2013-07-24 Franco Fichtnerresolve mandoc(1) warnings in bin/
2013-07-24 François Tigeotkernel: Document new taskqueue functions
2013-07-24 François Tigeotdrm2: add a drm_find_file_by_proc() implementation
2013-07-24 François Tigeotkernel: Update taskqueue subsystem
2013-07-24 Matthew Dillonkillall - Add all-but-self tty kill (-T)
2013-07-23 Sascha Wildnerlibmandoc: Add HAVE_STRPTIME and HAVE_MMAP to the Makefile.
2013-07-23 François Tigeotdrm2: Adapt kernel_map usage
2013-07-23 François Tigeotdrm2: Handle slightly different little things (2/2)
2013-07-23 François Tigeotdrm2: Handle slightly different little things (1/2)
2013-07-23 François Tigeotdrm2: Remove unused FreeBSD functions and macros
2013-07-23 François Tigeotdrm2: Fix include files
2013-07-23 François Tigeotdrm2: Handle locking
2013-07-23 François Tigeotdrm2: Some functions are named differently
2013-07-23 François Tigeotdrm2: Remove CTR* functions
2013-07-23 François Tigeotdrm2: Comment out FreeBSD ids
2013-07-23 Sascha WildnerRemove some no longer used externs in various system...
2013-07-23 Franco Fichtnerdhclient: partial sync from OpenBSD man pages
2013-07-23 Franco Fichtnertzfile.5: use .In for including tzfile.h
2013-07-23 Franco Fichtnerforward.5: use .Ar instead of .Aq for email address
2013-07-23 Franco Fichtnershare/examples: use .Mt for emails in man pages
2013-07-23 Sascha Wildnerm4(1): Remove two unused manual pages.
2013-07-23 Franco Fichtnerzopen.3: zap file since zopen() is only used via compre...
2013-07-22 François Tigeotdrm: Import drm2+i915 work from FreeBSD
2013-07-22 François Tigeotdrm: move gpu driver headers to subdirectories
2013-07-22 Sascha Wildnerdma.8: Adjust corecode's email address.
2013-07-22 Franco Fichtneradd .Mt to man pages in usr.sbin/
2013-07-22 Sascha Wildnerkernel/isa: Remove some no longer used externs declarat...
2013-07-22 Franco Fichtneradd .Mt to man pages in lib/
2013-07-22 Franco Fichtneradd .Mt to man pages in libexec/
2013-07-22 Franco Fichtneradd .Mt to man pages in sbin/
2013-07-22 François TigeotDocument copyin_nofault and copyout_nofault(9)
2013-07-22 François TigeotDocument DRIVER_MODULE_ORDERED(9)
2013-07-22 François Tigeotkernel: Remove global PROC_LOCK and PROC_UNLOCK definitions
2013-07-22 Sascha WildnerRemove <sys/bitstring.h> via 'make upgrade'.
2013-07-22 Sepherosa Ziehautools: Add bench tools for accept(2) and connect(2)
2013-07-22 François TigeotRemove duplicated bitstring.h file
2013-07-22 Sepherosa Ziehausocket: Use modulo-N for SO_REUSEPORT socket locating
2013-07-22 Sepherosa Ziehausocket: Avoid possible race between netmsg_so_notify...
2013-07-22 Sepherosa Ziehauoce: Don't clear M_PKTHDR when create mbuf chain
2013-07-21 François Tigeotkernel: Add PROC_LOCK and PROC_UNLOCK
2013-07-21 François Tigeotkernel: Implement copyin_nofault and copyout_nofault
2013-07-21 François Tigeotkernel: add vm_page_unhold_pages()
2013-07-21 Johannes Hofmannkernel: Add DRIVER_MODULE_ORDERED macro
2013-07-21 François Tigeotkernel: Import bitcount16() from FreeBSD
2013-07-21 François Tigeotkernel: Import unrhdr function family from FreeBSD
2013-07-21 Sascha WildnerRemove some more unused externs.
2013-07-21 Franco Fichtneradd .Mt to man pages in bin/ games/ sys/ tools/
2013-07-21 Franco Fichtneradd .Mt to man pages in usr.bin/
2013-07-21 Franco Fichtnerstart adding .Mt to email addresses in man pages
2013-07-21 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove a no longer used extern declaration.
