2008-07-17 Matthew DillonCode documentation only: Describe B_NOCACHE
2008-07-17 Thomas NikolajsenHAMMER can now be demand-loaded.
2008-07-17 Thomas NikolajsenAdd missing space and newline to error message.
2008-07-17 Sascha WildnerStart describing snapshots.
2008-07-17 Sascha WildnerFix MODULES_WITH_WORLD build.
2008-07-17 Sascha WildnerMinor corrections.
2008-07-17 Matthias SchmidtHEAD is now 2.1, so reflect that change for the man...
2008-07-17 Matthew DillonIn DragonFly, gpt partitions look like slices in /dev...
2008-07-17 Sascha WildnerMake HAMMER build and work as a module and extend hamme...
2008-07-16 Sascha WildnerAdd a calendar.dragonfly file to remind us that on...
2008-07-16 Matthew DillonAdd logic to warn of possible renames, and clearly...
2008-07-16 Sascha WildnerAdd some examples and move some stuff around.
2008-07-16 Sascha WildnerAdd a pointer to hammer(5) and fix some minor issues.
2008-07-16 Matthew DillonHAMMER 62/Many: Stabilization, performance, and cleanup
2008-07-16 Matthew DillonFix a lock leak in nfs_create(), tracked down from...
2008-07-16 Sascha WildnerAdd a incomplete hammer(5) manual page.
2008-07-16 Thomas NikolajsenCapitalize TAP and add some markup.
2008-07-16 Thomas NikolajsenUpdate `-t' flag; now it is always transaction-id.
2008-07-16 Thomas NikolajsenAdd VKERNEL to FILES and make some paths a bit shorter.
2008-07-16 Thomas NikolajsenAdd VKERNEL.
2008-07-16 Thomas NikolajsenUpdate newfs_hammer doc:
2008-07-16 Thomas NikolajsenUpdate hammer doc:
2008-07-15 Thomas NikolajsenUpdate mount_hammer doc:
2008-07-15 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61H/Many: Stabilization
2008-07-15 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61G/Many: Stabilization
2008-07-15 Thomas Nikolajsenundo(1) doc fixes:
2008-07-15 Matthew DillonFix an issue where libthread_xu was not accepting the...
2008-07-14 Sascha WildnerRemove useless types(5) manpage.
2008-07-14 Sascha WildnerExclude acd* and fd* from the list of disks.
2008-07-14 Matthew DillonFix a bug where mount_nfs would properly parse an IP...
2008-07-14 Matthew DillonFix a bug in vmntvnodescan() revealed by the recent...
2008-07-14 Matthew DillonHAMMER Utilities: Sync with 61E
2008-07-14 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61E/Many: Features
2008-07-14 Matthew DillonNFS performance fixes.
2008-07-14 Matthew Dillon2.0 Release Engineering:
2008-07-14 Matthew Dillon2.0 Release Engineering:
2008-07-14 Matthew Dillon2.0 Release Engineering:
2008-07-14 Matthew DillonHAMMER Utilities: Features
2008-07-14 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61F/Many: Stabilization w/ simultanious pruning...
2008-07-14 Matthew DillonKernel support for HAMMER:
2008-07-14 Matthew DillonFix an asf core dump.
2008-07-13 Sascha WildnerSync the 'hammer show' description with reality.
2008-07-13 Sascha WildnerUniformly refer to 'B-tree'.
2008-07-13 Sepherosa ZiehauUnload the bus dmamap, which was successfully loaded
2008-07-13 Sascha WildnerWe're building live CDs using the installer in base...
2008-07-13 Nicolas TheryFix deadlock occuring when booting vkernel from gdb...
2008-07-13 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61E/Many: Stabilization, Performance
2008-07-13 Sepherosa ZiehauIncreate receive max coalesced bds to 80 to prevent...
2008-07-13 Matthew DillonUse a 64 bit quantity to collect file size data instead of
2008-07-13 Sascha Wildnerperror() will print its own colon.
