2020-01-07 zrjRemove few unused texi sources on gdb branch. vendor/GDB
2013-10-05 John MarinoUpgrade GDB from 7.4.1 to 7.6.1 on the vendor branch
2012-05-15 John Marinogdb vendor branch: Bring in additional source files
2012-05-11 John MarinoUpgrade GDB from 7.3 to 7.4.1 on the vendor branch
2011-09-01 John MarinoImport gdb 7.3 into vendor branch
2011-05-07 John MarinoUpgrade GDB from 7.0 and 7.2 on the vendor branch
2009-10-20 Simon Schubertgdb: GC old versions
2009-10-20 Simon SchubertImport gdb-7.0
2008-01-31 Simon SchubertResurrect deleted file.
2008-01-15 Simon SchubertImport missed files from gdb-6.7.1
2008-01-14 Simon SchubertImport a stripped gdb-6.7.1
2007-08-22 Simon SchubertDrop the stupid patch infrastructure and merge patches...
2006-07-27 Simon Schubertrestore erroneously removed header
2006-01-11 Simon SchubertRemove HP-UX only files
2005-10-01 Simon SchubertBring cross-compiling to amd64 into shape, i.e. make...
2004-11-14 Joerg SonnenbergerAdd solib-legacy.c, it is needed for proper attach...
2004-10-24 Joerg SonnenbergerImport GDB 6.2.1 as obtained from ftp.gnu.org without...