2010-03-05 Matthew DillonMerge remote branch 'crater/master' into net80211-update
2010-03-05 Ulrich Spörleinfortune(6): fix more typos, whitespace, remove dupes
2010-03-05 Michael NeumannMerge branch 'master' of git://git.dragonflybsd.org...
2010-03-05 Michael Neumanne1000 - Make igb driver compile on DragonFly
2010-03-05 Matthew DillonHAMMER VFS - Ensure sufficient free memory is available...
2010-03-05 Matthew Dillonkernel - vm - add vm_wait_nominal()
2010-03-04 Sascha Wildnercompilers.conf.5: Clarify some more.
2010-03-04 Sascha WildnerAdd device sg to LINT.
2010-03-04 Sascha WildnerFix typos in manual pages and user visible messages.
2010-03-04 Sascha WildnerSort the SEE ALSO sections in some manual pages.
2010-03-04 Matthew Dillonkernel - pmap (i386) - Reduce kmem use for foreign...
2010-03-03 Rui PauloAdd ratectl
2010-03-03 Rui PauloAdapt to new net80211 stack.
2010-03-03 Rui PauloMake this compile with debug on.
2010-03-03 Rui PauloMake this compile with debugging on.
2010-03-03 Rui PauloUntested: port the ratectl stuff to the new stack.
2010-03-03 Matthew DillonVN - Remove use of IO_DIRECT, Improve lock performance...
2010-03-03 Matthew DillonHAMMER VFS - Do a better job with IO_DIRECT
2010-03-03 Matthew DillonHAMMER VFS - Fix assertion in hammer_btree_mirror_propa...
2010-03-02 Matthew Dilloncpdup - Add -VV to ignore mtime
2010-03-02 Matthew DillonHAMMER VFS - Correct seriuos bug in hammer rebalancing...
2010-03-02 Matthew DillonHAMMER Utility - Enhance the mirroring and show code
2010-03-02 Rui PauloAdd ratectl fields.
2010-03-02 Rui PauloAdd wpa_passphrase.
2010-03-02 Rui PauloUpdate to latest changes.
2010-03-02 Rui PauloReplace an instance of ifexists.
2010-03-02 Sascha Wildnerlibc/stdtime: Sync localtime.c with tzcode2010c from...
2010-03-02 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2010c from elsie.
2010-03-02 Sascha WildnerRegenerate the pciconf(8) database
2010-03-02 Rui PauloBring the code to support the new rc.conf wlan interfac...
2010-03-02 Sascha Wildnerlibc/locale: Use _getprogname().
2010-03-02 Sascha Wildnerlibc/citrus: Forward declare some structs to fix some...
2010-03-02 Alex Hornungtalk - unbreak for unix98 ptys
2010-03-02 Matthew Dillonkernel - cleanup some unnecessary casts
2010-03-02 Matthew Dillonkernel - Move grow_stack code in fault path to improve...
2010-03-02 Matthew Dillonkernel - VN - add missing disk_destroy() in module...
2010-03-01 Rui PauloSync with FreeBSD.
2010-03-01 Rui PauloFix mbuf flags usage.
2010-03-01 Rui PauloAdd prototype for ieee80211_handoff().
2010-03-01 Matthew Dillontmpfs - Add support for setting the root uid/gid/mode...
2010-02-28 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'master' of /repository/git/dragonfly
2010-02-28 Sascha Wildnerrc.conf.5: Remove bogus mdconfig(8) reference.
2010-02-28 Peter AvalosMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2010-02-28 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSL-0.9.8m.
2010-02-27 Sascha Wildnerng_eiface.4: Comment out some xrefs to ng_vlan(4) which...
2010-02-26 Rui PauloFix remaining M_NOWAIT and use ieee80211_handoff instea...
2010-02-26 Rui PauloFix M_NOWAIT usage.
2010-02-26 Rui PauloFix the OID_802_3_MULTICAST_LIST issue.
