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2014-02-25 justinLink to 3.6.1 tag
2013-12-20 sjgWoops, Justin beat me to it
2013-12-05 tuxilloAdd more changes
2013-11-27 justinAdded CVE-2013-5691, thanks to Loganaden Velvindron
2013-11-25 justinMisc cleanup
2013-11-24 justinmd5 sums for images
2013-11-24 ftigeothardware nested page tables for vkernels
2013-11-21 justinSephe's contributions
2013-11-20 justinAdd 3.6.0 tag commit link
2013-11-20 justinNote on pkg clean for dealing with ABI change.
2013-11-20 justinRemind people to dump databases before starting pkgsrc...
2013-11-20 justinAdd dports page link
2013-11-20 justinPut a note here so that hopefully less people gloss...
2013-11-17 ftigeotbetter emphasize i386 systems are legacy
2013-11-17 ftigeotpkg.conf in /usr/local
2013-11-17 justinbig-ticket items, special instructions updated
2013-11-17 justinContrib software list
2013-11-17 justinpkgsrc/dports notes
2013-11-16 ftigeotMore kernel and hardware changes
2013-11-16 ftigeotMore hardware changes
2013-11-16 ftigeotSplit my changes between kernel and hardware, add more...
2013-11-16 ftigeotDocument kernel drm changes
2013-11-16 ftigeotNo pkgsrc packages
2013-11-07 justinLink to the to-be-written notes on pkgsrc->dports
2013-11-07 justinInitial structure for 3.6 release page