17 hours ago liweitianuxadd handling of 'etc' and 'etc.hdd' master
17 hours ago liweitianuxadd missing pwd_mkdb(8) step and also remove user ...
8 days ago justinDonation from Clinton Aarts. Thanks!
2023-01-17 justinDonations from Zachary Crownover and Jared Nicholson...
2023-01-17 liweitianuximprove formatting a bit
2023-01-16 dillon(no commit message)
2023-01-16 dillon(no commit message)
2023-01-16 dillon(no commit message)
2023-01-16 justinDonation from Dante Robinson. Thanks!
2023-01-10 justinChange Dragonfly Digest feed to grab only stuff in...
2023-01-09 tuxilloAdd daftaupe to the team page
2023-01-07 justinDonation from Jay Krell. Thanks!
2023-01-06 justinDonation from Pierre-Alain TORET, first of 2023. Thanks!
2023-01-01 damien.montigny... Update download links for 6.4
2022-12-31 justinDonation from Hans Woithe. Thanks!
2022-12-31 tuxilloRefer to gitweb for the commits shortlog
2022-12-31 tuxillo(no commit message)
2022-12-31 tuxilloMark 6.4.0 as released
2022-12-23 daftaupefix typo gnull gnu11
2022-12-23 dillonFinished commit logs pass for this release
2022-12-23 dillonUpdate through July 1st 2022
2022-12-20 tuxillo(no commit message)
2022-12-09 matthiasRWTH Aachen no longer mirrors DF, via email from Carste...
2022-10-09 tuxilloMinor fixes
2022-09-06 justinReduce to at most a week of Digest links.
2022-09-06 justinModify expireage for Digest links so that old ones...
2022-07-05 justinChange links to https
2022-06-30 tuxillo(no commit message)
2022-06-16 IanAdded link to a rEFInd theme with DragonFlyBSD logo
2022-06-12 thomas.nikolajsenFixup release date
2022-06-12 thomas.nikolajsenAdd 6.2.2 release
2022-06-10 justinUpdate md5 checksums for 6.2.2 image
2022-06-10 justinUpdate links to 6.2.2 image
2022-06-10 justinNote 6.2.2
2022-06-10 justin6.2.2 note and link to tag commit
2022-05-24 justinUpdated rss feed for Jenkins builds
2022-05-11 justinIncreasing age on Jenkins rss links cause they aren...
2022-05-11 justinAdd recent Jenkins builds rss links to box
2022-05-11 justinClean up layout of feed aggregate statements
2022-05-10 justinAdd Jenkins statement and instructions
2022-05-02 secret.stabilize610... fixed misplaced @build in fstab, changed /build/usr...
2022-04-18 daftaupeREADME.synclog.md has been replaced by synclog.json
2022-04-15 cstrouth1986... (no commit message)
2022-04-15 daftaupeUpdate details for Samsung laptop
2022-04-02 justinDonation from Jean-Louis Abraham. Thanks!
2022-03-18 dillonmodernize use of gpt, newfs
2022-03-11 justinDonation from Patrick McDonough. Thanks!
2022-03-07 cstrouth1986... Added mirror sandyriver.net
2022-02-24 elgefix meta title
2022-02-24 elgeDragonFly as a KVM guest
2022-02-24 elge(no commit message)
2022-02-17 justinDonations from Zachary Crownover and Jared Nicholson...
2022-02-15 liweitianuxdports: suggest to use the AUTO repo
2022-02-15 liweitianuxmirrors: insert two subsections to look clearer
2022-02-15 liweitianuxmirrors: describe the AUTO mirror at pkg.dragonflybsd.org
2022-02-15 liweitianuxmirrors: some formatting improvements
2022-02-14 ronswor@260181737fa2... removed
2022-02-10 justinDonation from Raymundo Soto. Thanks!
2022-02-07 justinDonation from Jay Krell. Thanks!
2022-02-06 justinDonation from Pierre-Alain TORET. Thanks!
2022-02-01 justinDonation from Harold Brinkhof. Thanks!
2022-01-29 justinDonation from Nick Sorokin. Thanks!
2022-01-24 justinRemoved groff and mandoc update steps. Groff gone...
2022-01-22 tuxillo(no commit message)
2022-01-11 thomas.nikolajsenAdd 6.2.1 release & fixup release date (fixes typo...
2022-01-10 thomas.nikolajsenAdd 6.0.0 release
2022-01-10 justinRelease notes are linked here too
2022-01-10 justinMissed a .0 -> .2 change in link text
2022-01-10 justinMissed a .0 -> .2 change
2022-01-10 justinUpdate for 6.2.1, link to release page
2022-01-10 justinunambiguous date style
2022-01-10 justinRemove "do not link" note, updated release date
2022-01-10 justinupdated links
2022-01-10 justin6.2.1 changes, updated md5s
2022-01-09 liweitianuxadd nvmm doc link and various formatting improvements
2022-01-08 dillon(no commit message)
2022-01-08 dillon(no commit message)
2022-01-08 dillon(no commit message)
2022-01-08 tuxilloAdd a link to the list of closed issues
2022-01-08 dillon(no commit message)
2022-01-08 tuxilloFix some table issues
2022-01-08 Antonio Huete... releases: Change 6.2 issue list to a table
2022-01-08 Antonio Huete... releases: Add 6.2 changelog page
2022-01-08 Antonio Huete... sandbox: test commit from the git repo
2022-01-08 tuxilloSandbox test
2022-01-06 justinRemove make upgrade line
2022-01-06 justinShorten make initrd comment.
2022-01-06 justinNewer targets for system build - thanks falsifian on...
2022-01-06 justinFormatting fixes, intro paragraph written
2022-01-06 justinMore notes
2022-01-04 justinMore release notes; still in progress
2022-01-04 justinChecksums
2022-01-04 justinInitial 6.2 release page, copied from 6.0
2021-12-31 liweitianuxJust pkg install qemu
2021-12-27 justinDonation from Konstantin Schukraft. Thanks!
2021-12-12 liweitianuxnvmm: describe bridge network setup
2021-12-01 justinDonation from David Marec. Thanks!
2021-11-25 tuxilloMore libusb depends. AF_ARP was added.
2021-11-25 tuxilloPut all dport specific entries in one table. Add more...
2021-11-16 1338minus1... (no commit message)