Add new mirror in PL, provided by ICM UW. Thanks
[ikiwiki.git] / mirrors / index.mdwn
2017-10-25 matthiasAdd new mirror in PL, provided by ICM UW. Thanks
2017-10-24 matthiasAdd new mirror in NL, provided by KoDDoS
2017-09-16 luxhmirrors - remove nycbug ftp mirror
2017-08-17 matthiasadd new mirror in serbia, thanks to fourdots
2017-07-26 luxhComment out RedIRIS mirror
2017-07-24 matthiasAdd new mirror in denmark
2017-07-12 matthiasremove old and commented mirrors. if we need them,...
2017-07-12 matthiasadd mirror in sweden
2017-01-27 muugUpdated Manitoba Unix User Group mirror listing with...
2016-09-08 ftigeotRemove a bad comment breaking the rest of the page
2016-07-26 luxhRemove estonia mirror elion enterprises
2016-07-08 luxhremove crater ftp, remove garr ftp and remove ircam...
2016-07-07 luxhcorrect nycbug rsync path
2016-07-06 luxhAdd github dports.git
2016-07-06 luxhadd dports.git to avalon and fix rsync link and add...
2016-07-03 luxhadd ending / to rsync mirrors
2016-07-03 luxhadd ending / to http mirrors
2016-07-03 luxhChampGround down? add / to end of ftp mirrors
2016-04-20 justinCommenting out Colorado mirror, as whole site is down...
2015-12-07 jrmarinoRemove theshell from the list of mirrors, it's complete...
2015-09-05 luxhremove dead mirrors
2015-05-26 matthiasRemove Schlundtech from the official mirror list on...
2015-05-12 matthiasAdd new mirror in Canada. Thanks to MUUG
2014-09-22 luxhmirrors - Philipps-University Marburg has no git source
2014-09-22 luxhmirrors - comment out norway for now
2014-09-03 luxhFix University Of Kent UK Mirror Service markdown
2014-09-03 luxhFix typo
2014-09-03 luxhfix Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique...
2014-09-03 luxhupdate elion enterprises ltd description
2014-09-03 luxhremove git mirror from list
2014-04-07 matthiasAdd new mirror in Italy
2014-03-13 ftigeotForgot a pkgsrc mention
2014-03-13 ftigeotRemove non-existent or stale mirrors
2014-03-13 ftigeotDragonFly does'nt use pkgsrc anymore
2014-03-13 now IPv6-enabled, remove Zefyris...
2014-02-16 justinNote that nycbug mirror has dports packages.
2013-09-20 matthiasNew mirror in Canada
2013-08-19 ftigeotRemove stale mirror:
2013-08-19 stale since 2012-12, removed...
2013-07-23 matthiasadd mirror in .ru
2013-07-05 luxhChange to its ip address.
2013-06-24 luxhRemove pkgsrcv2.git from TheShell
2013-06-01 ftigeotFix url
2013-06-01 ftigeotAdd line break
2013-06-01 ftigeotAdd IPv6 only Dports git mirror
2013-05-03 and can't be reached
2013-05-03 ftigeotFix ircam's dports rsync url
2013-05-01 also mirrors dports packages
2013-04-30 justinNote that avalon has rysnc
2013-04-27 no longer a DragonFlyBSD mirror.
2013-04-23 ftigeotSmall presentation fix
2013-04-23 ftigeotAdd ircam dports packages mirror
2013-02-12 ftigeotNew mirror, sponsored by Schlund Technologies GmbH...
2013-02-09 Justin C. SherrillRevert "removed"
2013-02-09 robertoremoved
2013-01-09 ftigeotAdd IPv6 git mirror
2012-12-23 tuxillo(no commit message)
2012-12-02 juanfra684I requested a few days ago the mirroring of DragonFly...
2012-11-27 dillon(no commit message)
2012-11-27 dillon(no commit message)
2012-11-02 justinHTTP now set up for avalon
2012-11-01 ftigeotRemove no service
2012-10-23 swildner(no commit message)
2012-10-19 luxhadd pkgsrcv2.git to avalon, crater and theshell
2012-10-19 luxhkoan dragonfly.git still works
2012-10-17 swildnertake out for now
2012-10-06 tuxillo(no commit message)
2012-10-06 tuxillo(no commit message)
2012-07-18 matthiasmirror from c. berrendt is currently down. comment it
2012-07-08 matthiasAdd new mirror in the UK, thanks to Univ Kent
2012-04-06 jrmarinoThere was no DragonFly repository on the South Africa...
2012-03-09 matthiasAdd mirror in the UK provided by Bytemark Hosting....
2012-03-09 matthiasAdd mirror from NY BSD User Group. Thanks!
2012-03-06 luxhisland has old isos as well
2012-02-13 matthias(no commit message)
2012-02-02 tuxillo(no commit message)
2012-02-02 tuxillo(no commit message)
2012-01-19 matthias(no commit message)
2011-12-14 matthias(no commit message)
2011-12-14 matthias(no commit message)
2011-11-18 matthias(no commit message)
2011-08-19 luxhmake crater's ftp and avalon...
2011-07-15 matthiasremove uther as its broken for some time now
2011-05-09 matthiasComment mirror status script as uther is down
2011-05-09 matthiasAdd first mirror in Australia, provided by Yes Optus...
2011-01-24 tuxillo(no commit message)
2011-01-24 tuxillo(no commit message)
2010-12-28 Matthias SchmidtAdd new mirror in Germany, provided by Christian Berendt
2010-12-20 matthiaslink the mirror status script
2010-11-08 Chris TurnerMerge branch 'master' of /usr/local/www/ikiwiki-srcdir
2010-10-30 dillon(no commit message)
2010-10-19 matthiascomment the mirror in the netherlands. its...
2010-10-19 matthiascommen the mirror in ukraine. its hopefully outdated...
2010-10-19 matthiasfix wrong path
2010-10-18 matthiasAdd new mirror in Russia provided by Chant. Thanks!
2010-10-05 matthiasremove note about chlamydia. all mirrors sync from...
2010-10-05 matthiasComment the mirror as the site is down. Maybe...
2010-10-02 mrbondupdated uther's pkgsrc to point to pkgsrcv2.git
2010-10-02 mrbondupdated my mirror (koan) pkgsrc.git -> pkgsrcv2.git
2010-10-01 matthiascomment the mirror in bulgaria, its down