2013-07-21 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove some HW_WDOG remains.
2013-07-21 François Tigeotkernel: Import vm_mmap_to_errno() from FreeBSD
2013-07-20 François Tigeotkernel: import pci_find_class() from FreeBSD
2013-07-20 François Tigeotkernel: Add kqsort_r()
2013-07-19 Matthew DillonMakefile.usr - Move fetch locations
2013-07-19 Matthew Dillonuname - Add -P and -PP for dports support
2013-07-19 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove some more unused kmalloc types.
2013-07-19 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove some no longer used options.
2013-07-19 Sepherosa Ziehausocket: Avoid possible race between netmsg_so_notify...
2013-07-18 Johannes Hofmannkernel/pat: Improve kmem_alloc_attr()
2013-07-18 François Tigeotpat: Add pmap_invalidate_cache_pages()
2013-07-18 François Tigeotpmap: Add pmap_mapbios()
2013-07-18 François Tigeotpat: Make the API more compatible with FreeBSD
2013-07-18 François Tigeotpat: Add BUS_DMA_NOCACHE, VM_MEMATTR definitions
2013-07-18 François Tigeotkernel: Optimize pmap_invalidate_range()
2013-07-18 François Tigeotkernel: Use pmap_invalidate functions
2013-07-18 François Tigeotkernel: Improve pmap_invalidate_cache_range()
2013-07-18 François Tigeotpmap: Add change_attr() stubs for non-amd64 architectures
2013-07-18 Matthew DillonPAT work, mapdev_attr, kmem_alloc_attr
2013-07-18 Johannes Hofmannpmap: add dummy implementation for pmap_invalidate*
2013-07-18 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove 3 unused kmalloc types: M_80211_DFS...
2013-07-18 Sascha Wildnerkernel/raid: CAM_NEW_TRAN_CODE is default for over...
2013-07-18 Sepherosa Ziehaui386: Make the system boot again
2013-07-18 Sepherosa Ziehaui386: Unbreak building if the kern config only contains...
2013-07-18 Sepherosa Ziehaumbuf: revert part of b4e5a1079d852748f03f32aae87ecdda27...
2013-07-18 François Tigeotkernel: Remove Cyrix CPUs specific handling
2013-07-18 Sepherosa Ziehauso_pru_send_async: Use M_NOWAIT to allocate address
2013-07-17 Sascha Wildnervkernel: Remove #if 0 code in vkernel headers.
2013-07-17 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove unneeded #include.
2013-07-17 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove unused kmalloc types: M_AMRCAM, M_DEVT...
2013-07-17 Sepherosa Ziehauarp: Perform ARP pending output during ARP updating
2013-07-17 Sepherosa Ziehauroute: Prioritize routing table change messages
2013-07-17 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remov unused kmalloc type M_VMPGDATA.
2013-07-16 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove some orphaned extern declarations in...
2013-07-16 Sascha Wildnersystat(8): Remove some orphaned extern declarations.
2013-07-16 Sascha Wildner<sys/device.h>: Fix a typo in an extern declaration.
2013-07-16 Matthew Dillonkernel - Attempt to fix shared/excl namecache deadlock
2013-07-16 Sascha Wildneree(1): Remove two unused files.
2013-07-15 Sascha Wildnerkernel/oce: Sync oce(4) driver with FreeBSD.
2013-07-15 François Tigeotiir: Prevent namespace collision with INTEL_VENDOR_ID
2013-07-15 Sascha WildnerRemove some orphaned extern declarations.
2013-07-15 Sascha WildnerUpdate the pciconf(8) database.
2013-07-14 Sascha Wildnerbnx.4: Remove trailing whitespace.
2013-07-14 Sascha WildnerRemove fpsetsticky(3) remains. It was removed with...
2013-07-11 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix excessively deferred wakeups
2013-07-11 Matthew Dillonkernel - Do not try to apply certain hw errata fixes...
2013-07-11 Sepherosa Ziehaurtsock: Add genmask after credit checking
2013-07-10 Sascha Wildnerlibm: Add some parentheses to clarify operator precedence.
2013-07-10 Sascha Wildnerstrerror(3): Provide an error message for ENOMEDIUM.
2013-07-10 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Clean up some module Makefiles.