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2016-04-20 justinNote 4.4.3 change and link commit summary.
2016-02-16 justinUpdate for 4.4.2
2015-12-07 justinOpenSSL number in tools list needs to reflect last...
2015-12-07 justinAdd link to 4.4.1 tag notes, remove "please wait" note
2015-12-07 justinChange tense in sentence
2015-12-05 dillonfix type-o
2015-12-05 jrmarinofix typo
2015-12-05 jrmarinofix typo
2015-12-05 jrmarinotweak OpenSSL Q sentence
2015-12-05 jrmarinoReword the "for those that came early section" for...
2015-12-05 jrmarinodsched removal documented in kernel so remove it from...
2015-12-05 justinNote for direct linkers about release time and OpenSSL
2015-12-05 dillonmatt 3
2015-12-05 dillonmatt 2/2
2015-12-05 dillonpass 1 from matt
2015-12-04 ftigeotGraphics changes
2015-12-04 jrmarinotypo
2015-12-04 jrmarinoAdd big ticket entry for TRE
2015-12-04 justinSet release date for Monday; images can percolate over...
2015-12-04 justinCorrect commit link for the 4.4 tag.
2015-12-04 jrmarinoRewrite locales segment
2015-12-04 jrmarinoUpdate the new locales list
2015-12-04 justinAdd mention of dm bugfixes
2015-12-04 jrmarinoPopulate colation field
2015-12-03 justinExtended note about locales; used locales that match...
2015-12-03 justinAdd Sephe's changes
2015-12-03 justinFix grammar.
2015-12-03 justinRe-adding intro paragraph; gives news sites a summary...
2015-12-03 justinCorrect version numbers; remove comment
2015-12-02 justinResort graphics section and remove pointer to no-longer...
2015-12-02 jrmarinorelocate commit summary message lower. I don't think...
2015-12-02 jrmarinoeditorial
2015-12-02 jrmarinoeditorial
2015-12-02 jrmarinoforgot about colldef, it is gone too
2015-12-02 jrmarinomention removal of mklocale and addition of localedef...
2015-12-02 jrmarinomove libm replacement to userland category (it's not...
2015-12-02 jrmarinofix big omission: Regex library replacement
2015-12-02 jrmarinomention replacement of sort(1)
2015-12-02 jrmarinomention wpa-supplicant warning message in userland
2015-12-02 jrmarinomention change in ls(1) format under locales
2015-12-02 jrmarinomention replacement for hostapd which has been removed
2015-12-02 jrmarinoweird, last sentence was omitted. retype it.
2015-12-02 jrmarinoadd bullet about dragonfly wallpapers. The are install...
2015-12-02 jrmarinoAdd missing word
2015-12-02 jrmarinomention dports count and contributions through github
2015-12-02 jrmarinomention alteration of libstdc++ for clang
2015-12-02 jrmarinomention removal of malloc.h
2015-12-02 jrmarinoremove first line (redundant with big ticket items)
2015-12-02 jrmarinomark potential cut'n paste error
2015-12-02 jrmarinolocales are userland, not kernel
2015-12-02 jrmarinoplaceholder for sections to be rewritten
2015-12-02 jrmarinolibc is a userland library (not kernel)
2015-12-02 jrmarinogold linker rewrite
2015-12-02 jrmarino(no commit message)
2015-12-02 jrmarinonvi2 was already on system, it was just a minor update
2015-12-02 justinDump of everything I can think of for this release
2015-12-01 justinminor cleanup before adding bullet lists
2015-12-01 justinInitial creation