2008-07-13 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61G/Many: Stabilization of new flush_group code
2008-07-13 Sascha WildnerTypo fixing & minor cleanup.
2008-07-12 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61F2/Many: Fix bug in last commit
2008-07-12 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61F/Many: Stabilization
2008-07-12 Matthew DillonHAMMER Utilities: Cleanup
2008-07-12 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61E/Many: Stabilization, Performance
2008-07-12 Peter AvalosAdd quirk for the Samsung YP-U3.
2008-07-12 Michael NeumannFix an venerable bug: if we're reducing a rule that...
2008-07-12 Michael Neumann* Add support for the nVidia MCP61, MCP65, MCP67, MCP73...
2008-07-12 Peter AvalosUpdate build structure for libarchive-2.5.5.
2008-07-12 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
2008-07-12 Peter AvalosImport libarchive-2.5.5.
2008-07-12 Sepherosa Ziehau- Check number of free TX descs before trying to xmit...
2008-07-12 Sepherosa ZiehauAdd brief description about tx_ring_count
2008-07-12 Sepherosa ZiehauAdd tunable for number of TX desc
2008-07-12 Sepherosa ZiehauPrepare to rework nfe_start():
2008-07-12 Sepherosa Ziehau- Decrease NFE_MAX_SCATTER to 32, should be enough
2008-07-12 Sepherosa ZiehauUse softc sc_rx_ring_count to allocate jumbo frame...
2008-07-12 Sepherosa Ziehau- Correct max segment size passed to various bus_dma_ta...
2008-07-12 Matthew DillonHAMMER Utillities: Sync with 61D
2008-07-12 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61D/Many: Mirroring features
2008-07-12 Matthew DillonCorrect a bug in the last commit.
2008-07-12 Matthew DillonAdd a vclean_unlocked() call that allows HAMMER to...
2008-07-11 Thomas NikolajsenTunables are called loader tunables; fix this in a...
2008-07-11 Thomas NikolajsenUpdate netstat help:
2008-07-11 Jeremy C. ReedAdd patch from 9.3.5 to 9.3.5-P1. This is for adding...
2008-07-11 Thomas NikolajsenUpdate LINT:
2008-07-11 Sascha WildnerAdd prototype for crc32_ext().
2008-07-11 Thomas NikolajsenMake support for polling(4) more visible,
2008-07-11 Thomas NikolajsenChange how `options INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE' is fixed:
2008-07-11 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61C/Many: Stabilization
2008-07-11 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61B/Many: Stabilization
2008-07-10 Sascha WildnerAdd remains from the libreadline removal.
2008-07-10 Sascha WildnerNuke libreadline, it's no longer being built.
2008-07-10 Sascha WildnerAdd some files that seem to have slipped during the...
2008-07-10 Matthew DillonHAMMER 61A/Many: Stabilization
2008-07-10 Michael NeumannThe symlink generated during "hammer snapshot" should...
2008-07-10 Sascha Wildnerstyle: compare return value of getopt() against -1...
2008-07-10 Matthew DillonAdd crc32_ext() - allows continuation of a 32 bit crc.
2008-07-10 Sascha WildnerRemove unused file.
2008-07-10 Matthew DillonHAMMER Utilities: Sync with 60J
2008-07-10 Matthew DillonHAMMER 60J/Many: Mirroring
2008-07-10 Thomas NikolajsenUpdate example disklabel to bigger slice,
2008-07-10 Thomas NikolajsenUpdate recommendation for disk partition sizes;
2008-07-10 Thomas NikolajsenUpdate estimate of extra disk space for debug kernel...
2008-07-10 Thomas NikolajsenAdd some cross references.
2008-07-10 Aggelos EconomopoulosFix sockopt syscalls for the Nth time.
2008-07-09 Thomas NikolajsenUpdate FILES section and add a few extra cross references.
2008-07-09 Thomas NikolajsenFix `option INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE',
2008-07-09 Matthew DillonHAMMER Utilities: Mirroring work