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19 hours ago mneumann@5ab7f7a42... add myself to AArch64 code bounty
2024-02-21 liweitianuxupdate donation status of the wg bounty
2024-02-21 liweitianuxmove in-kernel wireguard bounty to completed
2024-01-12 tuxilloadd wg reward
2023-12-11 tuxilloadd comment about current status
2023-12-10 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... DRM/Graphics code bounty
2023-12-10 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... WiFi-6 code bounty
2023-12-06 liweitianuxAdd myself to the AArch64 bounty
2023-12-06 liweitianuxMark the wireguard bounty is taken
2023-12-06 liweitianuxAdd myself to the hammer2 offline dedup bounty
2023-12-05 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... HAMMER2 offline dedup
2023-12-05 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... Mark HAMMER compression bounty as inactive
2023-12-05 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... Remove myself from Bluetooth code bountry
2023-12-05 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... Remove vkernel-on-POSIX code bounty
2023-12-05 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... NVMM USB device pass-through
2023-12-05 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... Add tarfs code bounty
2023-06-05 liweitianuxadd some more notes to the wireguard project
2023-06-05 liweitianuxbycn82 sponsors wireguard 100USD
2021-11-16 1338minus1@63f935c... (no commit message)
2021-08-12 liweitianuxcreate bounty: in-kernel wireguard port
2021-08-12 liweitianuxvarious formatting improvements
2021-08-12 liweitianuxupdate tuxillo's actual donation amount
2021-08-12 liweitianuxuse USD instead of CNY
2021-08-12 liweitianuxhypervisor bounty already paid :-)
2021-08-11 liweitianuxAdd completion date
2021-08-10 liweitianuxIncrease webcam bounty
2021-08-10 piecuch@61891ff45c... Increase webcam bounty
2021-08-08 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... Add USB webcam code bounty
2021-07-28 liweitianuxAdd links to NVMM document and qemu60 port
2021-07-23 liweitianuxComplete nvmm hypervisor porting
2021-07-07 tuxillo(no commit message)
2021-05-27 liweitianuxTake hpyervisor bounty
2021-04-28 mdcarroll90089@5aa... (no commit message)
2021-03-30 tuxilloAdd repo link
2021-03-29 tuxillodandan takes over the valgrind port
2021-03-02 tuxillo(no commit message)
2020-12-07 dillonReturn bounty to open status
2020-07-24 tuxillo(no commit message)
2020-04-17 liweitianuxNote HAMMER2 is the default and has compresson support
2020-04-17 liweitianuxUpdate bluetooth bounty
2020-02-17 kerma2kerma added bounty for uhidd
2020-02-13 liweitianuxSponsor hypervisor for DragonFly
2020-02-12 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... Add vkernel bounty
2020-02-12 kerma2kerma added 500 to code bounty for hypervisor
2020-02-12 tuxillo(no commit message)
2020-02-12 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... Add Hypervisor bou
2020-02-12 mneumann@5ab7f7a42... Add Bluetooth bounty
2019-09-25 zachary.crownover... Adding another donor to the Rust FFI code bounty
2019-09-23 zachary.crownover... Adding another donor to the Rust FFI code bounty
2019-09-23 zachary.crownover... Add Rust libc FFI to code bounties
2019-03-19 ferz(no commit message)
2019-03-19 justinnewest at top
2019-02-28 tuxillo(no commit message)
2019-02-28 tuxillo(no commit message)
2019-02-28 tuxillo(no commit message)
2019-02-28 tuxillo(no commit message)
2018-12-22 r(no commit message)
2017-09-18 ferzfix the broadcom list markup
2017-09-18 ferz(no commit message)
2017-09-18 ferzBroadcom WLAN driver wanted dead or alive.
2016-05-25 kerma2Added "(already paid)" to port autofs from FreeBSD...
2015-12-15 kerma2Added code bounty to bring in FreeBSD's autofs.
2015-12-04 tuxilloNTFS bounty
2015-03-15 kerma(no commit message)
2013-12-27 ferzNo commit message specified.
2013-07-28 jh33(no commit message)
2012-04-05 ferz(no commit message)
2012-01-24 ferz(no commit message)
2012-01-21 jh33(no commit message)
2012-01-21 jh33(no commit message)
2012-01-21 jh33(no commit message)
2011-08-19 vsrinivasDone by dillon already.
2011-08-13 tuxillo(no commit message)
2011-08-02 alexh(no commit message)
2011-08-01 tuxillo(no commit message)
2011-08-01 tuxillo(no commit message)
2011-07-23 vsrinivasHAMMER dedup memory use reduction
2011-05-28 ferz(no commit message)
2011-04-02 ferzadded 50 usd on usb4bsd project
2010-12-06 disremove dedup bounty - it's done
2010-11-19 sjg+50 to usb
2010-11-08 Chris TurnerMerge branch 'master' of /usr/local/www/ikiwiki-srcdir
2010-11-07 disdedup is merged
2010-09-17 dishammer dedup project is in progress now
2010-09-15 justin"Putting money where my mouth is."
2010-09-14 vsrinivas/* Add in $50 to hammer dedup */
2010-08-17 dillon(no commit message)
2010-08-14 sjg+50 for usb
2010-08-14 alexhnote polachok's usb2 branch in the usb4bsd bounty
2010-08-14 alexhadd a donation to interrupt routing and add usb4bsd...
2010-08-13 sjgadd funds
2010-08-13 vsrinivas/* Add HAMMER dedup; join on hammer compression */
2010-08-11 dillon(no commit message)
2010-05-20 polachokPCI is MSI-capable already.
2010-05-18 tuxilloAdjust total
2010-05-18 tuxilloSome more bounty for valgrind
2010-05-18 tuxillo(no commit message)
2010-05-17 RumkoModify valgrind bounty a bit
2010-05-17 RumkoFix formatting a bit
2010-05-17 Rumko3 new bounties ... valgrind, interrupt routing and...