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2010-04-05 alexhwe are already in.
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2010-03-13 aggelosFlesh out hammer data dedup
2010-03-13 alexhremove linuxulator, add interrupt routing
2010-03-07 aggelosKill arm port. I was thinking of a roadmap for it and...
2010-03-07 aggelosMention that the proposals are not set in stone
2010-03-07 aggelosExpand virtio
2010-03-06 aggelosAdd Proportional RSS
2010-03-01 aggelosKill tickless kernel. This is a copy-paste from opensol...
2010-03-01 aggelosKill power-aware scheduler. This is a copy-paste from...
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2010-02-28 aggelosKill SHA-2 password encryption. This is a weekend's...
2010-02-28 aggelosAdd GSoC bait. "It's not about us, it's about YOU!"
2010-02-28 aggelosFill in missing contact points with kernel@
2010-02-28 aggelosAdd Prerequisites: lines
2010-02-26 sjgadd sysv project
2010-02-26 alexh(no commit message)
2010-02-24 sjgexpand quota idea
2010-02-23 aggelosKill data integrity framework. Vague, open ended, requi...
2010-02-23 aggelosKill security/hardening. Security is a process, not...
2010-02-23 aggelosKill ultra fast boot. This is a wishlist item, not...
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2010-02-21 aggelosKill superpages: transparent would be too hard and...
2010-02-21 aggelosChange formatting, add meta information, generate TOC...
2010-02-21 mneumannHAMMER compression
2010-02-21 mneumannvkernel checkpointing
2010-02-21 mneumannfuse
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2010-02-20 DEVELOPMENT-ELEPHANTAdapt pkgsrc
2010-02-20 DEVELOPMENT-ELEPHANT(no commit message)
2010-02-19 aggelosKill blf passwords, that's a configuration, not a codin...
2010-02-19 aggelosRemove the wifi project suggestion as it would duplicat...
2010-02-19 aggelosFix formatting
2010-02-19 aggelosAdd valgrind port
2010-02-19 mneumannsuperpages
2010-02-18 mneumannARM port
2010-02-18 aggelosThis project is more about putting together a developer...
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2010-02-01 eocallaghanAdd making DragonflyBSD Dispatcher Power-aware idea.
2010-02-01 eocallaghanAdd making DragonflyBSD Tickless idea.
2010-02-01 eocallaghanRequest more wifi drivers as a project.
2010-02-01 eocallaghanreorder alike projects
2010-01-31 mneumannNUMA
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2010-01-31 AggelosEconomopoulosDon't try to keep track of the numbering in the page...
2010-01-31 AggelosEconomopoulosDocumentation projects are not eligible for GSoC accord...
2010-01-30 justinAdd projects page link; flesh out text
2010-01-30 tjt_lazarus_1997Idea for a Data Integrity Framework for I/O
2010-01-30 tjt_lazarus_1997Some basic security related ideas for GSoC 2010
2010-01-29 sdavtakerdocumentation propose
2010-01-28 eocallaghanAdd some more ideas for gsoc2010
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