2006-10-21 Sascha WildnerFix typo.
2006-10-21 Sepherosa ZiehauWOL_MAGIC 0x7770 -> 0x1111
2006-10-21 Sascha WildnerAdjust to post Citrus import reality.
2006-10-21 Sepherosa ZiehauChange the AMRR TX rate control algorithm:
2006-10-21 Sepherosa ZiehauNuke M_HASFCS processing in ieee80211_input(), since
2006-10-21 Matthew DillonReformulate the way the kernel updates the PMAPs in...
2006-10-21 Peter AvalosAdd some casts to bring us up to WARNS2. This is almos...
2006-10-20 Sascha WildnerFix typo.
2006-10-20 Simon SchubertAdd the -D flag to specify an alternative dumpdev.
2006-10-20 Matthew DillonAdd a ton of infrastructure for VKERNEL support. ...
2006-10-20 Peter AvalosRemove an unused argument and mark it WARNS6.
2006-10-20 Peter AvalosMove WANT_LUKEMFTPD up a few lines so it's not grouped...
2006-10-20 Jeffrey HsuRefactor internal ip6_splithdr() API to make it more...
2006-10-19 Peter AvalosWARNS6 cleanups for quotacheck.
2006-10-19 Peter AvalosRemove a check that is always false.
2006-10-19 Peter AvalosRemove variable names from function prototypes, and...
2006-10-19 Sascha Wildners/free/kfree/
2006-10-19 Sascha WildnerAdjust stuff to the renaming of free to kfree and reall...
2006-10-19 Sascha WildnerAdjust man pages, comments, messages and some defunct...
2006-10-19 Sascha WildnerAdd reallocf.9 for removal with 'make upgrade'.
2006-10-19 Jeffrey HsuCosmetic cleanups.
2006-10-18 Victor Balada... Support enabling daemons in base and pkgsrc like NetBSD...
2006-10-18 Victor Balada... Update to new API and make it compile and work again
2006-10-18 Victor Balada... update man page:
2006-10-18 Jeffrey HsuOpenBSD rev 1.66:
2006-10-17 Peter AvalosFix spelling error.
2006-10-17 Sepherosa Ziehauregen
2006-10-17 Sepherosa ZiehauAdd device id for USR Robotics 997902 Gigabit Ethernet
2006-10-17 Sepherosa Ziehauregen
2006-10-17 Sepherosa ZiehauMore Realtek chip IDs
2006-10-17 Simon SchubertWe're long on 1.7, so remove 1.5 subvers info
2006-10-17 Peter AvalosWARNS6 cleanups.
2006-10-17 Peter AvalosPull WARNS6 into sbin/Makefile.inc, and mark programs...
2006-10-16 Peter AvalosWARNS6 cleanup.
2006-10-16 Sepherosa ZiehauAdd comment that Rev.3 Linksys EG1032 is handled by...
2006-10-16 Sepherosa ZiehauAdd support for Linksys EG1032 rev.3 GigE
2006-10-16 Sepherosa Ziehausk(4) only supports Rev.2 of Linksys EG1032 GigE
2006-10-16 Sepherosa Ziehau- Use RE_RX_LIST_SIZE instead of RE_TX_LIST_SIZE while...
2006-10-16 Sepherosa ZiehauAdd support Corega CG-LAPCIGT Gigabit Ethernet(8169S)
2006-10-16 Sepherosa Ziehauregen
2006-10-16 Sepherosa ZiehauAdd device id for Corega CG-LAPCIGT (8169S)
2006-10-16 Simon SchubertRemove old, outdated headers
2006-10-16 Peter AvalosWARNS6 cleanups.
2006-10-15 Sascha Wildner* s/ports/pkgsrc/
2006-10-14 Sascha WildnerFix references and .Nm abuse.
2006-10-14 Sascha WildnerFix path names.
2006-10-14 Sascha WildnerRemove stone age man page checking tools. They don...
2006-10-14 Sascha WildnerRemove references to device.hints.
