2013-11-28 Sascha Wildner{pstat,swapinfo}(8): Add -g/-m to swapinfo, fix warning...
2013-11-28 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Fix missing 'pcidevs.h' in a Makefile.
2013-11-28 Sascha Wildnernsdispatch.3: Fix excessive quotation marks.
2013-11-28 Sascha Wildnergetopt.3: Fix excessive quotation marks.
2013-11-27 John Marino/usr/Makefile: Fix obsolete references to Github
2013-11-27 John Marino/usr/Makefile: Switch to DragonFlyBSD repo on GitHub
2013-11-27 Sascha Wildnerkernel/i386: Remove two Makefiles used for tag generation.
2013-11-27 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Clean up sys/kern/Makefile and sys/emulation...
2013-11-27 Sascha WildnerRemove old {pccard,pci,usb}devs.h via 'make upgrade'.
2013-11-27 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Generate miidevs.h, pccarddevs.h and pcidevs...
2013-11-26 Sascha WildnerRemove the <sys/syscall-hide.h> header file.
2013-11-26 Sascha Wildnerbsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (for DragonFly 3...
2013-11-26 Sascha Wildnerrpc_soc.3: Remove unneeded Xo/Xc.
2013-11-26 Sepherosa Ziehauigb: Remove unused header files
2013-11-26 Sascha Wildnerato{f,i}.3: Grr, fix typos.
2013-11-26 Sascha Wildnerato{f,i,l}.3: Fix ato{f,i,l,ll}_l() prototypes.
2013-11-25 Eitan Adleriwn.4: add missing support cards.
2013-11-25 Sascha Wildneriwn.4: Mention that the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230...
2013-11-25 Sascha Wildnerkernel/iwn: Put some finishing touches to the recent...
2013-11-25 Eitan Adlerls(1): Add missing flags to usage()
2013-11-25 Eitan Adlernewgrp(1): Add warning when running newgrp without...
2013-11-25 Eitan Adlernewgrp(1): update newgrp's man page to explain why...
2013-11-24 Alexandre PerrinAdd proper const keywords to sysctl(3) parameters.
2013-11-24 Eitan AdlerMy first commit is completely useless. Typical.
2013-11-24 Matthew Dilloniwn - Resync from FreeBSD 2/2
2013-11-24 Matthew Dillonkernel - minor netproto/802_11 stuff to support iwn...
2013-11-24 Matthew Dilloniwn - Resync from FreeBSD 1/2
2013-11-24 Sascha WildnerRemove various unneeded .Pp macro in manual pages ...
2013-11-24 Sascha WildnerSync environ.7 and nls.7.
2013-11-23 Sepherosa Ziehausyncache: Use lwkt_sendmsg_oncpu to schedule timeouts
2013-11-23 Sepherosa Ziehaucarp: Utilize lwkt_sendmsg_oncpu
2013-11-23 Sepherosa Ziehauroute/ip4: Utilize lwkt_sendmsg_oncpu
2013-11-23 Sepherosa Ziehauarp: Utilize lwkt_sendmsg_oncpu
2013-11-23 Sepherosa Ziehauipflow: Utilize lwkt_sendmsg_oncpu
2013-11-23 Sepherosa Ziehauipfw: Utilize lwkt_sendmsg_oncpu
2013-11-23 Sepherosa Ziehaubridge: Utilize lwkt_sendmsg_oncpu
2013-11-23 Sepherosa Ziehaudummynet: Utilize lwkt_sendmsg_oncpu
2013-11-23 Sepherosa Ziehautcp: Use lwkt_sendmsg_oncpu to run TCP timers in the...
2013-11-23 Alexandre Perrinbmake: Update READMEs and makefiles
2013-11-23 Alexandre Perrinbmake: new local modifications.
2013-11-23 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/BMAKE'
2013-11-23 Alexandre Perrinbmake: Revert local modification patches.
2013-11-23 Alexandre PerrinUpdate to bmake-20131001 on the vendor branch
2013-11-22 Alexandre Perrinkernel: Remove NULL checks after kmalloc(..., M_INTWAIT).
2013-11-22 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix bug in ehci port reset code
2013-11-21 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Remove random_poll().
2013-11-21 Antonio Huete... Fix indentation from the previous commit.
2013-11-21 Antonio Huete... hammer - Ignore privilege check for HAMMERIOC_PFS_ITERATE.
2013-11-21 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Fix two typos, _KERNRL -> _KERNEL and ALTQ_unLO...
