-02 Sascha Wildneramd{smn,temp}.4: Clean up manual pages and add referenc...
2020-08-02 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Some minor adjustments for amd{smn,temp}(4).
2020-08-02 Sascha Wildner<sys/systm.h>: Add __assert_unreachable() for FreeBSD...
2020-08-02 Pierre-Alain... Bring amdtemp from FreeBSD
2020-08-02 Pierre-Alain... Bring amdsmn from FreeBSD
2020-08-02 Sascha Wildnerkernel/powermng: Sort SUBDIRs.
2020-08-02 Sascha Wildnerlibc/dlfcn: Move build_phdr_info()'s attribute to the...
2020-08-01 François Tigeotdrm: Fix dma_fence_wait()
2020-08-01 Aaron LIMakefile.usr: Add '--ff-only' to 'git pull'
2020-08-01 Sascha Wildnerix(4): Fix a wrong check (&& -> ||).
2020-08-01 Sascha Wildnerre(4): Fix a wrong check. Looks like copy/paste but...
2020-08-01 Sascha Wildnermfi(4): Fix a wrong check.
2020-07-31 Sascha Wildnerlibc/locale: Remove some redundant redeclarations of...
2020-07-31 Daniel Fojtbuild.7: document more "upgrade" target details
2020-07-31 Daniel FojtAdd sanity check to "remove-deprecated-files" target.
2020-07-30 Sascha Wildnerlibstand: Add include guards to headers and cleanup.
2020-07-30 Daniel FojtUpgrade make(1). 2/2
2020-07-30 Daniel FojtUpgrade make(1). 1/2
2020-07-30 Daniel Fojtvendor/bmake: upgrade from 20160818 to 20200710
2020-07-29 Matthew Dillondsynth - Log the portdir for all bulk scan errors
2020-07-29 Matthew Dillonkernel - Implement SO_PASSCRED
2020-07-29 Tomohiro Kusumisys/vfs/ext2fs: Disable calling ext2_htree_add_entry()
2020-07-29 Daniel Fojtlibressl: cleanup the build