2006-10-14 Matthew DillonRemove inode free race warning messages. These were...
2006-10-14 Jeffrey HsuNever dereference a NULL pointer.
2006-10-12 Sascha WildnerAdd fsck's memzone.c to SRCS (needed by inode.c now).
2006-10-12 Matthew DillonGreatly reduce memory requirements when fsck'ing filesy...
2006-10-12 YONETANI TomokazuImplement suspend method and wait for channels to be...
2006-10-12 Jeffrey HsuFix missing malloc -> kmalloc conversions.
2006-10-11 Sascha WildnerRemove obsolete time zone.
2006-10-10 Sascha WildnerAdd a manpage stub for ecc(4).
2006-10-10 Matthew DillonAdd a device that attaches to the memory controller...
2006-10-10 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2006n from elsie.
2006-10-10 Matthew DillonCorrect a compiler warning from the last commit.
2006-10-10 Matthew DillonNULLFS was not releasing a reference to the root of...
2006-10-10 Matthew DillonAdd two more vmspace_*() system calls to read and write...
2006-10-10 Matthew DillonFix a long-standing bug inherited from FreeBSD. It...
2006-10-10 Sepherosa ZiehauSet 'error' if we can't get Mac address from Xircom...
2006-10-10 Jeffrey HsuRemove unneeded assignments.
2006-10-09 Jeffrey HsuClear up mbuf usage statistics.
2006-10-09 Sascha WildnerRemove trailing whitespace.
2006-10-08 Peter AvalosSilence gcc41 warnings.
2006-10-08 Peter AvalosMove WARNS6 up into Makefile.inc for games/ and out...
2006-10-08 Peter AvalosUpgrade to less version 394.
2006-10-08 Peter AvalosAdd our READMEs.
2006-10-08 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LESS:
2006-10-08 Peter AvalosImport of less version 394
2006-10-08 Simon SchubertAdd missing parentheses to fix a segmentation fault...
2006-10-08 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2006m from elsie.
2006-10-07 Sepherosa ZiehauSerializer is already held before calling rl_watchdog().
2006-10-06 Joerg SonnenbergerEnsure that exit_group actually returns a sane value...
2006-10-06 Sascha WildnerFix typo in comment.
2006-10-05 Sascha Wildner1) Document the new statistics report settings.
2006-10-04 Matthew DillonAdd Marc's monthly statistics script to DragonFly's...
2006-10-04 Matthew DillonDo not temporarily set signals to SIG_IGN when polling...
2006-10-04 Matthew DillonFix a bug where mmap()ing a revoked descriptor caused...
2006-10-04 Simon SchubertFix pathnames for gcc41
2006-10-03 YONETANI TomokazuBorrow the code from test/pcpu/cpustat.c to display...
2006-10-03 Sascha WildnerUse .Dx
2006-10-03 Sascha WildnerRemove obsolete disk size check.
2006-10-02 Simon SchubertNO_PKGTOOLS doesn't exist anymore
2006-10-02 Simon SchubertUnhook the old ports tools from the build
2006-10-02 Simon SchubertMake xlint work with gcc3+
2006-10-01 Sascha WildnerRegen.
2006-10-01 Victor Balada... Fix name collision on C++.
2006-10-01 Jeffrey HsuCombine two allocations into one.
2006-09-30 Sascha WildnerFix redefinition of M_IPMADDR malloc type.
2006-09-30 Sascha WildnerRemove unneccessary MALLOC_DECLARE (declared static...
2006-09-30 Sascha WildnerDe-staticize (previously declared extern).
2006-09-30 Sascha WildnerAdd missing header for struct pcb.
2006-09-30 Sascha WildnerRearrange stuff a bit to satisfy GCC 4.1.
2006-09-30 Sascha WildnerRemove wrong redeclarations.
2006-09-30 Sascha WildnerAvoid casts as lvalues.
2006-09-30 Sascha WildnerRemove incorrect extern declarations for stuff that...
2006-09-30 Sascha WildnerGCC 4.1 also needs memset() in a freestanding environment.