2013-11-21 Sepherosa Ziehaubnx: Only 5718 chip family use PCI_BAR4 as MSI-X table...
2013-11-20 Fran├žois Tigeotpcidevs: Add VMware vendor id
2013-11-20 Sascha Wildnerboot: switch limits check and usage of the index in...
2013-11-20 Sascha Wildnerboot: Remove an unused variable.
2013-11-20 Sascha Wildnerboot: Adjust some printfs which take unsigned but had %d.
2013-11-20 Sascha Wildner<sys/types.h>: Remove wrong #include guard check.
2013-11-20 Justin C. SherrillNote on ABI change requiring rebuild of third-party...
2013-11-20 Justin C. SherrillAdd note about reboot before 'make upgrade' step.
2013-11-20 Sascha Wildnerkernel/isp: Remove two checks which were never true.
2013-11-19 Sascha Wildnermemcpy.3: Bring back mempcpy() docs which were removed...
2013-11-19 Sepherosa ZiehauRevert "da: Independant read/write bioqs are used,...
2013-11-18 Eitan Adlercmp(1): Take latest changes from FreeBSD's implementation.
2013-11-18 Eitan AdlerRemove advertising clause from extern.h header.
2013-11-18 Eitan AdlerAdd support for an -h flag which causes cmp(1) to not...
2013-11-18 Eitan Adlercmp(1): fix some build nits (to build on FreeBSD)
2013-11-18 Alexandre Perrinfix the INT64_C and INTMAX_C family macro for x86_64.
2013-11-18 Sascha WildnerAdd MLINKS for kmalloc_cachealign() and kmalloc_raise_l...
2013-11-18 Sascha Wildnerkmalloc.9: Mention kmalloc_cachealign() in the NAME...
2013-11-18 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix ESTALE handling in stat() and access()
2013-11-18 Sepherosa Ziehauda: Independant read/write bioqs are used, so no need...
2013-11-18 Sepherosa Ziehauahci: If the "nominal rotation rate" is 1, then disk...
2013-11-18 Sepherosa Ziehauahci: Print "Serial ATA Additional capabilities"
2013-11-18 Sascha Wildnerisphonogram.3: Fix xlocale(3) reference.
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Sync strfmon() with FreeBSD (brings in strfmon_l...
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildner<xlocale.h>: Mark strftime_l() as __strftimelike.
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildner<sys/cdefs.h>: Add __strfmonlike and __strftimelike...
2013-11-17 Sascha WildnerAdd localeconv_l(3) MLINK.
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildnerdigittoint.3: Add missing whitespace.
2013-11-17 Franco Fichtnergroff: properly display $Mdocdate magic
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildnerwscanf_l.3: Adjust wording yet again to match scanf_l.3.
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Add atof_l(), atoi_l(), atol_l() and atoll_l().
2013-11-17 Justin C. SherrillUse 'static' where appropriate
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildnerwscanf_l.3: Fix description.
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildnerw{print,scan}f_l.3: Fix manual page titles.
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Oops, typo in the Makefile.
2013-11-17 Sascha WildnerAdd a wscanf_l.3 manual page, modeled after scanf_l.3.
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Add swscanf_l() and vwscanf_l().
2013-11-17 Sascha WildnerAdd the scanf_l.3 manual page from FreeBSD.
2013-11-17 Sascha WildnerAdd a wprintf_l.3 manual page, modeled after printf_l.3.
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildnerwprintf.3: Add a missing argument name.
2013-11-17 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Add swprintf_l() and vwprintf_l().
2013-11-16 Sascha WildnerAdd the printf_l.3 manual page from FreeBSD.
2013-11-16 Sascha Wildnerlibc: Add vprintf_l(), which somehow was missed.
2013-11-16 Sascha WildnerFix some typos in manual page references.
2013-11-15 Sascha WildnerUpdate the pciconf(8) database.
2013-11-15 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Stabilization
2013-11-15 Matthew Dillonkernel - Performance tuning (4)
2013-11-14 Markus PfeifferAdded CFLAGS+= -DTARGET_SYSTEM_ROOT=\"${USRDATA_PREFIX...
2013-11-14 Matthew Dilloncpdup - Add another way to prevent host:path misintepre...
2013-11-14 Matthew Dillonkernel - Performance tuning (3)
2013-11-14 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fine-grain getnewbuf() and related vfs/bio...