2022-03-15 Mateusz Piotrowskihier: Document /usr/freebsd-dist main github/main
2022-03-15 Peter Holmstress2: A unmount of a unionfs file system may return...
2022-03-15 Tom Jonesbsnmp: Use mkstemp when creating clients local socket
2022-03-15 Wei HuHyper-V: hn: add switch to turn on and off RSC
2022-03-14 Kristof Provostpf tests: Test new L3 inspection for pf 'ether' rules
2022-03-14 Kristof Provostpf: support basic L3 filtering in the Ethernet rules
2022-03-14 John BaldwinMove NO_WUNUSED_BUT_SET_VARIABLE clang helper to the...
2022-03-14 John Baldwinmodule_test: Fix some assignments to errno intended...
2022-03-14 Hans Petter... Chase mixer(8) command-line interface changes
2022-03-14 Wojciech Macekarmv6/legacy: optimize cpu_getcount performance
2022-03-14 Xin LIUpdate leap-seconds to leap-seconds.3676924800
2022-03-13 Rick Macklemnfscl: Fix NFSv4.1/4.2 Lookup+Open RPC
2022-03-13 Jose Luis Duranrc.d/*: Use startmsg instead of echo on start messages
2022-03-13 Jose Luis DuranIntroduce startmsg and use it in rc scripts
2022-03-13 Mateusz PiotrowskiChase mixer(8) command-line interface changes
2022-03-13 Mateusz Guzikvfs: prefix lookup and relookup with vfs_
2022-03-13 Mateusz Guzikcache: use flexible array member
2022-03-13 Hans Petter... usbtest: Fix issue when multiple devices are sharing...
2022-03-13 Mateusz Piotrowskimixer .8: Clean up the manual page
2022-03-13 Piotr Kubajriscv: actually enable sanitizers
2022-03-13 Alfonso S.... Merge commit '2f8d4418415511460bd7b3b3e532f6b328cf993f'
2022-03-13 Alfonso S.... bsddialog: Import version0.2
2022-03-12 Matteo Riondatopfdenied: match actual variable name to the documented one
2022-03-12 Alexander MotinGEOM: Introduce partial confxml API
2022-03-12 Steve Willsusr.bin/who.c: Fix boot time checking
2022-03-12 Mateusz Guzikamd64: make bcmp in libc just call memcmp
2022-03-12 Ed Masteteken: color #3 is yellow not brown - use TC_YELLOW...
2022-03-12 Mateusz Guzikvfs: reduce spurious zeroing in VOP_STAT
2022-03-12 Mateusz Guzikvfs: stop evaluating the argument multpile times in...
2022-03-12 Mariusz Zaborskitouch: don't leak descriptor if fstat(2) fails
2022-03-12 Jens SchweikhardtCorrect minor typos/grammos and break long lines to...
2022-03-11 Ed Masteloader: accept "yellow" as a named color
2022-03-11 John Baldwinarm64 hwpmc: Support restricting counters to user or...
2022-03-11 John Baldwinaarch64: Add constants for fields in the PMEVTYPERn_EL0...
2022-03-11 Ed Masteloader: support numeric and named bright colors (8-15)
2022-03-11 Andrew TurnerRevert "Add the PMCR_EL0.N arm64 register field"
2022-03-11 Eric van Gyzenratecheck: mininterval is const
2022-03-11 Hans Petter... lindebugfs: Make single_release() NULL safe.
2022-03-11 Hans Petter... lindebugfs: The Linux file operations use negative...
2022-03-11 Hans Petter... lindebugfs: Zero the linux_file structure before use.
2022-03-11 Andrew TurnerAdd more arm64 register op* and CR* values
2022-03-11 Andrew TurnerAdd the PMCR_EL0.N arm64 register field
2022-03-11 Andrew TurnerCorrect the location of the arm64 PMCR register
2022-03-11 Andrew TurnerSort the M* and P* arm64 registers
2022-03-11 Baptiste Daroussinpci_vendors: update to 2022.03.06
2022-03-11 Hans Petter... libgeom(3): Use calloc instead of malloc and bzero.
2022-03-11 Alfonsops(1): Use calloc instead of malloc and memset.
2022-03-11 Wuyang Chungnewfs(8): Fix a bug in initialization of sblock.fs_maxb...
2022-03-11 Baptiste Daroussindf: do not report a 100% full inode usage on fs without...
2022-03-11 Martin Matuskazfs: update zfs_config.h and zfs_gitrev.h
2022-03-11 John Baldwinicl_soft: Use PHYS_TO_DMAP instead of pmap_map_io_trans...
