2011-09-07 Sascha Wildneretc/rc.d/wpa_supplicant: Fix broken check for ndis...
2011-09-07 Sascha Wildnerinstall.1: One more markup fix.
2011-09-07 Sascha Wildnerinstall.1: A little cleanup.
2011-09-07 François TigeotAdd a -D option to install(1)
2011-09-07 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Add linker_file_foreach() (taken from FreeBSD).
2011-09-07 Sascha Wildner<net/ethernet.h>: Add ETHER_MAX_FRAME (taken from FreeBSD).
2011-09-05 Sepherosa Ziehaumachintr.h: Add header guardian
2011-09-05 Sepherosa ZiehauMachIntrABI: Remove unused setvar/getvar interfaces
2011-09-05 Sepherosa Ziehaumachintr.h: Remove unnecessary inclusion
2011-09-03 Sascha Wildnerbfq.4: Fix and improve a bit.
2011-09-03 Sascha Wildnerdsched.4: Add a reference to bfq(4).
2011-09-03 Sascha Wildnerpsm.4: Use %O for URLs. We don't have %U yet.
2011-09-02 Sascha Wildnerusb.4: Add a reference to lgue(4).
2011-09-02 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Use NULL for DRIVER_MODULE()'s evh & arg (which...
2011-09-02 Sascha Wildnernetif/e1000: Add a missing include file to the Makefile.
2011-09-02 Sepherosa Ziehauacpi/pcib: Use DEFINE_CLASS_1 to define acpi_pcib driver
2011-09-02 Sepherosa Ziehaupci: Declare pcib_driver
2011-09-01 François TigeotThird parameter of VFS_STATFS is no longer struct proc *
2011-09-01 John Marinogdb: Remove previous local modification
2011-09-01 John Marinokgdb: Tweak to avoid extra inferior
2011-09-01 John Marinogdb: Improve concept of FAKE_PROCESS_ID to fix JIT...
2011-09-01 John Marinogdb: Adjust makefiles for gdb 7.3
2011-09-01 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GDB'
2011-09-01 John MarinoImport gdb 7.3 into vendor branch
2011-08-31 Sascha Wildnermpt(4): Properly lock mpt_timeout().
2011-08-31 Sascha Wildnermfi(4): Remove another debug message.
2011-08-31 Sepherosa Ziehauioapic/x86_64: Rearrange pin information for ioapic...
2011-08-31 Sepherosa Ziehauintr/x86_64: Define ISA_IRQ_CNT; use it consistently...
2011-08-31 Sepherosa Ziehauintr/x86_64: Define IDT_HWI_VECTORS
2011-08-31 Sepherosa Ziehauicu/x86_64: Remove unnecessary header inclusion
2011-08-31 Sascha Wildnermfi(4): Remove some debug messages.
2011-08-31 Sepherosa Ziehaumkdir(1): Don't reference memory beyond the end of...
2011-08-30 Sascha WildnerLINT/LINT64: Add SAFE_NO_RNG.
2011-08-29 Sepherosa Ziehauioapic/i386: Rearrange pin information for ioapic low...
2011-08-29 Sepherosa Ziehauintr/i386: Define ISA_IRQ_CNT; use it consistently...
2011-08-29 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2011i from elsie...
2011-08-29 Sepherosa Ziehaubce(4): Flush BCE_PCICFG_INT_ACK_CMD in interrupt handler
2011-08-29 Sepherosa Ziehauatkbd/x86_64: Do the same AT controller check on x86_64...
2011-08-29 Sascha Wildnermfi(4): Fix a bug in the disk initialization code.
2011-08-28 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Bring in safe(4), for SafeNet crypto accelerators.
2011-08-28 Alex Hornungdsched - increase max size of diskctx
2011-08-28 Alex Hornungadd missing DSCHED_BFQ option
2011-08-28 Alex Hornungdm - Add device type for future raid1
2011-08-28 Adam Hokadm - Move the target unbusy to the dm_table_destroy...
2011-08-28 Adam Hokadm - Add method to get inactive table size
2011-08-28 Peter Avalossystat: Change the way ifstats are displayed.
2011-08-28 Peter Avalossystat: Sync ifstat code with FreeBSD.
2011-08-28 Brills Pengdsched_bfq - Add documentation
2011-08-28 Brills Pengdsched_bfq - A budget fair-queuing dsched policy
2011-08-28 Brills Pengdsched_as - A simple & experimental AS
2011-08-27 Peter Avalossystat: Don't revert to bits if >1024GB.
2011-08-27 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix ptrace signal races between child and...
2011-08-27 Brills Pengdsched - Bump maximum tdio size to 384 bytes
2011-08-27 Brills Pengdsched - Add request polling wrapper
2011-08-27 Alex Hornungdsched - Add debugging & fix rare problem conditions
2011-08-27 Alex Hornungfq - fix a (possible) deadlock
2011-08-25 Sascha Wildnerhammer(8): Adjust status message (Dedup-real -> Dedup).
2011-08-25 Sascha Wildnersh.1: Nuke unneeded .Pp
2011-08-24 Sascha Wildnermfi(4): Add forgotten brace.
2011-08-24 Sascha Wildnermfi(4): Add a panic to catch future mistakes.
2011-08-24 Sascha Wildnermfi(4): Style fix.
2011-08-24 Justin C. SherrillFrom NetBSD revision 1.11:
2011-08-24 Justin C. SherrillFrom NetBSD revision 1.10:
2011-08-24 Justin C. SherrillFrom NetBSD revision 1.9:
2011-08-22 Sascha Wildnermly(4): Fix comment indentation.
2011-08-22 Sascha Wildnercam(4): Add a quirk to turn off SYNC CACHE for mly(4).
2011-08-22 Sascha Wildnermly(4): Reduce diffs with FreeBSD and update CVS IDs.
2011-08-22 Sascha WildnerLINT: Sort descriptions better than I did in the last...
2011-08-22 Sascha Wildnerlongrun(4): Remove from Makefile, it is not a module.
2011-08-22 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Bring back longrun(4) which was lost in 90e8a35b.
2011-08-22 Sascha Wildnermly(4): Perform some minor cleanup.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh(1): Extend documentation about subshells.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: include <limits.h> instead of non-standard <sys...
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh(1): Improve documentation of shell patterns:
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh(1): Document the case command better.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Remove unneeded include file.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Remove special support for background simple commands.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Add do-nothing -h option.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Add case statement fallthrough (with ';&' instead...
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Skip vars with invalid names in "set", "export...
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Reduce unnecessary forks with eval.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Add support for named character classes in bracket...
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Fix duplicate prototypes for builtins.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Save/restore changed variables in optimized command...
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Read .profile from the home directory (or / if...
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Do parameter expansion on ENV before using it.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Do parameter expansion before printing PS4 (set...
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Fix $? in heredocs on simple commands.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Improve error message if the script cannot be opened.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Reduce more needless differences between error...
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Honor -n while processing -c string.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Remove the "exp" builtin.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Correct criterion for using CDPATH in cd.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Various updates to the TOUR document.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Fix unquoted $@/$* if IFS=''.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Show errno messages in cd.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Remove obsolete token type TENDBQUOTE.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Fix typo in comment.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Fix bss-based buffer overflow in . builtin.
2011-08-21 Peter Avalossh: Expand aliases after assignments and redirections.