2009-10-28 Simon SchubertMerge branch 'vendor/GCC44' into gcc442
2009-10-28 Simon SchubertImport gcc-4.4.2
2009-10-27 Sascha WildnerBring in OpenBSD's mandoc(1) tool for formatting manual...
2009-10-26 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009p from elsie.
2009-10-26 Simon Schubertsh: fix spurious newline slips in backquote expansion
2009-10-26 Simon Schubertcmp: honor -x also for special files
2009-10-25 Sascha Wildnermdoc cleanup: Fix some column lists (add .It).
2009-10-25 Sascha Wildnernextboot.8: Remove duplicate DESCRIPTION section.
2009-10-25 Sascha Wildnermdoc cleanup: Fix mangled NAME sections.
2009-10-24 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Implement S_TYPEISMQ() macro.
2009-10-24 Sascha Wildnermdoc: No '.' is needed for .Ud
2009-10-24 Sascha WildnerRemove some useless tabs in two manual pages.
2009-10-24 Sascha WildnerFix some references in a couple of manual pages.
2009-10-24 Sascha WildnerFix -offset -indent -> -offset indent in two manual...
2009-10-24 Sascha Wildnerchpass.1: mdoc will care about multiple authors itself.
2009-10-24 Sascha Wildnerdc.1: Add missing .Os
2009-10-24 Sascha Wildnerps(1): Remove dead initialization.
2009-10-24 Sascha Wildnerpax(1): Remove dead initialization.
2009-10-24 Sascha Wildnermkdir(1): Remove dead initialization.
2009-10-24 Sascha Wildnerls(1): Remove dead initialization.
2009-10-24 Sascha Wildnercpdup(1): Remove dead initialization.
2009-10-24 Sascha Wildnercp(1): When continuing, badcp will be automatically...
2009-10-24 Sascha Wildnerchio(1): cesr_flags needs to be initialized before...
2009-10-23 Simon Schubertps: print /dev/pts/* as numbers, not as "pts"
2009-10-23 Sascha Wildnerapmd(8): Fix a warning and raise WARNS to 2.
2009-10-22 Simon Schubertbsd.dep.mk: correctly sequence .depend* and generated...
2009-10-21 Antonio Huetedevfs - Rework write-opening cases for disk devices.
2009-10-21 Antonio Huetehammer: Reverse logic in MOPT_HAMMEROPTS
2009-10-21 Antonio Huete... _timespec.h: Fix a comment
2009-10-21 Sascha Wildnerfortunes2: Fix typo
2009-10-21 Sascha Wildnermake.conf.5: Remove BUGS section.
2009-10-21 Simon SchubertMerge branch 'gdb7'
2009-10-21 Sepherosa Ziehaurl(4): Read IDR to extract MAC address for unknown...
2009-10-21 Sepherosa Ziehaubusdma: Put alignment/boundary check failure logging...
2009-10-20 Simon Schubertgdb: update build infrastructure for gdb-7
2009-10-20 Simon Schubertgdb: add our changes
2009-10-20 Simon Schubertgdb: add our READMEs
2009-10-20 Simon SchubertMerge branch 'vendor/GDB' into gdb7
2009-10-20 Simon Schubertgdb: GC old versions
2009-10-20 Simon SchubertImport gdb-7.0
2009-10-20 Antonio Hueteloader(8): Add multi-root selection documentation.
2009-10-20 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2009o from elsie.
2009-10-19 Alexander PolakovRoot fallback support.
2009-10-19 Simon Schubertcore dumps: don't claim we are FreeBSD
2009-10-19 Simon Schubertlibedit: add readline compat rl_completion_word_break_hook
2009-10-19 Simon Schubertbsd.dep.mk: don't build .depend every time
2009-10-19 Simon Schuberttools/genreadmedeleted: chmod +x
2009-10-19 Stathis Kamperismq_*.2: .Nx -> .Dx
2009-10-17 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Remove left-over commented out code.
2009-10-17 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Remove left-over commented out code.
2009-10-17 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Remove unused variable.
2009-10-16 Matthew DillonHAMMER - Fix bug in 'hammer cleanup' when deleting...
