2019-04-24 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/LIBRESSL'
2019-04-24 Sascha WildnerAdd a missing manual page to LIBRESSL's vendor branch.
2019-04-24 zrjinitrd: Adjust for dependencies removal.
2019-04-24 zrjtools/dumpvfscache: Remove not needed dependency on...
2019-04-24 zrjhammer(8): Convert to LibreSSL SHA2 hash API.
2019-04-24 zrjmd5(1): Convert to LibreSSL all hash API.
2019-04-24 zrjdhcpcd(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 and SHA2 hash API.
2019-04-24 zrjping6(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
2019-04-24 zrjiscontrol(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 and SHA1 hash...
2019-04-24 zrjrouted(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
2019-04-24 zrjsort(1): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
2019-04-24 zrjppp(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD4 and MD5 hash API.
2019-04-24 zrjpfctl(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
2019-04-24 zrjmtree(8): Convert to LibreSSL hash API.
2019-04-24 zrjchkdist(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
2019-04-24 zrjauthpf(8): Remove not needed dependency on libmd.
2019-04-24 zrjcpdup(1): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
2019-04-24 zrjpw(8): Conditionalize OPIE handling.
2019-04-24 zrjtelnet(1): Disable use of OPIE.
2019-04-24 zrjftpd(8): Decouple from libmd.
2019-04-24 zrjftpd(8): Add OPIE checks to conditionally disable it.
2019-04-24 zrjlibtacplus: Decouple from libmd.
2019-04-24 zrjlibtacplus: Fix single -Wshadow warning.
2019-04-24 zrjlib/libcrypt: Use md5 internally from omd.
2019-04-24 zrjlib/omd: Add very restrictive subset from libmd.
2019-04-24 zrjlib/libcrypt: Add missing functions.
2019-04-24 zrjlib/libcrypt: Minor WARNS cleanup.
2019-04-24 zrjRemove libcipher.
2019-04-24 zrjshare/examples: Install missing defaults for ssl and...
2019-04-24 zrjlibssh: Bump shlib version for api change.
2019-04-24 zrjOpenSSH: Document contrib local changes.
2019-04-24 zrjssh(1): Restore default behaviour.
2019-04-24 zrjsshd(8): Add USE_PAM handling defaults.
2019-04-24 zrjsshd(8): Add back custom auth passwd routine.
2019-04-24 zrjInline Makefile.ssh.common
2019-04-24 zrjsshd(8): Remove not needed dependencies.
2019-04-24 zrjAdjust makefiles for OpenSSH 8.0p1 update.
2019-04-24 zrjlibssh: Add sanitized OpenBSD layer.
2019-04-24 zrjOpenSSH: Update READMEs.
2019-04-24 zrjOpenSSH: Add local patches.
2019-04-24 zrjMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vendor/OPENSSH'
2019-04-24 zrjOpenSSH: Revert few local modifications.
2019-04-24 zrjldns: Adjust makefiles for ldns-1.7.0 update.
2019-04-24 zrjMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vendor/LDNS'
2019-04-24 zrjRevert "drill(1): Use strdup() for known strings."
2019-04-24 zrjunzip(1): Add missing dependencies.
2019-04-24 zrjMakefile.inc1: Update library interdeps.
2019-04-24 zrjxz: Adjust makefiles for xz-5.2.4 update.
2019-04-24 zrjMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vendor/XZ'
2019-04-24 zrjAdjust files for libarchive-3.3.3 import.
2019-04-24 zrjMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vendor/LIBARCHIVE'
2019-04-24 zrjlibarchive: Revert manpage fixes.
2019-04-24 zrjlibarchive: Revert local changes.
2019-04-24 zrjRevert "libarchive: Use memcpy() when constructing...
2019-04-24 zrjUpdate LibreSSL makefiles.
2019-04-24 zrjlibressl: Add missing timespecsub().
2019-04-24 zrjAdd local patches to LibreSSL.
2019-04-24 zrjMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/vendor/LIBRESSL'
2019-04-24 zrjRevert "libressl: Few local modifications for netcat."
2019-04-24 zrjRevert "security/libressl: Fix ECDSA P-256 timing attac...
2019-04-24 zrjwpa_supplicant(8): Add LibreSSL v2.9.0 compat fixes.
2019-04-24 zrjlibssh: Disable use of openssl engine.
2019-04-24 zrjldns: Add OPENSSL_NO_ENGINE checks.
2019-04-24 zrjImport OpenSSH-8.0p1
2019-04-24 zrjldns: Update vendor branch from 1.6.16 to 1.7.0
2019-04-24 zrjUpgrade xz from 5.2.2 to 5.2.4 on the vendor branch.
2019-04-24 zrjImport libarchive-3.3.3
2019-04-24 Maxim AgUpdate LibreSSL from version 2.4.4 => 2.9.1
2019-04-24 François Tigeotdrm/linux: Add trace/events/dma_fence.h
2019-04-24 Sascha Wildner<unistd.h>: FWIW, set _XOPEN_ENH_I18N, per the standard.
2019-04-24 Sascha WildnerSync indent(1) with FreeBSD.
2019-04-24 Sascha Wildner<unistd.h>: Bump _POSIX_THREAD_SAFE_FUNCTIONS to 200112L.
2019-04-24 Sascha Wildnerman(1): Adjust manual page search path a bit.
2019-04-23 Sascha Wildnermakedb: Ignore makewhatis(8) errors.
2019-04-23 François Tigeotdrm/linux: Add config_enabled()
2019-04-23 Sascha WildnerLink mandoc(1) as 'whatis' too.
2019-04-23 zrjhammer2(8): Document dependency on thread library.
2019-04-23 zrjlibc: Move out locking from vsyslog() core.
2019-04-23 zrjlibc: Fix few typos in vsyslog().
2019-04-23 zrjgcc47: Disconnect objc components from world.
2019-04-23 Sascha WildnerRemove groff from base.
2019-04-22 Sascha WildnerRemove no longer needed catman periodic via 'make upgrade'.
2019-04-22 François Tigeotdrm/linux: Add list_for_each_entry_continue_reverse()
2019-04-22 zrjDeprecate and remove OPIE from PAM.
2019-04-22 zrjkernel/tty: Use GID_TTY for non root users by default.
2019-04-22 Sascha WildnerRemove the old GNU man, makewhatis and manpath.config...
2019-04-22 Sascha WildnerSwitch to the new man(1) command.
2019-04-21 Sascha WildnerKind of sync makewhatis.local with FreeBSD. Ignore...
2019-04-21 François Tigeotdrm/linux: Add down_read_trylock()
2019-04-21 Sascha WildnerSync manctl(8) with FreeBSD.
2019-04-21 Sascha WildnerRemove catman(1) since it is no longer needed in modern...
2019-04-21 Sascha Wildnerusr.bin/man: Some local adjustments, also bump .Dd.
2019-04-21 Sascha WildnerAdd FreeBSD's man(1) command unchanged but don't hook...
2019-04-20 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Improve verbosity of CHECK errors on the...
2019-04-20 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Improve verbosity of CHECK errors on the...
2019-04-20 Matthew DillonCAM - A few more kmalloc -> xpt_alloc_ccb fixes
2019-04-19 zrjcross-tools: Do not install manpages during this stage.
2019-04-18 zrjlibutil: Prevent leaking slave fd on failed fork.
2019-04-18 zrjlibc: Implement properly pthread_equal() stub.
2019-04-18 Sascha WildnerFix a couple of NULL dereferences in error paths.