2010-02-26 Rui PauloAdd DragonFly keyword.
2010-02-26 Rui PauloSync with FreeBSD.
2010-02-26 Rui PauloFixes from Matthew Dillon:
2010-02-26 Rui PauloRemove m_colapse().
2010-02-26 Rui PauloMore DragonFlyBSD specific changes (from Matthew Dillon):
2010-02-26 Rui PauloDon't return ENETDOWN if the interface is not UP. This...
2010-02-26 Rui PauloRemove if_transmit().
2010-02-26 Rui PauloAdd regdomain.xml.
2010-02-26 Sascha Wildnertmpfs(5): Remove old initialization (overrode prior...
2010-02-25 Rui PauloAdd OID_802_3_MULTICAST_LIST.
2010-02-25 Rui PauloSync with FreeBSD.
2010-02-25 Rui PauloDisable hostapd for now.
2010-02-25 Rui PauloFirst try at porting wpa_supplicant.
2010-02-25 Rui PauloFix locking.
2010-02-25 Rui PauloFix some of the locking stuff that I have done wrong...
2010-02-25 Rui PauloEnable back the regdomain listing.
2010-02-25 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Remove msf_buf dependency from VFS Journals
2010-02-25 Simon Schubertcondvar: add implementation
2010-02-25 Rui PauloCheck a few pointers before dereferencing them. This...
2010-02-25 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Initialize xio->xio_bytes properly in xio_init...
2010-02-25 Rui PauloAdd new net80211 and ath options.
2010-02-25 Rui PauloSync interface cloning operations with FreeBSD.
2010-02-25 Rui PauloUpdate.
2010-02-25 Rui PauloAdd SIOCIFCREATE2.
2010-02-25 Rui PauloExtend if_clone by passing in a param arg in the create...
2010-02-25 Rui Paulo__DECONST lockinit arg. XXX ugly
2010-02-25 Rui PauloUpdate conf/files and conf/options to comply with the...
2010-02-25 Rui PauloCouple of changes to make this build without warnings:
2010-02-25 Rui PauloFrom FreeBSD: in in6_setmaxmtu() don't try to find...
2010-02-25 Constantine... aps(4): use DRIVERSLEEP instead of tsleep
2010-02-24 Sascha Wildnernetsmb: Fix a warning and put smb_usr.c under -Werror...
2010-02-24 Rui PauloBring in m_append() from FreeBSD.
2010-02-24 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-02-24 Sascha WildnerAdd unifdef(1) to the bootstrap-tools.
2010-02-24 Constantine... device_add_child.9: spelling and grammar
2010-02-23 Rui PauloRemove bogus CFLAGS.
2010-02-23 Rui PauloAdd more libraries: libbsdxml and libsbuf.
2010-02-23 Matthew Dillonlibraries - Add missing LIBBSDXML line.
2010-02-23 Rui PauloMerge branch 'master' into net80211-update
2010-02-23 Rui PauloMy kernel config file.
2010-02-23 Rui PauloAdd arpcom at the beggining of the softc and enable...
2010-02-23 Rui PauloSync ath_rate_sample with FreeBSD.
2010-02-23 Rui PauloSync ifieee80211 ifconfig code with FreeBSD.
2010-02-23 Rui PauloRegister ieee80211 l2com.
2010-02-23 Rui PauloBring if_l2com register/unregister functions from FreeBSD.
2010-02-23 Jan Lentfertop: Fix man page
2010-02-23 Matthew Dillonlibexpat - Fix buildworld
2010-02-23 Matthew Dillonlibexpat - Bring in libexpat from contrib, name it...
2010-02-23 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2010-02-23 Matthew Dilloncontrib/expat - Apply two vendor fixes for CVE-2009...
2010-02-23 Matthew Dilloncontrib/expat - Add README.DRAGONFLY
2010-02-23 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'vendor/EXPAT'