2009-10-16 Matthew DillonHAMMER - more fixes to snapshot softlink generation
2009-10-16 Matthew DillonHAMMER - Fix 'snapq' directive - softlink constructed...
2009-10-15 Matthew DillonHAMMER - Fix 64-bit compile-time error.
2009-10-15 Antonio Huetesecurelevel - Fix disk accessing with high secure level.
2009-10-15 Matthew DillonHAMMER - Add additional warnings for v2/v3 upgrades...
2009-10-15 Matthew DillonHAMMER - Add upgrade instructions to the manual page...
2009-10-15 Matthew DillonHAMMER - Enhance cleanup utility for HAMMER v3
2009-10-14 Matthew DillonHAMMER - Correct bug in last commit. hammer cleanup...
2009-10-14 Matthew DillonHAMMER - Add version 3 meta-data features
2009-10-14 Sepherosa ZiehauACPICA: Unbreak ACPI_DEBUG_CACHE support
2009-10-14 Sepherosa ZiehauACPI C-STATE: Function renaming
2009-10-13 Sascha Wildnermessage queue manpages: Fix section numbers (3 -> 2).
2009-10-13 Alexander PolakovRemove machdep.msgbuf, machdep.msgbuf_clear.
2009-10-12 Matthew Dillonboot - tftp - Fix bzero() with wild length field.
2009-10-12 Sascha Wildnerlibcam: Remove dead assignment.
2009-10-12 Sascha Wildnerlibutil: Miscellaneous cleanup.
2009-10-12 Sascha Wildneruuidgen.2: Include <sys/types.h> for <sys/uuid.h>.
2009-10-12 Sascha Wildnerusbhid.3: Use standard types.
2009-10-12 Sascha WildnerSOEKRIS: Adjust indent.
2009-10-12 Sascha WildnerLINT: Remove PAS_JOYSTICK_ENABLE option which doesn...
2009-10-11 Sascha WildnerFreeBSD-supfile: Add 'projects'.
2009-10-11 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Do not link libgcc when building with clang.
2009-10-11 Sascha Wildnerlibexec/customcc: Ensure the -isysroot argument is...
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperislibrt: Use WARNS in Makefile instead of tweaking CFLAGS.
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperislibrt: Remove extraneous \ in Makefile target.
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Hook into the build system.
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: kdump: Ad-hoc translation for mq_open().
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Add librt (realtime library).
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: kern_descrip.c: Make badfo*() functions non...
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: vfs_subr: Add vaccess() method consumed by...
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Add system calls.
2009-10-11 Stathis Kamperismqueues: Port POSIX message queues from NetBSD.
2009-10-11 Peter AvalosFix paren usage in <sys/mutex.h>.
2009-10-10 Matthew Dillonkernel - Improve code documentation for vnode->v_token
2009-10-10 Matthew DillonNFS - Fix numerous issues with NFS root mounts, primari...
2009-10-10 Matthew DillonNFS - Change NFS root mount default from udp to tcp
2009-10-09 Sascha WildnerAdd a watchdog(4) manual page (from OpenBSD).
2009-10-09 Sascha Wildnerrogue(6): Fix broken aliasing for -O2 or higher.
2009-10-09 YONETANI TomokazuUnbreak building vkernel by not linking against -lthrea...
2009-10-09 Alex Hornungscsi_sg - cmd is now ap->a_cmd
2009-10-08 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix TCP MSS calculation
2009-10-08 Matthew Dillonkernel - Major performance changes to VM page management.
2009-10-07 Simon Schubertthread libs: also remove the static libraries from...
2009-10-07 Simon Schubertthread libs: migrate the libpthread.* symlinks on upgrade
2009-10-07 Simon Schubertgetopt.1: getopt is deprecated, add a reference to...
2009-10-07 Simon Schubertthread libs: move libc_r and libthread_xu to /usr/lib...
2009-10-07 Simon SchubertMakefile.inc1: make sure that mtree is run for quickworld
2009-10-07 Sascha Wildnerwatchdogd.8: Minor cleanup.