2020-03-24 Sascha WildnerImport OpenSSH-8.0p1's ssh-copy-id and manual page...
2019-04-24 zrjImport OpenSSH-8.0p1
2018-07-24 Sascha WildnerClean up the OpenSSH vendor branch a tiny bit.
2018-07-04 Aaron LIopenssh: Removed unused vis.[ch] from the vendor branch
2017-10-13 Matthew DillonImport OpenSSH-7.6p1
2016-08-04 Peter AvalosAdd a openbsd-compat file for latest import.
2016-08-04 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH-7.3p1.
2015-01-25 Robin Hahlinglibssh: remove some unused files
2015-01-23 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH-6.7p1.
2012-10-28 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH-6.1p1.
2011-09-20 Peter AvalosBring in a compat file needed for latest OpenSSH import.
2011-09-20 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH-5.9p1.
2011-05-19 Peter AvalosAdd OpenBSD's compat glob.c for OpenSSH.
2011-04-09 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH-5.8p1.
2010-09-29 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH-5.6p1.
2010-01-10 Peter AvalosAdd some more missing files from OpenBSD upgrades.
2010-01-10 Peter AvalosAdd a EVP wrapper for SHA256.
2010-01-09 Peter AvalosUpgrade to OpenSSH-5.3p1.
2009-06-20 Peter AvalosUpgrade to OpenSSH-5.2p1.
2009-06-20 Peter AvalosAdd README.DELETED to the OpenSSH's vendor branch.
2009-06-20 Peter AvalosMove openssh-5/ to openssh/. We don't need a versioned...
2009-06-20 Peter AvalosRemove old versions of OpenSSH.
2008-09-27 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH-5.1p1.
2008-04-06 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH 5.0p1.
2007-09-08 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH 4.7p1.
2007-03-29 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH 4.6p1.
2006-11-20 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH 4.5p1.
2006-09-28 Simon SchubertImport erroneously removed header from OpenSSH-4.4p1
2006-09-28 Simon SchubertImport stripped down sources of OpenSSH-4.4p1
2006-02-13 Simon SchubertImport OpenSSH 4.3p2 modulo unneeded files
2005-09-06 Joerg SonnenbergerWelcome OpenSSH 4.2.
2005-07-14 Joerg SonnenbergerPrepare for using the "official" PAM support.
2005-07-12 Simon SchubertAdd files that slipped through. Weird, I thought I...
2005-07-11 Simon SchubertWelcome a trimmed version of OpenSSH-4.1p1 in the tree.
2004-08-30 Scott UllrichImport OpenSSH-3.9p1 from openbsd.org
2004-07-31 Scott UllrichMissing files from OpenSSH import
2004-07-31 Scott UllrichMissing files during OpenSSH import.
2004-07-31 Scott UllrichImport OpenSSH 3.8.1.p1 into base.