2005-03-02 Joerg SonnenbergerMerge from vendor branch GCC:
2005-03-02 Joerg SonnenbergerAdd C++ ctype based on NetBSD-style ctype.h.
2005-03-02 Chris PresseyConstify filename variable.
2005-03-01 Joerg SonnenbergerRIP Alpha libc.
2005-03-01 Matthew DillonClean up the XIO API and structure. XIO no longer...
2005-03-01 Max Okumotopatch-7.100
2005-03-01 Max Okumotopatch-7.99
2005-03-01 Max Okumotopatch-7.98
2005-03-01 Max Okumotopatch-7.97
2005-03-01 Max Okumotopatch-7.96
2005-03-01 Max Okumotopatch-7.95
2005-03-01 Max Okumotopatch-7.94
2005-03-01 Max Okumotopatch-7.93
2005-03-01 Max Okumotopatch-7.92
2005-03-01 Max Okumotopatch-7.91
2005-03-01 Max OkumotoThis should have been part of the previous commit messs...
2005-03-01 Max OkumotoVar_Parse():
2005-03-01 Simon SchubertAdd compatibility with old style extended options to...
2005-03-01 Liam J. Foy- Use variable 'len' instead of making an unnecessary...
2005-03-01 Max OkumotoCleanup comment and add option so the working dir can...
2005-03-01 Chris PresseyDon't have binsrch() alter a global variable if it...
2005-03-01 Joerg SonnenbergerWARNS=6 cleaness, some constification, some cleanups.
2005-03-01 Max OkumotoChanged regression tests to write to /tmp instead of...
2005-03-01 Chris PresseyStyle(9):
2005-03-01 Max OkumotoAdd better comment for hack_cmp(), and reduced number...
2005-03-01 Chris PresseyRaise WARNS to 6:
2005-03-01 Chris PresseyIn the parent process, close the slave file descriptor...
2005-03-01 Liam J. Foy- Back out rev 1.6 noticed by Matt Dillon. However...
2005-03-01 Max OkumotoAdd comment harti made about outofdate comment.
2005-03-01 Chris PresseyStyle(9):
2005-03-01 Jeroen Ruigrok... Get rid off Alpha mentions.
2005-03-01 Joerg SonnenbergerReduce foot-shooting potential by adding -dP for cvs...
2005-03-01 Chris PresseyStyle(9):
2005-03-01 Hiten PandyaHeader include protection from userland.
2005-03-01 Hiten PandyaFix whitespace for function prototypes.
2005-03-01 Hiten PandyaRemove a comment that does not make sense; it was just...
2005-03-01 Max OkumotoCleanup FAIL message
2005-03-01 Simon SchubertFix a bug in the ioctl mapping (written by me), which...
2005-02-28 Simon SchubertSync with FreeBSD cp.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerRest of last commit. Define SA_LEN in one place.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerSimplify patches by defining SA_LEN in one place.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerDefine __DECONST here for the sake of FreeBSD.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerRearm receiver, it was lost in the conversion.
2005-02-28 Hiten PandyaMove the MALLOC_DECLARE into sys/msfbuf.h header file.
2005-02-28 Liam J. Foy- Static
2005-02-28 Liam J. Foy- Remove an unnecessary call to stat(). We can just...
2005-02-28 Matthew DillonJournaling layer work. Generate output for path names...
2005-02-28 Sascha WildnerRemove some unnecessary braces and fix a gcc 3.4 warning.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerUse u_char define from sys/types.h.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerRemove extra tokens after #else and #endif.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerRegen.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerUpdate Atheros entries.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerMark symname const
2005-02-28 Joerg Sonnenbergerlvalue casts.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerAdd some consts.
2005-02-28 Joerg Sonnenbergerlvalue casts.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerRemove NO_WERROR.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerRemove pre-ANSI malloc prototype.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerUse __DECONST for the linted interface violations.
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerRemove -Werror from CFLAGS and fix the missing part...
2005-02-28 Joerg SonnenbergerRemove NO_WERROR assignment.
2005-02-28 Joerg Sonnenbergerlvalue cast.
2005-02-28 Max OkumotoThe rest of the modifications that Harti made to patch...
2005-02-28 Max OkumotoMerge in some changes that Harti made to patch 7.49
2005-02-28 Jeffrey HsuClear up confusion about negative route reference counts.
2005-02-28 Jeffrey HsuStrip away convoluted route reference counting logic.
2005-02-28 Matthew DillonAllow the #! command line to be up to PAGE_SIZE long...
2005-02-28 Matthew DillonFix a firewall rule ordering problem, the 'OPEN' firewa...
2005-02-27 Liam J. Foy- The maximum value for a time_t is assumed to be ...
2005-02-27 Jeroen Ruigrok... Get rid off PC98 conditional code.
2005-02-27 Jeroen Ruigrok... Get rid off PC98 conditional code.
2005-02-27 Sascha WildnerRemove PC98 support. Leave the machdep.ispc98 sysctl...
2005-02-27 Sascha WildnerRemove more left over files from wd(4) removal.
2005-02-26 Matthew DillonAdd signal mask save/restore to the checkpoint code...
2005-02-26 Joerg SonnenbergerWe already have the unit number in fl_ifname.
2005-02-26 Joerg SonnenbergerDon't define unit field on DragonFly.
2005-02-26 Sascha WildnerRemove last remnants of the wd(4) driver which was...
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoAdd better description.
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoImprove report output.
2005-02-26 Jeroen Ruigrok... Use .Dx macro.
2005-02-26 Jeroen Ruigrok... Get rid off the PC98 support.
2005-02-26 Sascha WildnerRelease the old a.out-only boot loader into freedom.
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoAdd better description.
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoChange test to check M modifier.
2005-02-26 Jeroen Ruigrok... Add the additional space to make mount_udf.8's .Dx...
2005-02-26 Jeroen Ruigrok... Fix extraneous spacing of .Dx by changing two unneeded...
2005-02-26 Jeroen Ruigrok... Fix HISTORY by using a proper .Dx macro.
2005-02-26 Jeroen Ruigrok... Remove [cat|man]1aout directories.
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoAdd comments and sort commands.
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoAdd description of tests.
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoAdd description of test.
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoAdded test for missing Makefile
2005-02-26 Jeroen Ruigrok... Get rid of [cat|man]1aout.
2005-02-26 Jeroen Ruigrok... Do not create Perl 5.00503 directories anymore since...
2005-02-26 Jeroen Ruigrok... Get rid of the Alpha specific manual pages.
2005-02-26 David XuEnable barrier support.
2005-02-26 David XuAdd barrier prototypes.
2005-02-26 David XuStyle fixes.
2005-02-26 Max OkumotoChange some white space to match FreeBSD.
2005-02-25 Hiten PandyaImprove the IPFilter rc.d file, mainly bring it in...