2022-03-10 John Baldwincxgbei: Support unmapped I/O requests.
2022-03-10 John Baldwiniscsi: Support unmapped I/O requests in the default...
2022-03-10 John Baldwiniscsi: Handle unmapped I/O requests.
2022-03-10 John Baldwiniser: Fix check for opcodes in iser_conn_pdu_append_data.
2022-03-10 John Baldwiniscsi: Use ICL_NOCOPY for SCSI command immediate data...
2022-03-10 John Baldwingcore: Use PT_GETREGSET to fetch NT_PRSTATUS and NT_FPR...
2022-03-10 John BaldwinStore core dump notes for all valid register sets for...
2022-03-10 John Baldwinlibpmcstat: Fix a few ARM-specific issues with function...
2022-03-10 John Baldwinddb: Add 'show gic <name>' and 'show all gics' commands.
2022-03-10 Eugene Grosbeinlinuxkpi: fix module build outside of kernel build...
2022-03-10 Ed Mastevt: clarify comments on kbd add/release
2022-03-10 Ed Mastefwcontrol: eliminate set but not used warning
2022-03-10 Andrew TurnerRemove an unneeded memset from the arm64 pmap
2022-03-10 Andrew TurnerSplit out creating the arm64 L2 dmap entries
2022-03-10 Andrew TurnerRemove l1ptfrom pmap_early_vtophys on arm64
2022-03-10 Simon J. Gerratyscript: use %n at the end of default tstamp_fmt
2022-03-10 Mateusz Guzikpf: hoist the unlinked rules lock out of the mass rule...
2022-03-10 Mateusz Guzikpf: add PF_UNLNKDRULES_ASSERT
2022-03-10 Mateusz Guzikpf: remove spurious zeroing from pf_ioctl_addrule
2022-03-10 Mateusz Piotrowskibhyve.8: Fix a typo
2022-03-10 Tom Jonesdiff: Re-add void argument to usage
2022-03-10 Tom Jonesdiff: add support for --help and --version
2022-03-10 Matteo Riondatopfdenied: support reporting on additional anchors
2022-03-10 Corvin Köhnebhyve/usage: memory size is not in MB
2022-03-10 Corvin Köhnebhyve: add ROM emulation
2022-03-10 Corvin Köhnebhyve: export funcs for read/write pci config
2022-03-10 Kornel DulebaExtend device_get_property API
2022-03-10 Kornel Dulebabus_if: Add a default implementation of get_property
2022-03-10 Andrew TurnerFix the arm64 DMAP start address in a comment
2022-03-10 Andrew TurnerFix the TCR_TG0 values
2022-03-10 Andrew TurnerFix the spelling of EFI_PAGE_SIZE
2022-03-10 Andrew TurnerAdd more arm64 PAC identification fields
2022-03-10 Mateusz Guzikvfs: [2/2] fix stalls in vnode reclaim by only counting...
2022-03-10 Mateusz Guzikvfs: [1/2] fix stalls in vnode reclaim by not requeiein...
2022-03-10 Simon J. Gerratyscript -T skip timstamps for same second
2022-03-10 Rick Macklemnfsd: Do not exempt NFSv3 Fsinfo from the TLS check
2022-03-10 Ed Mastedumpon: use underlying device if encrypted swap is...
2022-03-09 John Baldwinbhyve: Remove VM_MAXCPU from the userspace API/ABI.
2022-03-09 John Baldwinbhyve: Use vm_get_topology to query kernel's maximum...
2022-03-09 John Baldwinbhyve: Don't force an upper bound on vCPUs when parsing...
2022-03-09 John Baldwinbhyve: Allocate dynamic arrays to hold per-VCPU state.
2022-03-09 John Baldwinbhyve: Make the MADT dynamically sized.
2022-03-09 John Baldwinbhyve: Allocate mmio_hint array based on number of...
2022-03-09 Simon J. Gerratyscript add -T fmt to print time-stamps
2022-03-09 Dimitry AndricBuild compiler-rt against libunwind, not libcxxrt
2022-03-09 Dimitry AndricMerge libcxxrt master fd484be8d1e94a1fcf6bc5c67e5c07b65...
2022-03-09 Dimitry AndricImport libcxxrt master fd484be8d1e94a1fcf6bc5c67e5c07b6...
2022-03-09 Ryan Moellerzfs: Fix typo in module Makefile
2022-03-09 Stefan Eßercontrib/bc: include assert.h when building with C11...